Tethering Your iPhone to Multiple Computers

Things you'll need:

A Jailbroken iPhone
A Wireless Router
A desire to tether your computers

Hey, it's my first time posting here; I hope this is an okay place to post this.

I was looking for a way to tether my iPhone to my laptop and I originally found iPhone modem. It was buggy, didn't always work, and required a USB connection to use. My friend recommended PDANet. It is apparently no longer free, although I downloaded it from Cydia and have yet to see any sort of "trial expired" message after about 2 weeks. If at some point I do get the message, I found this possibility for obtaining a free version from another forum (I have not tested this AT_ALL) but I will post it here for future reference in case it ends up being useful.[/B]

If you want version 1.33, do a google search for "modmyi repo." Click the first link you see, then click "debs2" (or 2debs, or whatever). Scroll down until you see pdanet1.33.deb, right click it and save to your computer.

Then, SSH that into your phone and drop pdanet1.33.deb into /var/root/.

Using MobileTerminal (get if off Cydia if you have to) type in "su," then type in your password, which is "alpine" by default. Then type in the command dpkg -i /var/root/pdanet1.33.deb. Wait for it to get done.

Then restart/respring your phone. This method works as of 11/13.
I'll start from the beginning now.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone. If you havn't done it yet, you need to.

2. Download PDANet from Cydia (or iRock or whatever crap they're using now)

3. Setting up your computer to work with PDANet is the most complicated step so pay attention.

I tether without using a USB connection so this is the method I'm describing. I like it better because you don't need to plug your iphone into your computer and you don't need special software on your machine to get it working.

a. Click Start -> Connect To -> Set up a connection or network -> Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) connection.

b. Create a name for your network, and I'm not sure if this just works better or if it's a fluke but I would use iPhoneModem. I've tried a couple other names and they seem to work but I d/c quite a bit and have had the most luck using iPhoneModem.

c. Under security type, select No Authentication and I'd check "Save this network" if you plan on using it again.

d. On the next screen you should see Recommended options: Turn on Internet connection sharing. If you don't see this go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network and sharing Center -> Manage network connections and right click on your wireless network. Select properties, and the sharing tab. Select your Local Area Connection.

e. On your iPhone, open PDANet and let it scan for ADHOC networks. When iPhoneModem shows up, select it. For some reason PDANet is still buggy (even though they're charging $30 for it) so you may have to press it a few times if you get errors. If you continue to get errors, press your home key and reopen PDANet. I don't know why it does this or how to fix it but I know if you press the button enough times it will eventually work. You'll know it works when it says Computer Connected! At this point you should open an internet browser and test your connection. Try to navigate to google and see if it's working. If not try disconnecting, and reconnecting again. Getting your laptop alone to tether shouldn't take too much messing around at this point.

f. We will be using the Local Area Connection to share internet with a wireless router so at this point, we need to plug an ethernet cable into our:

Laptop <--To our Router's WAN Ethernet Port--> Router

Router Laptop
|----Lan----| WAN Ethernet
[0][0][0][0] [0]<=========> [0]

g. And turn on your router and watch the lights. If your internet light turns green (or however your router works) you should now be able to wirelessly connect with another computer to the router as though it were connected to the wall.

Hope this helps everybody

Note: If internet connection sharing doesn't seem to work for you, you may also be able to bridge the Wireless connection and the LAN connection.

Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Manage network connections

Connect to your iPhone as previously described and make sure it's working. Once it's working [b]Select your wireless Network Connection, hold CTRL, and select your Local Area Connection.[b] Right click and press Bridge Connections. Give it some time to make the magic happen, and then check the lights on your router.

I hope this helps everyone out, good luck tethering and make sure you have unlimited data so you don't get charged!