Now I’ve had my iPhone for about 3 weeks now and I just came to realize that there is no way to save files that are attached to emails for future reference such as word, excel & pdf docs or even pictures for that matter on the iPhone.
Now is there an app in installer that allows you to do so? I know some of you will say that I can always refer to the specific email in order to access these files but what if I would like to send the file as an attachment in order to keep my email content private and save a picture that I received as part of my “Photos”? Wait… it appears that you can’t even attach a doc as part of an email?! I know that you can send pictures via emails but can you send more than 1 at a time?

Are there any solutions via Installer that I’m not aware of? There are so many apps on Installer… I have no idea what 80% of them are for!

So if any one can help I would truly appreciate it.