Hi, Im trying to do something and was hoping someone could help? On my computer I have a file extracted from an iphone 4. Its the Dynamic Text Dat file in the keyboard section of Library. When you open this as a text file, you can see the top portion is words that have been typed in chronological order, and the bottom portion is a stack of alphabetically arranged words that get fed from the top section.

What I want to do is arrange all the words in chronological order and I understand (from reading online) I need a Hex Editor for that.

I know nothing of Hex Editors, I have downloaded a few but dont know how to use them to rearrange the words as previously said.

I was hoping someone could talk me through the best way of doing this and the best program to use. I know it can be done because there is a forensic tool called Lantern 2 that does it, I just dont fancy paying $600 to get it