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can you give the commend to putty?
i need some files from there to my iTouch
As mentioned they are not files they are character or block special.
The way they work is that the device address is stored in the inode. Opening the file has the effect of opening a stream to the device.
So if you try to copy it you will copy data from the stream, not the "file"

Tar understands this and only copies the inode.

So theoritically
You can do ls -l /dev
You will see things like
crw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel 5, 0 Jan 7 19:54 ptyp0

See that 5,0 that is the major and minor device address.
the "c" at the beginning (as opposed to b) means character device

To create the same file on another system do

mknod c 5 0 /dev/ptyp0

This only creates a reference from /dev to device driver registered as 5 to access its unit 0
If the device driver is not installed it wont work.
So this procedure is only usefull when you accidentally delete a file from /dev and for some reason the os does not create it.
Or - more often - for some reason the OS does not create the device in the first place.

Also I should warn you that messing about with /dev is quite dangerous if you are unsure how it works.