EDGE stopped to work after you upgraded your firmware to 2.0??

You're not alone.

This morning I have noticed that after upgrading my iPhone 2.5
to firmware 2.0 my EDGE settings stopped functioning (FYI, my
operator is ERA GSM Poland, and I'm running on one of the few
"legally" unlocked iPhones from Orange France).

Worst still, the there was no way to change the EDGE settings as
it simply didn't exist in General / Network settings, and restore /
reset settings did nothing to help.

Here's the quick-fix (until the jailbreak that is ):

1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple:

2. Launch it and go to Configuration Profiles.

3. Add a new profile and fill in the forms on the following tabs:
General, Wi-fi, Email and (most importantly) Advanced.

The last one gives you the ability to set up the APN, user
and pass that is needed for your EDGE to run.

4. Click on "Share" and send the newly created profile to
your iPhone (you'll obviously need to be running on a
Wifi with an email account set up so that you can receive
the message you're sending

5. Install the Profile on your profile.

Lo and behold, the EDGE has ascended from depths of the
bottomless pit to appease the wicked...