Ok I am at a total lost here... I haven't changed a thing on my iphone since I updated it to 1.1.3. it was a 1.1.2 in the box and I used a early dev team hack to make it 1.1.3 here is my info


Ok here is what happend. I spilt OJ on my laptop. I used my laptop to store my music and I had Itunes 7 on it and it worked flawlessly with my iphone and life was great. I got a new computer with Vista and download Itunes 8. It sees my Iphone but when I press Sync, it syncs for one second and doesn't transfer a single song over but did erase all my old songs. I can read all the info about my phone just can't sync. So I download from Vista to XP (what the old laptop was) downloaded and tried every version of Itunes from 7.0 to and even 8. Nothing works. I did noticed in Itunes under my iphone it said I was using 1gb of space on my phone which is wierd. Then I reliazed I could drag songs from my itunes library to to my iphone and those would sync. when i unplugged my iphone the songs where all gone and now itunes says i am using 2 gigs of unknow space. I am confused and at a complete loss. Nothing has changed so i don't get it. any help please...