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Discuss [Updating] 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 ? at the Tiger -; I have 10.4.8 installed and running on my PC. I want to update to 10.4.9. ...
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    Default [Updating] 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 ?

    I have 10.4.8 installed and running on my PC. I want to update to 10.4.9. I read the instructions in another Thread about how to update from .8 to .9 and it sounded pretty simple, but some of the instructions were a little vague. For instance, in the instructions it said,

    2) Download kernel, go to irc channel #1049 at
    Read topic, choose sse3 or sse2 kernel, depends on your cpu

    Download what kernel? It didn't give anything more specific than that, but whatever kernel it is, I'm going to need it to update to .9. Any ideas, help, or advice would be appreciated.

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    You need the right kernel and system.kext combination otherwise you'll be running into .dmg images not mounting anymore-problems and some other small things. But if you get the right kernel for your system (sse2 or sse3 enabled) you can install the 10.4.9 updates without any major problems.

    I did that to my JaS 10.4.8 install on a sse2 machine. Upgraded to the JaS 10.4.9 SSE3 only but manually inserted the sse2 enabled 10.4.9 kernel.

    I further updated untill 10.4.11 and it is running very stable on my sse2 rig.

    The most critical parts are the kernel and the system.kext and perhaps the video.kexts if you run into problems. The best way around that is to backup your kexts and restore them manually or with the kext utility in case you need the older one. You could also manually patch the new kext yourself if needed.

    I actually stick to Tiger because software will probably be backwards-compatible with Tiger for some time to come and Leopard means having to keep up with all the updates and running the risk of a dead system every time. Unless you're running EFI/Vanilla etc.
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