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Discuss OSx86 Instalation Problem at the Tiger -; Hi, i been trying to install leopard and tiger in mi pc and i got ...
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    Default OSx86 Instalation Problem

    Hi, i been trying to install leopard and tiger in mi pc and i got a loot problem. I will write exactly what i done to see if anyone can help me cause i got no more ideas of what to do.
    1- Using VMware and a virtual mac osx86 i format a drive of 30gb to HFS+, with just 1 partition of that space, i know that i will lost all the space that left over 9 gb but first i want to try.
    2-using diskpart i found wich partiton is the disk. i found that is disk0.
    3- later in another hard drive, i extract the osx86-flat-image.bz2 with winrar , and i add to that drive the dd program.
    4- i go to a windows shell , then i go to the disk that have the image and the DD, and write the command, "dd if=tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition0 bs=32256 skip=1"
    5-after that i try to boot the disk and i get HFS+ Partition Error, so i boot with a CD and use ptedit in DOS, so i change the Partition type to AF. and still is not working. and that happend to me with tiger and leopard image.

    So what i'm doing wrong cause i tryed to fix these and i readed a loot of forums but dunno what to do, anyone can help me.

    And Thanks for Read and for your help.

    Edit: I just saw that there is a Forum for instalation can a moderator pelase move these post and sorry.
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