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Discuss NTFS-3g > HowTo mount it on Mac OS X ? at the Tiger -; Hello, I am posting here because, well, you guys are the smartest people I know ...
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    Default NTFS-3g > HowTo mount it on Mac OS X ?


    I am posting here because, well, you guys are the smartest people I know for anything mac and anything to do with iphones.

    I am new to the Mac world, I have an intel core 2 duo macbook pro running Tiger and I have an unlocked 1.1 iphone that I sync to my mac.

    I have some of >4 gig movies on NTFS external hard drives from my PC.

    I would like to edit them on Imovie (on my MBP) in to formats that I like, and cut them down, etc, and put them on my iphone via my macbook pro.

    My macbook pro's native harddrive is practically full. I have about 10 gigs to work with left and I'd like to try and do everything with videos on the externals to save room.

    I am trying to find a really good tutorial on what my options are.

    I just bought a new 320 gig passport to put >4 gig files on so I cannot format it FAT32 which has a file size limit.

    I could format it NTFS which would be great for my desktop PC and I could carry those files on the go easier.

    I have never really used MacFUSE and NTFS-3g but I believe I have installed everything to make it work.

    Can I have a >4 gig movie on an NTFS external HD, open it on my macbookpro via IMovie, and then through the software, edit and save the movie back on that external using MacFuse and NTFS-3g?

    I read this article here:

    but pretty much all I got out of this article was that NTFS-3g is slower than the pay solution.

    Can someone please enlighten me on everything there is to know about NTFS?

    I know some of you must be like me and are checking these forums every 30 minutes for updates and news about all the new 1.1.3 jailbreak options and controversies, so if you have a moment where you are bored hitting the refresh button and can help me out I would really appreciate it.

    If you know of any good blogs or help websites or NTFS guides for noob mac users, please link them. Or for HFS+ compatibility with windows.

    Thank you so much!

    PS. I also have parallels if that makes my situation any easier.

    PPS. Is NTFS-3g and MacFuse limited to drag and drop or can OS X programs save/write to a NTFS external HD?

    PPPS. Should I make my new 320 gig passport HFS+ so editing video is easier and then find some other way to make it compatble with windows later?

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    this is the wrong forum dude

    try posting in the tiger forum

    anyway just format the drive in normal ntfs or fat then both apple and pc can recognise it.

    no type will be faster as the limiting factor is the usb2 connection not the format for a external drive.

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    Yes that's possible, but as a heads up, DON'T use MacFuse and NTFS-3G... It bogs down your system and on my MacBook pro more than doubled my shutdown time.

    Use that. It works like sex, or so I've heard.



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