Hi guys
First, congratulations for this forum #1 in hackintosh. I installed Jas 10.4.8 and everything works perfect except two things:
1- When i hit sleep, the laptop goes to sleep well, but when wake up the display is black (don't wake up)
2- When i hit the restart, the laptop shutdown.
I search the internet & could not find a specific fix for this two issues. I find from updating methods to remove the actual version of jas 10.4.8 and install another version like XxX 10.4.11. I need to stay in tiger version only becasue a program I use. I appreciate any clue, comment, or best of all a fix to solve this problems. Thanks a lot.

Gateway MX6214
Intel Celeron M processor 420 1.6 GHz 1MB Cache,& 533MHz FSB
2 Gb Ram
Intel graphics media accelerator 950 128 MB shared video memory
80 GB Sata HDD