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Discuss how to install tiger on my pc??? at the Tiger -; how to install mac os x tiger on my pc??? instructions please......
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    Default how to install tiger on my pc???

    how to install mac os x tiger on my pc???
    instructions please...

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    Well there's tons of instructions floating around on the internet. You can't expect people just to spend time doing the searching for you and hand you all the answers just like that.
    For you to be able to successfully install OSX on a PC you need to get to know the basics about the OSX internals & you want to find out if your PC is compatible with the patched OSX.

    Path for kernel:
    you can call root of the partition you are working on,and if you are working on different partition than the one you are trying to fix, than the path is:

    In OSX it is named "mach_kernel"

    Drivers in OS X has extension of .kext and are located in a folder named "extensions".
    Full path for it is:
    if you are trying to locate on your own working partition, or if you are working in a different partition to fix another one, to locate another osx's driver folder, you should look for:

    You need to place the kernel (mach_kernel) / driver (kext file) into the folder location I mentioned above, and need to fix the permissions (its characteristics). Why? OS X requires all files to have certain characteristics so it can identify things like, what user files are, what system files are and how to treat them in short. If you do not define this characteristics, it will refuse to run them or treat them as normal user files or such...
    The most common permissions you will need to know are driver permissions, and kernel permission
    for kernel and driver's ownership permission level is "0:0" or "root:wheel"
    for kernel access/mod permission level is "644"
    for driver access/mod permission level is "755"

    OSX has sort of (i call it this way for easy understanding) disaster recovery and/or fast boot operation. And when you load the system as it is, the opreation i just mentioned, will prevent new drivers from loading at boot. These operations are done by two files:
    In Tiger; Extensions.mkext, and Extensions.kextcache
    (full path for both files: "/system/library/" )

    In Leopard; Extensions.mkext, and caches/
    (full path for mkext files: "/system/library/" )
    (full path for both info file: "/system/library/extensions/caches/" )

    So, if you do not delete these two files or do some special operations, osx will ignore your changes and in the next boot, it will load original ones, which means whatever you copied, or fixed, will not work.

    cp/mv are used for copying files around for your own reasons, you can normally do gui type of copy/move as well, but somefiles are not shown in gui but in terminal, so you would need it manually...

    cp leaves original files in the source, unlike mv command, that renames the source or moves the files from source to the destination folder/file name usage is pretty much same...

    using -R in any command, will apply to folders and files within the folders recursively... so you wont get annoyed by the messages...

    chown and chmod are for fixing permissions (changing attributes of your files)and u will always use it together one after the other one...

    rm is used to delete/remove files and folders

    nano is the command to edit plist files to do things like adding your device ids, or changing boot preferences.
    when you are done, press "ctrl+o" to save changes and press "enter" as it will ask to confirm and press "ctrl+x" to quit editing.
    important usagefor drivers to add dev id:
    nano info.plist (if you navigated to the right folder)
    nano ABC.kext/Contents/info.plist (if you are in the drivers folder)
    nano /System/Library/Extensions/ABC.kext/Contents/info.plist (if you are not where you are)

    ls is short for list and used to list folders/files which is "dirs" equavalent of dos

    What to Know Before Booting off a DVD or HDD
    -v : verbose mode to see all system messages to see what is loading and what errors u are receiving.
    -x : safe GUI mode to disable some trouble drivers and still enables you to boot
    -s : safe text mode (like terminal) if -x doesnt work or u need to make some major changes
    -f : after replacing some drivers in your system, boot with this in order to make sure it will reload evertyhing in drivers folder...
    cpus=1 : if you get error/panic after some loading saying anything about cpu as this is needed for some chipsets and or kernels that are not patched to work on multicores for those chipsets or drivers. It enables only one core on your system though.
    some important usage:
    -v -s : to go into safe text mode
    -v -x : to go into safe gui mode to ignore majority of the drivers from loading, but not all of them beware
    -v -f : it reloads/creates the archive of the drivers folder, good to start with after replacing some drivers
    you can also add cpus=1 to any of these usages if you are having problems with the kernelfor example:
    -v -f cpus=1

    If you don't understand this stuff, than running OSX on a PC is not your cup of tea, believe me!
    [SIZE="1"]Apple G4 1.2Ghz 1Gb, DAudio, Ati 6800Pro (AGP), OS 10.4.11/10.5.2, OS 9.2, Linux PPC
    Macmini G4 1.2Ghz, 512Mb, OS 10.4.11,
    iMac Snow Graphite G3 600Mhz, 512Mb, OS 10.3.9, OS 9.2
    Dell Optixplex GX270 2.2Ghz SSE2, 5200 Nvidia/6250Nvidia, 1.6Gb, 100Gb HD OSX Tiger 10.4.11

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    if i were you arik100, try to emulate OSX first to see if you even care for it on your PC before you commit



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