Of the following, I have a notebook Positive Mobile V54 with Intel processor
Celeron M 430 1.73 GHz, 1024 MB RAm, HD 80 GB SATA and operating system
Windows XP Service Pack 3.

I need to install in my notebook Mac OS X Tiger or Mac OS X Leopard,
However, Tiger is lighter for a Celeron, then, I have the DVD of
Upchuck installing 10.4.9, DVD and DVD of XXX 10.4.10 of Jas 10.4.8.

The version that is necessary to use the 10.4.9, 10.4.10 and 10.4.10, but not
I succeeded in installing the notebook.

The Problem: I give the boot from the DVD of Upchuck or the DVD of the Jas, carries
installation of the screen. Then I go into the disk utility, and not my HD
is available there. How can I solve this problem?

The settings of my notebook you'll find the link below.

www.clickti.com.br / Restinga / net.txt

Please staff, are you with the PC / Notebook / Mac working, and I,
believe in me, please help me to make Mac OS X recognize
my Debian.

Thank you very much.