Well i have JAS 10.4.8 installed on AMD.
Problem is: When i plug my USB mouse on any port, it will work. But if i try to connect my USB thumbdrive or external USB HDD, they aren't reconized.
But when i plug in my Sandisk Cruzer Crossfire 4GB stick at boot. Light goes on, i can see it reconized under system info, but not mounted. When i try to use DiskUtility to see the drive, it just hangs, and when i unplug the drive, then Diskutil works again. i have tried serval drives and partitions. I know mac 10.4.8 can Read NTFS so i have formated my USB Stick to NTFS and even then i have the same problem. But everithing is working great with my USB mouse. Even when i plug in the USB Bluetooth device. It automaticlt works with no problem. I just cant use external storage. Any idea for that? I have read that 10.4.7 IOUSBFamily.kext will help but it didn't. Just messed up all, even my mouse and sound.