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    Default unsure sos lol

    hi guys n dolls.

    long story short. I-phone ordered and did not arrive...complaint made, I phone re ordered and it finally arrived 2 weeks late, on contract with orange

    month later origional i phone arrived. i kept quiet, bill came through from orange claiming i had two accounts. I made complaint and said i never recieved the second i phone. Blag worked and all i had to pay was 40 ins fee.

    im now left with one working i phone on contract with orange.
    the other is still sealed in its box...(apparently blocked barred whatever by orange)

    to get the second i phone working what do i do next? im confussed as to what jail breaking is...maybe this is what i need to do???

    many thanks

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    99/100 times when a phone is lost in transit, the carrier IMEI blocks the phone to ensure it's not used. Attempting to circumvent this IMEI block is thoroughly illegal in most countries and as such is not supported here.

    That said, what you've effectively done is stolen the phone from the carrier -- and no one here supports or condones theft. I'd return the phone to O2 and not worry about it.

    As we don't condone theft or violation of local/state/federal/country laws, I'm closing this thread as I don't think it can go anywhere useful.
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