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  1. please help
  2. iphone 3gs locked (forget the passcode)
  3. 3GS NAND error, error 9 or botched software to IMEI unlock
  4. Transition to IMEI unlock from Hacktivation/Ultrasnow
  5. No radio/imei/wifi after restore
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  7. Problem with MMS and WIFI in 3gs.
  8. downgrading to os 4
  9. 3gs Stuck in Recovery Mode - Tried Everything I Know of
  10. Please help recover photos on locked iphone
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  13. Can someone provide me a link?
  14. iphone 3GS in recovery loop - NAND corrupt or Blank error
  15. Inset SIM card with valid pic code
  16. Not able to upgrade to 5.1.1 with jailbroken 3GS, FW4.1?
  17. Your iphone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily .....
  18. WORKING 3GS ON iOS 6.0 (10A403)
  19. Need help upgrading my iPhone 3GS to latest unlocked software!
  20. Please Help Me Guys
  21. 3GS Won't turn on after restore to DFU mode
  22. how to upgrade iPhone 3GS BB 05.13.04 iOS 4.1 boot6.4_M3S2 newBR without saved SHSHs?
  23. Jailbroken Iphone 3gs Struck with wheel spinng after erase all contents and settings
  24. Cut them! Carve them! Hack them up! Throw the Knife made by XIMAD!
  25. Please God help solve
  26. JB and unlock with iphone 3G with ios5 and 05.16.05
  27. Can i Upgrade my iOS4 3GS with Ipad BB to Latest iOS5 ?
  28. 3gs uniallock/jailbreak lastest tutorial
  29. iPhone 3Gs post-screen replacement..
  30. iPhone 3GS - NO SERVICE
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  32. Flash player for IPhone !
  33. Stuck in recovery with error (-1)
  34. iOS5 upgrade with new bootrom??
  35. iPhone 3GS fails to restore iOS 5.1.1
  36. Are "Factory-unlocked" 3GS's for real? Do their GPS chips still work right?
  37. 1Card! Rewards Cards and mobile coupons in one single app
  38. Stuck in Recovery Mode
  39. I need 3GS invoice sample for u.s. at&t
  40. Untethered Jailbreaking and Unlocking iphone
  41. No-wifi option on iphone 3gs
  42. Imaged 32 gig Iphone
  43. All files deleted using iExplorer unable to boot
  44. 5.16.05 baseband unlock?
  45. 3GS Error 21 when restoring to No BB SHSH Stitched 5.0.1
  46. My recent iphone buy which i cant get to boot no matter what.........help
  47. Bricked iPhone New Bootrom
  48. Download Blackberry Messenger for iPhone 3GS (link)
  49. 3GS Backup before Factory unlock questions
  50. iPhone 3GS wont boot after erase all data
  51. Is there any need for SAM/SAMperfs for factory unlocked iPhone?
  52. iPhone 3gs ios 5.0.1 with 6.15.00 baseband new bootrom, can I unlock?
  53. iphone 3gs restarting every 5 min when on charging ??
  54. iPhone 3GS won't restore, stuck on Apple logo
  55. iphone 3gs unlock without wifi
  56. recent 3GS + 06.15.00 => bricked. Baseband chip replacement?
  57. Buying my first Iphone, need help
  58. 3gs 4.3 baseband 05.16.01
  59. Restart Problem with iPhone 3gs
  60. EDGE not working despite network reset & right APN settings!!!
  61. 3GS can enter DFU but then drops USB connection while "preparing iPhone to restore"
  62. network carrier for 3gs
  63. Have a previously jailbroken 3GS, not sure how to reset old data and keep jailbreak
  64. Help, trying to upgrade firmware from 3.1.2 to ios 4.0.1 and above
  65. 3GS Stuck on the "emergency calls only" screen after erasing all contents
  66. is my phone bricked.
  67. Can a 3GS with iOS 3.1.3 and baseband 05.12.01 be jailbroken/unlocked with good GPS?
  68. Location Services Problem
  69. Stuck in Recovery Mode - Update Error (11)
  70. Bought a dead, junk 3GS, fixed it (I think). Now it wants a Passcode!
  71. My IMEI is not blocked so why still no signal?
  72. On iOS 4.1, advice upgrade 5.0.1 or 5.1?
  73. s
  74. Is there something wrong with my host?
  75. Erased Unlocked 3gs - How to restore IOS, and which IOS for unlock?
  76. Error code (10), unable to restore Iphone, logs inside. Please help.
  77. Can some older 3GSs be unlocked while leaving the GPS chip active?
  78. No service
  79. Does 3GS GPS chip stop working when WiFi is switched off?
  80. iPhone 3gs 4.1 BB 6.15 crashes power charger needed to turn on
  81. Iphone 3gs White Screen
  82. **SOS** No carrier signal detected iPhone 3GS - 2 weeks and running !!!
  83. Wierd issue using snowbreeze :-(
  84. Bricked after 06.15.00!!! Heeelp
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  86. Issue in Untethering my JB on my iphone 3GS
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  91. Restore Error 9
  92. 3gs untether attempt for my dad
  93. Unable to restore 3GS suspected Baseaband issue - Logs inside!
  94. iPhone3GS: Apples Lock/Unlock Server....?
  95. Phone unlock successful, but cannot make/receive calls?
  96. Redsn0w version BB 06.15.00, version 4.1 help!
  97. In need of expert help from you forum gurus
  98. iphone 3gs with baseband 05.11.07, to iOS 5.0.1, no unlock
  99. Tips before buying the iPhone 4 ?
  100. Anyone using Find My Iphone with 6.15 baseband?
  101. 3gs problems with pushg notifications and Find My Iphone
  102. tmobile MMS error "The media content was not included due to a picture resoluton...
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  104. Migrating apps/settings from old 3gs to new unlocked 3gs
  105. New 3GS - What a bummer
  106. Do I need to update to JB 3GS running 3.1?
  107. MobileTerminal Glitch
  108. No Working Radio
  109. Cydia Error Duplicate sources.list entry
  110. Can my iphone 3GS be unlocked using iPad baseband with Ultrasn0w?
  111. Cydia help-iPhone 3GS Jailbroken version 4.1 ultrasn0w1.2.3 Reinstall
  112. iPhone 3GS Jailbroken version 4.1 iTunes & App Store Menus Stuck in Chinese
  113. iPhone 3GS Reception/WiFi problem
  114. 3gs jailbreak and unlock turns very sour
  115. How to back up contacts on 3GS
  116. iOS 5 Upgrade - Yes or No?
  117. Record incoming calls
  118. 3GS Activation Loop after 30m
  119. Please help me bricked iphone 3gs
  120. Hacktivate 3GS - 06.15.00 5.01 at activation screen :S
  121. iPhone 3GS stuck
  122. Iphone 3gs not starting after fall down
  123. 3GS 2001 Error help please
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  126. need help ugrading firmware
  127. Caller ID Formatting / International Numbers
  128. Un-jailbreaking???
  129. 3GS downgrading 5.0 to 4.3.3 or 4.3.5
  130. Backlight will work as long as its half brightness
  131. Need some suggestions for iPhone 3GS issues
  132. 4.1 jb to 4.3.3 jb without shsh?
  133. Activation Failed with itunes, redsnow and lockdown metods
  134. Replacing a 3GS piece by piece.
  135. iphone 3gs ios restore ends with error 21
  136. untethered iOS 5, anyone know when it will be out?
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  138. "Connect to iTunes" Screen
  139. 3gs Broken with Resnow - Missing bin/shell utilities (vi, less, more, etc..)
  140. Can we buy refurbished apple iphone?
  141. iPhone 3GS connects to any wi-fi network but my home's.
  142. Appp Store 1004 error
  143. Dead iPhone
  144. Searching... for carrier even though it's unlocked
  145. Firmware version question
  146. Need help with my iphone 3GS.
  147. iphone 3gs model no MC131B
  148. Iphone 3GS white screen
  149. iphone 3GS signal issue after iOS 5 jailbreak
  150. 3GS activation issue after iOS 5 upgrade
  151. LCD replacement
  152. 3gs Bricked in Restore Loop, At wits end!
  153. Plz help stuck on DFu mode black screen
  154. Help activating/unlocking please?! Stuck on emergency call screen
  155. I am buying a iphone 3gs model no MC131B the owner is saying it factory unlocked
  156. Help, Restore from back up 3GS
  157. iPhone 3G[S], Unable to load carrier "Unable to load network list". Please Help.
  158. No Service
  159. unlock sim iphone 3gs
  160. iphone 3gs not charging after stuck in recovery mode
  161. Upgrade unlocked jailbroken 3gs from 3.1.3 to 4.x?
  162. Update jailbroken iphone to another version help.
  163. stuck on emergency call screen with no info at all about the iphone
  164. iPhone 3gs DFU loop
  165. Error 1002 After restore
  166. password locked iphone
  167. Iphone Noobie Help Please
  168. unlock 3gs 4.3.5 | 05.16.02 BB
  169. Is my unactivated replacement iphone 3gs unlocked?
  170. 3GS won't restore, error 1601
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  172. iPhone 3gs restore error
  173. A little helping hand please
  174. Iphone 3Gs Error Code 1002 when restoring.. help me please...
  175. Best web browser
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  178. Activated vs Not Activated Custom Firmware
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  190. HELP, my iphone won't restore.
  191. please help? iphone 3gs stuck on apple logo with spinnying wheel
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  193. Unlock 3GS BB 05.11.7 ios 3.1.2 wifi issue
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  195. No WIFI, No IMEI, No Bluetooth & No Modem firmware
  196. 3gs Missing Icons after deleting ebooks with Iphone Explorer
  197. Need help unlocking 3gs
  198. Help a n00b who doesn't really know much about this. Wiping a jailbroken phone.
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  203. need a little direction...
  204. No service problem please help
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  207. Unlock WITHOUT power-off button
  208. Iphone 3Gs disaster, 1002 error, no IMEI
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  210. 3GS white screening
  211. Need to update Iphone 3gs firmware 3.1.2
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  213. iPhone 3GS (4.3.3) - Phone boots up but just show an apple on the screen
  214. Sound question
  215. iPhone 3GS, 1yr Perfect. Now Sudden Signal Loss, No Service, No Data - Intermittent!!
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  217. iPhone 3GS 4.3.3
  218. Baseband-Question
  219. iPhone won't restore
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  225. Help Notified Problems
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  243. 5.14.02
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