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  1. iATKOS v1.0i -Getting you need to restart your computer at the middle of installation
  2. [HELP]Mac OS X - HP Pavilion a6632uk
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  6. HP Mini 110-1030NR?
  7. [help]restart after apple logo
  8. Need help getting from iDeneb to retail SL
  9. How to install iDeneb v1.3 (leopard 10.5.5) on my new pc
  10. how to install snow leopard without using double layer DVD ie via External HDD
  11. Installing iDeneb1.6 10.5.8
  12. installation ud5 with gtx 295
  13. iDeneb 1.3 installation on a Vaio RS604 help please?
  14. Installed three different distros but can't understand how to boot!
  15. error on boot iPC 10.5.6 with ACPIPS2Nub and AppleUSBEHCI
  16. fail to erase partition
  17. Upgrading my iAtkos 10.5.5 without internet?
  18. iDeneb always reboot after installation
  19. Black screen after successful installation
  20. Problem: PC Reboots at the beginning of iATKOS v7 installation !
  21. boot problem with osx on eeepc netbook bootcommands
  22. Problem installing Kalyway 10.5.2 on Dell gx280
  23. Problem beginning installation
  24. Installer wont see USB mouse or keyboard.
  25. Problem with Nvidia FX5500 AGP
  26. TroubleShooting: OSX Snow Leopard Asus P5kPL AM SE
  27. new to the mac osx on pc
  28. iAtkos 5i problems please help
  29. Dg45fc
  30. leo4all installation -error-
  31. HP Pavilion - P6380t - Tried iAtoks, Kalyway - Everything hanging / freezing
  32. Password help
  33. Mac OS X on Vaio VGN-NR350FE
  34. Sony FZ21e - Networking help plz
  35. Installation Freeze
  36. Iatkos 5i blue screen after mac boot
  37. [HELP] Iatkos v7 on Asus P5Q-E crashes
  38. helps install iatkos v7
  39. HP Pavilion - Hackintosh
  40. Leopard on Dell Inspiron 9400?
  41. Error Kalyway 10.5.2 - Can't install
  42. iAtkos 5i "you need to restart your computer" problem
  43. 10.6.2 HDTV (1080p) issue..
  44. I will give $20 to someone who can get OSX working on my HTPC!
  45. Help with firewire
  46. OSx doesn't load from External Hard drive!
  47. Error during install
  48. [help] Install iDeneb 10.5.6
  49. Is Hp laptop - Compac Presario V3000 possible to install hackintosh?
  50. SYSLINUX could not find kernel image?
  51. install osx on x86
  52. Installing iDaneb
  53. hfs+ partition error
  54. Problem after install (Panic Error)
  55. Having trouble after installation.
  56. Installing Leopard (IDeneb) on a HP Pavilion Elite D5000T
  57. OSX on Dell inspiron 1525 - boot issues
  58. Problems installing iatkos 10.5.5
  59. how to install ideneb on gateway GT5476E
  60. Installing Leopard 10.5.5 via Vmware Server 2.0
  61. I have successfully installed but having more problems.
  62. will the Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904 work with osx 10.6.2
  63. I can't install Leopard: Reboots on the first stage...(with video)
  64. osx on sony vaio nw
  65. can i install mac osx on my laptop
  66. Help leopard in Notebook Sony Vaio VGN-NR330AE
  67. hang on 'welcome' animation with ideneb lite 10.5.8 on hp nw9440
  68. Help me install Mac OS X on Intel computer !!!!!!
  69. Won't boot
  70. Needing help installing iDeneb v1.6 Lite 10.5.8 on the Hp Tx2z
  71. Intel D945GCLF2 Boot from DVD but "Cannot install Mac OS X"
  72. iATKOS v7 on Abit AA8
  73. leo4allv3 install disc thinks leopard is already installed....
  74. Cannot Format Internal HDD!
  75. Dual Monitor Problem
  76. Kalyway Boot Issue/ 1557
  77. About this mac iAtkosv7
  78. Creating your own OSX Pad?
  79. Local APIC Error?! Toshiba Satellite L505D
  80. Quick questions for an Acer
  81. HP G60 554CA Leopard Installation a success but..
  82. Please Help! (Your Two Favorite Words :P) iAtkosv7
  83. No boot record after installation? "Operating System not found"
  84. Instllation problem
  85. Help with ideneb 1.4v mac osx 10.5.6 opening
  86. Problem Resolution Acer Aspire One
  88. I dont really know what to search . .
  89. Windows 7, Kubuntu 9.10 and iDeneb 1.6 Lite on Acer 7738G, its real ?
  90. reboot loop
  91. Help with error msg while trying to install MAC OSX on vmware
  92. Panic error
  93. Unable to repartition MacOSX
  94. Help with installation problem
  95. PLS HELP!installation probleum of acer aspire 4740G-432G50Mn
  96. Toshibal L45 Leopard Installation
  97. Help with error msg whili trying to install on vmware
  98. Hel with error msg whili trying to install on vmware
  99. Graphic troubles on HP550
  100. Booting iAtkos v7 on Acer M5641
  101. Help installing on hpdv2000
  102. Hard Drive cannot be formatted/partitioned/erased
  103. iPC 10.5.6 Drive cant be formatted :(
  104. [noob tutorial] Installing OS X on a Dell XPS 1340 (Dell Studio XPS 13)
  105. ga-m720-us3 problem
  106. If your Battery doesn't show in the Menu Bar
  107. Blank Screen - First Boot After Installation (Snow Leopard on Intel Based PC)
  108. installing on an acer aspire
  109. Please help installation issue
  110. Installation problem: can't initialize primary partitions
  111. kalyway 10.5.2 on ASUS M2A-VM -install workx, no first boot possible
  112. iDeneb v1.5.1 Booting
  113. Leopard on ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe WiFi-AP
  114. help will leopard install on my toshiba ?
  115. Question about software update
  116. Installing MacOS Hewelct Packhard DV9500 Laptop
  117. Installing OSX86 in an Asus A6JA - I'm lost :(
  118. iATKOS v7 10.5.7 - Drive not detected
  119. Re: Dell Dimension 9200 Vista and Snow Dual Boot
  120. Compaq 8510p
  121. [Boot Problem] Still Waiting for root device
  122. Post installation problem with audio interface
  123. need some quick help! hd problems
  124. istealer 6 legends
  125. istealer 6 Cracked
  126. istealer 6
  127. I totally fucked my computer up!
  128. Samsung N128
  129. Cant finish finalising installation!! ERROR HELPP!!
  130. Error While Trying To Restore Image to USB Flash Drive, MSIWIND Desktop
  131. Couldn't alloc class "Apple8259PICInterruptController"
  132. Vostro 1710 osx 10.5.8 no external vga
  133. Asus P5W DH via iPC 10.5.6
  134. "Before you begin..." in Acer Aspire One and iATKOS v5i
  135. Is this Possible? Booting Leopard from External drive (Original Macbook on Windows 7
  136. Issues installing ideneb and iatkos v7 on dell xt2
  137. [Need Help] Post-Install iDeneb: Apple Screen, blue screen and nothing (Sleep mode ?)
  138. JaS OsX86 10.5.4 server inst. fails with package read error
  139. Best Distro For Asus Z7s WS?
  140. OSX 10.5.6 Installs but cannot boot - Error read disk
  141. Problem At Installation Screen on Retail Install
  142. Won't boot from Kalyway to install. NOOB needs help
  143. Burning iDeneb v1 3 Leopard 10 5 5 into DVD-R
  144. EFI Simulation Problems
  145. Help With Dell Studio 15
  146. Installation of Mac OS X 10.5 on Acer Aspire M5802
  147. Making Boot Disk
  148. Asus G71G- possible to install Leopard?
  149. Buffer header crush after installation
  150. [Help] - Unable to get past grey screen with cursor after install (NO, NOT BLINKING)
  151. Install Snow Leopard on PC
  152. iDeneb 10.5.5
  153. Success and fail hackintosh reinstallation
  154. Where is My Hard drive??
  155. post install use
  156. Problem with iAtkos installation..mouse is sketch??
  157. Would I be able to hack this?
  158. Install on Acer Aspire X1700
  159. No physical HDD shown in Leopard installer
  160. Installation FAIL
  161. iATKOS v7 on Shuttle SB65G2 install ok, boot = kernel panic
  162. Keep getting registration loop, need help!
  163. iPC keeps going to sleep
  164. PLEASE HELP! Asus EEEPC 1201HAB Netbook Installation!
  165. Hackintosh possible on my custom pc?
  166. installation on laptop hp dv7 1055ea
  167. apple logo, then restart!? =/
  168. Install hackintosh on dell studio 1537
  169. [HELP] iATKOS v7 on Toshiba Satellite
  170. How do i make dual boot?
  171. buying a new laptop. is it hackintoshable?
  172. [Repeating Boot] Kalaway 10.5.2 to 10.5.8 on HP Compaq DC5100MT
  173. MSI G41TM-E43 Installation Help
  174. how to install mac osx on a gigabyte p55 ud3 mobo and core i7?
  175. iDeneb 10.5.8 on ASUS p5kc
  176. Compaq NX6310
  177. acer aspire 5517-5136 freezes after install
  178. Compag 110 Mini Problems :( (German Help Me)
  179. Pavilion dv6645 wont like leopards
  180. Acer Aspire 5570z
  181. Problems with Booting Ideneb 1.6 Leopard!
  182. Problem with installing iAtkos
  183. "no operating system found" boot from usb
  184. network problem
  185. 'Burning' an iso to a flashdrive?
  186. Quartz Extreme
  187. Problem when trying to install iDeneb_v1.6_1058_Lite_Edition
  188. Problems when trying to select the HD
  189. How to install OSX on Gateway mt6705
  190. Installed OSX now wont load
  191. Dual boot easy question - Carry on or start again?
  192. iAtkos7 on these specs, HELP PLZ
  193. Installing Mac OSX on HP dv7-1245dx
  194. LawlessPPC AMD: Extension "com.apple.driver.iTunesPhoneDriver" has no explicit kernel
  195. Installing iAtkos7 goes fine but then...
  196. [help] iDeneb 10.5.8 Combo+ Kalaway 10.5.2
  197. hp dv4-1430us iAtkos 7 mac????
  198. Help me!
  199. Dell XPS 430
  200. iDeneb on HP tx2650eg
  201. Post 10.5.6 Update problems (AppleUSBUHCI & ACPIPS2Nub)
  202. Stuck at apple boot logo at startup
  203. Trying to install OSX on Toshiba Portege M200
  204. Mouse not working after Nvidia install
  205. Installing iPC 10.5.6 on an old Inspiron 8600
  206. Keyboard not Working After iATKOS Install
  207. How to dual boot Windows 7 and iAtkos v7 with Dell inspiron 1545
  208. How do you install OSX86 on an HP DV6t i7 Laptop?
  209. After Installing iATKOS v7 how do i access windows without an install disk?
  210. Kernel error on HP Pavilion dv6-1270ec
  211. Fatel Proplem in IDeneb 10.5.5
  212. Bad sound no wifi and resoulution is low
  213. [HELP] Booting from USB on Acer d-150... currently Jolicloud installed
  214. [HELP PLEASE] Wich hackintosh should I use?
  215. CPU Upgrade E8200 -> Q9400
  216. doom 3 won't launch
  217. New to OSX - Help :s
  218. Kernel Panic @ Installation
  219. MacOS 10.5.7 / VMWare / AMD crashes for execution in iPhone Simulator
  220. trouble booting of iATKOS v7 on an HP Pavilion a6010n
  221. Drivers
  222. Here's one for you, something new...
  223. Quick Update Question
  224. [help]Recommended Bios Version for Acer Aspire One - D150
  225. Help with Converting a Compaq CQ60 to a Hackintosh CrackBook Pro
  226. Which Hackintosh will be perfect for my Pc
  227. Supreme FX Asus MAximus Formula
  228. Could any one help me i can't install Wireless, ethernet and quartz extreme
  229. Realtek1000 no longer works?? (After Bios Mod)
  230. need help in customize ideneb 1.6 , i know my 1.4 fixes if this helps
  231. No USB on Iatkos4a
  232. Problem iAtkos v5i 10.5.5 :(
  233. Please Help!!! How to install Dual Boot OSX86 Leopard and Windows 7 in my Laptop??
  234. Please Help!!! How to install OSX86 Leopard in my Laptop??
  235. OSX on HP Compaq nx7010
  236. Dell inspiron mini 10v help
  237. Problem with iATKOS V7 BIOS EX58-UD3R
  238. iATKOS v7 VirtualBox
  239. Issues Samsung N130
  240. Issues Samsung N130
  241. Video problem in iATKOS v7 Please help :(
  242. Dell Inspiron 537 & iATKOS v7
  243. Toshiba Satellite A55-S106
  244. Brand New to this...
  245. Kalyway or iATKOS won't boot from cd or flashdrive in order to install!
  246. Possible to install in this PC Config?
  247. getting a restart your computer error
  248. Boot error after installing 10.6 on Intel platform
  249. Quick Help. HP Pavilion Dv7-1262us
  250. VMWare + iAtkos v7 HELP!!!!!!!!