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  1. Locked iPhone 3G I wanna activate, but don't wanna screw up potential future unlock
  2. iPhone 3G warranty: Can I get a Canadian iPhone fixed in Sweden?
  3. [iPhone 3G 16GB] Missing Music problem.
  4. iphone on 3 mobile uk?
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  6. My iPhone 3G is SMASHED !!!
  7. [Request] 3G icons please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. O2 to release iPhone 3G on PAYG in UK Sept 16
  9. Forum regarding the software unlock progress of the 3G?
  10. Possible to unlock iPhone 3G for use just on the 2G band?
  11. Downgrading iPhone 3G to 1.1.4
  12. [3G] [2.0.2] iPhone 3G - can we update and keep baseband?
  13. 2.0.1 unlock but not activate thru itunes
  14. New Scam! Fake Unlocked iphone 3G
  15. Anyone know where this file is in the root?
  16. [3g unlock] how true is this???? <- scam
  17. [Advice] iPhone 3G battery life issues
  18. locked 3G makes 911 call (kinda)
  19. Problem restore
  20. [Iphone 3g] what do you think about WILLMASTER solution
  21. [Vodafone][Italy] 3G unlocked by factory works with 3HG SIM too - jailbreak OK
  22. Any chance of buying in USA?
  23. [3G iPhone][locked to AT&T] So what CAN I do with a locked 3G iPhone?
  24. iPhone3G and GoPhone: Is It True?
  25. problems with the play count updating of my iphone 3g
  26. [3G Question] Battery life 3G
  27. Jobs lost again and so rest of us
  28. buya iphone 3g
  29. Iphone repair if no AT&T account
  30. [iPhone 3G][iPhone 2G][FW 2.x]Different performances?
  31. [iPhone 3G][Reception] No 3G Coverage in my area !!!
  32. Latest WinPwn and Pwnage Tool Mirror Download
  33. Free iPhone Wallpapers
  34. [3G][2.0.1]SMS Problems?
  35. [2.0][2.0.1] Must Update to 2.0.2
  36. Where in US can you buy iphone without contract?
  37. A caller ID problem from Cyprus
  38. Sales of iPhone in INDIA? Plenty/Hardly?
  39. Is this a real unlock + sprint+ verizon+ tmobile
  40. Can U.S iPhone with Indian iPhone Sim Need Unlock ?
  41. [iPhone 3G] Unlock competition
  42. [iPhone 3G][Launch] Only in Argentina!!
  43. iTunes unknown error 13 [Solved]
  44. [iPhone 3G] Why are Chineese people buying iPhone 3g?
  45. [iphone 3g] a friend bought two 3GiPhones in Portugal
  46. Phone no longer vibrates on received text after upgrading to 2.0.2
  47. [iPhone 3G bluetooth] Phonebook contacts
  48. [Iphone 3g]is it taking longer?
  49. [iPhone 3g] Can i use it on any legal carrier?
  50. iPhone simfree in Brussel, Belgium
  51. [iPhone 3G] I have an unlocked iPhone 3G
  52. iPhones Launch in india. - Reactions.
  53. another iphone 3g in need of help !
  54. [iPhone 3G] QuickPwn Problem
  55. [iPhone 3G] [2.0.2] Home button not working properly
  56. Quick General Questions about going from 2g -> 3g
  57. How much is the unlocked 3G 16GB in Greece?
  58. No Sim error message
  59. [3g t-mobile] Can someone confirm that 3g does not work on t-mobile's 3g
  60. [help] my HK unlocked OTB 3G iphone is now locked after reset and erase...
  61. Jailbreak, unlocking...
  62. Anyone have a problem setting up a VPN IPSEC connection after 2.0.2??
  63. Strange thing has happened...
  64. USA iphone 3g on other official carriers?
  65. FYI: iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked yet
  66. [ihpone 3G] cant delete mail accounts
  67. [iPhone 3G] [2.0.2] Is now out. Share your experience and findings here
  68. IPhones loosing value quickly
  69. turn-by-turn GPS on iPhone 3G, whats the story?
  70. [iphone 3G] Unlock idea
  71. [Cracks] Case related to iPhone cracking?
  72. All official application don't work after Jailbreak
  73. All official applications don't work after Jailbreak
  74. [Battery Indicator] Battery indicator stuck at 100%
  75. Where does the iPhone 3G store the apn settings?
  76. Music playing when headphones plugged in?
  77. [Advice] can the volume cap be removed
  78. TurboSim 3g?
  79. [iPhone 3G] [Factory Unlocked] Is anyone using one with a T-Mobile SIM?
  80. Can I put the Installer.app on my 3g
  81. [iPhone 3G] [2.x.x] Bad 3G, Updates, and Unlocks, Question!
  82. [IPhone 3G] Rubber case with swivel clip?
  83. Advice on buying an Australian iPhone
  84. Couple of questions regarding unlocking and jailbreaking of a iPhone 3G
  85. [iPhone 3G NEWS] iPhone 3G network problems
  86. [iPhone 3G][unlock it under hard working need help !
  87. [iPhone 3G] Locked Phone "Unlocked"
  88. Finally i got iphone 3g
  89. I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly no music!!
  90. [iPhone 3g] Proving return of phone
  91. Is there really a big difference in the speakers on a 2G to a 3G iPhone?
  92. When do you think an Unlock solution will be released? Days, weeks, months?
  93. [Fiat Blue&Me Contacts] not syncing to car
  94. AT&T cancellation and billing
  95. Rogers Iphone 3g Sealed Activation (My expreince)
  96. Backup IPhone 3G
  97. [iPhone 3G-Yessim/Rebelsim]Activation
  98. How to get 3G iPhone in UK without contract?
  99. Need help on a 3G US Phone (!!)
  100. Unable to install any app using installer 4 on 3G jailbreak iphone
  101. Is there a way to save app information (because restore doesnt)
  102. [iPhone 3G] [2.0.1] [PAYG] UK O2 PAYG trick broken in 2.0.1
  103. [Iphone 3g] CYDIA
  104. [Question] iTunes backup, jailbreak & pwnage: Understanding the process
  105. [iPhone 3G] How to disable autocorrect / modify the phone number format
  106. Jailbroken 2.0.1 - CUstomize Problem
  107. [iPhone 3G][officially unlocked] Has anyone tried?
  108. [Iphone 3G]What's the best deal so far?
  109. I keep on getting error 302 when browsing on 3g
  110. [iPhone 3G] [2.0.1] Location not working after 2.0.1?
  111. [3G iPhone][2.0.1] New firmware is not an improvement for me
  112. [iPhone 3G] Manual network selection with ATT?
  113. [Dead Pixel] Got a replacement from Rogers Canada.
  114. [iPhone 3G][Unlock][Supposition on the way of success]
  115. iPhone 3G "Coming Soon" on Aug 22 to Remaining Countries !
  116. 2.0.1 confirmed working 100% jailbreak
  117. iPersonal?
  118. [iPhone3G] iPhone 3G Pwned (Jailbroken) Firmware 2.0.1 5B108
  119. [iPhone 3G] AT&T U.S. Retail Price
  120. [.eep + .fls]Need those 3G files
  121. [3G iPhone][TeliaSonera] Anyone from Estonia?
  122. iPhone needs to cool down?
  123. Battery still in use while charging?
  124. if any have a iphone of italy official unlock & sniffing experience (read)
  125. Music/Videos Synced but not listed in iPhone
  126. SIM Contacts!?
  127. Best way to get an unlocked iPhone 3G?
  128. iphone 3g tv out
  129. Backup legit activation data
  130. [2.0.1] Update oK.
  131. Digitizer repair options 3G
  132. People claiming they unlock the iphone 3g in Canada
  133. Iphone backing up location OS X
  134. [3g Data Conection]Can seem to find "cellular data network" option in settings
  135. iphone 3g question (ebay)
  136. Can you get out of O2 UK contract and keep phone
  137. 3G Iphone apple store London
  138. keep geting a 169
  139. nes in iphone
  140. Quick disable 3G or smart 3G?
  141. How I Got out of my Contract...
  142. Iphone 3g IE secured website login
  143. iPhone contract and eBay
  144. [SIMlock] simlockfree reversible?
  145. How do Ebay sellers get Unlocked iPhone's?
  146. [iPhone 3G] Crazy idea with bluetooth...
  147. [iPhone 2.0] Is there any way to change IMEI on 2.0?
  148. [iPhone 3G] Is it possible to use ATT sim on the 3G?
  149. [IPhone 3G] Call Failed
  150. [Termination Fee] New Rule, might help for some of you.
  151. iPhone 3G[Belgium]
  152. [iPhone 3G] need some info about shpipping
  153. What about the others?
  154. GPS in another country
  155. [iphone 3G]Anyone having issue with safari?
  156. question regarding website.. trustable?
  157. iPhone in Mexico OFFICIALY UNLOCKED! why?
  158. Is there a store in Massa(Italy), where iPhones are still available?
  159. SSH'ing iPhone 3g on Windows..
  160. [iPhone 3G] How to get out of contract without fees? (rogers or fido canada)
  161. iPhone 3G versions difference
  162. [iphone 3G] quick yes no question
  163. [3G IPHONE] - France How to buy?
  164. [iPhone 3g][Activation]
  165. Orange Uk 3G apn settings?
  166. using o2 sim card in new 3G iPhone
  167. [3G iPhone] touch screen calibration?
  168. iPhone bought in the USA, will it work in Australia?
  169. 3G Diagnostics Screen
  170. Will German tmobile 3G run on us tmobile 3G speeds ? ? ?
  171. [Iphone 3g] Simple yes or no question
  172. Yessim.com 3g sim unlock = scammers
  173. [iphone 3G] internet with offline mod?
  174. Pre-Sales Questions
  175. Do I need a Italian passport or adress for buying an iPhone in Italy?
  176. [US iPhone 3G][AT&T Contract]When to cancel contract?
  177. [Iphone 3g] Possible Recall
  178. Stupid Question/Idea for non compatible networks
  179. [iPhone 3G] 3G Activation with Pay and Go on O2
  180. Iphone freeze
  181. Iphone 3G Baseband Logs
  182. Itunes remote question...
  183. [NEED ADVICE] going from 2G to 3G
  184. [iPhone 3G] Warranty Replacement - Model Number Differences
  185. [iPhone3G][Possible Exploit] iPhone crashes
  186. [IPhone3G] Hardware Problems - Exchanged
  187. [iPhone availability] Los Angeles
  188. [iPhone 3G] Do these really work?
  189. [iPhone 3G] Discount Price by Porting # to Verizon in 1st 30 days?
  190. Shielding Not on EVERY 3G iPhone?
  191. [iPhone 3G] TA_mobile success in unlock 3G?!? (07/17/2008)
  192. Possible to de/re-activate for other carrier?
  193. [iPhone 3G] Official Unlock IMEI able to unlock any iPhone?
  194. [iPhone 3G][Firmware 2.1][Beta Software] Apple just release 2.1 beta.
  195. [iPhone 3G][Advice] Springboard screen shot default enabled?
  196. [Iphone 3G][Case] Any Recommendations?
  197. What to do In CANADA regarding better iPhone plan?
  198. Iphone wont boot, itunes wont restore
  199. [iPhone 3G]US phone work on o2?
  200. [iPhone 3G] Improvements in responsiveness?
  201. [iPhone 3G] - SiM question
  202. [iPhone 3G] How to keep WIFI alive so I can tether with screen off??
  203. [Iphone 3G] New iPhone forum
  204. [Iphone 3g][Problem] Can not restore, stuck in recovery
  205. [IPhone 3G] EULA - google maps and text messaging?
  206. [IPhone 3G] Overcharge Battery?
  207. (Iphone 3g) Jailbreak
  208. [iPhone 3G] iTunes NOT updating carrier settings after pawned restore?
  209. [Iphone 3g] Using backup from original iphone
  210. [iPhone 3G] Infineon, we have a problem
  211. [iPhone 3G][iTunes] unable to load provider data from Sync Services
  212. [iPhone 3G] confiscated at airport custom
  213. iPhone 2.0 upgrade
  214. Possible to have newsgroups on iphone 3g?
  215. [iPhone 3G]Can I switch my US AT&T iPhone 3G to a French Orange service contract?
  216. [3g firmware]
  217. [3G][Verbose Boot] No longer in there?
  218. Is it anyway to get Installer.app on 3G phone?
  219. [iphone 3g]- How do i change mtu?
  220. [iPhone 3G] Using internet on mac
  221. [iPhone 3G][Belgium] Warranty for the officially unlocked ?
  222. [iPhone 3G] apple store capabilities
  223. [iPhone 3g] Battery Hardware Question
  224. [iPhone 3G] Poor operation compared to 1st Gen iPhone
  225. [iPhone 3G] Problems, issues with GPS
  226. Is iPhone 3G really 200$...?
  227. [iPhone 3G] Wifi reception comparison vs iPhone 2G ?
  228. [iPhone 3G] Officially Unlocked > Can i use Pwnage ?
  229. [iPhone 3G][At&T] Canceling within the first 30 days?
  230. [3G on Fido] Getting REAL sick 'n tired of the 2.0, that's too much....
  231. [iPhone 3G][Japan] Is it a totally different hardware?
  232. [iPhone 3G][Rogers] Order by Telephone, Un-activated
  233. On 3G , How to Install Ring Tonnes
  234. [iPhone 3G][Tether Confirm] 3G Connetion To use it on Your MAC Or PC
  235. Did you know that you can use the goPhone service with an activated iPhone no hacking
  236. [iPhone 3G] I can buy an un-activated now, right?
  237. upgrade help
  238. [iPhone 3G] [UK] Two iPhone under same names?
  239. [iPhone 3G]process of buying it from US
  240. [iPhone 3G]where to buy online?
  241. [Iphone 3g - UK] Buying two iphones
  242. [iPhone 3G][Italy] activating ?
  243. buying a iphone
  244. Possible to downgrade 3G iphone to 1.1.4 and use it?
  245. [iPhone 3G] WiFi International Speeds
  246. [iPhone 3G] Poor Signal Reception
  247. [EDGE/3G][Fido] Maybe a silly question, but have they removed it in 2.0???
  248. [iPhone 3G][Probable SCAM] Claimed they have unlocked IT ?
  249. [iPhone 3G] ATT Can we still get it for $200 by Activating Older iPhone?
  250. [iPhone 3G]Confirmed release dates for other countries?