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  1. iPhone 3G - SMS function/software
  2. iPhone 3G Does not appear in iTunes 8.x
  3. Process manager for 2.1 firmware
  4. Is it safe to upgrade to iTunes 8 with a 2.1 Quikpwn
  5. [Question]: Unlocking iPhone 3G bought in France (Orange carrier)
  6. Dont know what else to do, please someone
  7. Jailbreaking question
  8. 3G launched in Malta
  9. Android os on the iphone
  10. iphone 3g vs nokia 3310
  11. what is the best program to use for an iphone: pwnage tool, quickpwn, or WinPwn?
  12. [Question] Can you edit the call forward option?
  13. how to loose guarantee on a brandnew phone
  14. keeping wifi on?
  15. iPhone 3G on AT&T network without a Contract!
  16. [Question] If I get an iPhone tomorrow ....
  17. [SCAM] xiphone.org. Don't buy it!
  18. iphone 3g imei changed 0049....
  19. Battery life on the 3G iphone
  20. Quick Question Reagarding actiavtion and 3G iPhone
  21. [Problem] [Solved] epc.tmobile.com not working.
  22. [3G] change apn settings when going abroad ?
  23. [help] Any way to donwload Word/notepad Documents?
  24. How To Solve This Problem
  25. [Question] can i activate an iPhone 3G with a unactivated at&t Sim??!
  26. t-mobile plans on Iphone 3g
  27. [iphone 3g] buying from Australia or Czech republic
  28. Is the iphone 3g a dual-band phone?
  29. [Advice] A few basic questions about iPhone 3G
  30. [Problem] Jailbreak issue
  31. Dev Team 3G Baseband Tool Video Out!!!!
  32. [2.2 Update] when is it going to be released
  33. 3G: Code cracked!!
  34. quick question for jailbreaking
  35. Scrolling not Smooth
  36. [URGENT]Iphone syncing problem!
  37. unlocking iphone 3g
  38. [QUICK QUESTION] iPhone Purchase & Useage?
  39. Subscription phone vesus Pay-and-go
  40. [iphone 3g] voice problem
  41. AT&T network settings (APN) for non-US iphone
  42. Found a lost iPhone 3G
  43. There is a way to send contacts to Pioneer Car Bluetooth?
  44. Upgrading from iPhone 2G to 3G Enterprise
  45. GoPhone and iPhone
  46. [Question] [Answered] Bluetooth devices & iPhone
  47. Has anyone ever seen this in the Maps app??
  48. Activation
  49. What if I don't activate? [iPhone 3g]
  50. [iPhone 3G] [Solved] No photos after reboot
  51. using the ir proximity detector for data transfer?
  52. selecting carriers once unlocked
  53. [T-Zones Hack] is your PUSH working?
  54. Contacts Numbers
  55. Weird mobilephone error
  56. Dev Team Blog > 3G Update
  57. [Help] GPS not working...?
  58. What's the best way to use my 3G abroad?
  59. [2.1 3G- Battery] iPhone does not show any signs of battery depletion!
  60. Upgrading to 2.1?
  61. Strange iPhone or will I ever get a White iPhone?
  62. buy 10 iPhone 3g, return 5 and cancel AT&T w/ in 3 days?
  63. [Advice]Bluetooth Heasets,Useful?!!!
  64. iTunes Sync in Snow Leopard
  65. Accidentally upgraded my modem firmware to 02.08.01!!
  66. Cannot connect to iTunes over Wifi!
  67. Does anybody know about 3G unlocking
  68. 2.1FW safari crashes on apple site?
  69. contract-free iphone 3G - 199$ , few lucky ass*s got it !
  70. Repaired iPhone, self activation possible?
  71. 3G Unlock. Testing for possibilities. [Nothing yet]
  72. I'm new with my iphone 3g 16 gb and...
  73. Adding 'Videos' icon to iPhone 3G 2.1 springboard??
  74. Best way to buy 4 iphones without contract?
  75. How to launch safari in the terminal of iphone
  76. [Question] where is iPhone media located?
  77. Interrelation between the GPS module and the carrier network
  78. How To Verify Which Operator when we purchase the iPhone 3G?
  79. [SCAM] appleunlockiphone.com
  80. Iphone 3g with T-mobiles EDGE---Is it worth it?
  81. Is it worth going from 1st gen to 3G?
  82. Creating Custom .ipsw File
  83. (3G) Open unlocked phones in South Africa
  84. [Question] [3gp video] just downloaded, I have no clue where it went to
  85. Restoring Maps.app
  86. Factory Unlocked 3G Freeze at Lock Screen
  87. [Question] is there any Jailbreak & Unlock solution?
  88. save web page
  89. [Fake & Scam] Unlock Software
  90. [Question] AT&t Premier Site. Do I get a sealed iPhone?
  91. iPhone 3G question
  92. [IPHONE 3G][FW 2.1] I found why iphone 2.1 FW safari crash!!!
  93. Pay as you go iPhone... can you use any O2 Sim?
  94. [News] Iphone 3G 32GB?
  95. Will this work?
  96. What would they do ??
  97. Where to buy iPhone 3G in HK?
  98. [Problem]"E" Edge symbol dissapears and GPRS stops working on iPhone 3G
  99. [iPhone 3G Switzerland] How long did you wait till official unlock?
  100. 18 things which russian shop assistants know about iPhone
  101. Sim locked iPhone
  102. Bluetooth,is that a truth?
  103. no imei, no wifi, no bluetooth
  104. [iPhone 3G] [2.1] Sudden loss of operator
  105. 3g operator name font size
  106. How to use GPRS on Vodafone iPhone 3g India?
  107. Expert plz. the corrcet (PhoneNumberTemplates.plist)
  108. [Unconfirmed rumor] iPhone 3g software unlocked?
  109. [Problem] iPhone disconnect from wifi all the time
  110. [Advice] Should I buy or should I wait?
  111. [Question] [Solved] Can I upgrade an unlocked iPhone 3G to Firmware 2.1?
  112. [3G][2.1]White Screen?
  113. [Question] [Solved] iPhone 3G activation, switch to 2g plan
  114. Power On/Off message pop up
  115. Mail fetch frequency
  116. disable autocorrection in 2.1
  117. [Problem] Can't restore. Error 1002
  118. iphone bluetooth help!!
  119. [Scam] 16gb 3g for 400$...?
  120. [Problem] [T-Zones] Can't browse the web
  121. newbie question
  122. "Unlock" any Region format on 2.1
  123. Error Transferred a partial file
  124. [iphone 3g] can you get round O2 UK contract?
  125. Where to find the pictures in win scp or mobile finder??
  126. iPhone 3G 2.1 typing sound problem
  127. Claro Honduras network settings??
  128. same hacks as 2G iphone?
  129. [Iphone 3G] want to jailbreak.
  130. [Problem] Can't find the apn settings or the cell data network
  131. [Turkcell] [Turkey] Iphone 3G officially unlocked
  132. Browsing filesystem on 2.1
  133. iPhone 3G is available @ Hong Kong Apple Store online
  134. [Question] Possible to officially unlock US iphone outside US
  135. 3G vs the 2G?
  136. What is the limit on number of apps?
  137. Iphone 3g parts?
  138. official unlocked iphone 3g (from hk) for you to test
  139. 3G surfing problems with 2.1 and 1.45 modem
  141. [Question] Can I unlock Sim a 3G iPhone?
  142. [Advice] What to look for when buying USED iPhone 3G?
  143. [Problem] [I think] Slow WI-FI
  144. Yellow-ish screen on 3g
  145. Is It Legal for Apple to Use ATT as the only carrier in the US to carry iPhone?
  146. does anybody know what the differences between all the models?
  147. help with contacts
  148. O2 Pay as you go iPhone with Monthly Sim?
  149. Upgrade To iTunes 8.0.?
  150. [iPhone 3G] Would unlocked o2 UK phone work with o2 IE SIM?
  151. Upgrade to 2.1[3g] and keep modem on 1.48
  152. [Rumors/Wishful Thinking] iPhone 3G already unlocked soon for everyone!
  153. iPhone 3G and T-Mobile's 3G 1700Mhz Frequency
  154. Is there a timeline anywhere to UNLOCK the 3G?
  155. fail to fork error... Help
  156. QuickPwn, Pwnage, Unlock, Jailbreak??
  157. pre 2.1 gprs/edge/3g icons
  158. 3G APN settings (USA-ATT)
  159. need to return the phone?
  160. Iphone partition fat32
  161. How to install BossPrefs 2.12b
  162. 3G icon not in a box
  163. Important notice!!! Apple is recalling the iPhone 3G Power Adapter
  164. Apple recalls tiny iPhone 3G power adapters
  165. contact transfert
  166. Hidden data matrix code on iPhone 3G!
  167. Iphone 2g Data plan on Iphone 3g
  168. [Help] Unknown error occured 1600/6
  169. [Tzones] T-mobile t-zones hack
  170. Reactivating Iphone 2g while under Iphone 3g plan
  171. Singapore Changi Duty Free Selling unlocked 3G iPhones
  172. Carrier settings update?
  173. Iphones direct from apple without a contract
  174. 3G Sync problem after using PwnageTool 2.1
  175. [iPhone 3G] How is your reception after installing firmware 2.1?
  176. iphone 3g unlocked = O
  177. Official unlocked iphone from itlay with T-mobile (what works?)
  178. could any1 upload 3g2.1 font Helvetica?
  179. [iPhone 3G] [VOD Italy PAYG] 'Call forwarding active' message
  180. [3G] Possible for phone to call itself?
  181. how to view Back up files
  182. Country Change
  183. [iPhone 3G] The "Befreiphone"-Competition
  184. [iPhone 3G] o2 PAYG - Out today
  185. [iPhone 101] Push email (lack thereof), disecting, understanding...
  186. why buy iphone and terminate ATT svc if you can't use the phone with other providers?
  187. Apple 3g iPhone Battery Life
  188. 3G under a nice deal - Feedback needed
  189. Iphone 3g FW 2.1 - Any jailbreak for WINDOWS yet?
  190. Backing up & restoring MxTube videos
  191. Iphone 3g PAYG release 16 sept [UK]
  192. /Applications/Web.app on Firmware 2.1
  193. (Firmware 2.1) QuickPwn and Pwnage
  194. Mobile YouTube problem
  195. [iPhone 3G] iPhone 3G 16gig for $30 !! Is this scam ?
  196. Would iPhone/iTouch Support WiMax ?
  197. Is it possible to upgrade an old iphone to 2.1
  198. Version 2.1 fried my SIM card
  199. the application was not installed on iphone because you are not authorised ...
  200. The ugliest, worst day on iPhone!!
  201. Anyway of downgrading 2.1 to 2.0.2
  202. inactive sim
  203. [iPhone 3G] Where to buy unlocked?
  204. [Iphone 3g][2.0.2] T-Zones Hack on Unlocked Iphone
  205. Italian 3g 8GB iphone
  206. [GPS and Maps] Need some things cleared up
  207. Returning iphone to Apple
  208. [iPhone 3G][T-Mobile][Question] Happy with iPhone 3G?
  209. [iPhone 3g] Almost 2 months now since its released... hardest nut to crack?
  210. Few Newbie questions
  211. [Question] Can Install 2g software onto a 3g phone?
  212. [Help] Neither PC or Itunes recognize my Iphone 3G.
  213. Apple releases - Let's rock=suck!
  214. 3G RAM - Springboard balloons to 48 megs of ram?
  215. Where are the iphone contact files
  216. Possible 3G Unlock Unconfirmed
  217. [3G iPhone unlock] Anyone tried these?
  218. Saving text messages
  219. [question] Will iphone 3g work?
  220. wap browser for the iPhone
  221. issue restoring from backup
  222. How to find out modem version 3G?
  223. any method for imei changin??
  224. connecting iPhone 3g to Apple TV
  225. iPhone 3G 16GB White
  226. Turbosim and quickpwn?
  227. is it poiisble to turn 3g internet/egge OFF?
  228. Release date of 2.1 firmware?
  229. will they sell iphones 3g without contract any sooner..
  230. [UK people tax question] iPhone purchase in London
  231. GPS reception better on 2.0.1 than 2.0.2?!
  232. ActiveSync - Doesn't always update
  233. [3G][Gmail] Any trick about sync?
  234. Dev Team downgrading the baseband in July. What's happened since then?
  235. Is the 3G locked to one specific carrier, or just generally locked?
  236. New iphone 3g from appleCare
  237. Turbosim methods of unlocking??
  238. [iPhone 3G][2.0.2] No EDGE
  239. Will the 2G iphone data plan work with the 3G iphone?
  240. [iPhone 3G] Easiest way to get/buy an iPhone?
  241. How to get 3g serial numbers for 8gb and 16gb?
  242. [iPhone 3G] Issues with Contacts and Caller ID
  243. importing simcontacts to phone
  244. Farsi/Persian Language Support on 3G?
  245. [iPhone 3G] Geotagging
  246. Modem firmware
  247. [3G] Need some advice from Australians
  248. [3G] Buying iPhone 3g in France
  249. iPhone 3G Unlock--- Real Or Scam---- Check This One Out!!!!!!!!!
  250. Two iPhones - 3g and 2g. Will 3g work on 2gs data plan.