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  1. Epensive Paper Weight? iPhone activation Q.
  2. Dust under screen
  3. O2-UK - "Unlimited Data & Wi-Fi"??
  4. How is the situation with the case cracks on iphone 3g?
  5. Get Contacts from Iphone Backup
  6. [Problem]Wifi messed up after restore
  7. [Dev Team] Baseband Breakthrough
  8. How to get internet in UK not O2
  9. iPhone Limit UK Stores
  10. sysctl > oid read only. can it be enabled?
  11. [Help]App places[Help]
  12. Power Consumption : Turning off Edge and 3g
  13. [Problem] can't send any sms
  14. bbupdater Extreme
  15. If apple activates my iphone 3g in store..
  16. Is there Voicemail or Voicenote in/private/var/mobile/Library/Downloads
  17. how to unlock i phone 3g version 2.2 ?
  18. Auto Redial feature
  19. [Att iPhone 3g] Iphone Refurbished
  20. Another "NO SOUND THROUGH EARPIECE" Problem
  21. Unlock3g.org
  22. reloading baseband manually
  23. [Question] [Solved] Jailbreaking with no sim
  24. are all iPhone 3G radios the same?
  25. 3g price
  26. [iPhone3G] O2 payg
  27. going back to 2.1, can it be done?
  28. 3g unlock
  29. How can I update the iphone fastly?
  30. [Problem] Netgear router and WIFI on 3g
  31. SIM Proxies
  32. Hello Jody ! - Hate to read this on great Dev-Team Blog
  33. Possible to DOWNGRADE baseband using this method?
  34. Translator for iPhone?
  35. [question]options for managing itunes/iphone?
  36. [Question] How do you change "My Number" on the iPhone
  37. Cancelling ATT contract if iPhone is stolen
  38. Officially Unlocked not Activatting..
  39. Contract SIM in Pay - Go iPhone.
  40. [problem] [iphone 3g] activation in uk
  41. Legit 3G locked to carrier, how to disable Edge and 3G.
  42. What is the cryptic 2008? message on iphone dev team blog
  43. flash plugin for safari
  44. Modmyi source
  45. About iPhone 3G online purchase
  46. 2.1 vs 2.2 OTB Serial #s
  47. Downloaded files
  48. Official carrier bundle version
  49. Bluetooth for real?
  50. Another newbie question ?
  51. Updating to 2.2 question
  52. General Question!
  53. how to Send AT Commands to iPhone 3G modem?
  54. [iphone 3g] Network question
  55. O2 PAYG 16gb iPhone 3G Base Band
  56. Activation and Yellowsn0w
  57. Iphone 3G IMEI 004999010640000 after updated
  58. is there anyway to make firmware 2.2 apps work on firmware 2.1?
  59. no incoming texts
  60. [xmas gift] Iphone 3G
  61. [QUESTION] How can i change boot logo?
  62. 3G roaming on iPhone
  63. Unlocked iPhone 3G with firmware 2.1 then upgraded to 2.2
  64. appleunlockiphone soft unlock... for real or scam
  65. [Problem] I can no longer click on the headphones to answer a call or play music
  66. Best method to replace my iPhone3G -or- Force OS to crash
  67. 3G on tmobile usa
  68. [Problem] SIM contacts cant be imported
  69. Stupid ebayer sold me a phone with 2.1 but 0.2.28
  70. Help phone cant see wifi
  71. HELP!!! New iPhone 3G --- What Should I DO?
  72. Mobileme sync-contacts
  73. A few general questions
  74. [Question] How to update FW without updating the BB?
  75. iPhone 3G constantly freezing
  76. [Question] iPhone 3g Unlocking
  77. software question/help!?
  78. a little help here =/
  79. Repair Needed no wi-fi, modem nr & iccid
  80. How I do not Update the baseband
  81. No CCID
  82. what's the advantage of unlocking a rogers 3g phone?
  83. Does anyone know what the hell this is?
  84. battle the land whirls to beg for schematich iPhone3g 16g (black)
  85. Re-activating And Jailbreak iphone 3g
  86. Problem: Some applications not showing on home screen
  87. Installing musics and videos on new iphone
  88. Consequences of using 2g data plan with iPhone 3g
  89. Is imaxpower external battery good?
  90. No service on my Iphone 3G 2.0.1
  91. Just got a new iPhone 3G; Jailbreak/Activation Q's
  92. Thinking Of getting an iPhone But need help
  93. how to restore to factory settings
  94. IMEI Blacklisted
  95. [ iphone 3G Baseband ]
  96. iPhone 3G de-activating automatically?
  97. CommService/3G - restarting - how?
  98. [iPhone 3G] If I was to buy a iPhone from 02 Store...what frimware will it have?
  99. [2.2 hidden feature]
  100. Did anybody try hacking iTunes yet?
  101. [iPhone] iPhone online, activating at home.
  102. Firmware 2.1
  103. after update 2.2 no simcard problem
  104. Buying an IPhone in America?
  105. Is there a way to diable EDGE only leaving 3G signal on?
  106. New Iphone from ATT Premier
  107. reset function is gone
  108. Trying to import contacts from T-Mobile SIM card
  109. No fun day?
  110. Manually Selecting Network on Iphone 3g???
  111. [Question] Which firmware I will likely have
  112. open zip files
  113. Repaired Czech 3G no longer unlocked!
  114. Going to London - Can I buy iPhone 3G?
  115. Questions about 3g Iphone and GoPhone sim.
  116. Gonna be for 3 weeks in the States - What SIM should I buy to use internet?
  117. [FYI] Carleton student creates invention to prolong iPhone battery life
  118. [iPhone 3G][Firmware 2.2] Need to delete baseband anyone??
  119. iphone 3g activation
  120. Noob question
  121. [Problem] iPhone email, cal, contacts keep getting reset
  122. 3G minor issues 2.2
  123. Check if Apple is shipping with 2.2?
  124. O2 will unlock your Iphone after 12 months
  125. [Finland] Contract help
  126. Advice needed > iPhone 3G in Italy
  127. Re MediaNet
  128. iPhone 3G 16GB weiß MB499LL/A unlocked cant activated
  129. [Problem] Iphone crashed while picking up call and half disconnecting usb charger
  130. whats difference between factory unlock iphone and illegal unlock iphone
  131. 19.99 internet help!!!
  132. How can I get these files ?
  133. Is there any way that Apple can tell an iPhone has been JailBroken?
  134. [sounds 2 good 2 be true] Friend promises me universal unlock code
  135. [iPhone 3g] [Solved] Ringtones won't copy to phone
  136. Possible to activate with AT&T without upgrading plans?
  137. Iphone 3G with no GPS
  138. [iPhone 3g] Hardware unlocked by TA_mobile
  139. [3rd party accessories] iphone 3G not charging...
  140. AT&T sim No Service after up to 2.2
  141. [Problem] [Solved] I have a iphone 3g jail broken 2.1 with a quesiton...
  142. Dev-Team's warning about 3G iPhone jailbreak
  143. 3g from TIM, Milano, netlocked?
  144. Will JB create conflict with iTunes?
  145. unlimited Tmobile scam?
  146. is my iphone unlock geniune or thrid party
  147. The Infamous Carrier Settings Update... Wont Update??
  148. So, they got inside nucleous, how long does it take now?
  149. Any way to hack 10MB limit on podcasts over 3G?
  150. Baseband downgrade how to?
  151. Predictive Texting
  152. [Question] [Solved] Orange Setting 3G
  153. Forced baseband update ?
  154. [Question] Where do I begin?
  155. transfer contacts to sim
  156. How to backup cydia/installer sources/repositories
  157. Using my iphone 3g (ATT) in india
  158. Iphone pay as you go in future?
  159. Official: 3G, 2.2 Battery Life Thread
  160. 2.1 -> 2.2 Custom FW "An Unknown error occurred(1)"
  161. Iphone 2.2 GPS dont work more
  162. How do I use Street View within Google Maps on 2.2?
  163. Vodafone Egypt iphone 3G Locked GPS
  164. New here, got a suggestion!
  165. Possible to jailbreak 2.2 without Cydia, Installer, SSH etc.?
  166. AT&T iPhone 3G
  167. [Problem] [Solved] cant update to custom 2.2, error 1600
  168. manu screen doesn't pop up
  169. [Question] how does a factory unlocked 3g stay unlocked after an update?
  170. [Question] Security Concern about jailbroken iPhone
  171. MobileSMS.app
  172. Storm - no iPhone killer
  173. upgraded by accident. What now?
  174. Time doesn't change!
  175. [Contacts Question]
  176. 2.2, a return to a polished state
  177. Iphone 3G with Tmobile carrier
  178. Upgrading to 2.2 (simple question i think)
  179. What Apple won't tell you about background/push notification
  180. (iPhone 3G USA) What are our options post unlock?
  181. Contract Unlocked iPhone 3G Upgrade?
  182. Dont update to firmware 2.2 if....
  183. Firmware 2.2 is available for download!
  184. I Tunes 8.0.2 is OUT. Anyone With Jailbreaked 3G Has updated?
  185. Anyone else keeps getting "The sender address was invalid"?
  186. [Question] Where & how to buy an iPhone to use in Belgium?
  187. Lockscreen Themes
  188. iphone 3G w/ 2.1 Help
  189. Swisscom SIM locked iPhone@799 chf since last Monday...
  190. please advise how to import contacts into phone
  191. unactivated Iphone 3G
  192. springboard keeps on crashing to safe mode
  193. Text question
  194. Advise need for buying more iPhone 3Gs
  195. [Iphone 3G ATT Unlocked]
  196. what does mean cydia? Should I upgrade?
  197. Waiting for Activation- was working
  198. Unlocked Iphone - Need Recommendation
  199. Un-activated AT&T Iphone3G is usable?
  200. [Problem] Backup lost. I lost all my contacts
  201. GPS disabled after activate iphone 3g
  202. Can I jailbreak an officially unlocked iphone 3G (Brazil/France)?
  203. [iphone 3g] officaly unlocked (jail break)
  204. DevTeam Warning: fw 2.2 for iphone 3G
  205. TomTom Garmin
  206. Buying iPhone in Mexico for use in U.S.?
  207. iPhone not starting up
  208. Gabo's free3g pack
  209. iPhone Unlock - where is everyone?
  210. Modyfing part number
  211. Your Cellular Network Is Restricted - any thoughts?
  212. GPS on iphone 3G, and how different it is from iphone 2G
  213. yet another iPhone problems..
  214. iTunes 8.0.1 Strange "your iPhone is damaged..." and... No Signal !!
  215. reload old 2.0.1 firmware
  216. How to upload themes
  217. Sms problem
  218. [Problem]Syncing deletes album artwork
  219. [SOLVED for firmware 2.2] GPS Banned in Egypt
  220. 3G unlocked by mistake
  221. I think Finally 3g Unlock is here..
  222. Upgrading to 2.0.2
  223. iPhone 3G Officially Unlocked Voicemail
  224. Can U change SMS tone with 3g iphone?
  225. Where to buy Unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong
  226. Iphone repair
  227. [Question] [Solved] is the 3g unlockable?
  228. Receving and and Sending MMS text
  229. [iphone 3g] back up question
  230. is an official unlock iphone 3G can activate only with one carrier or what??
  231. Need help please. I lost my files in iPhone3G FW2.1
  232. SNES emulator
  233. Iphone 3G Price
  234. setting folder permissions
  235. Saving contacts to the sim card
  236. SpringBoard Cache?
  237. Getting no service on a Legally unlocked iPhone 3g
  238. What's the proper jailbreak tool for internationally unlocked iphone 3g??
  239. {Iphone3G} Turkey Selling Officially Unlocked?
  240. Incredibly weird thing going on!
  241. 3G unlock?? <- onoes, scam
  242. 3G Unlocking News from shenzhen.
  243. [Question] [Solved] How to sync iPhone-->iTunes after I reinstalled my Windows?
  244. [REQ] Block ports (firewall)?
  245. restore 3g after jailbreak
  246. [iphone 3g] O2 czech republic
  247. iPhone still available from Swisscom on Natel Easy??
  248. iPhone Wont Charge.
  249. Erase all content
  250. Carrier NAme does not show on Iphone Display