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  1. iphone 3g PAYG NOT WORKING ON O2
  2. Will you buy the next generation 'iPhone 3G PRO'?
  3. XGPS for iPhone 3G
  4. iPhone 3G,get it or let it?
  5. Just bought the Iphone, i need help
  6. iPhone 3G Firmware 2.2.1 Baseband 2.30 Cannot Be Unlocked/Downgraded (Yet!)
  7. Downgrading firmware and baseband on iphone 3g, Anyone know how to do it?
  8. How to install firmware 2.2 instead of 2.2.1
  9. Over-the-ear, full-size Headphones with Mic
  10. 3G cant get any signal > help anyone...
  11. [Problem] IMEI blocked
  12. help me detect iphone headset fraud
  13. Can't send SMS anymore!?
  14. Wired status icon on my iPhone 3G!
  15. AT & T, Apple, O2, Carphone Warehouse to sell unlocked iphones
  16. [Question] Can I Surf the Net for Free on 3G iPhone?
  17. [Problem] [Solved] iPhone display won't sleep
  18. Iphone can not connect with PC
  19. Battery Icon
  20. iPhone 3G AT&T 2.2.1, cant get 3G to work on o2 UK
  21. Iphone 3G from Hongkong
  22. Auto lock not working
  23. Recovering from recovery mode...
  24. What is the running total these days to get a new Iphone 3G on T-mobile USA (aka no A
  25. New iPhone 3G from AT&T
  26. what folio will fit 3G with slider or Rebel?
  27. Cycorder Video back up
  28. erased all contents and settings 3g Now What?
  29. I got an AT&T NCK iPhone 3G (unlock code)...
  30. iPhone 3g & mute
  31. Can we unlock Iphone 3G 2.2.1 with modem firmware 02.30.03?
  32. 3G internet not working, although full signal
  33. How to reset Carrier name
  34. favourite tethering solution?
  35. iPhone disabled
  36. Updating factory unlock
  37. ATT will not allow data plan on my iphone after replacing
  38. If you have an iPhone 3G that is unactivated...
  39. Apple Return Policy 14 Days, AT&T 30 Days, Keep iPhone No ETF on Day 28?
  40. Stuck with 02.30.03: now what? (do new iPhones come with 02.30.03?)
  41. Network Help
  42. Unlock Iphone will not turn on!!1
  43. iPhone, Data Only?
  44. Scroll
  45. Unlocked originally, but in another country?
  46. HELP with activating an iPhone 3G !!! PLEASE
  47. Re-activating used iPhone 3G with iPhone 2G AT&T Pay and Go SIM
  48. Can I official unlocked Australia iPhone in other country
  49. Problem with baseband after many restore
  50. [Problem] Can't restore. Error 6, 13 & 14
  51. A question about baseband
  52. unactivated new factory sealed iphone 3g
  53. Iphone 3g T-Mobile Edge just stopped working...
  54. 2.2.1 Jailbreak 3G Connectivity
  55. [Question] Why downgrade baseband is not possible?
  56. Factory Unlocked 3G iPhone, will it work on T Mobile 3G
  57. Help new 3g Iphone V. 2.2.1 , 02.30.03 jailbreak?
  58. A few questions
  59. Iphone crashed - Phone app not working
  60. Factory unlocked or not - How do you tell?
  61. iphone 3g wont restore
  62. Need a quick answer about SIMs!
  63. buying iPhone online on AT&T
  64. 3g wont work after installing itunes 8.1
  65. Need help activating an unlocking iPhone 3G
  66. Is my iphone factory unlocked?
  67. SMS Sound
  68. [iPhone 3G] iPhone 3g Sync issues with iTunes 8.1
  69. HELP in jailbreaking an UNLOCKED Iphone 3g BB 02.30.03
  70. iPhone 3G with AT&T PayAsYouGo SIM - which APN?
  71. Iphone Car Upgrade?
  72. How do I remove the passcode on a 3G? V.Legitimatew/pics
  73. Iphone 3G in Spain and Portugal and Switzerland
  74. multi APN on iPhone 3G
  75. How to downgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.2fw on 3g (without errors)?
  76. I don't want a data plan
  77. mailbox won't send 3G but will send wifi on same settings
  78. Chicagoland Apple stores 3G iPhone
  79. [QUESTIONS] Regarding The iPhone 3G From Australia
  80. 3G iPhone No Ring if the LCD disable or lock screen
  81. iPhone in Europe
  82. I can't fakeblank with BootNeuter on 2.2.1, HELP!!!
  83. Can v 2.2.1 be unlocked?
  84. Three apps I'm dying to have...do they exist?
  85. Lock your pictures
  86. Recover ringtones from iPhone 3g
  87. 3g data not working randomly
  88. 3g v2.1
  89. WIch is the cheapest country to buy iPhone 3G without a contract?
  90. possible new unlock for 2.2.1 BB 02.30.03
  91. Bill gates directs me to the Hotmail mobile version!!
  92. iphone 3g gps in unmapped countries
  93. How to tell which cellphone company iphone is?
  94. iphone 3g 2.2.1 youtube gps dont work
  95. [Help] iPhone double-home tap to any App...
  96. Rogers SIM in Fido Iphone - Internet not working?
  97. Need unlocked 3G 16m in Guatemala
  98. Carrier doesn't appear
  99. iphone3g with greyed out wifi!!
  100. [iPhone - Q]Making a IPSW?
  101. [Problem] [Solved] jumbled letters on lockscreen and sbsettings
  102. iPhone 3g unlock via IMEI? Check this out
  103. [Question] Can I unlock my iPhone 3G FW 2.2.1?
  104. [Question] How to unlock BB 02.30.03?
  105. [3G][2.1]Stability, Performance issues
  106. iPhone 3G not showing on Windows Explorer - "My Computer" - Windows XP
  107. Jailbreak Restore Error 14
  108. Iphone 3g converted into ipod touch...read on to understand.
  109. Bad call sound quality??? Receiver broken???
  110. Unable to find location.
  111. Calling problem!
  112. Downgrade baseband
  113. [iPhone 3G] - What firmware currently on 8gb phones in UK
  114. How to retrieve a imbedded photo of a contact?????
  115. iPhone firmware file (ipsw) questions
  116. change font size on iphone 3G
  117. [Problem] [Solved] 2.2.1 won't work with AT&T sims
  118. Best iphone 3G case
  119. [iphone 3g] Carrier setting problem
  120. error 1013, no wifi, baseband ping timout
  121. I lost all my songs.. can i get it back?
  122. U Tube won't play video (standard phone, not messed with)
  123. unlock iphone 3g firmware 02.30.03
  124. 3g 8GB iPhone Running Official Firmware 2.2.1 (5H11)
  125. Quick Question
  126. How many cell phones or mobiles have you?
  127. 3G restore, hang at 100%
  128. Iphone 2.2.1 Stuck on EMERGENCY SCREEN
  129. iPhone 3G AT&T - How to make it work on Vodafone's Network
  130. Extend time till voicemail kicks in
  131. iphone shows me apple logo only,after jailbreal 2.2.1
  132. How to put games in iphone 3G
  133. How Should I Update JailBroken iPhone 3G - For Layman?
  134. iphone 3g wont boot
  135. iPhone 3G 2.2.1. Modem 2.30.3 Unlocking..IS IT FAKE OR WORKING
  136. Nick for iphone ?
  137. trouble viewing dev-team webpage on iphone 3g
  138. Jailbreak lag - Please help
  139. Cydia Crashes, GPS off & RePawning?
  140. Please read before posting a Problem
  141. Need Help - Contacts doesn't show numbers
  142. Incoming cals cannot be picket up when iPhone is locked
  143. white 8gb?
  144. How do you manage multiple iphone on one PC
  145. First Time Jailbreaking the 3g
  146. Problem. Solved. iPhone hanged
  147. Anyway to backup your new phone.
  148. Loss of internet, also 'server stopped responding'
  149. iphone 3G mic stoped working
  150. Jailbreak iPhone 3G v.2.2.1 possible?
  151. O2 UK 3G Boot up in India.
  152. Any way to play H264 on Iphone 3g?
  153. Hold my hand ?
  154. [Problem] [Solved] Cannot create new contacts in Address Book
  155. Problem. Distorted voice on Calls
  156. [GPS]TomTom
  157. Marware Flexishell for iPhone 3G - where to buy in NY?
  158. [Help]2.2.1 Custom Firmware
  159. dev team,please work out 2.30 & yellowsn0w
  160. Pwned 2.2.1 - iPhonefix.de
  161. firmware 2.2.1 GPS Banned in Egypt ??
  162. iPhone Safari not opening anymore? [AdBlock issue]
  163. iPhone 3G wifi problem
  164. no wifi no bluetooth no modem firmware problem
  165. Does the iPhone have a command prompt?
  166. Anyway to use Garmin .IMG map files and turn them into .MAP files for offline GPS?
  167. Strange things with Iphone 3g
  168. How to unhide EDGE settings in iPhone 3G 2.2
  169. Aventail VPN setup
  170. Really Wierd Problem.....
  171. iPhone connects to 3G but I have no service
  172. I can't restore (error 23)
  173. [Problem] [Solved] iPhone stay in sleep mode after dialing a number
  174. Need help with my Iphone 3G
  175. Unlocked sim and upgraded using Itunes :(
  176. THE MESSAGE IS FOR MR. DUCK9000 --- and its better for the forum to read it carefully
  177. Wallpaper's for springboard
  178. Phone function problem on Iphone 3G
  179. Still possible to upgrade baseband to 2.28.00?
  180. Need help with my iPhone 3G
  181. 1013 Error Attempting to Restore
  182. Outputting Iphone screen to TV? Possible???
  183. I lost a Phone Setting !!!
  184. Proxy settings for APN
  185. New phone !
  186. How to copy İMEA to 3G iPHONE
  187. buy an iphone 3g in the u.s to use on t-mobile in the u.k
  188. Query regarding basband upgrade!
  189. [FYI] YellowSn0w & Baseband 02.30.03
  190. iPhone 3G storage and memory management
  191. Iphone Unlocking
  192. Bit confused... 2.2.1 stuff
  193. Watch out this golden Style, incredible!
  194. How to check the Baseband version on a IPSW
  195. Roms for emulators-iphone
  196. ERA selling unlocked iPhones now
  197. Unlock & imei change for 2.2.1
  198. Upgrading 2.2
  199. Can you use a iPhone 3G as a Modem?
  200. [help] restore iphone Unknown error 9@!!!@
  201. Upgrading to iphone 3g at apple stores
  202. iphone error 1
  203. Upgrading...
  204. 2.2 and T-mobile edge
  205. unlocked iphone st maarten confusion
  206. Activating iPhone 3G without iTunes
  207. help me big problem
  208. AT&T voice mail on a jailbroken 3g Iphone
  209. Pictures of FAKE iPhone 3G - Watch Out !!!
  210. Do you still have to activate iPhone 3G in store?
  211. iPhone upgraded to 2.2.1
  212. Help Iphone3g stuck iN RECOVERY ERROR 1013
  213. firmware 2.2.1 help
  214. [Problem] [Solved] iphone 2.2 3G bricked on reboot?
  215. Not so free yellowsn0w...
  216. Software Update 2.2.1
  217. signal lost every day in unlocked Iphone 3G
  218. Need a new 3G iPhone US
  219. why jailbreak and unlock...
  220. Found Iphone
  221. Changing iPhone CPU speed
  222. chineze text appearing in my sms's. WHAT?
  223. could we start a sticky with exact file locations for contacts, sms, calls...?
  224. mobinil iphone unlock??
  225. [iPhone 3G] [need help about contract]
  226. 3G Yellowsn0w'd charging problems
  227. Can't restone iPhone 3G (occurred 6)
  228. I tried all methods and softwares for unlocking but don't work for my Iphone
  229. unlocked iPhone on Orange web browsing
  230. New iPhone 3G - Unlocked and Jailbroken - work on Three UK??
  231. The different Be/ Original iPhone and the Fake one?
  232. [iPhone 3G][Unlock]
  233. Backgrounder & Phone call
  234. [iphone 3G] sync question
  235. [3G] Best fitting protective case? (pref in UK)
  236. HELP !!! I can not activate my Iphone 3G after restoring process
  237. iPhone's Baseband problem
  238. [iPhone 3G] double backflip into the toilet
  239. Setting .mp3 files as ringtone on jailbroken 2.2?
  240. Steps to buy a new Iphone 3g .. HELP me
  241. Does unlocked iphone 3g OS 2.2 can brick while updating software throuh itunes?
  242. not able to connect to gprs in unlocked iphone 3g
  243. Maps not laoding properly
  244. Sn0wman-aka-SneGo!vik
  245. Changing the lockscreen picture
  246. [iphone 3g] call waiting
  247. filebrowser
  248. iphone 3g no wifi
  249. is it possible to change IMEI on Iphone 3G?
  250. How to add apps from itunes to iphone 3G ?