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  1. Verbose logging of iPhones power consumption/levels
  2. Pwnage tool vs Redsn0w clarification question
  3. Possible to chnage BT address?
  4. WiFi grey iPhone 3G
  5. anyone here use apt-get? I get an unknown command error...
  6. Jailbroken 3.0 - Camera/Camera Roll Issue?!?
  7. Battery is drained quick and Edge wont turn off
  8. Iphone 3G: Bad IMEI, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi
  9. Iphone 3G: Bad IMEI, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi
  10. Iphone 3G: Bad IMEI, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi
  11. iphone 3g update to 3.0 stucks
  12. How to make iPhone think it is connected to Wifi to download
  13. How to change Cydia Logo on Springboard?
  14. Iphone 3G lock change to iphone 3G world is it real !
  15. Iphone 3G lock change to iphone 3G world is it real !
  16. Jailbreak 3g 3.0 on AT&T
  17. 3.0 MMS on non Original Carrier
  18. 3G Unlock
  19. 3.0 3g baseband issue
  20. Cydia Error... sub-process error code 2/essential updates...
  21. Activate iPhone 3g without SIM?
  22. Iphone 3G Factoryunlock but not giving signal
  23. [Question] Can I unlock a Modem Firmware 02.30.03?
  24. unable to get NOR data from host (3g)
  25. Marcan in the DevTem? The same controversial Marcan?
  26. 3.0 Update?!? iTunes 8.2? What to do?
  27. Moving to another Country/is it possible?
  28. 3GS new features on iPhone 3G?
  29. Getting 3G on non iPhone O2 Tarriff
  30. Speed issue with 3.0
  31. no option for MMS with 3.0, am i missing something?
  32. Website for iphone and ipod help
  33. Im starting to think this iPhone is actually bricked.
  34. set time automatically problem
  35. about imei change
  36. Fom 2.2.1 to 3.0: a question about backup
  37. 3gs battery in 3g?
  38. help getting iphone replaced from apple store
  39. Baseband 2.30 to be soft unlocked soon
  40. iPhone not visible in iTunes any more! How to debug? Restore not an option
  41. Help Iphone 3g wont make or recieve calls
  42. iPhone 3G 16GB 2.2.1 No Signal / No Service
  43. Some apps not showing on iphone whenever i restore from backup - want to keep old sms
  44. Tethering WiFi connection?
  45. iPhone Baseband unlock?
  46. Locked phone... But question about (null)
  47. Company gave me iphone 3G....
  48. unlock 3g 16gb
  49. Dropped iphone
  50. Where are the sms messages stored ?
  51. iPhone 3G and Cincinnati Bell
  52. itunes wont sync Music.
  53. Buying iPhone without SSN. Possible?
  54. iPhone real capacity?
  55. Question about selling my iPhone
  56. shift restore not working
  57. Edge problems APN option goes away after sometime.
  58. Upgrading base band
  59. (Simple Question) 2.2.1
  60. buy iphone 3gs without contract?
  61. Anyway to tell baseband/firmware from sealed box?!
  62. what happens if i just cancel the direct debit for o2 uk?
  63. Help me buying an Iphone 3G
  64. [Water Damaged] iPhone 3G is recognized in recovery mode
  65. how to forward sms ???
  66. WiFi greyed out
  67. InstallerApp Windows
  68. Unlocking iphoner 3g with 2.2/BL 5.9 BB 2.30.03
  69. Need Help! Problem with 3G connection
  70. This unlocked 3G iphone is weird
  71. BB 2.30 CAN be downgraded....READ!!
  72. Need some explaination!
  73. Lots of iPhone Problems, Please help!
  74. ring tone
  75. [SCAM] Unlock ( any modem/bb version )
  76. Can't get internet on my 3G iPhone, tried everything, help please!
  77. Optimizing iphone 3G
  78. iPhone 3G Pro (Pre-Order)
  79. 3G 2.2.1 with modem firmware 01.48.02
  80. [Question] is there any possibilities to unlock this iPhone ?
  81. [Solved] Problem with iPhone 3G
  82. Number instead of Name in SMS application, can't fix!
  83. iPhone downgrade to OS 2.2.1 (from 3.0 beta 3) AND w/ baseband 04.20.01
  84. Unlocked Iphone 3g with turbo sim using 2g contract/plan
  85. iPhone 3G with ERROR 1604 -- Will not restore...AT ALL.
  86. iphone 3g 8gb barred.... Help needed
  87. [Problem] iPhone Doesn't Boot
  88. Problame Wifi, Bluetooth, IMEI, ICCID, Carrier, Modem Farmware
  89. These guys say they have a way to unlock iPhone 3G with Baseband 02.30.03
  90. White screen - Light Vertical Lines - Hardware or Software?
  91. [SOLVED] Did not know my iPhone is factory unlocked
  92. Flat Black or white iPhone (sanding)
  93. iPhone 4G Parts found!
  94. Change default browser?
  95. Unlocking a new iPhone 3G with Bootloader v. 06.04[G2M3S2]
  96. 3G 2.2.1 wi-fi gives me 69 units of wireless signal???
  97. IPhone 3G, wi-fi problem
  98. need help for repair corrupted imei
  99. [Problem] iPhone turn off automatically
  100. How to manage calls?
  101. Need Help w/3G, Ver2.2.1 (5H11), Modem Firm 04.20.01, bootloader 05.09
  102. question over Iphone gmail label in add account page
  103. accidently deleted appstore via ssh from applications folder
  104. want to get my iphone working on the legal operator
  105. Factory Unlocked where is it located ?
  106. iPhone 3G: "Call failed" - after installing Swirly MMS?
  107. Trading in 2G for 3G
  108. restore to replacement phone - screen goes crazy
  109. sms ringtone problem
  110. liquid damage but not liquid damage
  111. Script to clear history/cookies/cache?
  112. iPhone 3G / 2.2.1 / 02.30.03 unlocked!!
  113. how to get BSSID of currently connected AP?
  114. IPHONE 3G Unlock? 6.2BL?
  115. iPhone 3G Custom DNS settings for 3G/EDGE?
  116. WARNING! Iphone 3G 2.2.1 / Baseband 2.30.03 FAKE SOLUTION
  117. Send files via iPhone.
  118. Email Passwords
  119. Camera roll not being saved
  120. 3G 2.2.1 OTB Jailbroken, Sluggish WiFi
  121. How can I unlock iPhone sim pin??? [+jailbreak/unlock??]
  122. Disabling Data with AT&T
  123. Updating from FW 2.1 (5F136) bb 02.11.07 to latest unlockable FW (but not unlocking)
  124. [Question] Unlocking moving some files?
  125. 10.5.7 DFU Mode...
  126. activated - but what if connected to itunes ?
  127. Hard reset, and never came back on.
  128. Sim failure.
  129. Iphone 3G 2.2.1 - help to unlock?
  130. Un-unlockable iPhone 3G
  131. jailbroken iphone on ATT???
  132. Cant get in to safe mode
  133. Unlocking? Where is the different?
  134. Bypass activaition for 2.30.02/2.2?
  135. Please Help Iphone 3G
  136. Early Cancellation
  137. Help ! unlocked iphone 3g with no service
  138. 3G Internet connection losses, utube & safari
  139. buying new iphone with contract
  140. anyway to nuke an iphone 3g back to orginal state?
  141. AT&T iphone 3G 2.2.1 but not from AT&T
  142. AT&T model iPhone 3G locked to Rogers Canada
  143. Can't transfer music to or from iPhone 3G
  144. iTunes says unlocked iPhone is not activated
  145. Iphone 3g with no Wi-Fi or Edge
  146. 3rd ribbon cable
  147. iphone 3g black 8gig newbie HELP!
  148. Microphone not working [mute]
  149. I Don't Want to go back to being a "Crackberry" Head!!!! Please Help
  150. [Question] iPhone 3g 2.2 Unlocked OTB Can Be Updated?
  151. UK O2 activate and 2.30 unlock
  152. UnlocktheiPhone Claims to Unlock iPhone 2.2.1
  153. New User to iPhone and ringtone problems
  154. Without contract AT&T 3G
  155. if i have an iphone 3G with vodafone in one country, would it work with...
  156. How to enter NCK code?
  157. [Question] I got a new iPhone. What do I hve to do to unlock it?
  158. Wifi notworking on iPhone 3G 2.2.1
  159. Bluetooth funny problem ,,
  160. unlocking a 2.2.1 by opening the phone and flashing the Integrated circuit...???
  161. [iPhone 3G] Hardware Solution?
  162. can i legally transfer the carrier of my iphone to one of another country...???
  163. Want to Buy iPhone 3g - Can anybody confirm my information ?
  164. How to add unsupported counrty to AppSupport?
  165. Iphone wont install apps after restore
  166. Need your advice: Do I need to unjailbreak my iPhone to get it replaced it by Apple?
  167. [Question] Transfering contacts to Nokia?
  168. Help.Find Cycorder files in SSH
  169. Quick Question about getting a new iPhone
  170. Any solution for iphone 5.09 boot loader?
  171. Killing an iPhone?
  172. I have updated my Iphone so ?
  173. can't delete completly movies
  174. 3G Phone unlocking problem
  175. iPhone 3g Unlock w/out knowing firmware??
  176. Weird problem with touch screen
  177. Can a Iphone 3g which is blacklisted in france work in other country ?
  178. Some apps not showing up on iphone
  179. 3G in Australia?
  180. international Query
  181. [BATTERY PROBLEM]sending my iphone back
  182. Hissing sound from the back of my iphone 3G
  183. iPhone 3G Streaming Video
  184. fu*k iphones
  185. [Problem] iPhone slide to unlock, loscks & relock instantly
  186. PleaseHelp Unlocking 3G 16gb
  187. A few basic questions
  188. When is an unlock for FW 2.2.1; BB 2.30.03 coming..???
  189. iPhone 3g stuck in DFU mode (will not restore)
  190. The Red Version iPhone 3G Pro is to be released?
  191. PDF Viewing Problems
  192. Which firmware is o2 shipping?
  193. Sending my phone to Apple
  194. [Solved] Help !! camera not working > Owner Permissions
  195. Filesystem - excel and mp3's
  196. App stuck with "loading".. need help
  197. [Problem] 'must restore' mode with ICCID & IMEI = empty
  198. Blocking the Ability to Delete SMS?
  199. Just bought an iphone 3G...in trouble... Please Help...!!!
  200. Not sure where to start...
  201. HELP! unlock and jailbreak 3g v2.2.1
  202. [Help] New AT&T iPhone 3G in the UK
  203. no wifi problem in my 3g
  204. [Question] Get iPhone 3G without data plan (will this way work)
  205. Have you tried( the-phone-unlock.com)
  206. Buying from ATT and Canceling
  207. Problem with SMS splitting
  208. Create a backup of firmware 2.2
  209. Boot Screen Lockup 3G 2.2.0
  210. Do I have to activate iPhone?
  211. iPhone No SIM :[
  212. please help - unknown bootloader version
  213. iPhone without contract - How to unlock it oficially
  214. India Vodafone Restore After Jailbreak 2.2.1
  215. Cannot upgrade/restore!
  216. Phone is fucked... help please
  217. Solution: White Apple Screen of Death
  218. Always goes into recovery mode
  219. Downgrade 2.30 baseband to 2.80
  220. Incase Powerslider Reception Problems?
  221. So new to iPhone
  222. 2.2.1 5H11 restore gone bad, please help
  223. 3.5mm tv-out?
  224. Downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2.1 and change baseband back to 2.28
  225. Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Never-Locked w/Full Apple Warranty - From Buy.com ?
  226. iUtilities...
  227. Baseband 2.28 with Firmware 2.2.1 vs. 2.2
  228. GeoHot 5.8 BL Exploit
  229. George Hotz: 5.8 Exploit
  230. Help. Iphone stuck on slide to unlock(when Lucky) otherwise on apple log
  231. Setup as new phone vs. from backup
  232. 3G fw 2.2.1 otb, baseband 2.30.03 unlock???
  233. *problem* numbers instead of signal bars
  234. Projector in next iPod or iPhone?
  235. Apple Store Experience with Jailbroken Iphone
  236. How do I unlock an Iphone with firmware 2.2.1 and modem firmware 2.30.03
  237. How to activate a factory unlocked iPhone from Italy
  238. iPhone 2.2.1 legally unlocked
  239. Hybrid Map Alignment
  240. Belgium, where to find 3G 16Gb unlocked ?
  241. iPhone doesn't work in direct sunlight
  242. Trying to upgrade 3G from 2.0.2 firmware without 2.30 baseband
  243. Unlocking a restored 3g iphone
  244. where to get a factory unlocked 3G Iphone ?
  245. 62 units of wifi signal? what?
  246. Any way to tell the software/baseband by looking at a sealed 3G box?
  247. Is it possible for a carrier to ask Apple to re-lock an iPhone 3G?
  248. Activation/jailbreak/unlock catch 22 !!
  249. buying 3g iphone then cancelling service?
  250. Question about used iPhone