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  1. Tethering on 3.1 firmware
  2. 3G with Fw Ver 2.2; baseband 228/YellowSnow
  3. ultra slow/non-boot on patched commcenter
  4. 3g 3.1.2 bricked? tried everything, even iREB
  5. Delete all Content and Setings
  6. Blocked iPhone - swap??
  7. Wifi Problem
  8. 3G can't receive calls randomly...
  9. Retrieve photos from old backup?
  10. help pls
  11. iPhone Location Based Services Problem
  12. Best way to jailbreak and unlock for 3.1.2?
  13. Group SMS
  14. iPhone Disabled - Try again in 5MILLION minutes
  15. this is driving me nuts!
  16. Upgrade 3G 2.2.1 to 3.X
  17. Can I do this (sim card)??
  18. iPhone 3G accessories
  19. iPhone Wakes Up in DFU Mode?
  20. activating my iphone 3g 8gig version
  21. imei blacklisted
  22. iPhone 3G 16GB - Swap
  23. Blacklisted 3g iphone
  24. Can I use 3G internet on Tmobile US
  25. 3G problem
  26. Contact Photos Disappear
  27. [HELP]Question about tmobile data plan?
  28. 8GB Iphone 3G - blocked in UK - need to swap
  29. The "Waiting" Icon when installing from App Store is stuck
  30. Email Cycorder Videos
  31. [problem] factory unlocked, phone no, data connection yes
  32. couple questions about jailbraking
  33. missing carrier logo
  34. Password for 018-6028-014.dmg
  35. Bluetooth Question
  36. transfer contacts from iPhone to Sim Card?
  37. Jailbroken with what?
  38. [problem] Stuck Accelerometer
  39. iPhone 3G Not Receiving Calls
  40. Cracked back cover/panel... A little help please ?
  41. iPhone 3G, stuck at recovery mode, not responding to home, sleep/wake
  42. Iphone restore error code 13
  43. Bizarre keyboard / sensor behavior
  44. downgrade bootloader
  45. iPhone 3g Australia unlocked
  46. downgrade from 3.1.2 back to 2.2.1
  47. 3G Cydia constantly crashes
  48. How to downgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.0 ?
  49. How to downgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.0 ?
  50. [Question] How to upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1.2?
  51. Iphone 3G issues?
  52. accessory question
  53. No service after restore......
  54. Box Head The Zombie Wars On The Iphone
  55. Two Questions???
  56. [Help] Have 2.0.2 jailbroken But Want Update To 3.1.2
  57. Server not correctly configured - Youtube
  58. Did my iphone come unlocked with 3.0 firmware?
  59. [Problem] After hardware repair and stock upgrade, wifi very weak
  60. Orange UK 3G Speeds on Unlocked 3G
  61. iPhone needs repairing, will apple update the FW?
  62. iPhone 3g sim card
  63. [3G] OS 3.1.2 (BB 04.26.08) to 3.0 possible?
  64. Logic Board swap
  65. Recent battery problems
  66. Do I need an AT&T sim card
  67. Update to 3.1 or 3.1.2
  68. Error 1604
  69. [Problem] iPhone locked after upgrade to 3.1.2
  70. Any unlock for 3g 3.1
  71. Geohot twitters, NO 3.1 Unlock
  72. iphone network
  73. Updated to 3.1 can I restore to Custom ipsw???
  74. What to look for in a 3.0 phone that is "unlockable"?
  75. [3G] [3.1] Battery Performance Improved !
  76. Windows jailbreak for 3.1???
  77. iphone shows "locked" screen
  78. [Question] If I get an iPhone with FW 3.0, what can I do to Unlock/Jailbreak?
  79. Nobody can hear me
  80. We need to pressure Apple to allow Adobe to implement Flash.
  81. Custom IPSW for iphone 3G
  82. what is the best way to transfer a DVD to my 3.1 3G?
  83. HELP! All original functions GONE!!
  84. Nobody can unlock my iphone :|
  85. IMEI Blocked Iphone 3g 8GB
  86. [Problem] Iphone 3G itunes and lost back up
  87. How to dump NOR flash and bootRom in 3GS?
  88. [Problem] 3G with no signal, no Wi-Fi, no BT, no IMEI, no ICCID
  89. Phone is using 3G instead of WiFi when getting mail
  90. official MMS carrier ipcc in 3.0
  91. Replace "bars" of signal strength with actual number?
  92. SMS Deleted - How to Recover
  93. [Problem][PwnTool 3.1]One bar reception and no carrier name
  94. iPhone 3G turns off itself
  95. Q: Any way to tell if 3G is really factory unlocked ?
  96. Battery Won't charge
  97. Upgrading already jail broken iphone
  98. Disable auto-lock after reboot.
  99. Tmobile compared to ATT USA
  100. iphone 3g verses 2g ...????
  101. Weather in Status bar without Winterboard
  102. Viewing movies on a TV using iPhone
  103. [HELP!!] GPS not working on iPhone 3GS!
  104. Skype, iPhone 3Gs and UK 3 Network
  105. help - ballsed up! now stuck in DFU
  106. How put iP in recovery w/o buttons? iRecovery? DFU?
  107. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  108. Router and Wifi Problem
  109. iphone 3g - stuck in recover after erase
  110. 3.1 exploit stated by Saurik???
  111. Need Help
  112. 3.1 is out!
  113. [2.2.0] Google locate stopped working
  114. Help me Perma-Brick 3g?
  115. Standard O2 sim in 3g Iphone
  116. [Advice] 3G Unlock advice please
  117. dfu loop
  118. i need help again NO SIM.
  119. operator unlocked 3g needs format fix! HELP
  120. iphone issues
  121. [Question] How to unlock my iPhone?
  122. T-Zones type hack on iPhone 3G?
  123. 2 iPhone 3G's - One Water Damaged, One IMEI Blocked.
  124. [Problem] iPhone locked after upgrade to FW 3.0.1
  125. Megan Fox iPhone Wallpaper
  126. VoIP over 3G networks
  127. How do I copy contacts from SIM card to iPhone?
  128. How to check if my iphone is blacklisted
  129. iPhone 3g 2.2.1 version " no service "
  130. Broken Iphone 3g HELP!!!!!!
  131. iPhone video surveilance, what DVR cameras to buy
  132. Itunes not detecting Iphone 3G, SIM card not supported, plz hlp. thx
  133. Backing Up IPhone on the Road
  134. vodafone uk tethering
  135. Orange UK MMS Settings
  136. iPhone OS 3.0 Security Flaw Lets You Read Deleted Emails
  137. [iPhone 3G][OS 3.0] SLOW !!!!
  138. iPhone 3G Internet Connection (3G/EDGE)
  139. Insuring second hand iPhone 3G in UK?
  140. Iphone 3g off of craigslist stuck in dfu
  141. Swapping IMEI
  142. [3G Jailbroken/Unlocked] Skype Calls
  143. [iPhone 3G] iPhone as a portable hard drive?
  144. Iphone 3g wont turn on
  145. Video: iPhone vs N97, very funny
  146. iPhone > Sidekick?
  147. jailbreak 3.0.1 Fails
  148. Can Any INDIAN iPhone User Please Help Me ?
  149. [iPhone][OS 3.0.1]
  150. textfree unlimited
  151. Iphone IMEI Change
  152. what's a x12220000_5_Recovery.ipsw?
  153. [iPhone 3G] [3.0] Settings keep reseting
  154. Open a IMEI locked Iphone 3G, only using DFU mode!!!
  155. Broken home button
  156. How do you turn Edge Network OFF?
  157. Connecting Iphone to Software???
  158. Palm Pre will outsell iPhone 3GS?
  159. How do i replace the bezel?
  160. [Question] Best way to get an unlocked iPhone
  161. Battery Drain after jailbreak/unlock HELP!
  162. Erasing an iPhone 3G and firmware versions
  163. Boxing video: iPhone vs Palm Pre
  164. Unable to load Cydia
  165. [Need help!] Edge on tmoblie Iphone?
  166. Wrong time on iPhone
  167. please help itunes/windows 7/3G iPhone
  168. Hacktivate is software updates proof?
  169. Buy 3G S keep 3G?
  170. Bricked, irecovery included, cannot restore in itunes dfu or recovery
  171. cannot answer call with slider
  172. iItunes 8.2.1 update
  173. Can't see downloads in PwnPlayer
  174. iPhone SMS Backup
  175. Tethering to iPhone 3Gs vs iPhone 3G
  176. iTunes 8.2.1 : Jailbroken iPhones okay?
  177. No wifi, bluetooth, imei and modem firmware
  178. Can play & trim video clip taken from 3GS on 3G
  179. Returning under Warranty without ATT?
  180. 3G Iphone (problem) Sliders works to unlock phone but then
  181. noobie T-Mobile iPhone question
  182. iPhone 3G (8GB) Stuck In Recovery Mode After 2.2.1-3.0 Update
  183. i effed up, please help
  184. help newbie stuck with firmware
  185. Slingbox and iPhone 3G
  186. [Help Needed] 3GS features on 3G
  187. best/fastest iphone video converter?
  188. enabling tethering ATT 3G
  189. iPhone dies out at 10% battery!!
  190. Can't Ping iPhone from computer
  191. [Problem] iPhone froze
  192. iPhone 3G Cydia install **broken Wifi**
  193. iPhone Proximity Sensor Not Working
  194. HELP - Cydia not working :(
  195. streaming TV episodes on the iphone
  196. iPhone 3G use as an iPod Touch?
  197. No animation for quitting app? Anybody sees the same thing?
  198. Iphone 3g Antenna Points
  199. 3G with 4GB???
  200. Jailbreak 3.1 on iPhone 3G. Who's first?
  201. Need Help with 3G service!!
  202. Any advantage of 3g vs 2g for T-Mobile use?
  203. Error: iTunes Cannot Connect to this iPhone
  204. 3G 3.0 unlocked with ultrasn0w can use at&t blackberry dataplan?
  205. HELP data network :PDP authentication failure
  206. Tethering With Bluetooth?
  207. iPhone in Spain via Telefonica / Movistar?
  208. Help, can't change Orange carrier logo
  209. mms working with 3.1?
  210. Error 23
  211. iPhone doesnt shut off when i am calling, HELP
  212. sim card question
  213. [Problem] iPhone 3G Stuck in Sleep,wont wake
  214. Subscription upgrade required
  215. APN Changer on 3G: I'm missing something
  216. Gps not working after 3.0 update on 3g
  217. iphone 3g , not sure how to jailbreak???
  218. Cydia install without jailbreak????
  219. Iphone 3G weird SAFE mode screen doesn't look like its from apple
  220. Help! iPhone 3G won't get signal on AT&T
  221. custom sms ring tone help needed?
  222. project: booting a computer off iphone
  223. Possible to SEND video's on 3G MMS OS3.0?
  224. need help! Custom sms ring tone won't play (iphone 3g)?
  225. setup as new phone in 3.x
  226. how can I be sure that the iPhone is officially unlocked?
  227. start up loop and wont shut down
  228. Voice Control application for 3G!!!
  229. iPhone 3G and itunes errors on pc
  230. Safari download mpg, avi, or wmv with iphone?
  231. How can I stop unlocked iPhone making unwanted cellular data connection?
  232. bluetooth is always on!
  233. T-Mobile USA Carrier Bundle
  234. [Question] it's safe to buy those unlocked iphone 3g phones from ebay?
  235. build custom carrier bundles for 3.0 3G?
  236. New Unofficial forum and modding community for iPhone app iFPS
  237. Error 0xE800800E Help?
  238. iPhone is already activated - can I skip certain steps to unlock?
  239. My iPhone is full signal but can not call.
  240. Need help. Looking for an iPhone MP3 ripper
  241. Process of restoring the 3G to factory settings
  242. Stuck in recovery mode
  243. 3.0 Push Notifications on T-Mobile phone
  244. Is there a way to trick the iphone to use the 3g network to d/l 10mg apps?
  245. Atari or C64 emulator?
  246. how to fix blank icons on 3g.
  247. Orange Uk MMS 3g / email settings HELP!!!
  248. Need Cydia on Unlocked 3G. Not jailbroken
  249. 2 iphone 3Gs - Which is "newer" - is there a log file?
  250. Tethering Without iTunes Installed?