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  12. [Advice] [Release date] 3G iphone sale date
  13. [iPhone 3G] Subject To Terms Of Nda Do Not Open Until Tuesday June 10th, 2008
  14. [App Store] Will it support PayPal System ?
  15. [Advice] If I buy a lottery ticket, am I going to win? [aka: will the 3G iPhone ****]
  16. [Support] Bootloader Guru.....George Hotz (geohot)
  17. [Advice] The patent is out... (Flash and GPS)
  18. [Bootloader] Unlocking the 5.3... ?
  19. [iPhone 3G] ANYSIM Unlock ?
  20. [Unconfirmed confirmation] 3G iPhone has GPS
  21. [Rumor] Telestra July 1st?
  22. [Rumor] Unlocked 3G iPhone will still be an AT&T iPhone
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  24. [Carrier] Orange already hawking the new 3G iPhone to existing iPhone Customers?
  25. TeliaSonera confirms iPhone to more countries / scandinavia
  26. [Evidence] 3G iPhone.. Confirmed !
  27. [iPhone 3G] Post all the rumored pictures here
  28. [Advice] Will AT&T take back my iPhone if i want to buy the new one ?
  29. [Advice] What would be the Cost of the 3G iPhone ?
  30. [Rumor] 3G iPhone Shipment started ?
  31. [Advice] New bootloader on phones produced after 9th June?
  32. [Speculation] 3G iPhone Release Date
  33. [Fact/Rumor] 2nd Gen(3G) iPhone
  34. [Advice] Will Second Gen iPhones have integrated GPS?
  35. [Rant] Divide and Rule iPhone 3G VS iPhone NOW
  36. Are you switching to the Second Generation iPhone ?
  37. [Advice] Will the 3G iPhone be unlockable with current methods ? Educated guesses?