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  1. MacNN: Cross-platform Studiometry project management tool upgraded
  2. AppleInsider: Apple says fix coming for MacBook Pro keyboard, trackpad lockup issue
  3. MacRumors: Apple Preparing Update for Unresponsive Keyboard/Trackpad Issue in New 13-
  4. MacNN: Cambridge Audio ships DacMagic XS USB digital to analog converter
  5. MacNN: Survey: Education market ripe for further iPad expansion
  6. MacNN: First Look: NeatConnect wireless cloud scanner
  7. AppleInsider: iPad's marketshare drops 11% in Q3 on lack of new models, Android posts
  8. MacNN: Steam grows to 65 million users, eclipses Xbox Live user total
  9. MacRumors: Space Gray iPhone 5s Most Popular Amid Supply Constraints, Blue Leads for
  10. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly ups orders for new Retina MacBook Pros, Sharp blamed f
  11. MacNN: Reviews: Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete
  12. MacNN: Briefly: Fantastical 2 debuts, DxO Perspective now available for OS X
  13. MacNN: Apple 10K filing shows data on workforce, retail, planned expenses
  14. AppleInsider: Apple dominant in elementary schools with room to grow, as just 25% use
  15. MacRumors: iPad Air Graphics Performance 40-70% Better Than iPad 4
  16. MacNN: Taiwan listed as Chinese province in Apple Maps, gov't. complains
  17. MacNN: iPad takes 30 percent of tablet segment for Q3, Samsung gains
  18. MacRumors: Apple's 2013 Annual Report: Inside the Numbers on Employees, Retail Stores
  19. MacNN: Apple R&D costs grew to $4.5 billion in 2013, filing shows
  20. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Remote Buddy, HoudahGeo, Pacifist
  21. AppleInsider: Review: Kwikset's new iPhone-compatible 'Kevo' keyless deadbolt lock
  22. MacNN: Briefly: Multi-tool case for smartphone, Xcode server host launch
  23. AppleInsider: Sprint sells 1.4 million iPhones in Q3, edges slightly into profitabili
  24. MacNN: iPad Air rates under twice as fast as last-gen iPad in benchmarks
  25. AppleInsider: Apple's research & development costs ballooned 32% in 2013 to $4.5B
  26. MacNN: Low Sharp yields may be behind predicted iPad mini shortage
  27. MacRumors: Intel to Begin Manufacturing 64-Bit ARM Chips in 2014
  28. MacNN: Sprint Q3 results show $7.3B revenue, $398M operating loss
  29. AppleInsider: Apple earned more than Samsung, LG, Nokia, Huawei, Lenovo & Motorola's
  30. MacNN: Nike bringing some new FuelBand SE features to earlier model
  31. MacRumors: iPad Air Benchmarks Reveal 1.7 GHz A7 Processor, 2x Performance Gain Over
  32. MacRumors: Another Magazine Advertisement for iPhone 5s Surfaces, Highlights 64-Bit A
  33. AppleInsider: Benchmarks for Apple's iPad Air show 90% performance boost, tweaked A7
  34. MacNN: Report: Amazon actively working on smartphone for 2014
  35. MacNN: Lenovo, Kutcher debut 18-hr Android eight and 10-inch tablets
  36. AppleInsider: Intel to start manufacturing third-party ARM chips in 2014
  37. MacNN: Reviews: iPad Air is 'best iPad ever,' a triumph for Apple
  38. MacNN: New iPhone 5s magazine ad spotted, touts A7 64-bit chip
  39. MacNN: Lenovo, Kucher debut 18-hr Android 8-, 10-inch tablets
  40. MacNN: Job posting confirms Apple adding public transit back to Maps
  41. MacNN: Apple discovers iPhone 5s battery defect in some units
  42. AppleInsider: Review roundup: Apple's new iPad Air is light, powerful with extended b
  43. MacRumors: First iPad Air Reviews: 'Ridiculously Small and Light', Apple's Most 'Temp
  44. MacNN: Adobe user data breach massive, 38 million compromised by hackers
  45. MacRumors: Apple Says Manufacturing Defect is Responsible for Battery Issues in a Som
  46. AppleInsider: Apple confirms battery issues with some iPhone 5s units, blames manufac
  47. MacNN: Lawsuit charges Apple knew about allegedly-defective iMac display
  48. MacNN: Briefly: Steam Halloween sale, Halo spinoff Spartan Ops coming to Xbox
  49. MacRumors: New Job Listings Point to Continued Work on Transit Options in Apple Maps
  50. AppleInsider: Apple job listings hint at future public transit integration for Maps
  51. AppleInsider: Apple faces class action suit over allegedly defective iMac displays
  52. MacNN: Miraizon reveals Cinematize Pro HD Blu-ray clip extraction software
  53. MacRumors: Apple Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Failing 27" iMac Displays
  54. AppleInsider: Google deploying floating structures at ports on east and west coast
  55. MacNN: Twitter for iOS gets inline photos, Vines, easier actions/replies
  56. AppleInsider: Amazon planning 2014 smartphone with advanced 3D gesture & eye tracking
  57. MacNN: New AppleCare repair warehouse opens in Pennsylvania
  58. MacRumors: Apple Opens East Coast AppleCare Warehouse to Speed Up Repair Times
  59. AppleInsider: Amazon's anticipated Apple TV competitor not expected to launch until 2
  60. MacNN: Forums: beware of Cnet adware for Mac
  61. MacNN: DealNN: $100 off Haswell MBP and more
  62. MacNN: Apple deals: iPads and iMacs
  63. MacNN: Facebook refreshes Messenger app, rollout on iOS, Android within weeks
  64. MacRumors: Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset to Coming to iOS Devices
  65. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs's childhood home gains official landmark status
  66. MacNN: CalDigit Thunderbolt Station to ship on November 4th
  67. MacNN: Briefly: DISH loans iPads on flights, Telestream updates MacCaption
  68. MacNN: Los Altos designates former Steve Jobs home as 'historic resource'
  69. MacRumors: Los Altos Designates Steve Jobs' Childhood Home a 'Historic Resource'
  70. MacNN: Amazon brings Cloud Player app to Mac
  71. MacRumors: Apple's Growth Trails Smartphone Market in 3Q 2013, but Improves in Broade
  72. MacNN: LG Display close to deal to produce displays for Apple iWatch
  73. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Shazam Encore, Pocket Casts, Clear
  74. AppleInsider: Southwest & Dish to provide passengers in-flight entertainment via Appl
  75. MacNN: iPhone 6 could be one-handed 5-inch device, report claims
  76. AppleInsider: Wall Street pleased by Apple's surprising Sept. quarter, anticipates hu
  77. MacNN: Game Center update lets devs delete, block cheaters on leaderboards
  78. AppleInsider: Google reportedly enters home stretch of smartwatch development, launch
  79. MacRumors: Apple Close to Striking Deal with LG Display for iWatch OLED Displays
  80. AppleInsider: Rumor: Big-screen 'iPhone 6' coming Sept. 2014, Apple to focus on one-h
  81. AppleInsider: Tim Cook sees "an iPad Christmas," calls Apple "a force for good in the
  82. AppleInsider: Rumor: LG may sign deal to supply 'iWatch' OLEDs, Samsung not a candida
  83. MacNN: Olympus launches Stylus 1 compact camera for DSLR users
  84. AppleInsider: Apple faces backlash over missing, changed functions in iWork revamp
  85. MacNN: Apple ends fiscal 2013 up $15 billion in revenue, but profits down
  86. AppleInsider: Apple allows developers to modify Game Center leaderboards, delete fake
  87. AppleInsider: French court orders Apple to pay 12M euros for outstanding iPad copyrig
  88. MacNN: ViewSonic boosts Android-based 'smart display' line with two models
  89. MacNN: Cook on 64-bit A7 chip: 'Front end of a long roadmap'
  90. AppleInsider: Free iOS, Mac apps to hide nearly $1 billion of Apple's new cash
  91. MacRumors: Tim Cook 'Extremely Proud' of Ongoing Collaboration At Apple, Will Host Em
  92. Apple: Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results; iPhone Sales Grow 26 Percent to Set New
  93. MacRumors: Apple Completed 15 'Strategic' Acquisitions in Fiscal 2013
  94. AppleInsider: Apple's education sales breached $1B for first time ever in Q3, iPad sh
  95. MacNN: Cook: iPhone 5s supply increasing, Retina mini could see shortages
  96. MacNN: Apple educational sales topped $1 billion in Q4, says Cook
  97. MacNN: Giveaway: Kanex DualRole USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet hub
  98. MacNN: Apple confirms: future OS X versions to be free like Mavericks
  99. MacRumors: Apple 'Unclear' on Whether Retina iPad Mini Supplies Will Meet Demand
  100. MacRumors: Tim Cook: iPhone 5c Wasn't Meant to Be an Entry-Level Phone
  101. MacRumors: Tim Cook: New Product Categories Still Coming in 2014
  102. AppleInsider: Apple hints it may not have enough Retina iPad minis to meet holiday de
  103. MacNN: Apple Q4 breakdown reveals iTunes gains, plummeting iPod numbers
  104. AppleInsider: Notes of interest from Apple's Q4 2013 conference call
  105. MacNN: Apple Q4
  106. MacNN: Live: Apple's fiscal Q4 financial conference call
  107. MacNN: Apple beats estimates with $37.5 billion in Q4 revenue
  108. MacNN: Apple ordered to pay $12M Euros in French 'copyright' tax for 2012
  109. MacRumors: Apple Reports Q4 2013 Year-End Results: $7.5 Billion Profit on $37.5 Billi
  110. MacRumors: Apple Sends Mac Pro Posters to Journalists: 'The Computer We Were Insane t
  111. AppleInsider: Apple reports earnings of $7.5B on sales of 33.8M iPhones, 14.1M iPads
  112. AppleInsider: Apple ships set of four Mac Pro posters to select journalists ahead of
  113. AppleInsider: Samsung adds Galaxy Gear support to more phones, but faces high return
  114. MacNN: Apple to offer Personal Pickup for iPad Air at launch, reports say
  115. Apple: Apple Is Making Inroads in the Business World
  116. AppleInsider: 92% of iTunes Radio listeners still use Pandora, says new report
  117. MacRumors: iPad Air Supplies Expected to Be Plentiful at Launch With In-Store Pickup
  118. AppleInsider: Apple stores to offer in-store pickup of iPad Air on Friday, suggesting
  119. MacNN: iPhone 5s up to 3.8 percent of global iPhone share
  120. MacNN: Briefly: Updates for iOS apps Dispatch: Action-Based Email, Clear+
  121. AppleInsider: iPhone 5s represents 3.8% of all iPhones in use, US has highest 5c adop
  122. MacRumors: iPhone 5s and 5c Account for 5.5% of Active iPhones Worldwide
  123. MacRumors: MOGA 'Ace Power' iOS Game Controller Shown in Leaked Trailer
  124. MacNN: iOS 7 Calendar app affected by daylight savings bug
  125. MacNN: New Disney show to launch first on iPads, Kindle Fires
  126. MacNN: Israeli, Filipino carriers announce plans to launch iPhone 5s and 5c
  127. MacNN: Briefly: Launch of Purifier music news app, iSkin's new accessories
  128. AppleInsider: Logitech, Belkin unveil new keyboard accessories for Apple's iPad Air
  129. MacNN: Alleged Google Play leak shows new Google Nexus 10 specifications
  130. MacNN: Microsoft showcases Kinect voice commands, multitasking of Xbox One
  131. MacNN: Users complain about keyboard, trackpad lockups on new MacBook Pros
  132. MacNN: Apps: Mellel, Herald, Authy Bluetooth
  133. MacNN: Logitech announces iPad Air updates of folios, keyboard cases
  134. MacRumors: Apple Likely to Launch iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in Fourth Wave of Countries
  135. AppleInsider: Users report trackpad, keyboard lockups with Apple's newest MacBook Pro
  136. MacNN: First Brazilian Apple Store to open by March, source claims
  137. AppleInsider: Earnings preview: Apple's Sept. quarter results are all about iPhone fo
  138. MacNN: Airo takes on fitness wristband market by monitoring calorific intake
  139. MacNN: BlackBerry removes queue for app, video and voice calls due in future
  140. MacNN: A closer look: GarageBand for iOS and Mac OS X
  141. AppleInsider: In-depth review: Apple's iPhone 5c running iOS 7
  142. MacNN: Livescribe 3 announced with Bluetooth connectivity, dedicated app
  143. MacRumors: Owners of Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pros Reporting Keyboard and Trackpad Fr
  144. MacNN: Review: Id-Infinite's personalized cases for MacBook and iPhone
  145. MacNN: Reviews: Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad mini
  146. MacNN: Reviews: Id-Infinite personalized MacBook, iPhone case
  147. MacNN: AT&T drops minute-based call plans, offers Mobile Share instead
  148. AppleInsider: Another daylight saving time bug strikes Apple's iOS 7, affects calenda
  149. MacNN: Spot Maps app from equinux lets Mac users map their networks
  150. AppleInsider: First look: Redesigned ChargeCard, the ultrathin USB-to-Lightning charg
  151. AppleInsider: Deals: Save on 35 new MacBook Pros Retina configs with instant coupons
  152. AppleInsider: Mavericks Feature Focus: Safari 7 and iCloud Keychain
  153. MacNN: Judge grants class-action status to Apple-Google anti-poaching suit
  154. MacNN: GooPhone quickly follows iPhone 5s with a new knockoff Android phone
  155. MacNN: Moga's iPhone-compatible game controller shows up in video
  156. AppleInsider: Impressions: Working with Microsoft's Surface 2 & Type Cover 2
  157. MacRumors: Apple, Google and Others Set to Face Trial Over Anti-Poaching Agreements
  158. MacNN: Testing shows significant improvements for Intel Iris graphics
  159. AppleInsider: Judge grants class action certification in Apple, Google anti-poaching
  160. MacNN: US Cellular to sell iPad Air alongside iPhone 5s, 5c debut November 8
  161. MacNN: Apple's Jony Ive customizes Mac Pro for PROJECT(RED) charity auction
  162. MacRumors: Jony Ive Designs One-of-a-Kind Red Mac Pro for Product (RED) Charity Aucti
  163. AppleInsider: Customized Product (RED) Mac Pro revealed for upcoming charity auction
  164. AppleInsider: U.S. Cellular to launch iPad Air on Nov. 8, hints at regional carrier a
  165. MacRumors: Intel's Iris Graphics Boost 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro GPU Performance by
  166. AppleInsider: Apple's new MacBook Pros get 65% graphics performance boost from Intel'
  167. MacNN: Forums: new Retina MBPs, Mavericks is free and more.
  168. MacNN: iOS App of the Week: Tweetbot
  169. MacRumors: Some Power Users Are Unhappy With Lost Features in the New iWork
  170. MacNN: Apple deals: MacBook Pros and iPods
  171. MacNN: DealNN: 15-inch MBP for $1,599 and more
  172. MacNN: iPhone 5s, 5c show low touchscreen accuracy along edges
  173. MacRumors: Graphics Cards in New Mac Pro May Be User Replaceable
  174. MacRumors: Testing Finds Inaccurate Touch Sensing on iPhone 5s/5c, Neglects Perspecti
  175. AppleInsider: MOGA iPhone game controller outed, features external battery pack
  176. MacNN: Briefly: iBank for iPad 2 hits App Store, Boa shift backpack from booq
  177. MacNN: C Spire, Bluegrass Cellular to carry iPad Air
  178. MacNN: Briefly: Cyberduck 4.4's improvements, HF Player equalizer for iOS
  179. AppleInsider: Apple to launch iPad Air on regional American wireless providers in 'co
  180. AppleInsider: Robotic testing finds touchscreen inaccuracies at edge of iPhone displa
  181. MacRumors: U.S. Regional Carriers Gearing Up to Begin Offering Cellular-Capable iPad
  182. MacNN: 2013 Mac Pro may allow video card upgrades
  183. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Delivery Status touch, Calendars 5, Amplitube
  184. MacRumors: MOGA's Upcoming iPhone Game Controller Leaked in New Photos
  185. MacNN: Los Angeles USD iPad program vastly over budget, report says
  186. AppleInsider: Windows 7 driving enterprise PC sales, but Apple's new iPads expected t
  187. AppleInsider: Apple's new MacBook Pros have slimmer cooling systems thanks to Haswell
  188. MacNN: Apple Stores begin receiving space gray first-gen iPad minis
  189. MacRumors: Teardowns of Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pros Reveal No Improvements in Acces
  190. MacNN: Teardown: New 13-inch, 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro highly unrepairable
  191. AppleInsider: Los Angeles school district's iPad program running grossly over budget
  192. MacNN: Apple offers free OS X Mavericks Server to iOS developers
  193. MacNN: Latest iMac models get SMC firmware, graphics updates
  194. MacNN: Briefly: Vine adds video options, Feenix's gaming mouse and mouse pad
  195. MacNN: International online Apple portals closed for iPhone 5s, 5c sale start
  196. AppleInsider: Apple Stores begin stocking space gray first-gen iPad mini
  197. MacNN: Apple now offering Lion, Mountain Lion vouchers for slow upgraders
  198. AppleInsider: Apple offers developers free copies of OS X Server for Mavericks in bid
  199. MacNN: Briefly: Pulse light show speaker, TRENDnet USB Adapter launched
  200. MacRumors: Apple Selling $20 OS X Lion and Mountain Lion in Online Store
  201. AppleInsider: Apple starts online sales of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.7 Lion for
  202. MacNN: Promise ships first Thunderbolt 2 devices: Pegasus2 RAID, SANLink2
  203. AppleInsider: Twitter client Tweetbot releases iOS 7-inspired update with complete re
  204. MacNN: Chitika: Mavericks being adopted faster than Mountain Lion debut
  205. MacRumors: Apple Shutting Down Apple Online Stores Around the World to Prepare for iP
  206. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c rollout continues in 35 countries, closes onli
  207. AppleInsider: $AAPL shares regain highs from early 2013; many Apple analysts' targets
  208. MacNN: Belkin, Targus announce new cases for iPad Air
  209. MacNN: Apple TV 6.0.1 update adds iMovie Theater
  210. MacRumors: Apple TV Software Updated to Version 6.0.1
  211. AppleInsider: Apple releases Apple TV update 6.0.1 with minor tweaks
  212. AppleInsider: Mac owners adopting OS X Mavericks 3X faster than Mountain Lion
  213. MacNN: Dropcam Pro remote camera lands in Apple Stores and online
  214. MacNN: Tesla hires away Apple Hardware VP Doug Field
  215. MacRumors: Apple Continues to Sell the iPad 2 Because Customers Are Still Buying It
  216. MacRumors: Apple Pulls Some Disney and Pixar Titles From iTunes Store and iTunes in t
  217. AppleInsider: Glide dynamically revamps "The Loop Magazine" for iOS 7's Newsstand
  218. AppleInsider: Apple's new Retina MacBook Pros bring faster benchmarks with slower clo
  219. MacNN: Icahn considering using shareholder proxy vote to get $150B buyback
  220. MacRumors: Apple Offering 'Free' Updates to All Owners of Aperture, iWork, and iLife;
  221. MacNN: Briefly: New MacFamilyTree 7.1 on sale, new extension for Maya LT
  222. AppleInsider: Apple exec involved in Mac hardware hired away by Tesla
  223. MacNN: Walmart's iPad Air prices to start at $479
  224. AppleInsider: First 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 drives announced by Promise Technology
  225. AppleInsider: Deals: 9 new MacBook Pros Retina configs in stock at discount; up to $6
  226. MacNN: New MacBook Pros benchmarked, 15-inch makes big gains
  227. MacRumors: PROMISE Announces First 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 RAID Arrays
  228. MacNN: BBM suffers from fake Google Play reviews, iOS app bug
  229. MacNN: Apple Stores opening at 8AM on Nov. 1 to launch iPad
  230. MacNN: No 'meaningful' iPad mini shipments until 2014, says IHS iSuppli
  231. AppleInsider: Carl Icahn says he'll consider shareholder proxy vote if Apple rejects
  232. MacNN: Apple publishes open-source components of OS X Mavericks
  233. MacNN: Apps: Ember, BusyCal, Voila
  234. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini Launch Supplies Set to Be 'Ridiculously Tight' Until Earl
  235. AppleInsider: Samsung fined for slanderous marketing by Taiwanese regulators
  236. MacNN: Icahn asks for 'immediate' $150B buyback of Apple stock
  237. MacNN: SlingPlayer apps add AirPlay streaming; Slingbox supports USB media
  238. MacNN: Disney, Pixar movies suddenly vanish from US, UK iTunes Store
  239. AppleInsider: Hands on with Apple's new Intel Xeon E5, dual AMD FirePro equipped Mac
  240. MacNN: Flash sandboxed in OS X Mavericks, Adobe confirms
  241. MacRumors: Carl Icahn Increases Apple Stake to $2.5 Billion, Requests Immediate $150
  242. AppleInsider: Carl Icahn urges Apple to make immediate tender offer for $150B in stoc
  243. AppleInsider: Apple Stores to open at 8 a.m. on Nov. 1 for iPad Air launch
  244. MacNN: TiVo enables out-of-home streaming, updates iOS apps
  245. MacNN: Reviews: Microsoft Surface 2
  246. MacNN: New YouTube music service rumor claims possible offline caching
  247. AppleInsider: Apple invention controls content access based on a person's physical fe
  248. AppleInsider: Apple patent filing hints at future iBooks gifting options
  249. AppleInsider: Adobe confirms Flash Player is sandboxed in Safari for OS X Mavericks
  250. MacNN: Report: Mac Store bug gives iWork, Aperture trial users free upgrade