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  1. MacNN: Apple iPhone USB charger plug torn down, analyzed
  2. AppleInsider: Actor John Malkovich amused by Siri in new iPhone 4S commercials
  3. MacNN: Apple formally files response to DOJ e-book lawsuit
  4. AppleInsider: GameFly rental service announces plan to publish iOS, Android games
  5. MacNN: Briefly: Spence departs, Compaq HP dying, Diablo III record
  6. MacRumors: Apple Running New Celebrity iPhone 4S/Siri TV Ads Featuring John Malkovich
  7. MacNN: IHS iSuppli: Apple to buy $27B in semiconductors in 2012
  8. AppleInsider: Apple says DoJ lawsuit 'fundamentally flawed,' could harm consumers
  9. AppleInsider: Mountain Lion to bring offline mode to Safari Reading List
  10. AppleInsider: Apple gets go-ahead to build North Carolina fuel cell installation
  11. MacNN: Rumor has MS planning Outlook Web App, Lync apps for iOS
  12. MacNN: Rumor: Microsoft prepping Office for iOS and Android tablets
  13. MacNN: Code hints at native voice dictation in OS X Mountain Lion
  14. MacRumors: North Carolina Regulators Approve Apple's Plans for 4.8-Megawatt Fuel Cell
  15. AppleInsider: Jury finds Google Android didn't violate Oracle's patents
  16. MacRumors: OS X Mountain Lion Adding Offline Safari Reading List Mode and Dictation t
  17. AppleInsider: Microsoft working on native iOS apps for Outlook Web App, Lync
  18. MacNN: New Paris Apple Store on Friday, Stanford 2 store teased
  19. AppleInsider: Seagate to acquire Mac storage provider LaCie for $186 million
  20. MacNN: Google launches redesigned Search app for iOS
  21. MacRumors: Microsoft Office for iOS and Android Arriving in November?
  22. MacRumors: Planning Board Rendering Unveils New Glass-Enclosed Apple Store for Stanfo
  23. AppleInsider: Rumor: Microsoft to launch Office for Apple's iOS in November
  24. MacNN: Apple, Samsung fail to reach settlement during ordered talks
  25. MacNN: MacNN/Expercom Giveaway: 13.3-inch MacBook Pro
  26. MacNN: Briefly: KurbKarma update, Sheffield Softworks Makeup Artist
  27. MacNN: IBM blocking iPhone's Siri on internal networks
  28. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Let's Sing!, Drafts, Zombie Ace
  29. AppleInsider: Apple, Samsung fail to reach agreement in court-ordered talks
  30. MacRumors: Patent Talks Between Apple and Samsung Chief Executives Yield Little Progr
  31. MacRumors: Apple Design Chief Jonathan Ive Knighted in Buckingham Palace, Says 'Best
  32. MacNN: OmniVision outs two 16MP, 4K-recordable camera sensors
  33. AppleInsider: Samsung, Sony begin enforcing minimum prices on HDTVs to grow margins
  34. AppleInsider: IBM bans Apple's Siri from its internal networks for security
  35. MacNN: Jonny Ive: current projects are our ëmost importantí work
  36. AppleInsider: Apple designer Jonathan Ive says current projects are his 'most importa
  37. AppleInsider: Dell feeling iPad pressure after soft notebook sales, earnings miss
  38. MacNN: Samsung has 'potentially serious issues' with nano-SIM vote
  39. MacNN: Comcast rolls out enhanced VOIP, X1, Project Dayview
  40. AppleInsider: Apple expected to spend $27 billion on semiconductors in 2012
  41. MacNN: MPAA uses subterfuge to investigate UK-based video site
  42. MacNN: Apple maintains top position in Brandz study
  43. MacNN: Meta Watch outs iOS, Android Bluetooth 4.0 watch dev kits
  44. MacNN: Briefly: INRIX, Crayola Case Creator, GraphicConverter 8
  45. AppleInsider: Apple iPad drives 124% growth in global tablet shipments, study says
  46. MacNN: Sonos intros Sub wireless subwoofer
  47. MacNN: Apple updates digital camera RAW for iPhoto '11, Aperture 3
  48. AppleInsider: Apple's mammoth size said to dictate tech investment strategies
  49. AppleInsider: Apple update brings RAW support for 6 new cameras
  50. MacNN: Meta Watch outs iOS, Android Bluetooth 4.0 watch dev kits
  51. MacRumors: Apple Again Ranked as World's Most Valuable Brand
  52. AppleInsider: ARM-based Windows RT seen confusing consumers, benefitting Apple
  53. MacNN: Briefly: AKVIS adds CS6 support, ColorKit Suite launched
  54. MacNN: Leaked next-gen iPod touch part hints at taller display
  55. AppleInsider: Parts show alleged next-gen iPhone cameras, 4.1" front panel for iPod t
  56. MacNN: Hulu Plus updates with iPad Retina support, new interface
  57. MacNN: Apple refurbs: iPods, iPads and more
  58. MacNN: Forum roundup: is it worth it to upgrade from Snow Leopard?
  59. MacNN: DealNN roundup: 2.3GHz MacBook Pro, drops to $2099
  60. MacRumors: New Part Leaks Include Taller iPod Touch Front Panel, 'iPhone 5' Cameras
  61. MacNN: TiVo Stream to push TV to iPhones, iPads
  62. AppleInsider: Apple adds Automatic Downloads alert to latest Mountain Lion beta
  63. MacNN: Discount iTunes Gift Card
  64. MacNN: With iPad included, Apple leads mobile PCs in Q1 2012
  65. MacNN: iPhone Apps: InstantFrame, MusicLoop, FileApp Pro
  66. MacRumors: Apple Testing Taller iPhone Prototype with 3.95-Inch 1136x640 Display?
  67. AppleInsider: Google's $12.5B acquisition of Motorola Mobility now official
  68. AppleInsider: Samsung says lawyers didn't design new Galaxy S III smartphone
  69. MacNN: Next iPhone may have 3.95-inch display with 1136x640 pixels
  70. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad plays crucial role in Greece's debt restructuring
  71. MacNN: Evizone delivers a unique take on business comms security
  72. AppleInsider: Apple remains most valuable global brand with 19% growth to $183 billio
  73. MacNN: Hands on: TouchType case for iPad, bluetooth keyboard
  74. MacNN: Briefly: Sony tablet at Billboard Awards, Lorex baby monitor
  75. MacNN: Public figures pay tribute to Jobs at Webby Awards
  76. AppleInsider: Apple working with North Carolina to increase local green energy produc
  77. MacNN: Apple reveals details of NC data center energy plan
  78. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs honored by presidents, celebrities in Webby Award tribute
  79. AppleInsider: Samsung accuses Apple trial experts of 'slavish adoration,' seeks to in
  80. MacNN: Panic unveils Coda 2, Diet Coda companion app for iPad
  81. MacNN: Briefly: Voyager, Google/Motorola, Powerline networking
  82. MacNN: Game Capture HD brings game recording to Macs, PCs
  83. MacNN: ITC rules Kodak patent invalid in suit with RIM, Apple
  84. AppleInsider: Sony added to list of in-cell display suppliers for next-gen iPhone
  85. MacRumors: OS X Mountain Lion Bringing Automatic App Downloads to Mac
  86. AppleInsider: ITC judge finds key Kodak patent invalid in suit with Apple, RIM
  87. MacNN: Apple's Tim Cook ranks as highest-paid CEO of 2011
  88. MacNN: Briefly: The Journey Down released, PowerPC Software Archive
  89. MacNN: Samsung accuses Apple experts of 'slavish adoration'
  90. AppleInsider: Circuits in Apple's iPhone charger are 'surprisingly complex and innova
  91. MacNN: Sony debuts Music Unlimited iPhone app
  92. MacRumors: Apple Reaches Out to Cupertino Neighbors Regarding 'Campus 2' Plans
  93. MacNN: Apple letter invites neighbors to give feedback on Campus 2
  94. MacNN: Mountain Lion to include automatic app downloads
  95. AppleInsider: iOS developers not concerned about Apple making a larger iPhone screen
  96. MacNN: Samsung exec hints cross-licensing as option in Apple suit
  97. MacRumors: Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung Meeting Today to Discuss Patent Iss
  98. MacRumors: Foxconn Building New $210 Million Production Line for Apple Products
  99. MacNN: Foxconn to spend $210M on new Apple production line
  100. MacNN: iPhone Apps: LastPast Wallet, Score!, Tracks
  101. AppleInsider: Apple CEO Tim Cook meeting with Samsung chief today in California
  102. MacNN: Leap Motion takes a swipe at Microsoftís Kinect
  103. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 3GS expected to live on for under $300 in developing mar
  104. AppleInsider: Foxconn to invest $210M in new Apple production line - report
  105. AppleInsider: PiperJaffray: 28nm chip shortages unlikely to impact Apple's next iPhon
  106. AppleInsider: HTC phones held up by Apple's ITC injunction begin trickling into US
  107. MacNN: Apple to start enforcing sandboxing on Mac apps June 1
  108. MacNN: Flashback-K malware breaks down; no payment for creators
  109. MacNN: Hands on: Fling Joystick for iPad and other tablets
  110. AppleInsider: Google cleared for Motorola purchase after receiving Chinese regulatory
  111. MacNN: Apple files to block Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in US
  112. AppleInsider: Apple patents multi-point camera focusing system for multitouch-equippe
  113. AppleInsider: Apple again files for U.S. Galaxy Tab injunction after winning appeal
  114. MacNN: Report: FaceTime may be coming to 3G networks
  115. MacNN: Apple Stores underway in US, Canada, France, UK
  116. MacNN: Facebook acquires social-gifting startup Karma
  117. MacNN: Apple working on multi-point touch focus for iOS
  118. MacNN: Indie Jobs movie to film at original Apple 'garage' site
  119. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs biopic to begin filming in garage where Apple was born
  120. AppleInsider: Sprint offers $100 trade-in credit for iPhones from competing carriers
  121. MacNN: More regional carriers debut iPhone 4S
  122. AppleInsider: Apple sends out sandbox deadline reminder email to developers
  123. MacNN: Ex-Apple iAd exec new Foursquare revenue chief
  124. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple in talks to build Russian R&D facility
  125. MacNN: Rumor: Amazon to launch 10.1" Kindle Fire, delay 8.9" plans
  126. MacRumors: ElcomSoft's Phone Forensics Software Offers Near Real-Time Access to iClou
  127. MacNN: Apple legal 'requests' demand London AppleExpo name change
  128. AppleInsider: iOS warning messages hint at 3G support for Apple's FaceTime
  129. MacNN: Apple allegedly interested in Russian R&D facility
  130. AppleInsider: Amazon planning to sell ads on Kindle Fire welcome screen
  131. MacNN: New lawsuit accuses Apple of botching MobileMe transition
  132. MacRumors: Apple in Talks to Open R&D Facility in Russia's Skolkovo Innovation Centre
  133. MacNN: Apple refurbs: Mac minis from $519 and more
  134. MacNN: Forum roundup: Problems with Chrome in OS X Lion
  135. MacNN: iTunes Festival 2012 to run 30 days in September
  136. MacNN: Briefly: SlideShark gains Presenter Mode, appsbar exits beta
  137. MacRumors: Apple's Annual iTunes Festival in London Moves to September
  138. AppleInsider: Class-action suit targets Apple for iCloud downtime
  139. MacNN: RIM, Motorola submit compromise nano-SIM design
  140. MacNN: DealNN roundup: 2.4GHz Mac Pro, reduced to $3219
  141. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Showyou, Bejeweled HD, Mr. Reader
  142. AppleInsider: Apple television could double US household spending on Apple products
  143. AppleInsider: Motorola & RIM propose nano-SIM compromise with Apple
  144. MacNN: Samsung said to have 9 million Galaxy S III pre-orders
  145. AppleInsider: Briefly: Simon & Schuster settles; 9M Galaxy S III preorders; 10.1" Kin
  146. MacNN: Report: Windows Phone edging iPhone in China?
  147. MacNN: Bloomberg: next iPhone to overhaul look, have larger screen
  148. MacNN: Sorkin comments on Jobs biopic, Wozniak hired as advisor
  149. AppleInsider: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hired as 'tutor' for Sony's Steve Jobs f
  150. MacNN: Simon & Schuster settles with states in price fixing suit
  151. MacNN: Users report iCloud accounts may have been compromised
  152. AppleInsider: 2012 iPhone to feature larger-display design that Steve Jobs worked on
  153. MacRumors: Steve Jobs 'Worked Closely' on Design of Next-Generation iPhone with Large
  154. MacNN: Rumor: new MacBook Pros could get faster SSD option
  155. MacNN: Price reductions on iPhones continue
  156. MacRumors: Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin Shares Some Thoughts About Steve Jobs Biopic, Wo
  157. AppleInsider: Rumor deemed false, apps using global hotkeys to remain in Mac App Stor
  158. MacNN: Apple, HTC ordered to enter settlement discussions
  159. MacNN: Shipping now: iHome iP76 color changing speaker tower
  160. AppleInsider: Apple issues fourth developer preview for Mountain Lion Server
  161. MacNN: Briefly: UK game regulation, Samsung Hotspot, iRig MIX ships
  162. AppleInsider: Verizon clarifies stance on unlimited data amid misreported rumors
  163. MacNN: Drexler: Jobs wanted to build 'iCar' before his death
  164. MacRumors: Apple Board Member Mickey Drexler on Steve Jobs' iCar Dreams, Apple's Livi
  165. MacNN: Apple seeds Mountain Lion Server Developer Preview 4
  166. MacRumors: Verizon Clarifies Discontinuation of Grandfathered Unlimited Data: Applies
  167. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs wanted to build 'iCar,' Apple board member says
  168. MacRumors: Apple Cutting Off Mac App Store Hotkey Apps as Sandboxing Requirement Goes
  169. AppleInsider: Apple and HTC ordered by court to discuss settlement on Aug. 28
  170. MacNN: Apple's NC datacenter to use 100 percent renewable energy
  171. MacNN: Briefly: PDF2Office v6, Total i Repair goes nationwide
  172. MacRumors: Apple's Data Centers to Be Powered by 100% Renewable Energy
  173. AppleInsider: Analysis: Now is the time to buy Apple stock
  174. MacNN: Apple briefly censors word 'jailbreak' on iTunes Store
  175. AppleInsider: Apple's iCloud data center to use 100% renewable energy by end of year
  176. AppleInsider: Pixelmator one of first OS X Lion app to comply with sandboxing
  177. MacNN: Sprint may offer $100 for old iPhones used to buy iPhone 4S
  178. MacRumors: Apple Receives Regulatory Approval for 20-Megawatt Solar Farm at North Car
  179. MacNN: Apple wins rights to iphone5.com
  180. MacRumors: Apple Censoring 'Jailbreak' in U.S. iTunes Store Listings
  181. AppleInsider: Apple censors word 'jailbreak' among iTunes Store content
  182. MacNN: Rumor has LG, AU Optronics supplying 7-inch iPad LCDs
  183. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Pocket Universe, Oh! Cube, Pimp Your Screen
  184. MacRumors: Apple Takes Possession of iPhone5.com Domain
  185. AppleInsider: Apple to gain ownership of iphone5.com domain
  186. MacNN: Time Warner, Viacom drop dispute over iOS TV streaming
  187. AppleInsider: Users raise questions about Apple's security after iCloud hacks
  188. AppleInsider: Filing details Apple's plans for Retina-ready resolution-independent OS
  189. MacNN: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 leaked data hints at quad-core
  190. AppleInsider: Time Warner Cable, Viacom resolve spat over streaming TV iPad app
  191. MacNN: Apple now has 7.9 percent of global handset market
  192. MacRumors: Time Warner Cable and Viacom Settle Lawsuit Over iPad Television Streaming
  193. MacNN: Genius Widecam F100 Ultra wide angle webcam debuts
  194. MacNN: Apple tops ACSI survey on cellphone makers by a wide margin
  195. MacRumors: Security Firm Symantec Analyzes the Profitability of the OSX.Flashback Bot
  196. AppleInsider: Apple continues China expansion retail job openings in Chengdu, Shenzhe
  197. MacNN: Video: Jobs predicted or knew of publisher boycott
  198. AppleInsider: Rumor: LG Display, AU Optronics have passed certification for 'iPad min
  199. MacNN: LaCie Ships new 2big Network Attached Storage
  200. MacNN: Analyst: 'retina' laptop screens available, not cheap
  201. MacNN: 'Who Was Steve Jobs' children's book released
  202. AppleInsider: Former Apple retail chief under fire as JC Penney stock plummets
  203. MacNN: Google brings Schemer activity-recommendation app to iOS
  204. MacNN: Briefly: Venstar Wi-Fi thermostat, $50 off Xbox, Peel update
  205. MacNN: Apple updates Mountain Lion developer preview
  206. MacNN: Hands-on: Bamboo Stylus duo for iPad
  207. AppleInsider: Verizon to kill unlimited data plans in transition to 4G LTE
  208. AppleInsider: Apple issues developers new beta build of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  209. MacRumors: Apple Updates OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview to Build 12A206j
  210. AppleInsider: Samsung value drops $10B as investors fear it being cut out of Apple su
  211. MacNN: Sprint CEO sees iPhone as 'quite profitable' by end of 2015
  212. AppleInsider: Mac-bound Retina displays will cost Apple a $92 premium from suppliers
  213. MacNN: Briefly: OWC 32GB RAM Kit for iMacs, ARWU turns one
  214. MacNN: Sorkin to pen Sony's Jobs biopic
  215. MacRumors: Retina-Resolution Displays to Add Up to $100 to Apple's MacBook Pro Costs
  216. MacRumors: Verizon Planning to End Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans With LTE Switch
  217. MacNN: Reuters sources support claims of 4-inch iPhone displays
  218. MacRumors: Samsung's Market Cap Takes $10 Billion Hit Amid Rumors of Apple DRAM Deal
  219. MacNN: Flipboard 1.9 brings Audio category, SoundCloud support
  220. AppleInsider: Sprint won't profit from carrying Apple's iPhone until 2015, has no reg
  221. MacNN: China Mobile still in talks for iPhone, chairman says
  222. AppleInsider: 4" screens for Apple's next iPhone will be built as soon as June
  223. MacNN: iPhone Apps: AVStreamer, Monster Wars, WhitePages
  224. MacRumors: HTC Delays Evo 4G LTE Launch as U.S. Customs Investigates Shipments for Br
  225. AppleInsider: Apple grows to 7.9% of all mobile phones sold worldwide
  226. MacNN: WSJ says Apple has ordered 4-inch displays for next iPhone
  227. AppleInsider: Apple ordering screens sized at least 4" for next iPhone - WSJ
  228. MacNN: Samsung and HTC stock nosedive, both thanks to Apple
  229. MacRumors: Apple Ordering Screens of 'At Least 4 Inches' for Next-Generation iPhone
  230. AppleInsider: Apple argues plaintiffs are too vague in class action lawsuit over Siri
  231. MacNN: E-book price-fixing civil suit adds to Apple, publisher woes
  232. AppleInsider: China Mobile 'actively talking' to Apple about iPhone cooperation
  233. MacNN: Toshiba Canvio 3.0 drive adds Mac NTFS write support
  234. AppleInsider: HTC handsets held up at US customs due to ITC injunction over Apple pat
  235. MacNN: Google versus Oracle jury starts patent deliberation
  236. MacNN: Apple files to dismiss Siri lawsuits
  237. MacRumors: Aaron Sorkin Confirmed as Screenwriter for Film Adaptation of Steve Jobs'
  238. AppleInsider: 'Social Network' scribe signs on to adapt official Steve Jobs biography
  239. MacNN: Apple CEO meets with US House Speaker John Boehner
  240. MacNN: Baidu wants platform on Android, iOS, Windows
  241. AppleInsider: Tim Cook meets with U.S. Speaker of House John Boehner
  242. MacNN: Apple iOS6 traces appear in developer's usage logs
  243. MacRumors: Tim Cook Meets With Speaker of the House John Boehner
  244. AppleInsider: Quicktime for Windows update brings host of security fixes
  245. MacNN: Disney Corp may add ESPN to Apple TV
  246. AppleInsider: Judge denies Apple, publishers' motion to dismiss e-book civil suit
  247. MacNN: Apple secures QuickTime 7 for Windows, Macs unaffected
  248. MacNN: Briefly: Audi/BMW iOS RC cars, AirPrint support passes 200
  249. MacNN: Netgear ships first 802.11ac router, intros USB adapter
  250. AppleInsider: Remote control iPad interface reportedly outlined for rumored Apple HDT