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  1. MacNN: Google Drive for iOS gets multi-account support, single sign-in
  2. MacNN: Flextronics accused of using slave labor to help build iPhone 5
  3. MacNN: Apps: Dropbox, Together, 1Password
  4. MacNN: Apple's new sapphire partner hints at much larger plans for material
  5. MacRumors: Apple Patent Application for Bluetooth LE-Mediated Hotspot Functionality S
  6. AppleInsider: Microsoft counters Apple's free iWork suite by bolstering its Office We
  7. AppleInsider: Apple supplier Flextronics accused of using indentured servants to buil
  8. MacNN: Review: Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi home-monitoring camera
  9. MacNN: Apple Stores to soon start screen, other repairs for iPhone 5s and 5c
  10. AppleInsider: RunKeeper adds support for background motion tracking via Apple's iPhon
  11. MacNN: Briefly: Karma touts LTE access, United Airlines permits device use
  12. AppleInsider: Samsung tempers expectations for a 64-bit Android answer to Apple's A7
  13. AppleInsider: Apple's Bluetooth-based wireless hotspot tech prime candidate for 'iWat
  14. AppleInsider: Popular iOS game 'Star Wars: Tiny Death Star' finally makes its way to
  15. AppleInsider: Apple's Mavericks Mail update released to developers following AppleSee
  16. MacRumors: Apple to Begin Offering In-Store iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Display Replaceme
  17. MacNN: Apple Stores closing early Nov 17 and 18 under 'special hours'
  18. MacNN: Doxie introduces Flip scanner: mobile, versatile, cordless
  19. MacNN: Reviews: Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi home-monitoring camera
  20. MacNN: Apple said to be working on two Mavericks updates
  21. MacRumors: Apple Seeds Two New Mavericks Updates to Employees for Testing
  22. AppleInsider: Apple Stores around the world to close hours early next weekend
  23. MacNN: Apple updates Garageband again, offering 'performance enhancements'
  24. AppleInsider: Web service IFTTT gets iOS Photos and Reminders integration in update
  25. MacNN: Briefly: iBank 5 beta available, Elgato Smart Key GPS tracker debuts
  26. MacNN: Square said to ponder 2014 IPO with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley
  27. MacRumors: Analyst Predicts Multiple iPhone Refreshes Per Year, New Services After Me
  28. AppleInsider: Apple updates GarageBand for Mac with bug fixes, stability improvements
  29. MacRumors: iOS 7.0.4 Activity Ramping Up at Apple Ahead of Next Minor Software Update
  30. MacNN: Review: Mio's Alpha heart rate monitoring watch
  31. MacNN: Reviews: Mio Alpha continuous heart rate monitor
  32. MacNN: Onkyo announces iOS-compatible on-ear, in-ear CTI300 headphones
  33. MacNN: Briefly: BitTorrent Sync releases API, booq announces Viper hardcase
  34. MacNN: Traditional iWork features to return in later updates, Apple promises
  35. MacNN: Pebble reveals iOS 7 notification updates, new SDK with more APIs
  36. AppleInsider: Apple promises iWork toolbars, other legacy features will return within
  37. MacRumors: Pebble Smart Watch Adds Support for All iOS 7 Notifications, New Developer
  38. MacRumors: Apple Announces Upcoming Features for iWork Mac Apps
  39. AppleInsider: Pebble announces iOS 7 notification support, new partnerships with Yelp
  40. MacNN: Apple adding more manufacturers for iPad mini and iPhone 5c assembly
  41. MacNN: Briefly: Estimations of Mac Pro performance, BookBook Travel Journal
  42. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Spotify, Rdio, join.me
  43. MacNN: Apple using 'warrant canaries' to signal US law enforcement probes
  44. AppleInsider: Analyst predicts two iPhone releases per year after meeting with Apple'
  45. MacRumors: A Closer Look at Processor Options and Performance for Apple's New Mac Pro
  46. MacNN: Apple forces DMCA takedown of Apple-Tracker.com
  47. MacNN: Briefly: simpleDock for MacBook announced, PlainText app updated
  48. MacRumors: Apple Shuts Down iPad Air and iPhone 5s In-Store Pickup Tracking Site
  49. MacRumors: Apple to Add New Assembly Partners to Bolster Production of iOS Devices
  50. MacNN: iPhone 5s, 5c push Apple over 40 percent of US smartphone sales
  51. AppleInsider: Apple adding suppliers to boost iPhone 5c, iPad mini output for 2014
  52. AppleInsider: Apple shuts down Web-based product inventory tracking tool
  53. MacNN: Nikon launches Df retro-styled full-frame DSLR camera
  54. AppleInsider: Only one third of Samsung's smartphone sales are in the class of Apple'
  55. AppleInsider: Apple Store app now supports international Passbook gift cards after up
  56. MacNN: Apple Store app gift cards now available internationally
  57. MacNN: Apple issues minor update for Xcode 5 for iOS 7.0.3
  58. AppleInsider: Pandora says iTunes Radio not affecting business, loses nearly 2M activ
  59. MacNN: Judge leans towards Apple in jury verdict form for retrial
  60. AppleInsider: Apple seeds Xcode 5.0.2 GM to developers with minor revisions
  61. AppleInsider: Apple, Samsung lengthen US smartphone marketshare lead in Q3
  62. MacNN: Nike adds new FuelBand SE to Apple's Online Store a day early
  63. AppleInsider: Apple court filing asks for transparency on government user information
  64. MacNN: Electronista's Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: Workaholic Edition
  65. AppleInsider: Apple simplifies bulk book and app deployment with new 'managed distrib
  66. MacNN: Canalys: Apple, Samsung almost half of all smartphone shipments
  67. MacNN: iTunes 11.1.3 fixes equalizer, speeds up view switching
  68. MacNN: Apple publishes specific figures on law enforcement data requests
  69. MacRumors: Apple Releases iTunes 11.1.3 With Equalizer and Performance Improvements.
  70. AppleInsider: Philips announces new connected LED downlights, spot lights & Disney-br
  71. AppleInsider: Apple pushes out iTunes 11.1.3 with equalizer bug fix, performance enha
  72. MacNN: Knock app unlocks Macs using iPhone's Bluetooth link
  73. MacRumors: Apple Publishes Report Outlining Government Information Requests
  74. AppleInsider: Apple issues public report detailing government information requests, r
  75. MacNN: Apple debuts adds Mac apps, Managed Distribution to volume purchases
  76. MacNN: Forums: How to remove dock shelf in Mavericks?
  77. MacNN: DealNN: Sceptre HDTV home theater bundle for $347 and more
  78. MacNN: Apple deals: refurbished iPads from $249
  79. MacRumors: Apple's iPad Air Adopts IGZO Technology for Thinner, Lower-Power Displays
  80. MacNN: T-Mobile: More tablets sold during iPad Air launch than in all of Q3
  81. AppleInsider: Google Now for iOS updated with notifications, reminders, improved voic
  82. MacRumors: A Look at How GT Advanced Makes Sapphire Glass for Smartphone Displays
  83. MacNN: Everpix shuts down, goes read-only, offline by December 15
  84. MacNN: Google Search for iOS gets notifications, hands-free voice search
  85. MacNN: Briefly: CoverMe officially debuts, Ssmart Dynamo wristband released
  86. MacNN: Beats Pill XL spotted at FCC with 4,400mAh battery, NFC pairing
  87. AppleInsider: T-Mobile faced severe iPhone 5s constraints in Q3 2013, limiting sales
  88. MacNN: New oversized iPad could debut in early 2014, report claims
  89. AppleInsider: iPhone retains $128 more value over time than Apple's competition, iPad
  90. MacNN: Briefly: Business app Blueprint, security app Viper, launch
  91. MacNN: iPad Air teardown shows lower build cost than third-gen iPad
  92. MacNN: Apps: KeyCue, OnyX, NetNewsWire
  93. MacRumors: 6-Core Version of Apple's New Mac Pro Appears in Benchmarks
  94. MacNN: T-Mobile gains 1.1M subscribers, sells 550,000 iPhones in quarter
  95. AppleInsider: Rumor: Foxconn testing production of larger-screened iPad for 2014 rele
  96. MacNN: Hiring begins for once-abandoned Brisbane Apple Store project
  97. MacRumors: iPad Air Component Costs Estimated to Begin at $274, Roughly 13% Cheaper T
  98. AppleInsider: iPad Air Retina display has fewer backlights, costs more than in Apple'
  99. MacNN: AMD completes new GPU line with R9 290, 290x video cards
  100. MacNN: Philips adds BR30 Downlights to Hue range, shows Disney StoryLight
  101. MacNN: Parallels increases enterprise range with Parallels Business Solutions
  102. MacNN: Hands on: Smart Case, Smart Cover for iPad Air
  103. AppleInsider: Apple's home automation tech taps iPhone, Mac hardware for intelligent
  104. AppleInsider: Review: Withings Pulse with built-in heart rate monitor
  105. MacNN: Nike+ Move debuts on iOS App Store, leverages M7 chip
  106. AppleInsider: Briefly: Pebble to deliver software update on Nov. 6, hints at app deve
  107. AppleInsider: After on-stage showing at iPhone 5s debut, Nike+ Move app goes live
  108. MacRumors: Nike+ Move, First Revealed M7 Corprocessor-Integrated App, Launches in App
  109. AppleInsider: Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX bests iPad Air in display test
  110. MacNN: Apple signs deal to secure sapphire manufacturing in Arizona
  111. MacNN: Update: Apple signs deal to secure sapphire supplies
  112. MacNN: Google's Eric Schmidt: NSA data-center spying 'outrageous,' 'not OK'
  113. AppleInsider: Apple signs $578M sapphire deal with GT Advanced Technology
  114. MacNN: Apple building product assembly facility in Mesa, Arizona
  115. MacRumors: Apple to Build New 700-Employee Sapphire Glass Manufacturing Plant in Ariz
  116. AppleInsider: Apple to open U.S. manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona
  117. MacNN: Target offering $200 minimum for iPad trade-ins
  118. MacNN: Western Digital ships first Helium-filled 6TB 3.5-inch hard drives
  119. MacNN: Briefly: Context app for Illustrator, BRAVEN announces 710 speaker
  120. MacNN: AT&T iPad Air activations over twice those of fourth-gen iPad
  121. AppleInsider: New Bluetooth accessory 'Sesame' automatically locks your Mac when you
  122. MacRumors: AT&T Sees iPad Air Activations Up Threefold Over Last Year's iPad Launch W
  123. AppleInsider: AT&T sees 200% year over year increase in activations for iPad Air laun
  124. MacNN: Kindle sale
  125. MacRumors: Updated 'Remote' App With iOS 7 Redesign Hits App Store
  126. MacNN: Remote app for iOS gains iOS 7 makeover, iTunes 11.1 support
  127. AppleInsider: Apple's iTunes Remote app updated with new, iOS 7-inspired design
  128. MacRumors: T-Mobile CEO Misleads on 'No Strings Attached' Free Data, New Customers Re
  129. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS takes phone sales share in US, Australia prior to iPhone 5s
  130. MacNN: Updates to Mavericks' Safari, iBooks, Remote Desktop apps incoming
  131. MacNN: Data hints at rapid iPad Air adoption, many upgrading from iPad 2
  132. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Angry Birds Star Wars II, Pinnacle Studio, Asphalt 8: Airborne
  133. MacRumors: Apple Preparing Bug Fix Updates to Mail, iBooks, Safari and Remote Desktop
  134. MacNN: Ting begins supporting iPhone 4 and 4S, iPhone 5 support 'soon'
  135. MacRumors: iPad Air Continues to Offer 24-Hour Battery Life as LTE Hotspot
  136. MacNN: Briefly: Moshi, Orbino launch new Apple accessories
  137. AppleInsider: BlackBerry scraps takeover strategy, ousts CEO Thorsten Heins
  138. AppleInsider: iPad Air popular upgrade for iPad 2 owners, silver 16GB model in high d
  139. MacNN: Apple CEO Cook throws weight behind work anti-discrimination act
  140. MacNN: UK government allegedly bans iPads from meetings over spying fears
  141. MacNN: Microsoft closing third-party access to Skype desktop API
  142. MacNN: Apple iOS engineering head leaves company after 23 years
  143. MacNN: Briefly: JetBlue, Delta adopt FAA changes, Instagram sponsored images
  144. MacNN: Full review: Apple iPad Air
  145. MacNN: Reviews: Apple iPad Air
  146. MacNN: First Look: Lenovo Tablet 8
  147. AppleInsider: Apple CEO Tim Cook shows support for pending U.S. nondiscrimination act
  148. MacRumors: Apple CEO Tim Cook Writes Op-Ed in Support of U.S. Employment Nondiscrimin
  149. AppleInsider: Review: Apple's fifth-generation iPad Air
  150. AppleInsider: Apple vice president of iOS engineering Henri Lamiraux retires
  151. AppleInsider: Review: Apple's late 2013 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
  152. MacRumors: Key iOS Engineering Executive Henri Lamiraux Retires from Apple
  153. MacNN: First Look: Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition
  154. AppleInsider: Review: Apple's late-2013 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
  155. MacNN: iPhone available on contract in India for first time with 5s, 5c
  156. MacNN: Eminem's 'The Marshal Mathers LP2' streaming in full on iTunes Radio
  157. AppleInsider: Review: Sony's high-end Cyber-shot QX100 wireless camera lens for iPhon
  158. AppleInsider: Mavericks uses ambient light sensor data to detect movement, delay slee
  159. MacRumors: CEO Confirms All iPads on T-Mobile Receive 200MB Free Data Each Month
  160. AppleInsider: After mixup, T-Mobile promises everyone gets 200MB of free iPad data
  161. AppleInsider: High-capacity iPad Air models selling out, Web tool shows availability
  162. MacNN: Hands-on: Targus Versavu Keyboard Case for iPad Air
  163. MacRumors: 75% of Early iPad Purchasers Already Own an iPad, Early-Adopter Upgrade Cy
  164. MacRumors: iPad Air Now Shipping 'Within 24 Hours' in U.S., Pushing Delivery Estimate
  165. MacNN: OS X Mavericks uses ambient light sensors to prevent system sleep
  166. MacNN: Flipboard for iOS gets speed improvements, iOS 7 makeover
  167. MacRumors: New Plugin Allows Developers to Turn iOS Devices Into Bitcoin Mining Bots
  168. MacNN: Forums: Wi-Fi problems in Mavericks and more
  169. MacNN: Apple deals: 15.4-inch Retina MBPs for $1,599 and up
  170. MacNN: DealNN: rollback pricing on iPad Air and more
  171. AppleInsider: Apple now sitting on $10B in deferred revenue, more than Samsung or Goo
  172. MacNN: Groupon updates website, iOS and Android apps
  173. MacNN: iPad Air stocks begin to dwindle in many countries
  174. AppleInsider: How and where to trade in your old iPad for the most cash or store cred
  175. AppleInsider: Apple-backed patent consortium sues Google, major Android manufacturers
  176. MacNN: OS X 10.10 traffic spikes in last week of October
  177. MacNN: Briefly: Fiber TV iOS update, Kindle Fire HDX posed as iPad Air rival
  178. MacRumors: OS X Mavericks Taps Ambient Light Sensors to Detect Motion and Prevent Sys
  179. MacRumors: Launch-Day iPad Air Stocks Begin to Weaken, High-Capacity Models Most Affe
  180. MacRumors: Boost Mobile to Offer iPhone 5s and 5c with $100 Discounts Beginning Novem
  181. AppleInsider: Traffic from OS X 10.10 growing as Apple preps Mavericks follow-up
  182. MacNN: Boost Mobile sets pricing for iPhone 5s, 5c launch
  183. MacNN: iOS App of the Week: Fantastical 2
  184. MacRumors: Teardown of iPad Air Reveals A7 Chip, LG Display, Qualcomm LTE Modem
  185. MacNN: Indian carrier subsidizes iPhone 5s, 5c as Apple extends iPhone reach
  186. MacNN: Apps: PDFpen, Beamer, Screenium
  187. AppleInsider: iPad Air teardown reveals smaller battery, separate LCD & cover glass
  188. MacNN: Teardown: iPad Air shows smaller battery capacity, Qualcomm LTE
  189. MacNN: Apple iPad Air on sale online in US, hits retail in UK, Europe
  190. MacNN: New 'Remote' Apple iOS app spotted with new icon
  191. MacRumors: iPad Air Online Orders Go Live in the United States, Canada, and Europe
  192. MacRumors: Apple Turning to Samsung as Low Display Yields for Retina iPad Mini Contin
  193. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad Air now available in US Online Apple Store
  194. MacNN: Apple asking developers to test Mavericks Mail update
  195. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly taps Samsung for Retina iPad mini panels due to supply
  196. MacRumors: Online Apple Stores in U.S., Canada, and Europe Go Down Ahead of iPad Air
  197. MacNN: New 'Remote' Apple iOS app spotted with new icon
  198. AppleInsider: Best Buy to take $250 off 13" MacBook, $100 off all MacBook Airs in two
  199. MacRumors: Apple Working on Fix for OS X Mavericks Mail App Issues
  200. AppleInsider: Apple issues Mavericks Mail Update build to AppleSeed members for testi
  201. MacRumors: First Look Videos Show iPad Air Launch Experience and Deboxing
  202. AppleInsider: Apple axes older Smart Cases and Smart Covers, leaves only dark gray op
  203. MacNN: OS X 10.9 disables Expresscard slot on 2010 17-inch MacBook Pros
  204. MacNN: First look: Apple iPad Air
  205. MacRumors: New Magazine Advertisement For iPhone 5s Appears, Highlights Camera and Tr
  206. AppleInsider: Google, Samsung and others sued by Rockstar consortium over Nortel pate
  207. MacNN: Android hits 81 percent in smartphones, iOS at 13 percent
  208. MacNN: Apple, Microsoft suing Google with ex-Nortel smartphone patents
  209. MacRumors: Apple Online Store Opens in Turkey With Full Product Lineup
  210. AppleInsider: First consumer iPad Air unboxing video hits the web hours after release
  211. MacNN: Some Mavericks-based Western Digital users experiencing data loss
  212. AppleInsider: Briefly: Apple expands retail operations to Turkey with Apple Online St
  213. MacNN: Android hits 81% in smartphones, iOS at 13%, WP at 4%
  214. AppleInsider: Ad for Apple's redesigned Remote iOS app appears briefly on iTunes Stor
  215. Apple: iPad Air Receiving Glowing Reviews
  216. MacRumors: App Store Promo Suggests Redesigned 'Remote' App Coming Soon
  217. AppleInsider: Intel targets next-generation mobile data with first LTE-enabled multi-
  218. AppleInsider: Fantastical 2 brings natural voice recognition, enhanced calendar views
  219. MacNN: Apple designating inventory for 'Personal Pickup,' staggered sales
  220. MacNN: Sources explain details of iPhone 5s battery recall
  221. MacNN: Samsung tablets top iPads in J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey
  222. MacNN: iPad Air already sold out at Hong Kong onilne store
  223. MacRumors: Western Digital Warns External Hard Drive Customers Over Mavericks Data Lo
  224. AppleInsider: J.D. Power ranks Samsung tablets better than iPad entirely due to cost
  225. AppleInsider: Google unveils new Nexus 5 with M7-like motion tracker, Android 4.4 Kit
  226. MacNN: Native Instruments ships Maschine 2.0, Maschine Studio
  227. MacNN: Briefly: New version of Tidy Up, Atama's Sesame wireless lock for Mac
  228. AppleInsider: Businessweek's "Obama crash" cover art features Apple's Mac wait beach
  229. MacRumors: Apple's Asia-Pacific Online Stores Begin Taking iPad Air Orders, Shipping
  230. AppleInsider: Apple now listing native iOS apps such as Safari & Messages in App Stor
  231. MacNN: Apple online stores begin going down ahead of iPad Air launch
  232. MacNN: Briefly: Updated Infinity Blade III for iOS, AKVIS HDRFactory
  233. MacRumors: Apple Inserting Entries for Its Own Stock iOS Apps and Services Into App S
  234. MacRumors: Apple's Online Stores in Asia-Pacific Go Offline Ahead of iPad Air Launch
  235. MacNN: Apple asks developers to avoid using gold iPhone 5s in promo images
  236. MacNN: FAA relaxes electronic device flight rules for take-off, landing
  237. MacRumors: FAA Officially Allows Airlines to Expand Use of Personal Electronics on Co
  238. AppleInsider: SoftBank shows massive income growth behind demand for Apple's iPhone
  239. MacNN: Time Warner to double Ultimate Internet speeds in LA, NYC, Hawaii
  240. MacRumors: iPad Drove 'Quantum Leap' in Apple Retail Store Traffic as Annual Visits A
  241. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Snapseed, Quora, Camera+
  242. AppleInsider: FAA to allow passenger use of iPhones, iPads & other electronics during
  243. MacNN: Three UK confirms plans to carry iPad Air, iPad mini in UK
  244. MacNN: Reviews: Sony Xperia Z1
  245. AppleInsider: Apple investigating built-in solar power converters for iPhone, MacBook
  246. MacNN: AT&T
  247. MacNN: Target website leak may reveal Retina iPad mini debut date
  248. MacRumors: Original iPad 3G Customers Begin Receiving Claim Forms for Apple/AT&T Data
  249. MacNN: Transporter Sync generates, controls access to private cloud storage
  250. AppleInsider: Claim forms go out to 'Apple Class Members' for iPad 3G unlimited data