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  1. MacNN: Public Knowledge blasts AT&T over FaceTime network limits
  2. AppleInsider: Motorola's seven-patent ITC complaint against Apple detailed
  3. MacRumors: Apple to Ramp Up 7.85" iPad Mini Production in September?
  4. AppleInsider: Rumor: 'iPad mini' manufacture to hit 4M units per month in September a
  5. MacNN: Apple versus Samsung: no CEO settlement, no spoilation
  6. MacNN: Reviews: Geneva Sound Systems Model XS
  7. MacNN: Apple details claims against Galaxy Nexus in appeals court
  8. AppleInsider: 'No resolution' in last-minute Apple, Samsung settlement talks
  9. MacNN: Nielsen: Android, Sharp, Apple tops in Japan
  10. AppleInsider: Overly complex verdict form could confuse jury, judge says
  11. MacNN: Kanex Back to School Giveaway!
  12. MacNN: Apple stock hits record value, beats Microsoft's 1999 peak
  13. AppleInsider: Samsung Galaxy Nexus copied iPhone features to steal market share, Appl
  14. MacNN: Details emerge about Motorola's ITC complaint against Apple
  15. MacRumors: Net Neutrality Organization Accusing AT&T of Violating FCC Rules With Face
  16. MacNN: Chaos on Best Buy takeover proposal, board names new CEO
  17. AppleInsider: Apple expert witness recreates Fidler tablet replica to disprove Samsun
  18. MacNN: Apple expands Canadian retail stores with Halifax, Coquitlam
  19. MacRumors: Next-Generation iPhone Dock/Headphone Jack Assembly Paired with Rear Shell
  20. AppleInsider: Parts believed to be from Apple's next-gen iPhone fit together 'perfect
  21. MacNN: iPod nano retail shortages hint at September refresh
  22. MacNN: Apple Stores nearing 300M visitors in FY2012
  23. MacNN: Judge: Google 'failed' to list astroturf writers
  24. MacRumors: Apple Geniuses Serving 50,000 Users Per Day as 2012 Store Visits Approach
  25. AppleInsider: Apple retail stores see 50K Genius Bar visits each day
  26. MacNN: IEEE to introduce new Ethernet speed, up to 1Tb per second
  27. MacNN: Analyst estimates next iPhone could sell 250 million units
  28. MacNN: Briefly: MakeUp, ACTPrinter updates released
  29. AppleInsider: Apple tops Microsoft to become most valuable company ever
  30. AppleInsider: iPad demand expected to contribute to HP's largest-ever quarterly loss
  31. MacNN: Apple blocks German iBookstore buys with discount cards
  32. MacNN: Apps: iRip, Screenflick, CloudPull
  33. MacRumors: Apple Pitches Security of iMessage in Response to SMS Spoofing Issue
  34. MacRumors: Apple Becomes Most Valuable Publicly-Traded Stock Ever
  35. MacNN: Apple acknowledges SMS spoof issue, blames carriers
  36. MacNN: Apple, Samsung CEOs may talk before trial goes to jury
  37. MacNN: iPhone Apps: InstaFonts, iDotsConnect, Easy German
  38. MacRumors: Tim Cook and Samsung CEO to Discuss Patent Dispute One Last Time Today Ahe
  39. AppleInsider: Apple, Samsung CEOs to hold last-minute lawsuit settlement talks
  40. MacNN: Alleged complete front panel for iPhone 5 leaks
  41. MacNN: Sony reveals Exmor RS camera sensor for smartphones
  42. MacNN: Judge may not make jury aware of Samsung email destruction
  43. AppleInsider: Apple's 'iPhone 5 Tsunami' predicted to sell 250M units over life cycle
  44. AppleInsider: Jurors await paperwork before deciding Apple-Samsung dispute
  45. MacNN: AT&T said to discontinue tablet subsidies
  46. AppleInsider: Rumor: First pictures of next-gen iPhone display assembly surface
  47. MacNN: Facebook 'sponsored stories' settlement rejected by judge
  48. AppleInsider: Jury likely to decide Apple and Samsung case as parties fail to narrow
  49. MacNN: New Motorola suit seeks ban on iPad, iPhone, Macs
  50. AppleInsider: Apple urges users to stick with iMessage to avoid iPhone SMS spoofing
  51. MacRumors: Complete 'iPhone 5' Front Panel and 4" Screen Photos
  52. MacNN: OnLive lays off entire staff, purchased by unknown entity
  53. MacNN: Apple versus Samsung final day of witness testimony complete
  54. MacNN: New Apple device dock, headphone plug pictures revealed
  55. AppleInsider: Apple, Samsung rest cases in patent trial as testimony phase wraps up
  56. AppleInsider: Motorola files new ITC suit against Apple, claims patent infringement
  57. MacNN: AT&T cellular FaceTime limited to Mobile Share plans
  58. MacNN: OnLive lays off entire staff, files for creditor protection
  59. MacNN: Apple hits record stock high on iPhone, iPad expectations
  60. AppleInsider: New high-res photos of black, white 'iPad mini' and next-gen iPhone doc
  61. MacNN: Facebook stock 'lockups' expire, stock falls to new low
  62. MacRumors: New Photos of Claimed Dock Connector and Headphone Jack for iPad Mini and
  63. AppleInsider: AT&T to require new Mobile Share data plans for FaceTime calls over cel
  64. MacRumors: AT&T Won't Charge for FaceTime Over Cellular, Will Require New Mobile Shar
  65. AppleInsider: Apple closes at new high of $648 on rumors of iPad mini, Apple TV
  66. AppleInsider: Judge Koh allows Samsung to present Fidler tablet concept as iPad prior
  67. MacNN: HTC gets second case involving Apple moved to Delaware
  68. MacNN: CFO Oppenheimer sees no limit to Apple sales in China
  69. MacRumors: OnLive Denies Rumors That the Company is Shutting Down
  70. MacNN: Apple seeding OS X 10.8.1 to developers
  71. AppleInsider: Apple CFO says company sees 'no ceiling' to penetration of Chinese mark
  72. AppleInsider: Thief who broke into Steve Jobs house gave stolen iPad to clown
  73. MacNN: Analyst claims iPad mini, Apple TV set in full production
  74. AppleInsider: Google, HTC, Samsung reportedly joining Apple in effort to buy Kodak pa
  75. MacNN: Apple, Google, Samsung, others partnering on Kodak bid
  76. MacRumors: iPhone Security Issue Opens Door to SMS Spoofing
  77. AppleInsider: Hacker discovers iPhone SMS spoofing issue, asks Apple to fix for iOS 6
  78. AppleInsider: Jefferies says Apple may have licensed JDSU's 'body gesture' sensors fo
  79. MacRumors: Analyst Believes Apple Television Set Already in 'Full Production', Launch
  80. MacNN: New lawsuit says Apple violating media playback patents
  81. MacNN: Security flaw found in iOS, allows spoofing of SMS messages
  82. MacNN: Forum roundup: Lion troubles and more
  83. MacNN: Apple refurbs: iMacs, iPads and MacBook Pros
  84. MacRumors: Apple, Google, and Samsung Teaming Up in Effort to Acquire Kodak Patents
  85. MacRumors: Apple's Stock Continues Surge With New Record High
  86. MacNN: DealNN roundup: refurb. 2.4GHz MacBook Pro, now $2119
  87. MacNN: Judge blocks Samsung motion on Apple evidence spoilation
  88. MacNN: Briefly: Panasonic updates Wireless Stick, Horn for iOS
  89. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Showyou, Inferno+, Catch Notes
  90. MacNN: Apps: EarthDesk, Studiometry, DVDRemaster
  91. AppleInsider: China's second-largest carrier may end contract sales of Apple's iPhone
  92. AppleInsider: Judge denies Samsung's 'me too' evidence spoliation jury instructions
  93. MacNN: Apple set-top box to bridge gap between live, on-demand TV?
  94. MacNN: Kodak considering canceling auction, retaining patents
  95. MacNN: Twitter tightens restrictions on third-party apps
  96. MacNN: Short on time, Samsung rests case versus Apple
  97. MacRumors: Apple Aims to 'Erase Distinction Between Live and On-Demand' TV Content
  98. AppleInsider: Apple's rumored set-top box said to offer iOS UI, cloud-based DVR capab
  99. AppleInsider: Samsung rests it case, says Apple could owe nearly $422M in royalties
  100. MacNN: US State Department cancels no-bid Kindle contract
  101. AppleInsider: Judge loses temper, hits Apple counsel with 'smoking crack' remark
  102. MacNN: Samsung says Apple overestimates patent damages
  103. AppleInsider: Apple's Oregon data center to rival size of N.C. iCloud installation
  104. MacNN: Instagram 3.0, Growl 2.0 SDK go live
  105. AppleInsider: New Apple retail VP John Browett planned to cut jobs to raise profits
  106. MacNN: Apple submits plans for Prineville, Oregon datacenter
  107. MacNN: Apple wins patents for backlit trackpad, tool gestures
  108. MacRumors: Apple Stock Price Closes at All-Time High Ahead of New iPhone Rollout
  109. AppleInsider: Samsung witness says Apple's damages closer to $519 million, not $2.5 b
  110. MacNN: Apple says reduced retail hours a restructuring gaffe
  111. AppleInsider: AuthenTec "Smart Sensor" appears key to Apple's urgent acquisition
  112. MacNN: TuneCore, CD Baby deal pushes Rdio catalog to over 18M
  113. MacNN: German Shell rewards program leaks September Nano refresh
  114. MacRumors: Apple Files Plans for 500,000 Square-Foot Oregon Data Center
  115. MacNN: iPad mini, other devices could adopt ITO film coating
  116. AppleInsider: Apple scrambled to buy AuthenTec to get its fingerprint scanner into ne
  117. MacNN: Briefly: MoneyBag beta signup, MacProcess network launched
  118. MacRumors: Apple 'Messed Up' with Retail Store Cutbacks, Denies Mass Layoffs
  119. MacNN: Humble Bundle offers games for Mac, PC, Linux, Android
  120. MacNN: SEC filing reveals details of Apple's AuthenTec buyout
  121. MacNN: Apps: Drive Genius, RipIt, Cocktail
  122. MacRumors: Urgency in Apple's Talks with AuthenTec Hints at Rapid Adoption of Fingerp
  123. MacNN: Feral to bring Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes to the Mac
  124. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Google+, Angry Birds Seasons HD, iBooth
  125. MacNN: Third OS X 10.7.5 beta reaches develeopers
  126. AppleInsider: Apple's 7.85-inch iPad mini and future iPads may adopt ITO film coating
  127. MacNN: Nokia goads Samsung with next-gen Lumia tweet
  128. MacNN: Samsung fights Apple on copying and patent fronts
  129. AppleInsider: Apple looking into illuminated touchpads with varying colors, brightnes
  130. AppleInsider: Samsung designer says Galaxy Tab 10.1 design work preceded iPad announc
  131. MacNN: Korean breakthrough points to quick-charge Li-ion batteries
  132. AppleInsider: Apple calls DoJ e-book settlement proposal unlawful, says trial is need
  133. MacNN: Digital music set to outsell discs; streaming leads growth
  134. MacNN: Briefly: Kobo E-Reader, InDesign PDF2DTP, PowerSkin
  135. MacNN: Report: AppleTV to be used as live television cable box?
  136. MacNN: Apple blasts DoJ over settlements in e-book collusion trial
  137. AppleInsider: Apple document says iPhone set the tone of trade show it did not attend
  138. MacNN: Only two days left in Apple versus Samsung witness testimony
  139. MacNN: Creative reveals Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage gaming headset
  140. MacRumors: Apple In Talks to Build Set-Top Box to Display Live Television
  141. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly in talks with cable providers over set-top box
  142. AppleInsider: Apple 'iPad mini' could resemble, be as thin as iPod touch
  143. MacNN: MPEG to halve video bandwidth with H.265 codec draft
  144. MacNN: New HBO, Fox deal opens path for simultaneous digital sales
  145. MacNN: Photo shows alleged flex cable/dock connector for iPad mini
  146. AppleInsider: Judge says 'it's time for peace,' asks Apple and Samsung CEOs to discus
  147. MacRumors: Video Comparison of 'iPhone 5' Nano-SIM Tray and Buttons to iPhone 4S Part
  148. MacNN: Samsung to call 'one bullet to kill' witness on Friday
  149. MacNN: Judge in Apple-Samsung trial urges CEOs meet again
  150. MacNN: Briefly: Universal Charge/Sync Cable, FileWave Lightning
  151. AppleInsider: MPEG releases H.265 draft, promises twice the video quality by 2013
  152. AppleInsider: Samsung to call Motorola's "one bullet to kill" witness to justify iPho
  153. MacNN: No plans to fix Office 2011 issues with Retina MacBooks
  154. MacRumors: Possible Photo of 'iPad Mini' Dock Connector Flex Cable with Headphone Jac
  155. AppleInsider: Burglar who swiped Steve Jobs' wallet, computers quickly traced after p
  156. MacNN: KT, SK Telecom in talks for LTE support for next iPhone
  157. MacNN: Apps: QuarkXPress, iDefrag, Dropbox
  158. MacNN: Report: Apple reaches 70 percent of tablet market share
  159. MacNN: Sources support new iPad mini design claims
  160. MacNN: iPhone Apps: SpeedGlow Speedometer, Dark Sky, IM+ Pro
  161. MacRumors: Korean Carriers Reportedly Negotiating with Apple for 800/1800 MHz LTE Ser
  162. MacNN: New 'iPad mini' schematics emerge, are possibly genuine
  163. AppleInsider: Apple's talks with Korean carriers further suggest next iPhone will sup
  164. MacNN: New 'iPad Mini' schematics emerge, are possibly genuine
  165. MacNN: Double telepresence robot uses iPads for control, comms
  166. MacNN: Pinterest iPad, Android versions join iPhone app
  167. MacNN: Rabbinical group seeks anti-semitic text removal from iTunes
  168. AppleInsider: Top Samsung designer denies copying iOS icons while patent expert says
  169. MacRumors: Apple's iPad Mini: Thinner, Lighter and Narrower
  170. MacNN: Report: Windows RT Surface tablet may cost as little as $199
  171. MacNN: Microsoft tweaks SkyDrive UI, intros Android app
  172. AppleInsider: Judge angered by continued Apple, Samsung courtroom "theatrics"
  173. MacNN: Google wins right to appeal class-status in book scan suit
  174. MacNN: OWC ships MacBook Pro Retina display SSD upgrade
  175. AppleInsider: Samsung accuses Apple of infringing on three patents
  176. MacNN: Sprint effectively drops iPhone 4S to $50
  177. MacNN: Java SE 7 Update 6 brings SE7 to OS X
  178. AppleInsider: Sprint offering $100 gift card with iPhone 4S purchase, Apple matches w
  179. MacNN: First round of Apple dividend payouts to start on Thursday
  180. MacNN: Nielsen: Teens choose YouTube over iTunes, radio, CDs
  181. MacNN: Apple wins patents for in-cell touch, DVR-like concepts
  182. MacRumors: Oracle Officially Launches Java SE 7 for OS X
  183. MacRumors: Apple's 2006 Ideas for DVR and Television Interface Reappear in Newly-Gran
  184. AppleInsider: Apple gearing up to pay out $2.5 billion in dividends on Thursday
  185. MacRumors: Apple Granted Patent for 'In-Cell' Touchscreen Display Concepts
  186. MacNN: QuarkXPress 9.3.1 update brings Mountain Lion support
  187. MacNN: Panasonic unveils new AVCCAM series camera
  188. MacNN: European carriers start pre-order tickets for new iPhone
  189. MacNN: Apps: PDF Studio, MovieChapterizer, MindNode Pro
  190. MacNN: BERG Little Printer now up for pre-order, priced at $260
  191. MacNN: Forum roundup: MBP keyboard not responding and more
  192. MacNN: Apple refurbs: MacBook Pros starting at $929
  193. MacNN: Telenav Scout app for iPhone gets offline GPS navigation
  194. MacNN: Burglars steal over $60,000 in goods from Steve Jobs' home
  195. MacNN: DealNN roundup: refurb. Curtis 37-inch LCD TV, now $237
  196. MacNN: Briefly: DEVONagent gains ML support, Bluebook comes to iOS
  197. AppleInsider: More than $60,000 in "computers and personal items" stolen from Steve J
  198. MacRumors: Steve Jobs' Home Burglarized, Suspect Arrested After $60,000 in Property S
  199. AppleInsider: Apple's share of worldwide tablet market returns to all-time highs
  200. MacNN: iPhone Apps: eBay for iPad, Articles, Racing Legends
  201. MacNN: Apple releases (PRODUCT) RED Bumper for iPhone 4/4S
  202. MacRumors: Apple Releases (PRODUCT) RED Bumper for iPhone 4S/4
  203. MacNN: Saudi Arabia files gTLD objections against .virgin, .baby
  204. MacNN: Lapka launches Environmental Monitor for iPhone
  205. MacNN: Gartner: mobile market shrinks ahead of next iPhone
  206. AppleInsider: Apple's newly-patented in-cell touchscreen tech could be bound for next
  207. MacNN: Verizon brings Viewdini service to iOS devices
  208. AppleInsider: Apple "rubber-banding," "pinch-to-zoom" patents challenged by Samsung w
  209. MacNN: Apple rests case, Samsung challenges patent validity
  210. MacNN: Judge bars Samsung from presenting two witnesses
  211. MacNN: Kodak extends patent porfolio 'naked' auction deadline
  212. MacNN: Partial judgements entered in Apple vs. Samsung FRAND case
  213. AppleInsider: Samsung exec told company to learn from Apple's iPhone, not copy it
  214. AppleInsider: Three Samsung handsets removed from list of accused devices at patent t
  215. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple axing recently-hired retail store staff
  216. AppleInsider: Next-gen iPhone orders to start Sept. 12 ahead of Sept. 21 U.S. launch,
  217. AppleInsider: Apple FRAND win over Motorola slashes Google's patent power
  218. MacNN: Apple Stores laying off recently-hired workers, say sources
  219. MacNN: Report has iPhone orders on Sept. 12th, launch Sept. 21st
  220. MacRumors: Apple Retail Stores Seeing Significant Layoffs of Recent Hires?
  221. AppleInsider: Rumored iPhone 5 "asymmetric screw" was phony, attempt to dupe media
  222. AppleInsider: Apple licensed iPhone, iPad patents to Microsoft, with "anti-clone" res
  223. MacNN: Sennheiser shows off two new gaming headsets
  224. MacNN: Apple licensing iOS design patents to Microsoft
  225. MacNN: Apps: HyperDock, Adium, Things
  226. MacRumors: Pre-Orders for Next-Generation iPhone to Begin September 12?
  227. AppleInsider: Apple v. Samsung draws line between copying and patent infringement
  228. MacNN: AT&T source calls for late-September iPhone launch
  229. MacRumors: Apple Has Licensed iOS Design Patents to Microsoft, Agreement Bans "Clonin
  230. AppleInsider: Apple blocks Samsung F700 designer's testimony, calls it irrelevant
  231. AppleInsider: AT&T gearing up to begin selling Apple's new iPhone in late September
  232. AppleInsider: Apple's new iPhone and iOS 6 will wake you up to your favorite song
  233. MacNN: Sources claim 9 pins, speed boost for new Apple connector
  234. MacRumors: AT&T Reportedly Planning for iPhone Launch in Late September
  235. MacRumors: Apple's 'Unbreakable' iOS Device Encryption Highlighted
  236. MacNN: Judge orders Apple, Samsung to finish jury instructions
  237. MacNN: iPhone Apps: BooksWing, Total Player Pro, Synotes
  238. AppleInsider: Apple's new mini Dock Connector to feature 9-pin, orientation independe
  239. MacNN: Target, Best Buy follow suit in dropping iPhone prices
  240. MacNN: Purported next-gen iPhone motherboard surfaces
  241. MacNN: US Census Bureau releases first mobile app
  242. AppleInsider: Target and BestBuy join Apple in cutting iPhone prices ahead of new mod
  243. MacNN: Google to axe 20 percent of Motorola workforce
  244. MacNN: Leak: RadioShack creating no-contract mobile network?
  245. AppleInsider: Judge "disappointed" over Apple and Samsung jury instructions, orders l
  246. AppleInsider: Alleged next-gen iPhone logic board revealed in new photos
  247. MacRumors: Leaked Photos of the 'iPhone 5' Logic Board
  248. MacNN: Gamestop doubling down on gadget resale plan
  249. MacNN: Ears-on with Beats Solo and Harman Kardon CL headphones
  250. AppleInsider: Apple warned Samsung of possible patent infringement in 2010 presentati