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  1. MacNN: Qnap launches TS-x70 Turbo NAS devices with multimedia streaming
  2. MacNN: Apple Stores suffer retail POS, Personal Pickup outage
  3. MacNN: Dropbox now lets business users link personal accounts
  4. MacNN: Apple updates Aperture, releases Safari betas to developers
  5. MacNN: Photo-caching bug in iOS since v5 still present in 7.0.4
  6. MacNN: Apple vs Samsung, round two: Schiller takes stand
  7. MacNN: Nest updates iPhone app, add support for smoke detector
  8. MacNN: BlackBerry adds iPad, iPod support to BBM, adds sharing options
  9. AppleInsider: Review: Apple's second-generation iPad mini with Retina display
  10. AppleInsider: Apple's Schiller takes stand in Apple v. Samsung retrial, says iPhone w
  11. AppleInsider: Bug 'resurrects' deleted image thumbnails in iOS 7 Photos app, dates ba
  12. AppleInsider: Apple shares may sink below Microsoft in S&P 500 influence after 2013 l
  13. AppleInsider: Apple seeds Safari betas with PDF and autofill enhancements
  14. AppleInsider: Apple's retail point-of-sale system suffers nationwide outage
  15. AppleInsider: Former Microsoft CTO creates beautiful culinary app exclusively for iPa
  16. AppleInsider: Apple adds realtime collaboration, document organization to iWork for i
  17. MacRumors: Apple's iWork for iCloud Apps Gain New Collaboration Features
  18. MacRumors: Apple Retail Stores Experiencing Computer Downtime, Personal Pickup Affect
  19. AppleInsider: Coin aims to replace analog credit cards with a single iPhone-connected
  20. AppleInsider: Apple releases iOS 7.0.4 to address FaceTime bug, other issues
  21. MacRumors: iBooks and iTunes U Updated With iOS 7 Redesigns
  22. MacRumors: Apple Releases iOS 7.0.4 With Fix for FaceTime Call Issue
  23. AppleInsider: Apple updates iBooks & iTunes U with fresh, flatter looks for iOS 7
  24. MacRumors: New Biography of Jony Ive Sheds Light on Apple's Design 'Genius'
  25. AppleInsider: Apple loses smartphone market share as Chinese vendors gain in Q3 -?Gar
  26. MacRumors: New Retina iPad Mini In-Store Availability Tracker Gaining Attention
  27. AppleInsider: Apple & Samsung take massive 109% of mobile industry profits while comp
  28. AppleInsider: Apple's official iPhone 5s & 5c cases prove popular, though most custom
  29. AppleInsider: Apple's Siri may offer crowd-sourced answers to user queries
  30. MacNN: Reviews: Sonos Play:1
  31. AppleInsider: Unofficial Web tool tracks Retina iPad mini availability for U.S. Apple
  32. AppleInsider: Facebook Messenger adds phone number integration, gets visual overhaul
  33. MacNN: Review: Sonos Play:1
  34. MacNN: WD wields HAMR: heat assisted magnetic recording hard drives coming
  35. MacNN: Apple to issue $3.05 per share on Thursday in latest dividend
  36. MacNN: Backblaze: Median lifespan of consumer-grade hard drive is six years
  37. MacNN: Reviews: Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch
  38. MacNN: Teardown of new Retina iPad mini reveals bigger battery
  39. AppleInsider: Pocket adds content curation feature with latest version 5.0
  40. MacNN: MacRumors user forums hacked; 860,000 user details stolen
  41. MacNN: Apple demands $380M during opening of Apple v. Samsung retrial
  42. MacNN: YouTube Capture 2.0 adds complex editing functions
  43. AppleInsider: Samsung: no disputing we sold Apple's property and owe a 'huge sum of m
  44. MacNN: Columbia, South Carolina on track to get first Apple Store
  45. AppleInsider: Delaware Apple store sells more iPhones than any other in the US
  46. MacRumors: Apple Asks for $379 Million in Damages Retrial Against Samsung
  47. MacNN: Jawbone launches Up24 Bluetooth fitness tracker, updated Up iOS app
  48. MacRumors: Cellular-Capable Retina iPad Mini Models Begin Trickling Into U.S. Apple R
  49. AppleInsider: Italian government levels tax fraud accusation at Apple, raids local HQ
  50. MacNN: Apple accused of defrauding Italian gov't. of $1.34 billion in taxes
  51. MacNN: Briefly: Black Friday Apple promos, DEVONtechnologies firmware update
  52. MacNN: Chrome 31 improves web payment support, makes security fixes
  53. MacNN: Google takes on iPad in education with new school-focused Play Store
  54. MacNN: Differently-sized iWatches being produced for men, women, report says
  55. AppleInsider: Camera360 iPhone app update adds control for Sony's QX wireless lenses
  56. MacNN: Apps: Art Text, FxFactory, MacJournal
  57. MacNN: iPad mini delivery orders targeted to ship as soon as Nov. 15th
  58. MacNN: Briefly: Tweetbot 3 updated, Scosche announces USB car charger
  59. MacRumors: Teardown of Retina iPad Mini Reveals A7 Chip, LG Display, Larger Battery
  60. MacRumors: Apple's 'iWatch' Said to Arrive in Separate 1.7- and 1.3-Inch Display Size
  61. MacNN: Apple's $10.5B manufacturing tech forecast linked to exclusive deals
  62. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini teardown reveals larger battery, display supplied by L
  63. MacRumors: More Details About Apple's $10.5 Billion Expenditure on Upcoming Supply Ch
  64. MacRumors: Shipments of Retina iPad Mini Likely to Double in Q1 2014 as Shortages Eas
  65. AppleInsider: Apple's rumored 'iWatch' claimed to have different screen sizes for men
  66. AppleInsider: Apple investing record $10.5 billion on supply chain robots & machinery
  67. MacNN: Verizon LTE network in large cities affected by high demand
  68. MacNN: Apple expands iAd Workbench, adding nine new countries
  69. MacNN: Study: Apple's iPad dominates Chinese tablet sales
  70. AppleInsider: Review: Shine activity monitor
  71. MacNN: Report: iTunes, FaceTime among top NA web services
  72. MacNN: Briefly: New DASH7 portable speaker, Jabra's wireless headphones
  73. AppleInsider: Jury selected for upcoming Apple v. Samsung retrial over vacated damage
  74. MacNN: Analyst: Retina iPad mini will eat iPad 2; Apple TV sees slow growth
  75. AppleInsider: Historic Apple II DOS source code now available to download
  76. MacRumors: Target, Walmart and Best Buy Offering Black Friday Deals on Apple Products
  77. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini shipments to grow 102% next quarter as iPad 2 reaches
  78. MacRumors: Apple Television Set Not Expected Until 2015 or Later, But A7 Apple TV Cou
  79. MacNN: Computer History Museum catalog lists Apple ][ DOS source code
  80. AppleInsider: Shares of Apple, Inc. go ex-dividend as it gears up to distribute nearl
  81. MacNN: Pure ships Contour i1 Air AirPlay 30-pin and lightning charging dock
  82. AppleInsider: Slowdown in Apple TV shipments suggests delay for full-size television
  83. MacRumors: MacRumors Forums: Security Leak
  84. MacNN: Consumer Google Fiber installs begin in Provo, UT
  85. AppleInsider: IDC data shows 66% of Android's 81% smartphone share are junk phones se
  86. AppleInsider: First Look: Apple's iPad mini with Retina display
  87. MacNN: Magma launches three Thunderbolt to PCI-e expansion chassis
  88. MacNN: Jury selection commences for Apple-Samsung damages retrial
  89. MacNN: WD boosts My Cloud line with four-bay My Cloud EX4 with up to 16TB
  90. MacNN: Retina iPad mini scores just below iPhone 5s in early benchmarks
  91. MacNN: Briefly: Master Fader updated, Just Mobile's new stylus, mouse mat
  92. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac Pro and Mac mini
  93. MacNN: DealNN: 27-inch Samsung monitor for $190 and more
  94. MacNN: Forums: Happy 12th Birthday iPod
  95. MacNN: Steve Jobs gets induction into Bay Area Business Hall of Fame
  96. MacNN: Google adds Google Drive attachments, quick action buttons to Gmail
  97. MacNN: Microsoft: Windows 8 app downloads now at 1.7M per day
  98. MacRumors: Apple's New Manufacturing Partner, GT Advanced, Uses Particle Accelerator
  99. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini Has 1.3 GHz A7 Processor With 5X Better Performance Than
  100. MacNN: Apple doubles promo codes for app developers to 100 per version
  101. MacNN: Briefly: BitTorrent Sync for iOS hits v1.2, Windows Phone 8 gets Vine
  102. MacNN: iPhone Apps: 1Password, Clear+, PCalc
  103. MacNN: Jury selection begins in NetAirus v. Apple suit over smartphone tech
  104. AppleInsider: GlobalFoundries may subcontract Apple A-series chips for Samsung at New
  105. MacNN: Retina iPad mini retail orders only available through Personal Pickup
  106. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini will require Personal Pickup to purchase when stock ar
  107. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini Launching with Personal Pickup, but No U.S. In-Store Avai
  108. MacNN: Apple's iPhone takes all 10 slots for Japan's Top 10 smartphones
  109. MacNN: Sources: GlobalFoundries meant as 'flex capacity' for A-series chips
  110. MacRumors: Samsung to Use GlobalFoundries Facility as Backup for Apple's A-Series Chi
  111. MacNN: iTunes begins accepting Red Cross donations for Haiyan victims
  112. AppleInsider: Apple 'working hard' to meet demand as Retina iPad mini goes on sale
  113. MacRumors: iTunes Store Now Accepting Donations for Philippine Typhoon Relief
  114. AppleInsider: Apple now taking Red Cross donations for Philippine typhoon relief
  115. AppleInsider: Apple's pressure-sensitive touchscreen possibly revealed in patent
  116. MacNN: Briefly: Pebble iOS 7 notifications update, Skullcandy Air Raid launch
  117. MacNN: Online Apple Stores down worldwide: Retina iPad mini launch? [U]
  118. MacNN: iPad mini with Retina display finally goes on sale
  119. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini Now Available for Purchase From Apple's Online Store
  120. AppleInsider: Apple starts online sales of Retina iPad mini, supply already tight
  121. MacNN: Online Apple Stores down worldwide: Retina iPad mini launch?
  122. MacNN: New images of Apple Campus 2 reveal futuristic city
  123. AppleInsider: Apple's online stores go down worldwide amid Retina iPad mini launch ru
  124. MacNN: Report: Apple Maps dominant on iOS after a year of improvements
  125. AppleInsider: Apple support website claims Retina iPad mini to launch on Nov. 12
  126. MacNN: Apple updates Xcode to 5.0.2, fixes bugs
  127. AppleInsider: Apple's Jony Ive and designer Marc Newson detail upcoming (RED) auction
  128. MacNN: Target's Black Friday offers revealed: $479 iPad Air, $89 Apple TV
  129. MacRumors: Apple to Launch Retina iPad Mini on November 12
  130. MacNN: Users can now start screen-sharing sessions with AppleCare reps
  131. MacRumors: iPhone 5s Shipping Estimates Improve to 1 to 2 Weeks in All Countries
  132. AppleInsider: Apple Store now quoting improved iPhone 5s ship times at 1-2 weeks
  133. MacNN: Reviews: Samsung's Galaxy Note 3
  134. AppleInsider: Target's Black Friday ad highlights $479 iPad Air with free $100 gift c
  135. MacRumors: Screen Sharing Now Available on Apple Support Site
  136. AppleInsider: Apple issues Xcode 5.0.2 update with bug fixes, performance improvement
  137. MacNN: Reviews: Ergotron Workfit-P sit-stand workstation
  138. MacNN: Apple cutting iPhone 5c orders from Pegatron, reports claim
  139. MacNN: Judge: Samsung, Quinn Emanuel likely to face sanctions over Apple data
  140. Apple: Shoot and Score with ‘Smart’ Basketball
  141. MacNN: Briefly: Humble Store launch, FTL expansion and iPad version
  142. MacNN: Reviews: Google Nexus 5
  143. MacNN: Review: Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air
  144. MacNN: Reviews: Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air
  145. MacNN: Review: Ergotron Sit-Stand Workfit-P for MacBook and MacBook Pro
  146. MacNN: GlobalFoundries to build Apple chips at Malta, NY plant, source says
  147. MacNN: Reviews: Ergotron Workfit-P sit-stand MacBook Pro work
  148. AppleInsider: Apple's iTunes, FaceTime among most heavily trafficked Web services in
  149. MacNN: QuarkXPress 10.0.1 improves support for OS X Mavericks
  150. MacNN: iPhone, iPad sales make Japan Apple's most profitable country
  151. MacRumors: Apple to Begin A-Series Chip Production at GlobalFoundries Facility in New
  152. AppleInsider: GlobalFoundries to build A-series chips for Apple in New York - report
  153. MacNN: Briefly: Twitterrific 5's new interface, Airmail Beta updated
  154. AppleInsider: Apple Maps took around 80 percent of Google Maps' iOS traffic in one ye
  155. AppleInsider: New architectural renderings reveal more details of Apple's future 'spa
  156. MacNN: Carl Icahn declares 'good conversation' with Apple CEO Tim Cook
  157. MacNN: Apple postponing HDTV plans due to lack of content deals
  158. MacRumors: Apple's TV Plans Reportedly On Hold Again as Wearables Take Priority
  159. MacNN: Apple cutting iPhone 5c orders from Pegatron, reports claim
  160. MacRumors: Apple Maps Significantly More Popular Than All Other iOS Mapping Apps, Inc
  161. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple television plans 'on hold,' company concentrating on weara
  162. MacNN: Briefly: SwitchEasy CANVAS for iPad Air, Skooba tablet bag, launch
  163. MacNN: Apps: Firetask, DiskAid, Radium
  164. MacNN: Vodafone says exploding iPad was older model, not Air
  165. AppleInsider: Thanks to iPhone, Japan becomes Apple's hottest market
  166. MacNN: Android-to-iPhone switch rate higher during iPhone 5s, 5c launch
  167. MacNN: Amazon provides Sunday delivery options to customers through USPS deal
  168. MacRumors: Renderings Highlight Interior of Apple's Upcoming 'Spaceship' Campus
  169. AppleInsider: Alleged cuts to iPhone 5c orders cited as Apple supplier Pegatron's pro
  170. AppleInsider: Apple Store sales fall 3% as iPhone, iPad distribution network grows
  171. AppleInsider: More iPhone buyers switching from Android this year than in 2012
  172. AppleInsider: Former director of Siri now working with Samsung on 'internet of things
  173. MacNN: Briefly: Nexus 5 on T-Mobile Nov 14, Sennheiser headset released
  174. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple exploring pressure-sensitive iPhones with curved glass dis
  175. MacNN: Future iPhones could have curved screens, pressure sensitivity
  176. AppleInsider: Twelve years ago today Apple began selling iPod
  177. AppleInsider: IDC retroactively discovers ten million tablets sold in the year ago qu
  178. AppleInsider: Deals: $250 off 13" MacBook Pro with CD/DVD; $150 off new iMac; up to $
  179. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Developing iPhones with Large Curved Screens for 2014, En
  180. AppleInsider: Microsoft Surface ad fails to Excel at math, according to Apple's Numbe
  181. MacNN: Briefly: Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3, Hearthstone HoW for iOS
  182. MacNN: Reviews: Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition
  183. MacNN: Review: Adonit's Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus for iPad
  184. AppleInsider: Review: nimblstand mates iPad with Apple's full-size Wireless Keyboard
  185. MacNN: Harman Kardon debuts Nova stereo desktop speakers
  186. AppleInsider: The team behind Mac photo editor Pixelmator plays David to Adobe's Goli
  187. MacNN: First Look: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch tablet
  188. MacNN: HP adds more business computing options with new desktops, laptops
  189. AppleInsider: New Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw release candidates fix bugs, add cam
  190. AppleInsider: Apple scores back to back wins vs. Google's Motorola in German, ITC pat
  191. MacNN: Square ceasing monthly payment plans, reverting to per-swipe fees
  192. MacNN: Apple, Microsoft expressed interest in buying parts of BlackBerry
  193. AppleInsider: Apple showed interest in BlackBerry patent buy, board refused offer
  194. MacNN: iPhoto for iOS may be plagiarizing third-party app icon
  195. MacRumors: BlackBerry Board Refused to Break Up Company Despite Interest From Apple,
  196. MacNN: Forums: How to train Touch ID to recognize more of your finger
  197. MacNN: Apple deals: up to $630 off 15.4-inch MacBook Pros
  198. MacNN: DealNN: ReadyNAS, PNY 128GB Flash expansion for MBP, and more
  199. Apple: Survey Says iPhone, iPad Top Kids’ Wish List
  200. MacRumors: Office for iOS Could See a Boost if Stephen Elop Named Microsoft CEO
  201. MacNN: Lenovo to focus phone efforts on countries where iPhone is too costly
  202. MacRumors: Boost Mobile Offering $200 In-Store Discounts on iPhone 5s and 5c for Swit
  203. MacNN: Briefly: TuneIn Radio adds college basketball, STM Bags' iPad cases
  204. MacNN: Boost Mobile launches iPhone 5s, 5c with up to $200 off
  205. MacNN: Report: Elop could spin off Xbox, Bing, push Office on iOS, Android
  206. AppleInsider: Toyota's 'dream' 4Runner SUV controlled by Apple iPads
  207. AppleInsider: Lenovo reveals plans to sell smartphones where Apple's iPhone is seen a
  208. MacNN: iOS App of the Week: Knock
  209. MacNN: Gogo plans inflight calls, texts over Wi-Fi connections
  210. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Google Hangouts, Terraria, Instapaper
  211. AppleInsider: Dell is latest tech company accused of supplier labor violations in Chi
  212. MacRumors: Low Retina iPad Mini Production Reportedly Due to Burn-In Issue on Sharp's
  213. MacNN: iPad mini shortages connected to burn-in on Sharp LCDs, rumor claims
  214. MacNN: Australian Vodafone store cleared after iPad explosion
  215. AppleInsider: Rumor: Delayed Retina iPad mini launch blamed on LCD burn-in issues
  216. MacNN: IK Multimedia ships iLoud amplified Bluetooth speaker
  217. MacNN: Target $200 iPad promotion ending Saturday, November 9
  218. MacNN: Goldgenie offers gold-plating of new iPad mini, iPad Air, more
  219. MacNN: IK Multimedia ships iLoud amplified Bluetooth speaker
  220. AppleInsider: Google Drive and SugarSync cloud storage iOS apps updated with new feat
  221. MacNN: NimbleBits brings 'Star Wars: Tiny Death Star' to US App Store
  222. MacNN: Briefly: Addonics' Wi-Fi Drive Adapter, Epic earbuds coming this month
  223. MacNN: SD Association spells out minimum card speeds for 4K2K video playback
  224. MacNN: Apple issues update for Mac iBooks, said to fix miscellaneous bugs
  225. MacNN: Pioneer bolsters DJ hardware line with entry-level DDJ-SB mix board
  226. AppleInsider: Apple issues iBooks for Mac update with bug fixes, stability improvemen
  227. MacNN: Onset debuts entry-level building energy consumption monitoring system
  228. MacNN: Vue 2014 improves lighting realism, interface, other components
  229. MacRumors: Apple Releases Mail Update for Mavericks to Address Gmail Issues
  230. AppleInsider: Apple updates Mavericks to bring Gmail stability fixes for Mail app
  231. MacRumors: U.S. Senate Approves Anti-Discrimination Bill Endorsed by Tim Cook
  232. MacNN: Apple updates Mavericks Mail app to better Gmail compatibility
  233. MacNN: Briefly: Addonics' WiFi Drive Adapter, EPIC earbuds coming this month
  234. AppleInsider: Apple issues update to fix keyboard, trackpad bugs in latest 13" Retina
  235. MacNN: Apple pushes out EFI update for late-2013 Retina MacBook Pros
  236. MacNN: Elgato debuts Thunderbolt Drive+ portable SSD
  237. MacRumors: Apple Releases Fix for 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Keyboard/Trackpad Issues
  238. MacRumors: Report Examines Labor Violations at Apple Supplier's Malaysian Plant
  239. MacNN: Microsoft revamps free Office Web Apps amid iWork rivalry
  240. MacNN: Apple snags 'most valuable brand' title for third straight year
  241. MacRumors: Apple's Arizona Factory is Dramatic Expansion of GT Advanced's Sapphire Pr
  242. MacRumors: Target Offering $200 for Older iPads Until November 9th
  243. MacNN: Briefly: IFTTT adds iOS Photos, RunKeeper gains M7 support
  244. AppleInsider: Apple claims 'world's most valuable brand' crown for the 3rd consecutiv
  245. MacNN: NYT: CIA pays AT&T $10M per year for international call data
  246. MacNN: Google Drive for iOS gets multi-account support, single sign-in
  247. MacNN: Flextronics accused of using slave labor to help build iPhone 5
  248. MacNN: Apps: Dropbox, Together, 1Password
  249. MacNN: Apple's new sapphire partner hints at much larger plans for material
  250. MacRumors: Apple Patent Application for Bluetooth LE-Mediated Hotspot Functionality S