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  1. MacNN: Briefly: AKVIS Magnifier adds 64 bit, interior design app MyFourWalls
  2. MacRumors: Touch ID Patent Applications Show Details Behind 'Secure Enclave' and iPho
  3. MacNN: Only select US, Canadian Apple Stores opening early on Black Friday
  4. MacNN: Forums: iMovie 10: what the h3ll, Apple??
  5. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac mini and iMac
  6. MacNN: DealNN: tablets, HDTVs and more
  7. MacRumors: Many U.S. and Canadian Apple Retail Stores Opening Early for Black Friday
  8. MacNN: Foxconn to invest $40M in Pennsylvania connected to new factory
  9. MacNN: SIM-free iPhone 5s hits US; iPad mini gets regional carriers
  10. MacRumors: Apple Begins Offering Unlocked, SIM-Free iPhone 5s Models in U.S. with 1-2
  11. MacRumors: Apple Retail Stores Begin Offering Walk-In Sales of Retina iPad Mini Model
  12. MacNN: Jurors credit accountant witness for Apple victory in damages retrial
  13. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini rollout expands with walk-in sales at some Apple Store
  14. MacRumors: Jony Ive and Designer Marc Newson Interviewed on Charlie Rose Show
  15. MacNN: Jonathan Ive, Marc Newson appear on Charlie Rose
  16. MacNN: iPhone Apps: FlipBook HD, gMusic 2, SampleTank
  17. AppleInsider: Lowest Prices Ever: 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina for $1,749 ($250 off); $
  18. AppleInsider: Jurors credit CPA witness for Apple's $290M victory in Samsung patent r
  19. MacNN: Deezer will launch in United States in 2014, searching for partner
  20. AppleInsider: Apple partner Foxconn to invest $40M in robots & research in Pennsylvan
  21. MacNN: FCC proposes allowing cellular connections, calls during air travel
  22. MacNN: Briefly: iBooks Author support, Dropbox for iOS 7, HBO goes Chromecast
  23. MacNN: New Apple page documents 'Life on iPad' case studies
  24. MacNN: Briefly: FlightTrack 5's revamp, Songkick adds ticket buying option
  25. MacNN: Fortune names new Apple Head of Retail #4 Businessperson of the Year
  26. AppleInsider: Apple highlights 'Life on iPad' stories in new promotional webpage
  27. MacRumors: Apple Debuts New 'Life on iPad' Webpage, Documenting Ways iPad Improves Pe
  28. MacNN: Apple updates iWork apps for Mac, bumps iOS suite to 2.0.1 [U]
  29. MacNN: Clumsy Ninja arrives on UK iOS App Store with video previews
  30. AppleInsider: Apple fixes USB HDD issues with AirPort Express, Time Capsule firmware
  31. MacNN: Apple seeds second OS X 10.9.1 beta to developers
  32. AppleInsider: Dropbox updates app with AirDrop support, iOS 7-inspired redesign
  33. MacRumors: Apple Seeds New Build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 Beta to Developers
  34. AppleInsider: Apple seeds second OS X 10.9.1 beta to developers with Mail improvement
  35. MacNN: Briefly: ESPN's new SportsCenter app, Westfield & eBay's digital retai
  36. AppleInsider: Apple features Clumsy Ninja as first iOS App Store title with a video p
  37. AppleInsider: Apple brings customizable toolbars back to iWork suite for Mac, updates
  38. MacNN: Apple updates iOS iWork suite to 2.0.1
  39. AppleInsider: FCC considering in-flight cellphone use above 10K feet, report says
  40. MacRumors: FCC Proposes Permitting In-Flight Voice/Data Cell Phone Use
  41. AppleInsider: ESPN overhauls ScoreCenter for iPhone, HBO Go adds Chromecast support
  42. MacNN: AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule 7.7.2 firmware fixes USB, WAN issues
  43. AppleInsider: Hedge fund manager David Einhorn still thinks Apple should do more with
  44. MacNN: Apple files for patent on iPhone 5s' Touch ID sensor
  45. MacNN: Sprint takes last place in Consumer Reports carrier ratings
  46. MacRumors: Jury Rules Samsung Must Pay Apple $290 Million in Damages Retrial
  47. MacRumors: Apple Debuts App Store Video Trailers in Latest Editor's Choice App
  48. AppleInsider: Jury awards Apple $290 million in patent infringement case with Samsung
  49. MacNN: Apple hammers Samsung in damages retrial: Cupertino awarded $290M
  50. MacNN: Quark updates App Studio with iOS 7 support, new views
  51. AppleInsider: China Mobile expected to launch 4G service with iPhone 5s/5c on Decembe
  52. MacNN: Briefly: TRENDnet releases new router, wearable camera MeCam HD
  53. MacRumors: Apple and Other Rockstar Consortium Shareholders Not Involved in Google La
  54. MacRumors: Apple Continues Work on Liquidmetal Alloys for Use in Future Products
  55. MacNN: Skydrive for iOS gets camera backup, iOS 7 makeover, Office upgrades
  56. AppleInsider: Apple files patent for Touch ID sensor found in iPhone 5s
  57. MacNN: MediaFire launches beta Desktop sync client for OS X, Windows
  58. MacNN: MediaFire launches beta Desktop sync client for OS X, Windows
  59. MacNN: Apps: HoudahSpot, Cyberduck, Tweetbot
  60. AppleInsider: Irish school's attempt to replace books with HP tablets results in 'unm
  61. MacNN: Briefly: Ableton's Live 9.1, Motrr's Bluetooth Galileo robotic dock
  62. MacNN: New 4.9-inch iPhone in field testing, report claims
  63. MacNN: Dropbox CEO: Steve Jobs wanted to buy us, tried to kill us
  64. AppleInsider: As Apple-Samsung trial drags on, jurors deliberate their lunch options
  65. MacNN: HBO Go for iOS, Android updated with Chromecast support
  66. MacNN: China Mobile brand launch could hint at near-future iPhone release
  67. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini Shipping Times Lengthening at Major U.S. Carriers Amid Su
  68. MacRumors: Larger-Screen iPhone Rumors Continue with 4.9-Inch iPhone 6, iPhone 5c Suc
  69. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple field testing 'iPhone 6' with 4.9-inch display
  70. MacNN: Giveaway: SnowLizard SLPower 7 portable battery charger
  71. MacNN: AOL shuttering Winamp on December 20 after 15 years of service
  72. MacNN: Briefly: Southwest Airlines device rule changes, VoLTE on Telstra
  73. AppleInsider: Nine Inch Nails rocker Trent Reznor pulls out iPhone 5s on stage to Fac
  74. MacNN: Briefly: Adobe extends photo program, VPN tutorial fix for Mavericks
  75. MacNN: Carriers report low stock of cellular Retina iPad minis
  76. MacNN: Apple execs encourage team to review 'Code of Conduct' handbook
  77. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini backorders at major US carriers hints at ongoing suppl
  78. MacNN: Briefly: Tumblr goes iOS 7 style, iOS Chrome gets autofill
  79. MacNN: Apple update iMovie 10, expands compatibility with older Macs
  80. MacRumors: Tim Cook to Apple Employees in New Video: 'At Apple, We Do the Right Thing
  81. MacNN: Microsoft updates Office for Mac, fixes bugs
  82. MacRumors: Google Launches Newsstand App for Android, Promises iOS App in 2014
  83. AppleInsider: Apple updates iMovie for Mac with support for older video cards
  84. AppleInsider: Tweetbot for Mac update brings smooth scrolling to OS X Mavericks, bug
  85. MacNN: Briefly: Adobe extends photo program, VPN tutorial fix for Mavericks
  86. AppleInsider: Samsung looks to halt damages retrial after USPTO action invalidates ke
  87. MacNN: Samsung files motion to stop damages retrial based on USPTO comment
  88. MacNN: Google offers physical credit/debit card for Wallet accounts
  89. MacRumors: New York Mulls New Anti-Theft Measures as Smartphone Thefts Continue to Su
  90. AppleInsider: Google Play Newsstand launches on Android, coming to Apple's iOS in 201
  91. MacNN: Apple taking over procurement duties at suppliers, report claims
  92. MacNN: Briefly: Jackery's newest battery, new Geneva Sound System Model XXL
  93. MacNN: Macy's, Shopkick to deploy first retail use of iBeacons
  94. AppleInsider: Macy's begins pilot test of Apple's iBeacon in flagship New York, San F
  95. MacRumors: Shopkick and Macy's Team Up for First Retail-Based iBeacons
  96. MacNN: iBank 5 gets online bill payments, automatic account updates
  97. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Byword, Calendars 5, Edge
  98. MacNN: Briefly: NeoFinder now 64-bit app, Desktops 1.0 released for Mac
  99. AppleInsider: Apple allegedly shaking up supply chain as manufacturers no longer obta
  100. MacNN: PayPal iPhone app gets iOS 7 redesign, QR/barcode payments
  101. MacNN: Apple launches Apple Store app for iPad
  102. AppleInsider: LG's Smart TV watches you: spyware ads report your behavior in creepy d
  103. MacNN: Logitech officially reveals PowerShell controller for iOS 7
  104. AppleInsider: Official Apple Store app for iPad debuts on iOS
  105. MacRumors: Apple Launching 'Apple Store' App for iPad
  106. AppleInsider: Made for iPhone gaming controllers continue to debut with Logitech's ne
  107. MacNN: Comcast launches Xfinity TV Store with cable box movie purchases
  108. MacNN: Rare working Apple I sells for $330,000 after auction in Germany
  109. MacRumors: Logitech's 'PowerShell' iOS 7 Game Controller Now Available
  110. AppleInsider: Review: Nike+ FuelBand SE
  111. MacNN: Apple receives final approval to begin construction on Campus 2
  112. MacNN: Google updates Maps SDK for iOS with 64-bit support, more
  113. AppleInsider: Apple's Campus 2 gets final approval from Cupertino City Council
  114. MacNN: Xbox One-specific SmartGlass app launches in advance of console
  115. MacRumors: Apple Receives Final Approval for 'Spaceship' Campus From Cupertino City C
  116. MacNN: Rogue AAPL trader sentenced to 30 months in prison
  117. AppleInsider: Microsoft debuts Xbox One compatible 'SmartGlass' iOS app ahead of cons
  118. AppleInsider: Former trader sentenced to 30 months in prison for fraudulent $1B AAPL
  119. MacNN: Twitter adds new filters, search to iOS, Android apps
  120. MacNN: Flickr goes physical with new Photo Books feature
  121. MacNN: Review: Akitio MyCloud Mini Personal Cloud Server
  122. MacNN: Briefly: PlayCast for Roku users, Pyle Audio's wireless headphones
  123. MacNN: Reviews: Akitio MyCloud Mini Personal Cloud Server
  124. MacNN: Future Apple sapphire plant clears final local approval
  125. MacRumors: Apple Gets Tax Break Approval for Arizona Sapphire Glass Facility
  126. AppleInsider: Apple and Samsung give closing remarks in damages retrial, Samsung push
  127. AppleInsider: Hands-off with millions of dollars worth of Product (RED) items designe
  128. AppleInsider: U.S. carriers block Samsung's kill switch alternative to Apple's iOS 7
  129. MacNN: Infinit launches Mac beta of peer-to-peer file transfer app
  130. MacNN: Closing arguments wrap up in Apple v. Samsung damages retrial
  131. AppleInsider: Apple's Arizona sapphire plant clears another regulatory hurdle
  132. MacNN: Samsung holds lead, Apple slips in Q3 RESCUECOM reliability rankings
  133. MacNN: Forums: Mavericks and Image Capture, a love story?
  134. MacNN: Apple deals: refurbished iPad and iPad mini from $339
  135. MacNN: DealNN: iMacs, 4K TVs, headphones and more
  136. MacRumors: Find My Friends Updated With iOS 7 Redesign
  137. MacNN: Apple's Find My Friends app update brings iOS 7-style redesign
  138. AppleInsider: Apple's Find My Friends app updated with new look for iOS 7
  139. MacNN: Icahn: No interest in pushing for Apple buyout of Nuance
  140. MacNN: Apps: MacFamilyTree, Mailplane, Money
  141. MacNN: Apple makes closing arguments in Apple v. Samsung retrial
  142. MacNN: Apple TV gets PBS, Yahoo Screen channels
  143. AppleInsider: Carl Icahn says he'd 'never' push Apple to buy Nuance, only wants incre
  144. MacNN: FreedomPop extends free and low-cost tiers to all Sprint phones
  145. MacRumors: 'Yahoo Screen' and PBS Come to Apple TV
  146. MacNN: Makers of Paper app announce wooden Bluetooth stylus for iPad
  147. AppleInsider: Apple TV update adds new channels from PBS & Yahoo Screen
  148. AppleInsider: 32GB Wi-Fi-only Retina iPad mini most plentiful at Apple Stores
  149. MacNN: 12.9-inch iPad allegedly in production for early 2014 launch
  150. MacRumors: Apple Suppliers Said to Begin Production of 12.9-Inch Retina Display for E
  151. MacNN: Twitter removes option to receive direct messages from all followers
  152. MacNN: MOGA debuts first-ever iOS 7-compatible game controller
  153. AppleInsider: Rumor: Supplier now building 12.9-inch Apple iPad displays for early 20
  154. AppleInsider: MOGA's Lightning-connected, iOS 7 compatible iPhone game controller lau
  155. MacNN: First look: Apple iPad mini with Retina display
  156. MacNN: Suitcase Fusion 5, Universal Type Client 4 gain Adobe integration
  157. AppleInsider: Samsung announces 800K Galaxy Gear smartwatches sold since launch
  158. MacRumors: First iOS 7 Game Controller 'MOGA Ace Power' Now Available
  159. MacNN: Shipping times for iPhone 5s drop to 3-5 days in US
  160. AppleInsider: Apple now allowing trade-ins for water damaged devices
  161. MacNN: Apple revises trade-in policy for liquid-damaged iPhones
  162. MacNN: Testimony wraps in Samsung-Apple retrial; final arguments tomorrow
  163. MacRumors: iPhone 5s Shipping Estimates Improve to 3 to 5 Days in Multiple Countries
  164. AppleInsider: Ship times for iPhone 5s improve to 3-5 days for all models
  165. MacNN: Google to pay $17 million fine for bypassing Safari anti-tracking
  166. AppleInsider: Apple, Samsung wrap up testimony in patent retrial as jurors prepare fo
  167. MacRumors: Google to Pay $17 Million Settlement to States in Safari Privacy Circumven
  168. MacRumors: Samsung Sells Just 50,000 Galaxy Gear Smart Watches, Exec Says Product is
  169. AppleInsider: Google to pay $17M settlement for bypassing Apple's Safari security set
  170. MacNN: MLB, NFL, say Aereo win would lead to exodus to cable
  171. MacNN: Review: V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones
  172. MacNN: Reviews note iPad mini has smaller color gamut than iPad Air, Nexus 7
  173. MacNN: Reviews: V-Moda Crossfade M100 headphones
  174. MacNN: Briefly: Belkin's Black Friday deals, Bublcam 360 cam's Kickstarter
  175. AppleInsider: Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch flops with just 50,000 units sold - rep
  176. MacNN: Looxcie shows off new Looxcie 3 social streaming camera
  177. AppleInsider: Appellate court breathes new life into Apple's quest for Samsung Androi
  178. MacNN: Apple seeds first iOS 7.1 beta to developers
  179. MacRumors: Apple Seeds First Beta of iOS 7.1 to Developers
  180. MacRumors: A Closer Look at Apple's North Carolina Renewable Energy Power Plant
  181. MacNN: Apple Stores to get LED holiday decorations, iBeacons for displays
  182. AppleInsider: Apple supplies developers with first beta of iOS 7.1
  183. MacRumors: Appeals Court Rules Judge Must Reconsider Banning Samsung Devices for Appl
  184. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Fantastical, UE Boom, Mattebox
  185. MacNN: Court of Appeals grants Apple second chance at blocking Samsung sales
  186. MacNN: India to get trade-ins of non-Apple phones toward iPhone 5c, 4S
  187. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini display shows poorer color accuracy than Apple's iPad
  188. MacNN: Briefly: LinkedIn Pulse app fixes, SwitchEasy's Pelle for iPad Air
  189. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini's Display Criticized Over Poor Color Gamut and Accuracy
  190. MacNN: Foxconn allegedly shutting down iPhone 5c output at Zhengzhou plant
  191. MacRumors: Foxconn's Zhengzhou Factory to Reportedly Cease Production of iPhone 5c
  192. MacNN: Briefly: New iPad Air cases from Acase, Autodesk adds guided capture
  193. MacNN: iTunes to debut second album to support Global Fund on Nov. 25th
  194. AppleInsider: Android-based TV sticks activate as tablets, prove popular for bootleg
  195. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS App Store still handily trumps Google & Amazon offerings in
  196. AppleInsider: Rumor: Major Foxconn factory to cease iPhone 5c production, focus on Ap
  197. MacNN: Nokia could push Music streaming service to iOS, Android in future
  198. MacNN: Twice Used aiming to recycle broken iPhones as useful products
  199. MacNN: Further evidence of heavy Google subsidy of Nexus 5 emerges
  200. MacNN: Apple's App Store tops Google's Play Store in 'maturity' analysis
  201. MacNN: Harper's hits iOS with dedicated app for iPhone and iPad
  202. MacNN: Reviews: LG G2
  203. MacNN: Report: Apple buys Israeli 3D sensor firm for $345 million
  204. MacNN: Briefly: New iPad Air cases from Acase, Autodesk adds guided capture
  205. AppleInsider: Apple reported to buy Israeli 3D sensor firm PrimeSense for $345 millio
  206. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Set to Acquire Israeli 3D Body Sensing Firm PrimeSense
  207. MacNN: Google Play Music app for iOS hit by launch bugs
  208. MacRumors: Apple Retail Stores to Integrate iBeacon Systems to Assist with Sales and
  209. MacNN: AT&T offering 50 percent off iPhones, other smartphones
  210. MacNN: Briefly: Audioengine D3 USB amp, Edifier's Luna Eclipse BT speakers
  211. MacNN: Phablets were 21 percent of Q3 smartphone shipments
  212. AppleInsider: The curious case of IDC, Gartner & Strategy Analytics' PC, phone & tabl
  213. MacNN: Drug kingpin Pfizer latest to move off BlackBerry to iOS, Android
  214. MacNN: Apple to close iTunes Connect during week of Christmas
  215. MacNN: Reviews: Netgear Zing mobile hotspot for Sprint
  216. MacNN: Judge tosses four of five Apple patents for damage consideration
  217. AppleInsider: Judge whittles Apple v. Samsung case down to one patent as Schiller con
  218. AppleInsider: Apple's iTunes Connect to undergo scheduled shutdown on Dec. 21-27
  219. MacNN: DealNN: Acer monitor, iPad Air and more
  220. MacNN: Apple deals: Refurbished Macs from $759
  221. MacNN: Forums: software, hardware and OS discussions
  222. MacNN: Some Retina iPad minis suffering burn-in problems
  223. MacNN: First OS X 10.9.1 beta seeds to developers
  224. MacRumors: Apple Seeds OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 Beta to Developers
  225. MacNN: Schiller claims Samsung made people 'question' Apple design
  226. MacNN: Briefly: United Airlines app update, GOG's new Mac games, promo
  227. AppleInsider: Apple asks developers to focus on Mail, Graphics in first Mavericks 10.
  228. MacRumors: Apple Marketing Chief Phil Schiller Appears On the Witness Stand in Apple/
  229. MacRumors: Some Retina iPad Minis Showing Image Retention Issues
  230. MacNN: iOS App of the Week: PlayStation App
  231. MacNN: Suppliers drastically cutting back on iPhone 5c production
  232. AppleInsider: Official Google Play Music app debuts on Apple's iOS
  233. MacRumors: Google Play Subscription Music Service Finally Arrives on iPhone
  234. MacNN: Google releases Play Music app for iPhone after long delay
  235. MacNN: Briefly: Gmail for iOS redesigned, Day One adds daily step counting
  236. MacRumors: Apple Further Trims iPhone 5c Production as Customers Continue to Prefer i
  237. MacNN: Apps: Cocktail, VLC Media Player, Yojimbo
  238. MacNN: Icahn claims expanded buyback could push Apple shares up to $1,250
  239. AppleInsider: Samsung planning Galaxy phone with wrap-around display for 2014 launch
  240. MacNN: Chrome for iOS to get autofill functions soon, Google says
  241. AppleInsider: Pfizer transitioning 'huge' number of BlackBerry-using employees to iPh
  242. MacNN: European Commission permits 3G, 4G LTE broadband on flights
  243. MacNN: MapQuest gets iOS 7 redesign, more traffic data, other improvements
  244. MacNN: Under Armour buys fitness tracker platform MapMyFitness for $150M
  245. MacNN: Briefly: HBO Go for Chromecast; Google Music iOS launch 'imminent'
  246. MacNN: Mass crackdown on AT&T unlocks affecting iPhone resale industry
  247. MacNN: Apple pushes out iOS 7.0.4, updates for Apple TV
  248. MacNN: iBooks, iTunes U get iOS 7 makeovers
  249. MacNN: iWork for iCloud gets file folders, collaboration details
  250. MacNN: Report: Apple, Samsung take 109 percent of smartphone profits