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  1. AppleInsider: Messaging app 'WhatsApp' gets updated for iOS 7, 'Paper' adds support f
  2. MacNN: Free shipping and Xmas deadlines announced by Apple
  3. MacNN: InfoScout: Android users bought four of every 10 Black Friday iPads
  4. MacNN: Microsoft Student Advantage debuts, gives students free Office access
  5. MacNN: Apple confirms acquisition of social media analyst Topsy Labs
  6. AppleInsider: Apple announces free shipping for holiday purchases, order deadlines fo
  7. MacNN: Briefly: Cyber Monday deals bring free iOS apps
  8. MacNN: Briefly: TomTom's MySports app, new Percent Mate calculator for iOS
  9. AppleInsider: Apple buys social media analytics firm Topsy for over $200M
  10. MacRumors: 24-Inch 4K Display from Dell Priced at $1399, 28-Inch 4K Model Coming at U
  11. MacRumors: Apple Acquires Social Analytics Firm Topsy for $200 Million
  12. MacNN: Giveaway: Acoustic Research: ARS60 Bluetooth speaker
  13. MacNN: Data shows Mavericks already leading in OS X marketshare
  14. AppleInsider: Android users accounted for 40% of Apple's iPad sales on Black Friday -
  15. Apple: Procter & Gamble Uses iOS Devices to Boost Global Productivity
  16. Apple: iPads With Instant Replays Transforming the NBA
  17. Apple: iPad Assisting Speedskater Bridie Farrell in Comeback Bid
  18. MacNN: Briefly: Great Deals for Cyber Monday--TVs, smartphones and more
  19. AppleInsider: Google's plan for floating retail stores runs into legal quandary
  20. MacRumors: Apple Offers Free No-Minimum Shipping Through December 22, Posts Holiday S
  21. MacRumors: iOS Proves Much More Popular Than Android for Black Friday Shopping
  22. AppleInsider: Microsoft's project 'Threshold' to further converge PC, phone & Xbox pl
  23. MacRumors: OS X 10.9 Mavericks Adoption Continues to Grow Steadily
  24. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Reeder, PDFpen for iPhone, Star Walk HD
  25. MacNN: Many iPhone 5c buyers switching from Android devices, study says
  26. MacRumors: CyberMonday 2013: Discounts on iPads, MacBook Pros, and More
  27. MacNN: FileMaker Pro 13 appears prematurely at Apple's UK online store
  28. MacRumors: Tablets Prove Popular Among Holiday Shoppers as Retina iPad Mini Supplies
  29. MacNN: Apple's European online stores offering zero-percent financing promo
  30. MacRumors: iPhone 5c Broadens Apple's Customer Base, but Android Continues to Lead in
  31. AppleInsider: Half of Apple's iPhone 5c sales are to Android switchers - report
  32. AppleInsider: Cyber Monday: Apple's 11-inch MacBook Air for $870, $200 off 13-inch Ma
  33. AppleInsider: Apple had ample supply of iPad Air, iPhone 5s over holiday weekend, Ret
  34. MacNN: New Dell monitors sport four times Full HD resolution
  35. AppleInsider: Apple, Inc. valuation passes $500 billion, half the market cap imagined
  36. MacRumors: New 24-Inch 4K Monitor Detailed on Dell's Website
  37. MacNN: Briefly: Updated Black Friday weekend deals on Macs, iPads
  38. AppleInsider: Review: Fitbit Force fitness monitor
  39. MacNN: Amazon, too, pokes at iPad Air in new Kindle Fire HDX ad
  40. MacNN: Briefly: Side Tree's App Store sale, Spotify for iOS updated for iPad
  41. MacRumors: FileMaker Pro 13 Prematurely Appears on Apple's Online Store
  42. AppleInsider: Tim Cook tweets support for World AIDS Day, tints Apple Store logos red
  43. AppleInsider: Check out AppleInsider's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide
  44. AppleInsider: Review: Nest Learning Thermostat
  45. AppleInsider: Review: Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth portable speaker
  46. MacRumors: Apple Once Again Recognizes World AIDS Day In-Store and Online
  47. MacNN: Apple iPhone 5s versus Google Nexus 5
  48. MacNN: Apple Stores going RED for World AIDS Day
  49. AppleInsider: Review: Dropcam Pro Internet-connected monitoring system
  50. MacNN: Briefly: Current 'Black Friday', 'Cyber Monday' deals on Macs, iPads
  51. MacNN: Briefly: FxFactory's Final Cut Pro X plugin, Mionix's gaming mouse
  52. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5s & 5c take 9 of Japan's top 10 smartphone sales spots
  53. AppleInsider: Review: Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp and LightStrips
  54. MacNN: Report: 80 percent of mobile BF purchases made on iOS devices
  55. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone, iPad used to place over 80% of mobile sales on Black Fr
  56. MacNN: Briefly: Black Friday app deals for OSX, iOS
  57. MacNN: AAPL jumps to 2013 high on Black Friday in half-day session
  58. AppleInsider: Apple at odds with e-book antitrust monitor over $70K per week fee, 'un
  59. AppleInsider: Apple stock closes above $550, breaks into positive territory for the y
  60. MacNN: Reviews: Velodyne vBold headphones
  61. MacNN: Review: Velodyne vBold Bluetooth and NFC headphones
  62. MacNN: DealNN roundup: Black Friday special edition part 1
  63. MacNN: Briefly: Black Friday Apple deals on MacBooks, iPod touch, iPad Air
  64. MacNN: DealNN roundup: Black Friday special edition part 2
  65. MacNN: Giveaway: Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote
  66. MacNN: Apple objects to e-book monitor's $69K/week pay, interview demands
  67. MacNN: Review: Snugg Robust Case for iPad Air
  68. MacNN: Reviews: Snugg Robust Case for iPad Air
  69. MacRumors: Black Friday 2013: Apple Product Discounts Still Available Online
  70. MacNN: Briefly: Paradigma's launch and sale, The Bureau - XCOM Declassified
  71. MacNN: Apps: Cyberduck, Airfoil, DiskAid
  72. MacNN: LiveCode 6.5 adds resolution independence for app output
  73. AppleInsider: Black Friday software and the lowest prices ever on Dragon Dictate 3 an
  74. MacNN: e-on ships Esprit, Studio, Complete, Pioneer editions of Vue 2014
  75. MacNN: MacNN and Electronista's Holiday Giveaway Blitz
  76. MacNN: Apple Deals: aluminum Mac Pro and Mac mini
  77. AppleInsider: How to find the lowest prices on Apple's Macs this Black Friday
  78. MacNN: Giveaway: win one of 15 iD America prizes!
  79. AppleInsider: Apple partners Target, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart & eBay offer assorted
  80. MacNN: 64-bit quad-core chips coming to Android devices first half 2014
  81. AppleInsider: B&H's Black Friday sale delivers the lowest prices on Mac's with AppleC
  82. MacNN: Black Friday
  83. AppleInsider: Apple's Black Friday deals to be gift cards in US and Canada
  84. MacNN: Apple US Black Friday deals offer customers Apple Store gift cards
  85. MacNN: Apple Black Friday deals live across Europe
  86. MacRumors: Apple's U.S. and Canadian Black Friday Sales Go Live Online With Gift Card
  87. MacNN: Briefly: Black Friday sales from Native Instruments, Graph Builder
  88. MacNN: Apple's Australian Black Friday offers gift cards over discounts
  89. MacRumors: Apple's European Black Friday Sales Go Live with Discounted Prices, Not Gi
  90. AppleInsider: Apple's European Black Friday deals offer discounts instead of gift car
  91. MacNN: NPD: Large-screen smartphone owners use 44 percent more data
  92. AppleInsider: Best Buy's Black Friday sale knocks $150-$200 off MacBook Pros, iMacs,
  93. MacNN: Giveaway: EasyPak 5-volt charger
  94. MacNN: MacNN and Electronista's Holiday Giveaway Blitz
  95. MacNN: Briefly: iMacs, MacBooks available in Black Friday sales
  96. AppleInsider: Review: Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Pack
  97. MacNN: Briefly: Mega releases iOS app, Amazon starts selling Pebble
  98. MacNN: Review: CalDigit Thunderbolt Station
  99. MacNN: Briefly: Black Friday deals on iPod touch, iPad mini and iPad Air
  100. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Badland, Reeder, MindNode
  101. MacNN: Briefly: Skulls of Shogun for iOS, DEVONtechnologies' update software
  102. MacNN: Brazil government questions Apple over US dollar pricing in iTunes
  103. MacRumors: Apple's Black Friday Sales Begin Launching Internationally with Gift Card
  104. MacNN: Virgin Media adds more channels to TV Anywhere, releases Android app
  105. MacNN: Giveaway: The Pop earbuds by Coloud Headphones
  106. AppleInsider: Apple's Black Friday sale to bring gift cards, not discounts
  107. MacNN: CTIA, US carriers complete work on stolen smartphone database
  108. MacNN: Man in Thailand dies in iPhone charger electrocution incident
  109. MacNN: Judge tosses lawsuit over alleged iOS 'tracking'
  110. MacRumors: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Apple's Location Tracking in iOS
  111. AppleInsider: Review: Using the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition camera with Apple's iPhone
  112. MacNN: Electronista's Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: Music Fan edition
  113. AppleInsider: Court tosses mobile data tracking suit against Apple
  114. MacNN: Studies: iOS pays developers more, doubles ad impressions over Android
  115. AppleInsider: Thai man dies after alleged electrocution from charging iPhone 4S
  116. MacNN: MacMall offers $700 MacBook Air, hints at Apple discounts
  117. AppleInsider: Apple widens lead over Android in worldwide ad impression share, now tw
  118. MacNN: Briefly: Tweetbot 3 adds night theme, Redbox now supporting AirPlay
  119. AppleInsider: Apple, Inc. stock breaks $545 barrier as Samsung calls 'Crisis Awarenes
  120. MacNN: MacNN and Electronista's Holiday Giveaway Blitz
  121. MacNN: Apple Black Friday deals likely to revolve around gift cards
  122. AppleInsider: Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One caught cheating in benchmarks again
  123. MacRumors: Black Friday 2013: Best Deals on the Retina MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and
  124. MacNN: Giveaway: PureGear Utilitarian case
  125. AppleInsider: MacMall launches Black Friday sale, prices may hint at Apple's official
  126. MacRumors: MacMall Kicks off Black Friday 2013 Sale on Macs, iPods and iPads
  127. MacRumors: Apple's Black Friday Promotion May Focus on Gift Cards Rather Than Discoun
  128. MacNN: Facebook creates 'Save for Later Reading' option for News Feed links
  129. MacNN: Briefly: Garmin Navigation app sale, new reddit client app for iPad
  130. MacNN: T-Mobile, regionals cutting down payments for iPhone 5s, 5c
  131. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5s, 5c take 76% share of Japanese sales in October, incl
  132. AppleInsider: Black Friday Exclusive: Early 2013 Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retin
  133. MacNN: Apps: DEVONthink Pro, ForkLift, Delivery Status
  134. MacRumors: Black Friday 2013: Best Deals on the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini
  135. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini Supplies Improving for Holidays
  136. MacNN: Apple takes 76 percent of Japanese smartphone sales for October
  137. MacNN: Retina iPad mini's production bottlenecks eliminated, sources say
  138. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS brings developers 5x more revenue per download than Android
  139. MacNN: Better iPhone 5s supplies linked to 'around the clock' Foxconn work
  140. AppleInsider: Foxconn building 500K iPhone 5s units for Apple per day with nonstop pr
  141. AppleInsider: Rumor: Retina iPad mini bottlenecks ease quickly, production already ex
  142. MacNN: Jawbone adds Liquipel 2.0 water resistance option to Jambox speakers
  143. MacRumors: Foxconn Adds More Workers to Assembly Lines as iPhone 5s Supplies Continue
  144. MacNN: Kutcher biopic 'Jobs' debuts on Apple's iTunes for rent, sale
  145. AppleInsider: Microsoft's new Surface ad calls out iPad over 'hands free' gestures, m
  146. MacNN: Chinese state media: iPhone to launch on China Mobile December 18
  147. MacRumors: Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' Movie Now Available on iTunes
  148. MacNN: Briefly: Angry Birds gets new levels and more; ChronoSync goes on sale
  149. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs biopic 'Jobs' now available to purchase and rent on iTunes
  150. MacNN: Briefly: GTA: San Andreas for iOS, Target app adds store maps, iOS 7
  151. AppleInsider: NBA's Portland Trail Blazers use Apple's iPad in-game to make real-time
  152. AppleInsider: Apple, Inc. stock closes at $533, highest point since start of 2013
  153. MacRumors: Microsoft Launches New Anti-iPad Surface 2 Ad Highlighting Kickstand and M
  154. MacNN: Briefly: Ten One's new Pogo stylus, Find'Em Tracking tags
  155. AppleInsider: China's state media cites December 18 launch for iPhone 5s, 5c
  156. MacRumors: Western Digital Releases New Hard Drive Software After Mavericks Data Loss
  157. MacNN: Honda rolls out Siri Eyes Free installs for select 2013, 2014 models
  158. AppleInsider: iOS-friendly Good Technology profiled as "BlackBerry-Killer" invading e
  159. AppleInsider: Bizarre Microsoft Windows 8.1 ad pleads: "Honestly, it works for work"
  160. MacRumors: Tablets Predicted to Make Up Half of Total PC Shipments in 2014, iPad to F
  161. MacNN: MacNN Newsletter signup
  162. AppleInsider: Honda announces Siri Eyes Free integration for 3 car models, promises m
  163. MacRumors: Siri Eyes Free Now Available for Select Honda and Acura Vehicles, Deeper I
  164. MacNN: DealNN: 4K TVs, hard drives, notebooks and more
  165. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro
  166. MacNN: Forums: GPS Photo Geotag Without Cell Service
  167. MacNN: Fry's offering $100 gift card with iPad Air purchases
  168. AppleInsider: GTA: San Andreas coming to iOS with controller support, Infinity Blade
  169. MacRumors: App Store Searches Now Compensate for Typos and Misspellings
  170. MacNN: App Store search engine tweaked to better cope with typos
  171. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Radium, Rayman Fiesta Run, Drafts for iPad
  172. MacRumors: New Display Panels from AUO Spark Speculation of 4K Apple Displays
  173. MacNN: 90 percent of iPhone 5s models now available at US Apple Stores
  174. AppleInsider: Apple tweaks App Store search algorithm to better handle misspellings
  175. MacNN: Briefly: AluBolt Lightning dock, Gorilla Glass iPad screen protector
  176. MacNN: Apple wins patent on Lytro-like camera refocusing
  177. MacRumors: Apple Awarded Patent for Refocusable Camera with Light-Field Technology
  178. AppleInsider: Touchscreen PCs expected to take 11 percent of 2013 notebook shipments
  179. MacRumors: iPhone 5s Supplies Approaching Demand with 90% Availability in Apple's U.S
  180. MacRumors: Hong Kong-Based Apple Supplier Biel Crystal Accused of Workers Rights Viol
  181. MacNN: Full review: Apple iPad mini with Retina display
  182. AppleInsider: 90% of iPhone 5s models now in stock at Apple retail stores
  183. MacNN: Reviews: iPad mini with Retina display
  184. AppleInsider: Apple patents Lytro-like refocusable camera suitable for iPhone
  185. MacRumors: Samsung's Motion to Stay Damages in Apple Patent Retrial Denied
  186. MacNN: Samsung denied emergency motion to stay patent retrial
  187. MacNN: Procreate for iPad gets update to version 2.0, adds GPU acceleration
  188. AppleInsider: Samsung bid to stay damages retrial against Apple denied
  189. MacNN: Briefly: Infinity Blade for iOS free, Skype for Mac adds searchability
  190. MacNN: Apple wins against NetAirus in iPhone 4 patent dispute
  191. MacNN: Incipio debuts rugged case supporting Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  192. MacNN: Review: Korus V400 and V600 Wireless Speaker System
  193. MacNN: Reviews: Korus V400 and V600 Wireless Speaker System
  194. MacNN: Study: Apple Stores now sell 11 percent of all US cell phones
  195. AppleInsider: Nokia takes page from Microsoft in new Lumia ad, goes after iPad's lack
  196. MacRumors: Nokia Lumia 2520 Web Ad Pokes Fun at the iPad as 'The Wrong Tablet'
  197. MacNN: Adobe drags feet on notifying data theft victims, millions at risk
  198. AppleInsider: Apple Stores now account for 11% of U.S cellphone sales, 25% of iPhone
  199. MacNN: Reviews: Targus Vuscape for iPad Air
  200. MacNN: Review: Targus Vuscape for iPad Air
  201. MacRumors: Apple Retail's Effort to Boost Share of U.S. iPhone Sales Starts Paying Di
  202. MacNN: Reviews: Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600
  203. MacNN: Apple, GN ReSound collaborate on 'Made for iPhone' hearing aid
  204. MacNN: Review: Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 document scanner
  205. MacRumors: Beyond Television: How Apple Could Incorporate PrimeSense Technology Into
  206. AppleInsider: Massive new Apple patent filing details multi-user support, trackpad co
  207. MacNN: Briefly: eBay Now's free delivery, The Rock smartwatch pre-launch
  208. MacNN: Nokia pokes Apple's iPad Air with derisive new ads for Lumia 2025
  209. MacNN: Briefly: New Final Fantasy for iOS, Fantastical's Reminder due times
  210. MacNN: Apple hiring for work on 'next generation payment platform'
  211. MacRumors: Apple's Plans to Enhance Touch ID with Trackpad Capabilities and Display I
  212. MacNN: Apps: Instacast, Sketch, MacProxy
  213. MacNN: Microsoft working on multi-device synchronization for Skype updates
  214. MacNN: Quanta rumored to be handling iWatch, larger iPad production
  215. AppleInsider: First fully-integrated 'Made for iPhone' hearing aids are set to hit th
  216. MacNN: WD Black 2 Dual Drive combines SSD, HDD into non-hybrid format
  217. MacNN: Apple hints at online, offline Black Friday sales event
  218. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple taps Quanta to build bigger iPad, iWatch in 2014
  219. AppleInsider: Apple teases Black Friday shopping event online and in its retail store
  220. MacRumors: Apple Posts Black Friday 2013 'One-Day Shopping Event' Teaser
  221. MacRumors: Quanta Reportedly in Line to Produce Larger iPad for Late 2014, iWatch for
  222. AppleInsider: PrimeSense tech seen powering gesture controls for future Apple televis
  223. MacNN: Briefly: Line user milestone achieved, Redbox Instant on Lumia devices
  224. MacNN: Confirmed: Apple buys Kinect tech maker PrimeSense for $350M
  225. AppleInsider: Apple confirms PrimeSense acquisition, deal rumored to be worth $360M
  226. MacRumors: Apple Confirms Acquisition of Israeli 3D Body Sensing Firm PrimeSense
  227. MacNN: Samsung's market share in Japan drops as Apple surges
  228. MacNN: Google+ for iOS update brings full-res photo backups
  229. MacNN: Google plans prescription designs for Google Glass
  230. AppleInsider: Amazon's Black Friday deals kick off today, with new bargains every 10
  231. MacNN: One-off (Product) RED Mac Pro fetches $977,000 at auction
  232. MacRumors: One-of-a-Kind Products Designed by Jony Ive and Designer Marc Newson Sold
  233. AppleInsider: Product (RED) Mac Pro auction brings in $977,000; gold EarPods sold for
  234. MacNN: Belkin adds iPhone-compatible WeMo Insight Switch
  235. MacNN: 16GB and 32GB Retina iPad mini supply tightens
  236. MacNN: Briefly: Moshi's new Apple accessories, PrivacyScan 1.4 for Mavericks
  237. AppleInsider: iOS productivity showdown: Apple iWork vs. Microsoft Office 365 vs. Goo
  238. AppleInsider: Dropbox updates app with AirDrop support, iOS 7-inspired redesign
  239. MacNN: Briefly: New portable Wren V5BT and wearable Pulse Bluetooth speakers
  240. MacNN: Briefly: New portable Wren V5BT and wearable Pulse Bluetooth speakers
  241. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone, iPad & the market for Microsoft's Xbox One & Sony's Pla
  242. MacNN: Samsung handed another setback in German SEP patent case
  243. MacNN: Hands on: Livescribe 3 smartpen, companion app for iOS
  244. AppleInsider: Apple's Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson go in-depth on (RE
  245. MacNN: Apple to expand Reuse and Recycle program to emerging markets
  246. AppleInsider: Apple looking to expand Reuse and Recycling Program to emerging markets
  247. MacNN: 2014 Honda Civic Coupe to support iOS mirroring on dash display
  248. MacRumors: Find the Best Holiday Shopping Deals With MacRumors' Black Friday Roundup
  249. AppleInsider: Tim Cook vetoes Apple Retail plan to open additional stores on Thanksgi
  250. MacNN: 2014 Honda Civic Coupe to support iOS mirroring on dash display