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  1. MacNN: Google concludes legal wrangling with MPEG LA over VP8, WebM
  2. MacNN: Studies: iOS enterprise share up; iPad still king of tablets
  3. Apple: Apple Launches iBookstore in Japan
  4. AppleInsider: Google admits its VP8/WebM codec infringes MPEG H.264 patents
  5. AppleInsider: New study shows iOS gobbling up enterprise market share from Android
  6. AppleInsider: Report: DoD cuts BB10 test budget as trials of iOS and Android near com
  7. MacNN: Exclusive: DoD decimates testing budget for BlackBerry 10
  8. MacNN: Apple makes minor updates to iWork iOS apps
  9. AppleInsider: Apple Maps directions beat Google Maps, Waze in pundit's head-to-head t
  10. AppleInsider: Amazon, Samsung tablets inch up, but Apple's iPad still ahead by a mile
  11. AppleInsider: Apple's Braeburn Capital leaves Reno office, doesn't update address
  12. MacNN: Google Field Trip app arrives on iOS
  13. AppleInsider: With Apple's iPad besting Windows 8, Microsoft slashes prices & alters
  14. MacNN: Apple proposing half Pandora's royalty rate for streaming
  15. MacNN: Facebook reveals updates to News Feeds, updates layout
  16. MacNN: Briefly: Path gains private messaging, Incredimail for iPad
  17. AppleInsider: Facebook unveils redesigned, cleaner News Feed coming to iPhone, iPad &
  18. MacRumors: Facebook Updates Newsfeed With Inspiration from Mobile Devices, Rolling Ou
  19. MacNN: Time Inc to separate from Time Warner, focus on publishing
  20. AppleInsider: Apple marketing chief uses rare Twitter post to take shot at Android se
  21. MacNN: Apps: Default Folder X, DEVONthink Pro, Fury
  22. AppleInsider: Lowball royalty offer from Apple holding up music streaming service - r
  23. MacRumors: Phil Schiller Tweets Link to Mobile Malware Report That Slams Android
  24. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Offering Half of Pandora's Royalty Rate for Streaming Mus
  25. MacNN: Marvel Unlimited brings subscription Marvel comics to iOS
  26. MacRumors: Apple Patent Applications Address User-to-User Resale and Lending of iTune
  27. AppleInsider: Researchers bypass Android encryption by exposing phones to freezing te
  28. MacNN: Twitter API keys, secrets leak to GitHub
  29. AppleInsider: US interests, struggles with Apple spark Samsung lobbying push
  30. AppleInsider: Marvel Unlimited launches on iOS with subscription-based access to 13K
  31. MacNN: UK court rules Apple isn't violating Samsng 3G patent
  32. MacRumors: Apple and Intel Have Reportedly Discussed Deal for Production of Future iP
  33. AppleInsider: Apple wins 3G patent battle with Samsung in UK court ruling
  34. MacNN: BenQ puts 27-inch professional gaming monitor on sale in EU
  35. AppleInsider: Rumor: Intel's next CEO could lead company to build custom iPhone, iPad
  36. MacNN: Report: Android, Symbian liable for for most mobile malware
  37. MacNN: $30K Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Ed. reaches Harrods
  38. MacNN: Intel seeking slice of Apple chip fabrication business
  39. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple and Intel again mulling partnership to build A-series chip
  40. AppleInsider: Apple's digital content resale and loan system could allow DRM transfer
  41. MacNN: Briefly: older Java blocked, Draftcode for iPad, iSkin slims
  42. AppleInsider: Apple reports 99% of its suppliers comply with 60-hour workweek limit
  43. MacNN: Apple suppliers now 99 percent compliant with OT rules
  44. MacNN: Nuu adds MiniKey Bluetooth keyboard case to iPhone 5
  45. AppleInsider: Social networking app Path introduces The Shop, text and voice messagin
  46. MacNN: Investors dump AAPL, flock to GOOG on hopes of growth
  47. Apple: Creating New Possibilities in the Classroom with iPad
  48. MacNN: Nokia files Pro-Apple Amicus brief in Samsung patent war
  49. AppleInsider: Apple gets support from Nokia in court fight to block Samsung product s
  50. MacNN: Several analysts cut price targets for Apple stock
  51. MacNN: Apple, Samsung gain phone marketshare; pull from HTC, Moto
  52. MacNN: Twitter iOS app gets better search, viewing functions
  53. MacNN: US Justice Dept allows T-Mobile, MetroPCS merger to proceed
  54. MacRumors: Apple Makes Gains in U.S. Smartphone Market Share
  55. AppleInsider: Apple remains 'very optimistic' about upcoming products as analysts cut
  56. AppleInsider: News Corp. to challenge Apple's iPad in education with Amplify Tablet
  57. MacNN: Apple expands hiring for iOS automotive integration
  58. MacRumors: T-Mobile Retaliates Against AT&T's Negative Ad Campaign With New Anti-AT&T
  59. MacRumors: Apple's Suppliers Set New High in January With 99% Compliance Rate for Wor
  60. MacRumors: Swatch CEO Says iWatch Isn't the Next Revolution
  61. AppleInsider: Apple's 3.5% smartphone share gain was Android's loss in Q4
  62. AppleInsider: Apple looks to bolster its iOS vehicle integration team as its automoti
  63. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Amount, Splashtop 2, You Gotta See This!
  64. MacNN: Foursquare updates iPhone app with streamlined check-in
  65. MacRumors: Apple Asks Judge to Dismiss App Store Monopoly Lawsuit
  66. MacNN: Rumor: Verizon, Vodafone in merger, buyout discussions
  67. MacNN: Staples to carry Apple gear at US retail by end of quarter
  68. MacRumors: Citi Analysts Suggest Apple Will Miss Its Own 2Q 2013 Revenue Forecast
  69. AppleInsider: Swatch CEO doesn't believe Apple's rumored 'iWatch' is next tech revolu
  70. MacNN: Apple asks judge to dismiss iOS app monopoly lawsuit
  71. MacNN: Microsoft fined $730M by EU over browser choice failure
  72. MacNN: Utah's Strata Networks to carry iPhone 5
  73. AppleInsider: Ad strength, Apple uncertainty drive Google's stock share surge
  74. MacRumors: Samsung Takes 3% Stake in Sharp, Key Supplier of iPhone and iPad Screens
  75. AppleInsider: EU fines Microsoft 561M euros for not giving customers a choice of brow
  76. MacRumors: Mac App Bundle Sales: Parallels Desktop 8, Toast and More
  77. AppleInsider: Apple seeks dismissal of iPhone App Store monopoly lawsuit
  78. MacNN: Samsung pays $112M to Sharp for improved LCD relationship
  79. MacNN: DOJ will not subpoena notes, testimony from Jobs biographer
  80. AppleInsider: Samsung to become Sharp's largest foreign shareholder with 3% stake wor
  81. MacNN: Report: Cook, Cue met with Beats' Iovine, talk music service
  82. MacNN: MacUpdate spring bundle offers $619 in software for $50
  83. MacNN: False MarkMonitor flags raises more 'six strikes' concerns
  84. MacRumors: Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine Recently Met With Apple Executives About His Subscr
  85. AppleInsider: Apple's Cook reportedly meets with Beats CEO to discuss music streaming
  86. MacRumors: iPhone 5S Production Rumored to Have Begun
  87. AppleInsider: Notes from Steve Jobs' biographer will not be used in DoJ e-book case a
  88. MacNN: Still no fix for early 2009 iMac issue with graphics card
  89. AppleInsider: Rumor: Production of Apple's 'iPhone 5S' now underway at Foxconn
  90. MacNN: Apple now offering educational version of 21.5-inch iMac
  91. MacNN: Japanese courts rule Samsung abusing FRAND patent process
  92. MacRumors: Apple Launches $1099 21.5-Inch iMac With 3.3 GHz Dual-Core i3 Processor fo
  93. AppleInsider: Apple updates education only 21.5" iMac model, bumps price to $1,099
  94. AppleInsider: Samsung exec: Galaxy S IV's plastic body balances manufacturability and
  95. MacNN: Smith Micro ships MotionArtist animation software
  96. AppleInsider: Android fragmentation predicted to squeeze out independent developers
  97. MacNN: Lightworks for OS X to show at NAB in April
  98. MacNN: Report: iPod Touch in use at Disney World main gate
  99. AppleInsider: iOS apps leak more personal data than do Android apps - report
  100. MacNN: Ableton ships Live 9 software, Push hardware controller
  101. MacRumors: Ferrari and Apple in Talks to Expand Relationship, iPad Mini Now Standard
  102. AppleInsider: Goldman Sachs says Apple is the most undervalued stock it covers
  103. MacNN: Apple, Ferrari in talks with expanding in-car entertainment
  104. MacNN: Forum roundup: Windows 8 Vs. Mountain Lion
  105. MacNN: Apple deals: MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
  106. MacNN: DealNN roundup: $250 off HP Envy x2 and more
  107. AppleInsider: Ferrari in talks with Apple about in-car entertainment partnership
  108. MacNN: Rumor: Google plans YouTube music streaming service
  109. AppleInsider: Apple unused to being attacked, must adjust to new role on defense, ana
  110. MacNN: iMac shipping times drop to 24 hours in US, Canada
  111. MacNN: Briefly: First Space Hulk images, Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1
  112. MacRumors: iMac Shipping Estimates Improve to 'Within 24 Hours' in Apple's North Amer
  113. AppleInsider: New iMac orders now ship within 24 hours from Apple's North American st
  114. MacNN: Google Maps for iOS gets Contacts hooks, category search
  115. MacNN: Thieves use bear spray during Vancouver Apple Store robbery
  116. MacRumors: Google Maps for iOS Receives First Update Since Launch with Contacts Integ
  117. AppleInsider: Google updates Chrome & Maps for iOS, brings improved search and sharin
  118. MacNN: iBooks 3.1 brings full iBookstore to Japan
  119. MacNN: Gowex rolls out free 1Mbit Wi-Fi across New York City
  120. MacNN: Apple wins US patent on pressure-sensitive device housing
  121. MacNN: Apps: ScreenFlow, Skitch, AppDelete
  122. AppleInsider: Bear spray-armed thieves rob Vancouver Apple Store
  123. MacNN: New rumor has iPhone 5S in August, new iPads in April
  124. MacRumors: Apple Wins Patent for Pressure-Sensitive Device Casings
  125. AppleInsider: Walt Disney World pilot test replaces turnstiles with Apple's iPod touc
  126. AppleInsider: Chinese government may regulate Google's Android for having too much co
  127. MacNN: Nikon adds full-frame Coolpix A, P330, S3500 to catalog
  128. AppleInsider: Apple's pressure-sensitive 'squeezable' device housing could control fu
  129. MacNN: Apple iPhone could have been dubbed the 'Tripod'
  130. MacNN: Gear4 intros iPhone 5 alarm clock, speaker dock
  131. MacRumors: Next Generation iPads Due in April, iPhone 5S in August?
  132. AppleInsider: Rumor: iPhone 5S slated for August release following next-gen iPad laun
  133. MacNN: Analyst: iPhone '5S' and low-cost iPhone coming this June
  134. MacNN: Lightning adapter teardown reveals flaw, future-proofing
  135. MacNN: Apple patents magnetic stand for iPad, allows free posing
  136. MacNN: Verizon CFO Shammo addresses iPhone 4 sales, FiOS
  137. AppleInsider: Verizon CFO lauds iPhone, says no plans to incentivize selling rival lo
  138. MacRumors: New iPhones Still Expected to Launch in June/July, Fingerprint Sensor for
  139. MacNN: Twitter killing off mobile Tweetdeck, will keep Mac/Win apps
  140. AppleInsider: Apple to debut 'iPhone 5S' in June alongside low-cost fiberglass and pl
  141. MacNN: Seagate to exit 7200 RPM laptop drive market by end of year
  142. AppleInsider: Twitter kills off TweetDeck for mobile, keeps support for Mac and PC ve
  143. MacNN: HTML5 flaw lets browsers fill hard drives with junk data
  144. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple manufacturing 2TB SSDs bound for upcoming Mac Pro
  145. MacRumors: Apple Building 2TB Solid State Drives for Next Mac Pro Release?
  146. MacRumors: Jony Ive Ordered Boxes Full of Nike Watches in the Mid-2000s
  147. AppleInsider: Apple and Oracle issue patches for yet another Java zero-day exploit
  148. AppleInsider: Apple studied Nike sport watches in mid-2000s for materials and process
  149. MacNN: Oracle, Apple update Java to fix newly-discovered exploits
  150. AppleInsider: Samsung adds security layer to Android to gain enterprise credibility
  151. AppleInsider: Apple AV Adapter's embedded ARM chip reportedly used for future proofin
  152. AppleInsider: Samsung's unannounced Galaxy S IV rumored to feature eye-tracking techn
  153. MacNN: Facebook reopens PMD system, restarts application process
  154. MacNN: White House responds to cell phone unlocking petition
  155. MacNN: Chrome 25 for iOS gets new and promised features
  156. MacRumors: Steve Jobs' 4,000-Latte Prank Order Lives On at San Francisco Starbucks
  157. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad by far the most desired tablet among consumers
  158. MacRumors: White House Backs Petition in Support of Mobile Phone Unlocking
  159. AppleInsider: Global app revenues to hit $25 billion in 2013
  160. MacNN: Buffett argues Apple should ignore Greenlight
  161. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Major Magnet, FlightTrack, FX Photo Studio HD
  162. AppleInsider: Obama administration endorses legalizing the unlocking of cell phones &
  163. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs' first iPhone call still spawns Starbucks pranks 6 years lat
  164. MacRumors: Warren Buffett Says Apple Should Buy Back Stock, Ignore Einhorn's Calls fo
  165. MacNN: Apple market cap slips below $400 billion mark
  166. AppleInsider: Smartphones projected to overtake feature phones for the first time in
  167. MacNN: Apple watch to run full version of iOS, report claims
  168. AppleInsider: Rumor: Prototypes of Apple's iOS-powered 'iWatch' face battery life iss
  169. MacRumors: Apple's 'iWatch' Said to Run Full iOS, but Battery Life an Issue in Protot
  170. AppleInsider: iMac shipping times improve in Europe, but still take longer than Apple
  171. MacNN: Apple 'iWatch' could be out by end of 2013
  172. MacRumors: Apple's 'iWatch' Planned to Launch 'As Soon As This Year', Could Include B
  173. AppleInsider: Warren Buffett says Apple should buy back stock & build value, ignore E
  174. AppleInsider: 'iWatch' could rake in more profit than an Apple television set
  175. MacNN: Evernote attacked by hackers, user data accessed
  176. AppleInsider: HTML 5 bug allows huge data dumps on most Mac and PC Web browsers
  177. AppleInsider: BlackBerry could be building comeback off iPhone, Android converts
  178. AppleInsider: Evernote hacked, recommends users change passwords now
  179. AppleInsider: Here's the office sprawl Apple Campus 2 will replace
  180. AppleInsider: Apple's shipping times for both 21.5" & 27" iMac improve to 1-3 days
  181. MacRumors: Shipping Estimates for 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac Drop to 1–3 Days in US a
  182. MacNN: Reports: iPad least repairable, least likely to need repair
  183. AppleInsider: Apple's settlement over in-app purchasing inches closer to approval, ma
  184. MacNN: Apple shows off new iPad ad during Oscars ceremony
  185. MacRumors: Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter is a Full-Fledged Computer
  186. AppleInsider: ARM chip found in Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter, could be AirPla
  187. MacNN: AAPL falls to 52-week low on sequestration, iPhone worries
  188. MacNN: Apple deals: save up to $920 on Macs
  189. AppleInsider: Foursquare's updated iPhone app takes on Yelp, adds hidden turbo check-
  190. MacRumors: T-Mobile Attacked by AT&T in Newspaper Ad Ahead of Potential Rebranding
  191. AppleInsider: Apple blocks older versions of Adobe Flash Player in web plug-in update
  192. MacNN: FCC chairman Genachowski to examine cellphone unlock ban
  193. MacNN: Researchers discover new, in-use vulnerability in Java
  194. MacRumors: Judge Voids Nearly Half of Apple's $1 Billion Judgment Against Samsung, Ca
  195. AppleInsider: Judge knocks 40% off jury's $1.05B verdict in Apple v. Samsung
  196. MacNN: Breaking: Apple and Samsung to retry $440 million in damages
  197. MacRumors: Apple Updates Anti-Malware Software to Block Older Versions of Adobe Flash
  198. MacRumors: FCC Will Investigate U.S. Mobile Phone Unlocking Ban
  199. AppleInsider: Arkansas State's 'iPad Initiative' will require all incoming students t
  200. MacNN: Macintosh open beta available for League of Legends
  201. MacNN: Apple blocks older versions of Flash in Safari
  202. MacNN: Apple deals: Save up to $920 on Macs
  203. MacNN: DealNN roundup: Samsung Galaxy note, Sony headphones, more
  204. MacNN: Forums: Selling iMac, how to install brand new OS?
  205. MacRumors: League of Legends Open Beta Lands on the Mac
  206. MacNN: Greenlight Capital withdraws lawsuit against Apple
  207. MacNN: Deadline for Schulze Best Buy takeover offer passes
  208. MacNN: Apple argues against data tracking case going class action
  209. MacRumors: Analyst Says iPhone 5S and Cheaper iPhone Coming in August/September With
  210. AppleInsider: Greenlight Capital drops lawsuit against Apple over $137B cash reserves
  211. MacNN: Briefly: DEVONthink gains syncing support, PowerSkin launch
  212. MacNN: Apps: djay, NetShade, Sleipnir
  213. AppleInsider: Shazam on 20 percent of US iPhones, generates $300M in annual digital s
  214. AppleInsider: Apple says iPhone tracking lawsuit doesn't demonstrate harm
  215. MacNN: iTunes streaming new David Bowie album through March 13th
  216. MacRumors: Apple Offers Refund After British Boy Spends $2500 on In-App Purchases in
  217. AppleInsider: After 'astonishingly' poor quarter, Mac sales predicted to rebound
  218. MacNN: Evernote 5.2 for iOS adds new features, crash bug
  219. MacNN: Logitech to cull 140 employees under cost cutting measures
  220. AppleInsider: Apple exclusively streaming new David Bowie album on iTunes through Mar
  221. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple to ship 'iPhone 5S' and more affordable iPhone in August 2
  222. MacNN: Twelfth 10.8.3 beta sent to developers with no new changes
  223. MacNN: New 10.8.3 beta sent to developers with no new changes
  224. MacNN: Apple corrects iCloud email glitch, blames spam filters
  225. MacNN: NPD: iPad mini to outsell full-sized iPad by 60 percent
  226. AppleInsider: Evernote for iOS updated with 'The Trunk,' Snippets, enhanced PDF viewe
  227. MacNN: Google adds 'Send to TV' feature to iOS YouTube application
  228. Apple: iTunes U Content Tops One Billion Downloads
  229. Apple: Fortune Names Apple World’s Most Admired Company for the Sixth Year in a Row
  230. MacNN: Apple now requires executives to hold 3x salary in stock
  231. MacNN: Oxford researchers develop iPad-controlled self-driving auto
  232. AppleInsider: Apple's Board of Directors receives $230K each in restricted stock unit
  233. MacNN: Apple refunds epic in-app purchase bill to unaware parents
  234. AppleInsider: iCloud spam filter to blame for 'censorship' of emails containing porno
  235. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad integrates with self-driving car, handles navigation and U
  236. MacRumors: Apple Executives and Directors Required to Hold 3x - 10x Base Salary in AA
  237. AppleInsider: Apple execs now required to hold triple their salary in stock
  238. MacNN: Rumor has $330, 4.5-inch plastic iPhone in 2014
  239. MacRumors: Apple's Polycarbonate iPhone with 4.5-Inch Display Arriving for $330 in 20
  240. AppleInsider: Apple expected to sell 55M iPad minis, 33M iPads in 2013
  241. MacNN: Apple challenges Defense of Marriage Act in new statement
  242. MacRumors: iPad Mini Sales Overtaking iPad Sales Faster Than Apple Expected
  243. AppleInsider: Study finds mobile gaming on the rise among developers, interest in con
  244. AppleInsider: Rumor: $330 polycarbonate iPhone with 4.5" screen planned for 2014
  245. MacNN: Corning: No Willow Glass in devices for three years
  246. MacNN: Giveaway: Seidio OBEX waterproof shockproof case
  247. AppleInsider: iOS YouTube app updated, gains AirPlay-like 'beaming' for televisions
  248. AppleInsider: Apple ranked No. 1 'Most Admired' company for the sixth year in a row
  249. AppleInsider: Corning's flexible 'Willow Glass' won't appear in consumer products for
  250. MacNN: Thunderbolt Display in low supply among third-party vendors