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  1. MacNN: Apple deals: refurb. MacBook Pros from $1,019
  2. MacNN: DealNN roundup: Sony VAIO Ultrabook, now $670
  3. AppleInsider: Apple's short-lived retail chief says he 'just didn't fit with the busi
  4. MacRumors: Tweaked Apple TV Offers 'Significant' but Nearly Invisible Power Savings W
  5. AppleInsider: Microsoft Surface RT & Pro estimated to have sold 1.5M units total
  6. MacNN: Briefly: PayPal Here comes to iPad, AmpliTube iOS update
  7. MacRumors: Lower-Cost iPhone Said to Use 'Super-Thin' Plastic and Fiberglass Shell in
  8. MacNN: Briefly: PayPal Now comes to iPad, AmpliTube iOS update
  9. MacNN: Browett says Apple firing was over 'fit,' not competence
  10. MacNN: Apps: AirRadar, Alfred, Yoink
  11. AppleInsider: Samsung's new CEO reveals 'lackluster demand' for Windows products
  12. MacNN: Sterne Agee cuts Apple targets on talk of less iPhones
  13. MacNN: VirnetX loses patent infringement case against Cisco
  14. MacRumors: John Browett Reflects on Lessons From Brief Stint as Apple Retail Chief
  15. AppleInsider: Samsung Galaxy S4 'less refined' than Apple's iPhone 5, not seen as a g
  16. MacNN: Apple starts offering employee discounts on 2012 iMacs
  17. MacRumors: Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Screen Ghosting on Retina MacBook Pr
  18. AppleInsider: Rumored iPhone order cuts prompt Sterne Agee to cut Apple price target
  19. AppleInsider: Apple's 'budget' iPhone expected to have same 4-inch display as iPhone
  20. MacNN: Digg team to build Google Reader replacement, remake API
  21. MacNN: Opinion: Why I wonít be buying the Samsung Galaxy S 4
  22. MacNN: 1993's Duke Nukem II coming to iOS next month
  23. AppleInsider: Apple, Google, Samsung plan to go green with new campuses
  24. AppleInsider: Samsung's Galaxy S4 distracts attention away from Android
  25. MacNN: Apple finally adds latest iMac to Employee Purchase Program
  26. MacNN: Google pulls ad blockers from Play, move called 'unilateral'
  27. MacNN: FreedomPop announces new data-use rollover feature
  28. MacRumors: Samsung Announces New Flagship Galaxy S 4 Competitor to Apple's iPhone
  29. MacNN: Class-action lawsuit filed over LG displays in Retina MBPs
  30. AppleInsider: Samsung challenges Apple's iPhone with new Galaxy S4
  31. AppleInsider: iCloud authentication down for some after OS X 10.8.3 rollout [u]
  32. MacNN: Redbox Instant by Verizon goes live in United States
  33. MacNN: OS X 10.8.3, Safari 6.0.3, Security Update 2013-001 go live
  34. MacNN: China Mobile plans $6.7 billion in LTE upgrades
  35. MacRumors: Apple Releases OS X 10.8.3 With Mac App Store Gift Card Camera Redemption
  36. AppleInsider: Apple releases OS X 10.8.3 with Safari 6.0.3, new iTunes integration an
  37. MacNN: BlackBerry to extend Enterprise Service 10 to iOS, Android
  38. MacNN: MacBook Pro Retina SMC Update 1.1 fixes graphics problems
  39. MacNN: CBS debuts iOS streaming app; YouTube Capture hits iPad
  40. MacNN: Briefly: Props Power Case for iPad, LabelWorks Iron-On Kit
  41. MacRumors: Apple Releases Retina MacBook Pro SMC Update to Address Gaming Frame Rates
  42. AppleInsider: Apple squashes fan control, framerate & Power Nap bugs in 15" Retina Ma
  43. MacNN: Apple starts selling iPad mini, fourth-gen iPad refurbs
  44. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Zite, Wall Street Journal, Kingdom Rush HD
  45. MacRumors: Apple Offers Refurbished iPad Mini and 4th-Generation iPad for First Time
  46. AppleInsider: CBS brings full-episode streaming to Apple's iPad, iPhone with new app
  47. MacNN: WSJ: Google performs more departmental, management changes
  48. MacRumors: China Mobile Announces Big LTE Push, No Progress on iPhone Negotiations
  49. AppleInsider: New Twitter app to bring music streaming for iOS users
  50. MacNN: EU group issues recommendations that may impact app stores
  51. AppleInsider: Google restructuring splits up Maps and commerce teams
  52. MacNN: Adobe shuts off BrowserLab testing service
  53. AppleInsider: Making way for Apple's iPhone, China Mobile to spend $6.7B building out
  54. MacNN: TSMC may be starting early preparations for A7 processor
  55. AppleInsider: BlackBerry to launch new enterprise security solution for iOS & Android
  56. MacRumors: Apple Applies for Patent on Wireless iPad Charging via Smart Cover
  57. AppleInsider: Apple's Schiller: Samsung Galaxy S IV may 'ship with an OS that is near
  58. MacRumors: Apple and TSMC Reportedly Completing Designs for 20-nm A7 Chip With Early
  59. MacRumors: Apple Now Offering iMacs Equipped With VESA Mount Adapters as $40 Upgrade
  60. MacNN: Apple updates iMacs with option for built-in VESA mount
  61. AppleInsider: Apple, Samsung marketing hype viewed as 'moving in opposite directions'
  62. MacNN: V-Moda reveals Vamp Verza for iOS and Android
  63. AppleInsider: Apple now offering iMac with built-in VESA mount adapter for $40 premiu
  64. AppleInsider: Apple proposes 'on-the-go' wireless charging via iPad Smart Cover with
  65. AppleInsider: Apple's next-gen A7 processor reportedly being readied for production b
  66. MacNN: Reviews: Samsung Ativ Odyssey
  67. MacNN: Belfast boy runs up $1,464 bill playing iOS Simpsons game
  68. MacNN: New Matrox Avio F125 sends KVM signal up to 2.5 miles
  69. MacNN: Pyle ships 10.1-inch in-dash touchscreen Bluetooth receiver
  70. MacNN: Schiller: switcher momentum is with iPhone, not Android
  71. MacNN: Samsung's ITC complaint against Apple pushed to May 31
  72. AppleInsider: First Look: Auris brings Bluetooth audio to legacy 30-pin docks
  73. MacNN: Google Reader axed, seven more services given the boot
  74. MacNN: IRIS debuts scanner embedded into mouse with added OCR suite
  75. MacNN: Report: carrier files in iOS could be misused for malware
  76. AppleInsider: Google to kill off Google Reader, Snapseed for Mac in continued service
  77. MacRumors: Phil Schiller Goes on Offensive Against Android and Samsung
  78. AppleInsider: ITC delays decision on Samsung patent claims against Apple until May
  79. AppleInsider: Apple's Schiller speaks out against Android on eve of Galaxy S4 debut
  80. MacNN: Report; Twitter buys We Are Hunted, to launch music service
  81. MacNN: Sources suggest Staples US may sell Macs, iPhones, iPads
  82. AppleInsider: Small carriers supporting cell phone unlocking to gain access to Apple'
  83. AppleInsider: In-app purchase in spotlight again as boy racks up ?1,000 iPad bill
  84. MacRumors: Smaller A5 Chip From Tweaked Apple TV Contains Only One CPU Core, Revamped
  85. MacRumors: Apple CEO Tim Cook Ordered to Testify in E-Books Antitrust Lawsuit
  86. MacNN: Tim Cook ordered to testify in e-book antitrust lawsuit
  87. AppleInsider: Training docs reveal Macs, iPhones, iPads heading to Staples in late Ma
  88. MacNN: iPhone takes second place in Indian smartphone market
  89. MacNN: Andy Rubin steps down from role as head of Android at Google
  90. AppleInsider: Judge rules Tim Cook must participate in 4-hour testimony for e-book su
  91. MacRumors: Staples Associates Training to Support iPhone, iPad, and Mac Notebook Sale
  92. AppleInsider: Andy Rubin leaves Google's Android team for 'new chapter' at same compa
  93. AppleInsider: iOS vulnerability uses 'mobileconfig' files to steal data
  94. MacNN: Netflix adds Facebook integration for US subscribers
  95. MacNN: Reason 7 gets MIDI out, automatic slicing functions
  96. MacNN: Briefly: Pear Note updates, ampjacket for iPad mini and iPod
  97. AppleInsider: Samsung's Galaxy S IV switches to same GPU tech as Apple's A-series chi
  98. MacNN: Adobe to cut off boxed sales of Creative Suite, Acrobat
  99. MacRumors: Regional U.S. Carriers Back Efforts to Ease Mobile Phone Unlocking in Bid
  100. MacNN: Samsung tops Apple in 2012 US phone ad spending
  101. MacNN: Apps: Default Folder X, AirRadar, Evernote
  102. MacRumors: Samsung Marketing Blitz Outpaced Apple in 2012
  103. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad is heart of Idaho elementary 'iSchool' pilot program
  104. AppleInsider: Apple uses mom-and-pop shops to jump into second place in India's smart
  105. MacNN: Pebble teardown deems smartwatch unrepairable, long-lasting
  106. MacNN: France fines Apple 10K euros for demanding overnight work
  107. AppleInsider: Breathometer combines breathalyzer with Apple's iPhone
  108. AppleInsider: Teardown finds Pebble smart watch unrepairable but built to last
  109. AppleInsider: French Apple Stores prohibited from making employees work after hours,
  110. AppleInsider: Samsung spent $68M more than Apple on 2012 phone ads, increased budget
  111. MacNN: Report: interest in iPad mini, next-gen model increasing
  112. MacNN: CasaTunes debuts multi-room AirPlay music servers
  113. MacNN: Video: Google Now functionality coming to iOS search app
  114. MacNN: Apple updates: Maps, Apple Store app both sport improvements
  115. AppleInsider: Apple adds iOS Maps Flyover support, 3D buildings, turn-by-turn navigat
  116. AppleInsider: Apple to diversify manufacturers for 'iPhone 5S' and low-cost iPhone
  117. MacNN: Microsoft issues updates for Office 2011, 2008, Entourage
  118. MacNN: Edifier launches Bric Connect, new Bluetooth speaker set
  119. MacRumors: 'Google Now' for iOS Promotional Video Leaks on YouTube
  120. AppleInsider: Google Now for iOS allegedly demoed in 'leaked' promotional video
  121. AppleInsider: Apple Store app now supports physical store availability, new shipping
  122. AppleInsider: Apple may offer stock buyback or increased dividends this Spring, repor
  123. MacNN: Briefly: Prescription Google Glass, Seagate drive shipments
  124. MacNN: FCC green lights T-Mobile, MetroPCS merger
  125. MacNN: FileMaker announces highlights for 2013 Dev Conference
  126. AppleInsider: Dropbox brings easier file sharing and notification to updated desktop
  127. AppleInsider: Automatic Link uses iPhone to make regular cars smarter
  128. MacNN: Dropbox 2.0 for Mac adds new drop-down interface
  129. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Preparing to Announce Larger Dividend or Stock Buyback
  130. MacRumors: IDC Predicts Android Tablet Shipments Will Overtake iPad Shipments in 2013
  131. MacNN: Smaller A5 chip in Apple TV still 32nm Samsung design
  132. AppleInsider: Apple encouraged to borrow against its $94B in overseas cash for greate
  133. MacNN: Forums: New Mac malware bypasses Gatekeeper
  134. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac mini discounts
  135. MacNN: Apple seeds thirteenth OS X 10.8.3 beta to developers
  136. MacNN: DealNN roundup: Apple TV, Mac Pro, more
  137. MacNN: Google settles Street View Wi-Fi data collection suit in US
  138. MacNN: Briefly: Upcoming Gasket V8 iPhone 5 case, OfficeProtect 2.0
  139. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Penultimate, AfterLight, Angry Birds: Star Wars
  140. AppleInsider: IDC projects Android tablets will pass Apple's iPad this year, sees lit
  141. MacNN: US Senators introduce bill to allow phone unlocking
  142. MacNN: Vimeo On Demand exits beta, provides movie rentals, sales
  143. AppleInsider: Apple rival Samsung's Galaxy S IV shows up in online video ahead of lau
  144. MacRumors: A5 Chip in Tweaked Apple TV Still Manufactured by Samsung
  145. MacNN: Jefferies cuts Apple stock price target to $420
  146. AppleInsider: Bipartisan US Senate bill would allow customers to legally unlock their
  147. MacNN: Apple wins US patent on social networking concept
  148. AppleInsider: Citing supply chain checks, Jefferies cuts Apple price target to $420
  149. AppleInsider: Qantas airline to provide passengers Apple iPads for in-flight entertai
  150. AppleInsider: Rumor: Intel could land 10% of Apple's 'A7' chip orders
  151. MacNN: Goophone i5S, iPhone 5 rip-off now shipping for $149
  152. AppleInsider: Apple patents reliable social networking system that tracks 'stalkers'
  153. MacNN: Internet celebrity sues Apple, station over iTunes 'song'
  154. MacNN: Apple debuts two new TV ads for iPhone, App Store
  155. MacNN: Report: iPhone dominates mobile web video watching
  156. MacNN: UK law enforcement investigating HPs acquisition of Autonomy
  157. MacRumors: Apple Extends New TV Ad Campaign to iPhone With 'Brilliant' and 'Discover'
  158. MacNN: Report: LinkedIn to buy Pulse newsreader app
  159. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone accounts for two thirds of smartphones watching Web vide
  160. Apple: Apple Takes Laptop Magazine’s Top Rating
  161. Apple: Can the iPad Rescue a Struggling American Education System?
  162. MacNN: Apple under pressure for new dividends, repatriation of cash
  163. MacNN: Makerbot demoes scanner to streamline 3D fabrication process
  164. AppleInsider: LinkedIn to reportedly acquire Pulse newsreader for over $50M in conten
  165. MacRumors: 'HiddenApps' Hides Stock Apps, iAds and More on Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices
  166. AppleInsider: App hides pre-installed iOS titles, disables iAds without jailbreak
  167. AppleInsider: Tumblr iOS app updated with new camera, in-app support for photosets
  168. MacNN: Google updates Gmail web app, Gmail Offline with new looks
  169. AppleInsider: Apple predicted to announce plans for growing cash pile by April, will
  170. MacNN: Native Instruments releases KOMPLETE 9 collection
  171. AppleInsider: Fujifilm to help PC makers take on Apple with new touchscreen tech
  172. MacNN: Microsoft offers access to Office365 to college students
  173. MacNN: Fingerprint, NFC tech coming to iPhone 5S, report claims
  174. AppleInsider: Pressure mounts for Apple repatriate $40B in overseas cash
  175. AppleInsider: New rumor points to fingerprint sensor, NFC e-wallet in Apple's next iP
  176. MacNN: iOS Maps upgrades hit Japan without 6.1.3
  177. MacNN: Philips opens up Hue LED bulbs to external developers
  178. MacRumors: iPhone 5S to Include Both Fingerprint Sensor and NFC?
  179. MacNN: Apple suppliers suffer terrible February, but now hiring
  180. MacNN: Giveaway: iSkin Slims
  181. MacNN: Briefly: Marvel offers free digital issues, Philip's Hue SDK
  182. MacNN: 2005 iPhone prototype used 5x7 display
  183. MacNN: Apps: Freeway Pro, Transmit, World Clock Deluxe
  184. AppleInsider: Apple suppliers Foxconn, TSMC to each add 5,000 jobs
  185. MacRumors: Supply Chain Indicators Point to Poor February for Apple
  186. AppleInsider: A year after Apple announced its dividend, 'timing could be right' for
  187. MacNN: iBookstore Twitter account retweets 'obscene' post
  188. MacRumors: Early 2005 iPhone Prototype Looked More Like a Thick iPad Mini
  189. MacRumors: Brazilian 'iPhone' Trademark Lawsuit Ends With Apple and IGB 'Close To Set
  190. MacNN: Mozilla: No Firefox on iOS until Apple relaxes rules
  191. AppleInsider: Newly revealed early Apple iPhone prototype had massive 5x7-inch displa
  192. AppleInsider: Tweaked Apple TV features smaller custom A5 chip
  193. MacNN: New Apple TV shows second die shrink of A5 chip, now 28nm
  194. MacNN: Samsung takes top spot in Chinese market for 2012
  195. MacNN: Apple close to deal with Brazilian 'iPhone' name holder
  196. AppleInsider: Samsung topped Apple, Lenovo in China's smartphone market for 2012
  197. AppleInsider: Mozilla Firefox not coming to iPhone, iPad until Apple relaxes iOS brow
  198. AppleInsider: Apple close to resolving Brazilian iPhone trademark issues
  199. MacNN: Chrome OS endures exploit contest, Chrome browser fails
  200. MacRumors: Tweaked Apple TV Contains Die-Shrunk A5 Chip, Not A5X
  201. AppleInsider: New York Magazine to launch new subscription-based iPad app in April
  202. AppleInsider: Sony targets iPhone users with new Xperia Transfer software
  203. MacNN: Sony to target iPhone switchers with new Xperia Transfer
  204. AppleInsider: First Look: Apple's iCloud data center site in Reno, Nevada
  205. MacNN: Sim City issues show perilous nature of 'always on' gaming
  206. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac Pro and accessories
  207. MacNN: AT&T announces it will unlock smartphones at end of contract
  208. AppleInsider: Judge to allow Apple's 'Siri' suit against Samsung to continue, orders
  209. MacNN: US court allows Apple suit over Siri patents to continue
  210. MacNN: German court grants retrial on Samsung SEP against Apple
  211. AppleInsider: Review: Definitive Technology's Sound Cylinder delivers premium audio a
  212. MacNN: Apple plugs security hole in App Store connections
  213. AppleInsider: Apple's Cook may testify in ongoing DoJ e-book lawsuit
  214. AppleInsider: PayPal launches new mobile SDK to allow third-party iOS apps
  215. MacRumors: Apple CEO Tim Cook 'May Testify' in E-Books Antitrust Lawsuit
  216. MacNN: Some Retina MacBook Pro users report rampant fan activity
  217. AppleInsider: Apple adds encryption to App Store connections, addresses six month old
  218. MacNN: Briefly: Bike-mounting iPhone case, iPad mini stand released
  219. MacNN: Giveaway: iSkin Slims for the iPhone 5
  220. MacNN: PayPal debuts iOS SDK for in-app checkouts
  221. MacNN: Securus updates GPS pet tracking hardware to 2.0
  222. MacNN: Apple eBay shop Macs $100 less than official refurbs
  223. MacNN: DealNN roundup: new 21.5-inch iMac, $1,279
  224. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac Pro and accessories
  225. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Skype for iPad, NASA App, Fantastical
  226. MacNN: Forum roundup: Andy Ihnatko iPhone to Android
  227. MacRumors: 15-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Users Experiencing Fan Issues Related to SanDis
  228. MacRumors: Alleged Apple eBay Store Offers Better Deals than Apple Refurb Store
  229. AppleInsider: Judge orders Apple to hand over documents, prove compliance in privacy
  230. MacNN: Senator renews FAA skirmish to loosen in-flight gadget rules
  231. MacNN: Court demands Apple evidence in location tracking case
  232. AppleInsider: Proposed bill would allow iPad use from takeoff to landing
  233. MacNN: Rumor has Apple, Samsung adopting wireless charging
  234. AppleInsider: Apple's 'secret' eBay store undercuts company's own refurb store by $10
  235. MacNN: Google plans layoff of 1,200 Motorola Mobility employees
  236. AppleInsider: Users report fan speed issues with Apple's latest Retina MacBook Pros
  237. MacNN: Apple files objection to delaying second US case v. Samsung
  238. MacNN: Rumor has low-cost iPhone using Qualcomm Snapdragon
  239. AppleInsider: US Navy will tap Apple's iPad to battle PTSD with new app
  240. MacRumors: More Claims of Apple Using Qualcomm's Snapdragon Chips for Lower-Cost iPho
  241. AppleInsider: Apple says second Samsung patent suit 'must proceed now'
  242. MacNN: Google Maps faces ban in Germany over patent infringement
  243. AppleInsider: Rumor: Both Apple & Samsung may introduce wireless charging in 2013 sma
  244. MacRumors: Apple Exploring Wireless Charging for iPhone as Early as 2013?
  245. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple will purportedly use Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC in low-cost
  246. MacNN: Test Studio for iOS 2.0 automates reviewing, user feedback
  247. MacNN: GoGo: in-flight Internet use 84 percent iOS, 16 Android
  248. MacNN: Sonnet debuts pair of 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-e cards
  249. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS lineup accounts for 84% of in-flight Wi-Fi traffic from mob
  250. AppleInsider: Google passes Apple as top U.S. mutual, hedge fund holding