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  1. AppleInsider: Inside Apple's push for comprehensive corporate tax reform
  2. MacNN: NPD: US Mac sales flat compared to last year
  3. MacRumors: Apple Releases Statement Ahead of Tim Cook's Senate Appearance on Tax Poli
  4. AppleInsider: Apple details 'extraordinary amount' of taxes it pays in testimony to U
  5. MacRumors: U.S. Mac Sales Flat in April as iPod Sales Continue to Slide
  6. AppleInsider: Apple debuts new iPhone discounts, subsidies to gain ground in India
  7. MacNN: Briefly: SwitchEasy cocoon for 13-inch rMBP, Gustav Line released
  8. MacNN: Apple still king of retail, new study finds
  9. MacRumors: Apple's Revenue Per Store Visitor Hits Record High
  10. AppleInsider: Domestic Mac sales flat in April, viewed as slight positive for Apple
  11. MacNN: Apps: AppDelete, Duplicate Annihilator, OnyX
  12. MacNN: Turkey's Erdogan visits Microsoft, Apple, Google
  13. AppleInsider: Apple's retail stores now earn record $58 per visitor
  14. MacRumors: Apple Raising Notebook Orders Ahead of Likely Launch at WWDC
  15. AppleInsider: Prime minister visits Apple HQ as Turkey ponders 10.6M-tablet buy for e
  16. MacNN: Yahoo confirms Tumblr acquisition, Tumblr to remain independent
  17. MacNN: Rumor: fifth-gen iPad to enter full-scale production in July
  18. MacRumors: Apple to Begin Ramping Up Production of 25-33% Lighter iPad in July?
  19. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple testing 1.5" OLED displays for wearable 'iWatch'
  20. MacNN: Kodak unveils new Mac-oriented scanner model
  21. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Testing 1.5-Inch OLED Displays for Smart Watch
  22. AppleInsider: Looking to pull even with Apple, Samsung to pay developers for Galaxy-s
  23. MacNN: Teen killed during attempted iPad theft; two men arrested
  24. AppleInsider: Yahoo to acquire Tumblr for $1.1B, 'promises not to screw it up'
  25. AppleInsider: Rumor: Production of Apple's 33% lighter fifth-gen iPad to begin in Jul
  26. MacNN: Review: MaxUpgrades MaxConnect Optical Bay for Mac Pro 2006-2008
  27. MacNN: Reviews: MaxUpgrades MaxConnect for 2006-2008 Mac Pro
  28. MacNN: Mini review: Samsung Galaxy S4 with Exynos 5 Octa SoC
  29. AppleInsider: Google engineers talk fragmentation, how to make Android work for emerg
  30. MacNN: 'Crazy ant' invading Texas, destroying electronics
  31. AppleInsider: Editorial: Apple's billions are building an empire for the future
  32. AppleInsider: Review: AL13 raises the bar for iPhone bumper design
  33. MacNN: MacUpdate Weekend Sale:
  34. AppleInsider: 10M Samsung flagship phones in 28 days a 'record,' 5M iPhone 5 in 3 day
  35. MacNN: MetroPCS bows out of Net Neutrality lawsuit against FCC
  36. MacNN: Mozilla delays plans to block third-party tracking cookies in Firefox
  37. MacNN: Yahoo schedules press event for May 20, topic 'something special'
  38. MacNN: Amazon axes Zombieland, Browsers TV pilots; picks up two others
  39. MacNN: Apple pulls Bang With Friends app after little over one week
  40. AppleInsider: Song skipping feature in Apple's 'iRadio' reportedly holding up Sony de
  41. MacNN: Stitcher for iOS gets Car Mode, other upgrades
  42. MacRumors: Apple and Sony 'iRadio' Negotiations Stalling Over Skipped Songs
  43. AppleInsider: Apple yanks 'Bang with Friends' app from iOS App Store
  44. MacNN: Study: tablets, smartphones rule mobile gaming; handhelds wane
  45. AppleInsider: Revenue from iOS, Android gaming apps now three times greater than port
  46. MacNN: MacBook Air stock beginning to evaporate ahead of WWDC
  47. MacNN: 'iRadio' announcement may miss WWDC, say sources
  48. MacNN: Briefly: Moshi Lightning Cables, Gangstar Rio and N.O.V.A 3 now free
  49. Apple: Apple’s App Store Marks Historic 50 Billionth Download
  50. MacNN: MacNN forums: Retina MBP shuts down while sleeping
  51. MacNN: Apple deals: 15.4-inch MacBook Pros from $1,489
  52. MacNN: DealNN: $200 off 12-Core Mac Pro, more
  53. MacNN: Apple devices officially OK'd for secure government networks
  54. AppleInsider: Gameloft's Gangstar Rio, N.O.V.A. 3 go free on iOS for a limited time
  55. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Plants v. Zombies, Walking Dead, Sonic the Hedgehog
  56. MacRumors: Tightening MacBook Air Supplies at Resellers Hint at Upcoming Refresh
  57. AppleInsider: Music service's structure, plus Apple's culture, holding up 'iRadio' se
  58. AppleInsider: MacBook Air inventory begins dwindling ahead of Apple's WWDC
  59. MacRumors: Difficult Negotiations May Prevent 'iRadio' Launch at WWDC
  60. MacNN: Corning introduces Lotus XT Glass, aimed at high-rez displays
  61. MacRumors: U.S. Department of Defense Approves iOS 6 Devices for Military Networks
  62. AppleInsider: Pentagon officially grants security clearance to Apple's iPhone and iPa
  63. MacNN: Air Force estimates savings of $5.7M per year due to iPad use
  64. MacRumors: Corning Announces Lotus XT Substrate Glass for Improved Mobile Displays Wi
  65. MacNN: UK: tablets now outselling both notebooks and desktop PCs combined
  66. AppleInsider: US Air Force expects to save $50M with use of 18K Apple iPads
  67. AppleInsider: Rumor: LG, Sharp & AUO gearing up to build displays for Apple's next iP
  68. MacNN: Opinion: Is the HTC One the ultimate iPhone switcher?
  69. MacNN: Virgin Mobile US offers 15 percent discount on iPhone 4, 4S
  70. MacNN: FTC starts sending COPPA letters to app developers
  71. MacNN: Apple, CW sign deal to put content on Apple TV
  72. AppleInsider: Briefly: Virgin Mobile offers 15% discount on prepaid iPhone 4/4S
  73. MacNN: Foxconn continuing to break Chinese labor laws, FLA finds
  74. MacNN: Sharp commences production of new hiDPI IGZO LCD panels
  75. AppleInsider: Apple TV to get CW content in new streaming deal
  76. MacRumors: CW Strikes Deal with Apple to Bring Content to Apple TV
  77. MacRumors: Tim Cook Shares Details About New 'Made in USA' Mac Model
  78. AppleInsider: Cook: US-built Mac will be refreshed version of existing product
  79. MacNN: UPS ports iOS tracking, scheduling app to iPad
  80. AppleInsider: Intel chips could have powered first iPhone, CEO Otelini says
  81. MacNN: Cook speaks ahead of upcoming US Senate testimony
  82. MacRumors: Tim Cook Defends Apple's Tax Record Ahead of Senate Committee Appearance
  83. AppleInsider: Cook talks taxes ahead of hearing: 'We pay every dollar that we owe'
  84. AppleInsider: Report: Apple supplier Foxconn still exceeding work hour laws
  85. MacNN: Latest Apple dividend payment distributes over $2.8B to shareholders
  86. MacNN: Briefly: eBay adds shopping cart to iOS apps, ThinShield for iPhone 5
  87. MacNN: New OS X 'KitM.A' malware discovered, mostly impotent
  88. MacNN: MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.0 fixes severe crash bug
  89. AppleInsider: New Pebble developer tools allow smart watch apps to talk to iPhone app
  90. MacNN: Briefly: iKlip 2 and iKlip Studio now shipping, Aud 5 Lighting dock
  91. MacRumors: Newly Discovered Mac Malware Captures and Stores Screenshots
  92. MacNN: Pebble gains $15M funding, updates SDK with two-way communication
  93. MacNN: Apple updates iTunes to 11.0.3, improves Songs view, MiniPlayer
  94. AppleInsider: Apple to distribute another $2.867 billion to shareholders via dividend
  95. MacNN: Colored SIM trays may hint at multi-color iPhone 5S
  96. MacRumors: Apple Updates iTunes to Version 11.0.3 With New MiniPlayer and Improvement
  97. AppleInsider: Apple releases iTunes 11.0.3 with new MiniPlayer, improved Songs View
  98. AppleInsider: Building permits detail $16M in new work at Apple's Reno iCloud data ce
  99. MacNN: Apps: PDFpen, Skitch, Dropbox
  100. MacNN: Apple moving flagship SF store, doubling size
  101. AppleInsider: Multi-colored SIM trays allegedly for 'iPhone 5S' may signal more color
  102. MacRumors: New High-Resolution Photos of iPhone 5S Parts Reveal Little
  103. MacRumors: Android and iOS Continue to Dominate Smartphone Market as Windows Phone Sh
  104. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone e-wallet concept would suggest payment options based on
  105. MacNN: Apple App Store tops 50 billion downloads [U]
  106. AppleInsider: Apple plans to move flagship San Francisco store to Union Square
  107. MacNN: Windows Phone shipments beat BlackBerry, lags behind iOS, Android
  108. MacNN: Study: Apple, iOS most effective manufacturer and platform for ads
  109. MacRumors: Apple to Relocate Flagship San Francisco Retail Store to Union Square
  110. MacRumors: Apple Announces Winner of App Store's 50 Billionth Download Contest
  111. AppleInsider: New mophie juice pack plus boosts iPhone 5 power by 120%
  112. AppleInsider: 50 billionth iOS app was 'Say the Same Thing,' Apple awards $10K gift c
  113. AppleInsider: IDC: Apple's iOS fell to 17% of smartphones shipped in Q1, Windows Phon
  114. MacNN: AT&T to offer up to $200 for used iPhone 4S in trade-in promo
  115. MacNN: a-JAYS Five earphones come in iOS, Android and Windows versions
  116. AppleInsider: Apple's 'social camera flash' connects multiple users' iPhones to remot
  117. AppleInsider: DOJ: Email from Steve Jobs implies Apple wanted to create falsely infla
  118. AppleInsider: AT&T supposedly offering iPhone 5 for free with iPhone 4S trade-in, 2-y
  119. MacNN: Mophie rolls out iPhone 5 edition of Juice Pack Plus
  120. MacNN: WD enhances portable drive offerings with up to 2TB My Passport Ultra
  121. MacNN: Email reveals e-book talk between Steve Jobs, James Murdoch
  122. MacNN: Google Play Books apps for iOS, Android get user uploads
  123. AppleInsider: Google tells Microsoft to take down unofficial YouTube app from Windows
  124. MacNN: Newer Technology ships up to five foot tall GripBase Podium iPad stand
  125. MacNN: Steam adds 'card trading' functionality to certain games
  126. MacNN: Apple seeds seventh OS X 10.8.4 beta to developers
  127. MacNN: Google filing in Motorola Mobile versus Apple suit seeks injunction
  128. MacNN: Apple CEO expected to show at Senate hearing on offshore tax issues
  129. MacRumors: Tim Cook to Testify In Front of Senate Committee Over Apple's Tax Practice
  130. AppleInsider: Apple seeds OS X 10.8.4 beta build 12E52 to developers
  131. AppleInsider: Tim Cook to reportedly testify on offshore tax practices in Senate inve
  132. MacNN: Apple App Store tops 50 billion downloads
  133. MacNN: Pilot blames compass malfunction on iPhone interference
  134. MacRumors: Apple's App Store Reaches 50 Billion Downloads, Now on Pace for 20 Billion
  135. MacNN: Apple drops below $400B in worth, Google surpasses $300B
  136. AppleInsider: Apple logs 50 billionth App Store download
  137. MacNN: Google Maps overhauled, new Android, iPad versions coming soon
  138. MacNN: Studies: Android's malware, piracy problem growing
  139. MacRumors: Google Shows Off Upcoming Map Changes, Announces iPad App
  140. MacNN: Verizon briefly posts $100 pricetag for iPhone 5
  141. MacRumors: Google Unifies Cross-Platform Messaging Services With 'Hangouts'
  142. AppleInsider: Reworked Google Maps for iOS, Android gains better search, tablet compa
  143. MacNN: Google+ gains unified messaging, automatic image editing in redesign
  144. MacNN: Google launches All Access streaming music service, goes live in US
  145. MacNN: Report: Google to offer subscription-based music streaming service
  146. AppleInsider: Revamped, cross-platform Google Hangouts app competes with Apple's iMes
  147. MacNN: DOJ, Apple lay out initial filings in e-book price-fixing trial
  148. MacRumors: Google Announces 'Google Play Music All Access' Subscription Service
  149. MacRumors: Google Unveils Google Play Game Services for Android, iOS and Web
  150. MacNN: Live: Google I/O first-day keynote
  151. AppleInsider: Google's All Access music streaming service to take on Spotify, Pandora
  152. AppleInsider: Google Play game services offers cross-platform support on iOS, Android
  153. MacNN: Briefly: DirecTV for iOS gains voice recognition, Belkin Dyle adapter
  154. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Facebook, Fantastical, Mail Pilot
  155. AppleInsider: Google announces 900 million Android activations, 48 billion app instal
  156. AppleInsider: iPhone 5 briefly shows up for $99 at Verizon, reverts to $199
  157. AppleInsider: iPhone's popularity among Facebook staff may have aided in Home's lackl
  158. AppleInsider: EA reveals 'Frostbite Go' game engine for Apple's iOS, Google Android
  159. MacRumors: Airline Industry Remains Divided Over Personal Electronics Usage During Ta
  160. AppleInsider: Apple iPhone suspected of interfering with airline equipment in 2011 in
  161. AppleInsider: DOJ says Apple responsible for arranging inflated e-book prices
  162. MacRumors: Apple Blames Book Publishers in E-Books Antitrust Lawsuit
  163. AppleInsider: Google to reportedly debut paid streaming music service at Google I/O
  164. MacRumors: Google to Unveil Streaming Music Service at Google I/O Tomorrow
  165. AppleInsider: Study finds Apple's iPhone retains more value than top Galaxy models
  166. MacNN: Frostbite Go engine coming to iOS, Android
  167. MacNN: iMovie 9.0.9 fixes camera connection, iOS import problems
  168. AppleInsider: Mobile malware exploding, but only for Android
  169. MacNN: Class action lawsuit targets Apple over defective iPhone 4 buttons
  170. MacNN: Briefly: D-Link 802.11AC routers ship, Norton Zone secure file storage
  171. AppleInsider: Allegedly faulty iPhone 4 power button target of new class action lawsu
  172. MacNN: Tim Cook coffee meet auction ends with $610,000 bid
  173. AppleInsider: Server-side update makes Siri a stickler for succinctness
  174. MacNN: Siri now responding with quotes to overly long commands
  175. MacNN: Geneva remodels Model S speaker set, adds Bluetooth A2DP streaming
  176. MacRumors: Tim Cook Coffee Auction Ends with $610,000 Bid
  177. AppleInsider: Auction winner pays $610K for cuppa with Apple CEO Tim Cook
  178. MacNN: Groupon aims at small businesses with Breadcrumb POS app for iPad
  179. MacNN: Forums: Traveling Mac-less
  180. MacNN: Apple deals: refurbished iMacs from $979
  181. MacNN: DealNN: MacBook Air, Logitech iPad keyboard and more
  182. MacNN: Viral 'Space Oddity' ISS video made using iPad, Garageband
  183. MacNN: Philips Hue lighting adds location-based geofencing, IFTTT programming
  184. AppleInsider: ABC updates iOS app with live streams of all programming in select mark
  185. MacRumors: Media Streaming Challenges App Store Downloads for Leading Share of iTunes
  186. AppleInsider: Nokia reveals slim new Lumia handset with aluminum build
  187. AppleInsider: Netflix accounts for 1/3 of nightly home Internet traffic, Apple's iTun
  188. MacNN: 'Watch ABC' app updated, brings live TV to NYC, Philadelphia
  189. MacRumors: Siri Updated to Respond to Long Questions With Quotes on Brevity
  190. MacNN: Briefly: Prizmo, LightSpeed iOS updates updated
  191. MacNN: BlackBerry opens up BlackBerry Messenger to iOS, Android this Summer
  192. AppleInsider: Square shows off new hardware stand that turns iPad into a register
  193. MacNN: Rumor: next iPhone to replace home button with 'touch' surface
  194. MacRumors: BlackBerry Messenger Coming to iOS This Summer
  195. MacRumors: Philips 'Hue' Receives Major Update With Geofencing, Visual Alerts, and Mo
  196. MacRumors: Sketchy Rumor Claims Sapphire-Covered Capacitive Home Button for iPhone 5S
  197. AppleInsider: BlackBerry BBM coming to Apple's iOS, Google Android this summer
  198. AppleInsider: Apple adds Samsung's Galaxy S4 to patent infringement suit
  199. MacNN: Apple to add Samsung Galaxy S4 to list of infringing devices
  200. MacNN: Apps: Porthole, ImageLobe, BatchPhoto
  201. MacRumors: Apple Seeks to Add Samsung Galaxy S4 to U.S. Patent Lawsuit
  202. AppleInsider: Apple fell to 18% share of smartphone sales in Q1, Gartner says
  203. AppleInsider: Apple supplier Sharp strikes strategic deal with Samsung
  204. MacNN: Job listing reveals Apple taking further interest in Liquidmetal
  205. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple to feature sapphire crystal touch home button on 'iPhone 5
  206. MacNN: Sony rolls out Bluetooth earphones with OLED display, app extensions
  207. AppleInsider: Apple patent lets users control a device with taps, thumps and scratche
  208. AppleInsider: Apple wins utility patent for MacBook's trackpad design
  209. MacNN: Google Fiber grows again: Gladstone, MO added to future buildouts
  210. MacNN: Review: Brother HL-3170CDW LED printer
  211. MacNN: Reviews: Brother HL-3170CDW LED Printer
  212. MacNN: Google Fiber grows again, Gladstone, MO added to future buildouts
  213. AppleInsider: Philips Hue bulbs get smarter with geofencing, 'If This Then That' cust
  214. MacNN: LumenRT 4.1 Studio gets animated water, extended platform support
  215. MacNN: Job listings hint at near-future OS X, iOS iWork updates
  216. MacNN: Ceton unveils pair of media center PC CableCARD tuners
  217. MacRumors: Apple Continues Building iWork Team, Adds New Job Listings
  218. AppleInsider: AT&T to reportedly drop HTC's 'Facebook Phone' following sluggish sales
  219. MacNN: Amazon launches native Cloud Player for Windows, promises Mac app
  220. MacNN: New York attorney general asks phone makers to share anti-theft plans
  221. AppleInsider: Apple job listings point to new iWork for iOS and OS X with HiDPI graph
  222. MacNN: Twitterific, 1Password iOS apps get updates
  223. MacNN: Reviews: Sony Xperia ZL
  224. AppleInsider: Password management app 1Password gets robust browser enhancements, sha
  225. AppleInsider: New York authorities ask Apple, Google to help stop smartphone thefts
  226. AppleInsider: T-Mobile's iPhone 5 pricing now $149, carrier update 'hack' reportedly
  227. MacNN: T-Mobile raises down payment price on iPhone 5
  228. MacNN: New Daft Punk album streaming in iTunes preview
  229. MacNN: Google consolidates storage limits across Mail, Google+, Drive
  230. MacRumors: Tim Cook Coffee Auction Closes Tomorrow, Current High Bid at $605,000
  231. AppleInsider: Photo retrospective shows off iPhone camera quality evolution
  232. MacNN: Briefly: Flipboard update adds user profiles, Neon iPhone 5 cases
  233. MacNN: iPhone Apps: SoundCloud, Zipcar, Retrica Pro
  234. MacRumors: AT&T to Discontinue 'Facebook Phone' HTC First?
  235. MacNN: France considering new 'culture tax' on technology products
  236. AppleInsider: Apple's iPads, iPhones could be subject to new French 'culture tax'
  237. MacRumors: New York Attorney General Presses Apple and Google on Smartphone Thefts
  238. MacNN: Bill Gates emotionally details final meeting with Steve Jobs
  239. MacRumors: T-Mobile Raises iPhone Price by $50, Down Payment on iPhone 5 Starts at $1
  240. AppleInsider: Amazon launches, gives away millions in Amazon Coins to spur app downlo
  241. MacNN: ABC to stream live TV broadcasts to mobile apps this week
  242. MacNN: Hacked T-Mobile carrier file boosts iPhone 5 download speed
  243. MacRumors: An Emotional Bill Gates Talks About Steve Jobs on '60 Minutes'
  244. AppleInsider: Samsung testing 5G wireless technology that can download entire movies
  245. MacNN: Sony rolls out SBH20, stereo Bluetooth earphones
  246. AppleInsider: An emotional Bill Gates pay homage to Steve Jobs while recounting final
  247. MacNN: Full review: HTC One
  248. MacNN: Reviews: HTC One
  249. AppleInsider: Best Buy, Amazon knock 10% off Apple's MacBook Airs & iMacs for Mother'
  250. MacNN: US DoD to allow Apple, Samsung devices on Pentagon network next week