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  1. MacNN: Banners going up at Moscone West for next week's WWDC
  2. AppleInsider: Penguin Books CEO gives mixed testimony in Apple e-books suit
  3. MacNN: MacUpdate Deal
  4. MacNN: Cannon Security debuts RadioVault iOS dock with integral safe
  5. AppleInsider: First Look: Camera Noir for iOS is an elegant alternative for black and
  6. MacNN: Unknown filer requests re-examination of two Apple design patents
  7. MacNN: Second day of DOJ e-book trial sees Penguin siding with Apple
  8. MacRumors: Pioneer Drops AirPlay Speaker Prices, Now Competitive with Bluetooth Model
  9. MacNN: Apple developer portal now showing square app icons, not rounded
  10. MacNN: Apple issues security update for Snow Leopard, Lion, Server versions
  11. AppleInsider: Apple installing WWDC banners: "Where a whole new world is developing"
  12. MacNN: ComScore: Apple, Samsung gaining hardware marketshare
  13. AppleInsider: Briefly: Adobe offering $30 off Elements software for Father's Day
  14. MacNN: Report: White House writing executive order to rein in patent trolls
  15. MacNN: Finished OS X 10.8.4 update fixes problems with Wi-Fi, Exchange
  16. MacNN: ITC issues limited ban on older iPhones, iPods over Samsung patent
  17. MacRumors: ITC Rules Apple Infringed on Samsung Patents, Issues Cease and Desist Orde
  18. MacRumors: Apple Begins Decorating Moscone Center for WWDC 2013
  19. MacNN: OS X 10.8.4 released
  20. MacNN: Time Warner in talks with Apple, MS, Samsung, about streaming video
  21. AppleInsider: Apple widens lead over Samsung in U.S. smartphone market
  22. AppleInsider: ITC determines older Apple iPhones and iPads infringe Samsung patents,
  23. MacNN: New Apple Stores headed to Utah, Virginia, New Jersey
  24. AppleInsider: Apple's developer portal begins displaying square app icons days before
  25. MacRumors: Apple Releases OS X 10.8.4 with Wi-Fi Compatibility Improvements, Bug Fixe
  26. MacNN: DealNN: refurbished 32GB iPad mini, only $349
  27. MacNN: Apple deals: iPod nano, iPod touch, iPad mini
  28. MacNN: Forums: Intel's Haswell released, MBP update imminent
  29. AppleInsider: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer personally visits Hollywood to sell studios
  30. AppleInsider: Apple releases OS X 10.8.4 with Wi-Fi & Exchange improvements
  31. MacRumors: Time Warner Cable in Talks with Apple on Streaming Video Deals
  32. MacNN: iOS Gmailapp gets new inbox, selective notifcations
  33. MacRumors: Obama Targets Patent Trolls with Proposed Legislative Changes
  34. MacNN: Apple report talks economic impact of 'spaceship' campus
  35. AppleInsider: New inbox comes to Google's official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad
  36. MacRumors: Apple Releases Economic Impact Report on 'Spaceship Campus'
  37. AppleInsider: Job listings reveal new Apple Stores in Virginia, Utah, New Jersey
  38. MacNN: Briefly: Clear Day for Mac updated, Universal tablet dock
  39. MacNN: Apple wins US patent on NFC-based data transfer concept
  40. AppleInsider: Apple promotes 'Campus 2' job creation, economic benefits for Cupertino
  41. MacRumors: Intel Launches Haswell Processors Ahead of WWDC Mac Updates
  42. MacNN: iPhone Apps: WordPress, Outline+, Wikiweb
  43. AppleInsider: Hospital sees return on Apple iPad investment in 9 days - report
  44. MacNN: Apple lawyer calls DOJ e-book pricing case 'sinister interference'
  45. MacNN: MetroPCS to use T-Mobile network later this month, opens BYOP scheme
  46. AppleInsider: Mobile payments growing, no thanks to NFC or Google Wallet
  47. MacRumors: Apple's 500 Million iTunes Store Accounts Offer Significant Potential for
  48. MacNN: Second-gen iPad mini production delayed to November, sources claim
  49. AppleInsider: Apple's 500M user accounts second only to Facebook, viewed as key drive
  50. MacNN: Intel Computex keynote shows LTE modem, Merrifield smartphone design
  51. MacNN: Briefly: E Ink e-paper smartwatch display, Eye-Fi for smartphones
  52. AppleInsider: Apple awarded NFC-based cross-platform data transfer solution
  53. MacNN: SpectorSoft deploys Spector CNE Investigator monitoring suite on OS X
  54. MacNN: Apple said to be changing iAd to support new 'iRadio' service
  55. MacNN: Dell XPS 27, XPS 12, Alienware X51 enhanced with Intel Haswell
  56. MacNN: Ntractive outs Elements CRM 5.0, adds Enterprise Edition, more
  57. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple to start next-gen iPad production in July, iPad mini in No
  58. MacNN: Duke posts video series with Tim Cook on business principles
  59. MacRumors: iPad Mini Update to Trail Next Full-Size iPad Launch by Several Months?
  60. MacNN: D-Link boosts IP surveillance camera line with four new models
  61. MacNN: Apple's timing on bond sale will save company $724 million or more
  62. AppleInsider: Microsoft to slash Windows RT licensing fees in effort to boost soft sa
  63. MacRumors: Apple Adds Ship to Store Option for Refurbished Products
  64. MacNN: Canadian regulatory committee debuts wireless carrier code of conduct
  65. AppleInsider: Apple calls antitrust suit 'bizarre,' says DOJ 'reverse-engineered a co
  66. MacNN: DOJ lays out case against Apple in opening statements in e-book trial
  67. MacRumors: Apple's iAd Staff Preparing to Handle iRadio Advertising Duties
  68. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly shifting iAd focus away from apps to rumored 'iRadio'
  69. MacNN: Western Digital ships 7mm-thick 1TB 2.5-inch drive
  70. AppleInsider: Apple now repairing iPhone 5 screens in-store as part of AppleCare over
  71. MacNN: Apple starts in-store iPhone 5 display replacements for $149
  72. MacNN: Briefly: Vudu out of beta, on OS X; Cross DJ adds Soundcloud sharing
  73. AppleInsider: $399 low-end iPhone predicted to grow Apple's user base without affecti
  74. MacNN: New image depicts alleged iOS 7 alpha homescreen
  75. AppleInsider: Purported iOS 7 screens may show flat effects of Jony Ive's influence
  76. MacRumors: Justice Department Presents Opening Arguments Against Apple in E-Book Pric
  77. MacRumors: Apple Begins Offering In-Store iPhone 5 Display Replacements for $149
  78. MacNN: Sell-outs, leaked SKUs point to updated MacBooks at WWDC
  79. MacNN: Briefly: 16GB iPod touch teardown, Chrome and Drive for iOS updated
  80. AppleInsider: US Justice Department details Apple's e-book 'conspiracy' in opening ar
  81. AppleInsider: Duke's Fuqua posts video of Tim Cook speaking at class reunion
  82. MacRumors: Image of 'Flat' Redesign From Early iOS 7 Build Reportedly Leaks
  83. AppleInsider: B&H Photo celebrates release of iPhone and iPad apps with exclusive Mac
  84. MacRumors: Leaked Model Numbers Hint at Updated Notebooks for WWDC
  85. MacNN: French agency bills Apple $6.5M in taxes for 2011 iPad sales
  86. AppleInsider: Apple's timely bond sale saved company $724 million
  87. MacNN: Apps: Clear, AppDelete, Alfred
  88. AppleInsider: France orders Apple to pay $6.5M in taxes for 2011 iPad sales
  89. AppleInsider: Supposed Apple 'iPhone 5S' components again hint at new gold color opti
  90. MacNN: Apple heads to trial in e-book price fixing case
  91. MacNN: Apple debuts 2013 WWDC app for iOS with video integration
  92. MacRumors: Apple Launches WWDC 2013 iOS App With Session Video Integration
  93. MacNN: Apple, Warner Music have signed deal for iRadio, sources say
  94. AppleInsider: Apple's official WWDC 2013 iOS app now available
  95. AppleInsider: Apple heads to court in 'unusual' antitrust trial over e-book prices
  96. AppleInsider: Amazon sells out of entry-level 13" Retina MacBook Pro amid rumors of s
  97. MacRumors: Photos of 'Plastic Low-Cost iPhone' Likely an iPhone 5 in a Case
  98. MacNN: Researchers claim modified charger can hack iOS devices in one minute
  99. AppleInsider: Dual-mic MacBook Air expected at WWDC, legacy MacBook Pro to remain wit
  100. AppleInsider: Back panel claimed to be for Apple's low-cost iPhone shows curved desig
  101. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly pushing for 'iRadio' licensing deals ahead of WWDC
  102. MacRumors: iOS 7 May Include AirDrop Wireless File Sharing Capabilities
  103. MacRumors: Apple Pushing to Complete Record Deals for Streaming Music Service Launch
  104. MacRumors: Slimmer 13" Retina MacBook Pro, Dual Mic MacBook Air Expected at WWDC
  105. AppleInsider: Apple to debut slimmer Retina MacBook Pro with upgraded camera at WWDC,
  106. MacNN: Intel prices, specs out first 'Haswell' mobile, desktop processors
  107. MacNN: Reviews: Huawei Ascend Mate
  108. AppleInsider: PC makers' revolt against Windows continues as Acer preps all-in-one An
  109. AppleInsider: Teardown of Apple's new 16GB iPod touch finds few changes from other 5t
  110. MacNN: Chicago paper fires photogs, will train reporters on 'iPhoneography'
  111. MacRumors: Teardown of New 16 GB iPod Touch Reveals Few Internal Changes
  112. MacNN: Study: iPad the overwhelming preferred tablet among doctors
  113. AppleInsider: ITC delays determination in Samsung patent row against Apple
  114. MacNN: Irish ambassador denies charge of special Apple tax deal
  115. AppleInsider: Chicago Sun-Times axes all staff photographers, offers reporters 'iPhon
  116. MacNN: Apple closes seeding of 10.8.4, release expected shortly
  117. MacNN: ITC delays Apple versus Samsung investigation completion by five days
  118. AppleInsider: Apple takes AppleCare service technician training online, drops recerti
  119. MacNN: OS X open source 'Camino' browser no longer under active development
  120. MacNN: Apple updates Certified Macintosh Technician program
  121. MacNN: Retailers run low on Mac Pro ahead of WWDC
  122. AppleInsider: Best Buy launches limited-time trade-in program, $150 credit for iPhone
  123. AppleInsider: OS X 10.8.4 release may be imminent as Software Update seed project clo
  124. MacNN: Sources add color to Apple Orlando design center claims
  125. MacNN: Best Buy to do $150 trade-in credit for iPhone 4/4S on Saturday
  126. MacNN: Briefly: Picture Collage Maker for Mac, PhotoMarks for iOS updated
  127. MacRumors: Mac Pro Supplies Tightening as WWDC Approaches
  128. MacNN: DealNN: Mac mini with OS X Server for $935 and more
  129. MacNN: Apple deals: Macs from $759
  130. MacNN: Forums: Bootcamp problems, iPad tips, free iTunes Apps
  131. AppleInsider: Intel on Thunderbolt: Our goal is quality, more compatible accessories
  132. AppleInsider: Apple's graphics chip development center in Orlando houses former AMD,
  133. MacRumors: More Details on Apple's New Orlando 'GPU Design Center'
  134. MacNN: Briefly: Knights of the Old Republic comes to iPad, Bandsintown update
  135. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Alaska Airlines, Twitter, iTunes Movie Trailer
  136. MacNN: Dutch court rules Samsung didn't infringe on iPad design
  137. MacRumors: Apple Rumored to Be Considering Launching an Ad Exchange
  138. MacNN: Apple planning to launch ad exchange, rumor claims
  139. AppleInsider: As medicine goes digital, Apple's iPad is top choice among doctors
  140. AppleInsider: Dutch Supreme Court rules Samsung's Galaxy Tab doesn't infringe on iPad
  141. MacNN: Alleged front panel for fifth-gen iPad shows iPad mini influences
  142. AppleInsider: Samsung chooses Intel CPU for new iPad-competing Android Galaxy Tab - r
  143. MacNN: Apple hikes iPad, iPod prices in Japan
  144. MacRumors: New Photo Shows Rear of iPad 5's Narrower Front Bezel and Digitizer
  145. AppleInsider: Possible front panel for 'iPad 5' shows up bearing mini-inspired aesthe
  146. MacRumors: A Brief First Look at Apple's New 16 GB iPod Touch
  147. MacNN: Asus to ship 31.5-inch PQ321 4K monitor to US in June, 39-inch planned
  148. AppleInsider: Top iOS apps earn 4.6x more than Android, but Google Play is gaining gr
  149. AppleInsider: Video offers glimpse at Apple's revamped 16GB iPod touch
  150. MacNN: Pioneer adds app-based remote control to XDJ-R1 DJ system
  151. MacNN: Analyst: iPhone sales up 400 percent in India since January
  152. AppleInsider: Apple raises iPad and iPod prices in Japan, blames weak yen
  153. MacNN: IK Multimedia unveils AmpliTube 3 software, iRig HD hardware
  154. AppleInsider: Adobe's Kuler iOS app helps artists capture color palettes on the fly
  155. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone sales reportedly up 400% in India thanks to aggressive p
  156. MacRumors: Apple Raises iPad and iPod Prices in Japan
  157. MacNN: Report: 99.9 percent of mobile threats on Android
  158. MacNN: Apple updates Camera Raw to 4.06, adds support for 13 new cameras
  159. MacNN: Apple-sanctioned Colby Walkmac from 1987 unearthed
  160. AppleInsider: Tweetbot for Mac gets iOS version's media timeline, Profile Cover Image
  161. AppleInsider: Apple's new Union Square store will not even reach fountain of controve
  162. MacNN: Group calls for removal of 'gay cure' app from iOS, Android stores
  163. Apple: Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, More Fan Favorites to Headline iTun
  164. AppleInsider: Waze iOS app integrates Facebook events to live maps in update
  165. MacNN: Tweetbot for Mac boosted to 1.3, adds media timeline feature
  166. MacNN: Nuance acknowledges presence in Apple's Siri technology
  167. AppleInsider: Alaska Airlines adds Apple Passbook support for boarding passes
  168. MacNN: Waze 3.7 for iOS adds Facebook events integration
  169. MacRumors: Nuance CEO Confirms Siri Partnership with Apple
  170. MacNN: Evernote adds two-step authentication, access management to accounts
  171. MacNN: Adobe releases promised Kuler iPhone app
  172. AppleInsider: Nuance confirms its technology is behind Apple's Siri
  173. Apple: Mayo Clinic Brings New Innovations to Patient Care with iOS Apps
  174. Apple: Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, More Fan Favorites to Headline iTun
  175. MacNN: Google confirms All Access coming to iOS in next few weeks
  176. AppleInsider: First look: SETA stand for iPhone & iPad is first to use 'NanoSuction'
  177. MacNN: Educational prices drop for 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pros
  178. AppleInsider: Non-Retina MacBook Pros see $100 price drop for education buyers
  179. MacNN: Over 100 million iPod touches sold, Apple says
  180. MacNN: Briefly: Real Racing gets new track, MacFamilyTree reaches v7.0
  181. AppleInsider: Google Play Music All Access coming soon to Apple's iOS
  182. MacNN: Apps: Forklift, GarageSale, Rdio
  183. MacNN: San Francisco mayor to re-examine plans for Union Square Apple Store
  184. AppleInsider: Flap over fountain forces San Francisco mayor to reconsider Apple Store
  185. MacRumors: Apple Cuts Education Pricing on Non-Retina 13-Inch MacBook Pro, Now Starts
  186. MacNN: Avago ramp-up may indicate next-gen iPhone going into production
  187. MacRumors: Apple Reaches Milestone of 100 Million iPod Touch Units Sold
  188. AppleInsider: Apple's iPod touch reaches 100 million sales milestone
  189. AppleInsider: Motorola's new 'Moto X' smartphone will be built in Texas
  190. MacRumors: San Francisco Mayor to Take Another Look at Apple's Proposed Union Square
  191. AppleInsider: Supply chain showing 'signs of life' as Apple gears up for Sept. launch
  192. AppleInsider: More cases for Apple's fifth-gen iPad give closer look at mini-like sma
  193. MacRumors: Apple Launches New 16 GB iPod Touch With No Rear Camera for $229
  194. MacNN: Apple adds $229 16GB iPod touch without iSight camera to online store
  195. AppleInsider: Samsung, Google to scale back giant screen sizes on new Android phones
  196. AppleInsider: Apple unveils new 16GB iPod touch model without iSight, priced at $229
  197. AppleInsider: Apple investigating devices with interactive flexible displays
  198. MacNN: Briefly: Pebble UI changes in update, EE starts 30-day SIM-only plans
  199. AppleInsider: Apple unveils new 16GB iPod touch model without iSight, priced at $229
  200. MacNN: Apple announces first acts for London's iTunes Festival
  201. MacNN: Developer Second Gear uses Passbook to promote mystery app
  202. AppleInsider: Apple shows renewed interest in 'gaze detection' in possible response t
  203. AppleInsider: Apple announces lineup for iTunes Festival in London, launches website
  204. MacRumors: Apple Announces 2013 iTunes Festival in London Scheduled for September
  205. MacNN: WSJ: Pegatron, not Foxconn, to be primary source of 'low-cost iPhone'
  206. MacNN: Jackson, Greenpeace comment on EPA director Apple hiring
  207. MacNN: Yves Behar launches Bluetooth keyed August Smart Lock
  208. AppleInsider: Yves Behar announces August iPhone-controlled smart lock
  209. MacNN: Apple adding to 'Orlando GPU team' with former AMD engineers
  210. MacNN: Streamer Aereo remains contentious in pair of D11 interviews
  211. MacNN: Experian: iOS users spend more time on their devices than Android
  212. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly takes on 12 former AMD engineers for 'Orlando GPU team
  213. MacNN: Apple doling out $53 million in moisture sensor class action suit
  214. MacRumors: Pegatron to Assemble Low Cost iPhone as Apple Works to Balance Supply Chai
  215. MacRumors: Apple Hires at Least a Dozen Former AMD Employees for an 'Orlando GPU Team
  216. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly looking to Pegatron in supply chain diversification aw
  217. AppleInsider: HTC next to accuse Samsung of using component supplies as a "competitiv
  218. AppleInsider: Amazon launches 'Login with Amazon' API for iOS, Android, web
  219. MacNN: Google reveals updated Gmail interface for web, iOS, Android
  220. AppleInsider: Google shows off updated Gmail layout, iOS app update to come soon
  221. AppleInsider: Greenpeace praises Apple's hiring of former EPA chief
  222. MacNN: ITC to re-examine split ruling in Apple v. Samsung dispute
  223. MacNN: Briefly: Adobe acquires Ideacodes, Dealingers comes to US
  224. MacNN: Briefly: Clear Day update brings new interface, RouteBuddy DigitalHub
  225. AppleInsider: iOS compatible 'Chip and PIN' card reader goes on sale at European Appl
  226. MacRumors: 2013 Internet Trends Report: Mobile Growth Soars, Tablet Shipments Surpass
  227. MacRumors: New Macs, Updated iOS and Mac Software, No iOS Hardware Expected for WWDC
  228. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Streets, Plex, Drafts
  229. MacNN: AT&T adds 4G LTE access to 11 markets, expands coverage in 6 more
  230. MacNN: Rdio overhauls Mac client software to reflect iOS changes
  231. AppleInsider: ITC to review split decision in Apple v. Samsung patent case
  232. MacNN: Amazon launches single sign-on service for third party developers
  233. MacNN: Payleven brings chip-and-PIN card reader to Apple Stores
  234. AppleInsider: AT&T expands 4G LTE coverage to 16 new U.S. markets
  235. MacNN: Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition coming to Mac on July 3rd
  236. AppleInsider: New Macs, modernized iOS expected to appear at Apple's WWDC
  237. MacNN: Full video of D11 Tim Cook talk appears online
  238. AppleInsider: Makers of to-do list app Clear create stripped-down Analog Camera
  239. AppleInsider: iPhone owners spend 55% more time on their phone than Android users
  240. MacRumors: Full Video of Tim Cook's D11 Interview Now Available
  241. AppleInsider: Full D11 interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook now available
  242. MacNN: Briefly: Google+ updates on iOS, Mionix Avior 8200 gaming mouse
  243. AppleInsider: Apple's Cook explains 'one-a-year' iPhone strategy, hints at future mod
  244. MacNN: Tim Cook: Jony Ive key to iOS 7 design; platform to ''open up'' more
  245. MacNN: Apple hires former EPA head to handle environmental issues
  246. AppleInsider: Apple to open iOS for third-party developers
  247. AppleInsider: Apple purchased 9 companies since January, intends to pick up pace in 2
  248. AppleInsider: Apple hires former head of US Environmental Protection Agency
  249. MacRumors: Tim Cook at D11: Executive Change Up Has Been "Great", Revamped iOS/OS X t
  250. MacRumors: Tim Cook at D11: Apple to Open Up APIs in the Future, No Chatheads