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  1. MacNN: First OS X 10.8.5 beta seeds to developers
  2. MacNN: Texas firm sues Apple over iPhone's call forwarding features
  3. AppleInsider: Apple releases first OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion beta to developers
  4. MacNN: First Look: Apple Airport Extreme with 802.11ac
  5. MacNN: Researchers crack auto-generated iOS hotspot passwords in 60 seconds
  6. AppleInsider: New patent lawsuit targets Apple over iPohne 5's call forwarding featur
  7. MacRumors: Analyst Flip-Flops Again: Thinner iPad Mini in Late 2013, Retina Display i
  8. MacNN: Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac updates with early OS X Mavericks support
  9. AppleInsider: Parallels Desktop 8 updated to support Apple's OS X Mavericks
  10. MacNN: Apple wins $30M iPad contract with LA Unified School District
  11. AppleInsider: Researchers crack default iPhone Personal Hot passwords in under a minu
  12. MacNN: Red starts shipping 4K-capable Redray media player, iOS remote app
  13. MacNN: Briefly: Twentieth Anniversary Mac auction, Photo Slideshow for Mac
  14. MacNN: Apple patent head Boris Teksler leaves for French firm
  15. MacRumors: Apple Scores $30 Million iPad Contract from L.A. Unified School District
  16. MacRumors: Researchers Crack iOS-Generated Hotspot Passwords in 50 Seconds
  17. MacRumors: Apple's Director of Patent Licensing & Strategy Departs for French Firm
  18. MacNN: Apps: EarthDesk, Little Snitch, Hazel
  19. MacNN: Apple TV 5.3 update adds HBO Go, Sky News, other networks
  20. AppleInsider: Apple patent chief departs amid major ongoing IP lawsuits
  21. MacNN: Schematics allegedly show dimensions of low-cost iPhone, iPhone 5S
  22. AppleInsider: Apple TV update adds HBO Go, WatchESPN & more channels
  23. MacRumors: Design Drawings Reveal Case Makers' Expectations for iPhone 5S and Lower-C
  24. MacRumors: Apple Adds WatchESPN, HBO GO, Sky News, and More to Apple TV
  25. MacNN: LinkedIn integration could be coming to iOS 7, code shows
  26. MacNN: A closer look: iOS 7 Siri and iOS in the Car
  27. AppleInsider: Leaked schematics reveal what case makers expect Apple's low-cost iPhon
  28. AppleInsider: Apple wins $30 million iPad contract from LA school district
  29. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: iBeacons enhance apps' location awareness via Bluetooth L
  30. MacNN: Apple issues Java updates for Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion
  31. MacNN: Cloudmark debuts Mac version of DesktopOne anti-spam filter
  32. MacNN: Max Payne 3 coming to Mac App Store June 20; price unknown
  33. MacNN: Samsung rolls out industry's first NFC-enabled color laser printers
  34. AppleInsider: High resolution images claim to show 'iPhone 5S,' iPhone 5 display asse
  35. MacNN: Steve Jobs video from 1994 unearthed, shows reflections on legacy
  36. MacNN: Briefly: Facebook, Mavericks for Apple workers, Voice Memos, iSkin
  37. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs discusses his legacy in rare 1994 video interview
  38. MacRumors: New Video May Show iOS 7 Running on an iPad
  39. MacNN: Apple issues major update to iOS mass-deployment tool Configurator
  40. AppleInsider: Google's Nexus 7 tablets dying early, possibly due to cheap memory
  41. AppleInsider: Facebook for iOS adds privacy options and status icons in update
  42. AppleInsider: Briefly: Sprint LTE service expands to 22 more areas
  43. MacRumors: Apple Giving Retail Employees Beta Access to OS X Mavericks
  44. AppleInsider: Rumor: Russian video shows iPad version of iOS 7 beta
  45. MacNN: Apple issues Java updates for Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion
  46. MacRumors: Leaked Image Suggests 'Voice Memo' Will Return in Future iOS 7 Beta Releas
  47. AppleInsider: Apple's removal of Voice Memos in iOS 7 beta leaves space for third-par
  48. MacNN: GOG adds 11 titles to Mac library, makes Torchlight free until June 20
  49. MacNN: Soundfreaq Sound Step Lightning merges Lightning, Bluetooth support
  50. MacNN: iHome debuts three Lightning-equipped FM alarm docks
  51. AppleInsider: Apple tweaks Siri responses to help prevent suicides
  52. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Apple's Weather app gets animated
  53. MacNN: Apple deals: iPads, iPods, Apple TV
  54. MacNN: Forums: overheating woes, Safari gripes and more
  55. MacNN: Chatology searches through Messages, iChat content
  56. MacNN: DealNN: QNAP 6-Bay NAS cut to $752
  57. AppleInsider: Solar charging stations with Apple Lightning & 30-pin connectors come t
  58. MacNN: Hidden iOS 7 beta settings point to unused gesture, icon options
  59. MacRumors: Apple TV iOS 7 Beta Adds iTunes Radio and Conference Room Display Mode
  60. MacNN: Briefly: Goji Smart Lock gains strong backing, Neat iOS update
  61. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Shazam Encore, AfterLight, Tweetbot
  62. MacNN: Case for rumored low-cost iPhone shows thicker size, rounded edges
  63. MacNN: Apple adds phone calls to Siri suicide prevention responses
  64. AppleInsider: Microsoft undercuts Apple in education, selling Surface RT for $199
  65. MacRumors: Case for Lower-Cost iPhone with Thicker Profile and Curved Edges Surfaces
  66. MacNN: A closer look: iOS 7 Safari mobile browser
  67. MacRumors: Hidden iOS 7 Settings Reveal Potential Gesture and Folder Enhancements
  68. AppleInsider: Case intended for Apple's low-cost iPhone shows thicker, rounded design
  69. AppleInsider: OS X Mavericks' new App Nap, Timer Coalescing features target battery e
  70. MacNN: Adobe formally releases 'Creative Cloud' version of full app suite
  71. MacRumors: Adobe Releases New Creative Cloud Apps
  72. AppleInsider: Adobe releases major update to Creative Cloud desktop apps
  73. MacNN: Apple TV gains iTunes Radio support, new feature in v5.4 beta
  74. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Calendar app comes with sterilized UI, few feature change
  75. MacNN: Report: AT&T enabling FaceTime, Google+ video chat on all data plans
  76. AppleInsider: AT&T starting nationwide FaceTime over cellular rollout
  77. AppleInsider: Briefly: Jony Ive's title at Apple shortened to 'SVP of Design'
  78. MacNN: Court evidence: Jobs read Apple rumor sites, queried Cue on reports
  79. MacNN: Report: 'iPhone 5S' display assembly leaked, fits new logic board
  80. MacNN: HighPoint debuts 362x series hardware RAID SAS PCI-E cards
  81. AppleInsider: DOJ e-books trial: Apple's Cue explains 'agency' contracts and pricing,
  82. AppleInsider: Apple TV gets iTunes Radio, Conference Room display option in beta upda
  83. MacNN: Cue talks Steve Jobs' involvement in iBooks during Monday testimony
  84. MacNN: Oculus Rift headset receives $16 million first-round funding
  85. AppleInsider: iPad crashes Windows 8 launch party as Asus cuts its PC, tablet forecas
  86. AppleInsider: Images of supposed 'iPhone 5S' display match with 'leaked' logic board
  87. MacNN: Two more Apple patents challenged by anonymous parties at USPTO
  88. MacRumors: iPhone 5S Display Assembly Surfaces, Appears to Fit Leaked Logic Board
  89. MacNN: DoJ v. Apple e-book trial moves into defense phase
  90. MacNN: Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography to reach paperback on September 10th
  91. AppleInsider: Emulator screenshots show what iOS 7 may look like on iPad
  92. MacNN: Sprint enables 4G LTE in 22 markets, brings total to 110 covered
  93. MacRumors: Video Shows Differences Between Mavericks and Mountain Lion Multiple Monit
  94. MacNN: Wikimedia Foundation not involved in PRISM, opens up consultation
  95. MacNN: Extracted images show iPad version of iOS 7
  96. AppleInsider: Paperback edition of Walter Isaacon's 'Steve Jobs' coming Sept. 10 with
  97. MacNN: Briefly: IGG Software Anniversary sale, XCOM coming to iOS this week
  98. MacNN: Apps: iTubeX, Duplicate Annihilator, Bookends
  99. MacNN: Skype Video Messaging emerges from preview in mobile, desktop apps
  100. MacNN: Next-gen iPhone logic board hints at redesign, larger processor
  101. AppleInsider: Apple defense to take over in final days of e-book antitrust case
  102. MacRumors: Paperback Version of 'Steve Jobs' Biography Coming September 10 with Young
  103. MacNN: Photo shows alleged Logitech iPhone/iPod game controller
  104. MacRumors: Photos of Bare iPhone 5S Logic Board with Space for Larger Main Chip Surfa
  105. AppleInsider: Purported 'iPhone 5S' logic board has tweaked screw placement, lacks CP
  106. MacRumors: Apple Releases Statement on Customer Privacy and Law Enforcement Requests
  107. MacNN: Apple denies PRISM knowledge, insists most customer data secure
  108. MacNN: A closer look: iOS 7 Multitasking, AirDrop and the Share widget
  109. AppleInsider: Photo shows prototype Logitech 'Made for iPhone' gaming controller
  110. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Apple adds Instagram-like filters, square capture to Came
  111. AppleInsider: Apple issues rare public comment on its "commitment to customer privacy
  112. AppleInsider: After crowning Samsung as Apple's heir, analysts now rethinking their m
  113. MacRumors: Emulator Provides Early Look at iOS 7 on the iPad
  114. AppleInsider: Deals: dozens of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina configs at lowe
  115. AppleInsider: Editorial: What WWDC 2013 tells us about Apple
  116. MacNN: A closer look: iOS 7 Control and Notification Centers
  117. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Animations work with flat graphics to create sense of spa
  118. MacNN: iPad, iPad mini coming to Rogers and Telus
  119. MacNN: AT&T now pushing iPhone update to add Wireless Emergency Alert
  120. MacNN: Icons from iOS 7 briefly appear in 'rough draft' form with grid
  121. AppleInsider: AT&T adds emergency alert system to iPhone 5 and 4S with software updat
  122. MacNN: Study: 0.22 percent of all US iPhones devices already on iOS 7
  123. AppleInsider: Canada's Rogers and Telus to start iPad and iPad mini sales, Wind offer
  124. AppleInsider: Microsoft once again uses Siri to hawk Windows 8 tablets
  125. AppleInsider: The Atlantic magazine debuts new iOS-only weekly publication
  126. MacRumors: Alternate Icons on iOS 7 Website Likely Old Marketing Material
  127. MacNN: AT&T adds LTE, new plans to GoPhone prepaid plans
  128. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS 7 beta already on 0.22% of compatible US devices, study say
  129. AppleInsider: New Mac Pro's radical design draws admiration, criticism via Photoshop
  130. MacNN: Dev says it worked with new Mac Pro in Apple 'Evil Lab' prior to WWDC
  131. AppleInsider: iOS 7 beta: Zoom while recording video in Apple's Camera app
  132. AppleInsider: Safari 7.0 streamlined and accelerated for OS X Mavericks
  133. MacNN: Briefly: Blue's Nessie now available, Yahoo! Sports for iOS updated
  134. MacNN: DealNN: VIZIO E-Series Razor 3D smart HDTV, only $780
  135. MacNN: Forums: OS X Mavericks debates, SD card woes and more
  136. MacNN: Apple deals: refurbished iMacs from $1,099
  137. MacNN: Reviews: Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad
  138. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Angry Birds Star Wars, TuneIn Radio Pro, Retrica Pro
  139. MacNN: Review: Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad
  140. MacNN: Briefly: Beauty Box Video updated, AKVIS ArtSuite launch Fantasy Pack
  141. MacRumors: New Windows Tablet Ad Again Uses Siri's Voice to Poke Fun at iPad
  142. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Apple's new App Store simplifies app updating & discovery
  143. MacRumors: Developers Got to Test a Prerelease Mac Pro Stashed Inside a Giant Metal B
  144. MacNN: Pegatron seen shipping low-cost iPhone, second-gen iPad mini in Aug.
  145. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone still tops Japan, but discounts give Sony a big boost
  146. MacRumors: Steve Jobs Didn't Want an iBookstore, but the iPad and Eddy Cue Changed Hi
  147. MacNN: European Commission votes to end roaming charges in 2014
  148. MacNN: TweetDeck for Mac gets new look, columns sidebar
  149. AppleInsider: Teardown of Apple's new 11" MacBook Air finds smaller SSD module, tweak
  150. MacNN: Microsoft debuts Office Mobile app for iPhone
  151. AppleInsider: Developer secretly tested new Mac Pro for weeks inside Apple's 'Evil La
  152. MacRumors: Microsoft Brings 'Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers' to iPhone
  153. MacNN: A closer look: The iOS 7 Camera and Photos apps
  154. MacNN: Leaked Sony RX100 Mark II manual shows Wi-Fi, tilting rear screen
  155. AppleInsider: Microsoft releases Office 365 companion app for iPhone
  156. AppleInsider: Photos claim to show Lightning connector flex cable and speaker for una
  157. MacNN: Cue: Jobs was initially opposed to iBookstore concept
  158. AppleInsider: Apple now adding 500,000 new iTunes accounts per day
  159. MacNN: Asymco: iTunes adding 500,000 new accounts per day
  160. MacNN: ITC throws out Google objections; Samsung ban now very likely
  161. MacNN: BMI takes issue with Pandora station buy, files music licensing suit
  162. MacNN: Symantec reorganization speeds up, nearly 1800 jobs lost
  163. AppleInsider: DOJ e-books trial: Steve Jobs didn't initally want iBooks, Eddy Cue 'di
  164. MacNN: Report: European Commission to investigate Android licensing
  165. MacNN: Samsung CEO speaks: S4 sales strong, Apple patent battles to continue
  166. AppleInsider: First look: iWork for iCloud beta brings powerful productivity to the W
  167. MacNN: Apple working with Logitech, MOGA on MFi-certified game controllers
  168. AppleInsider: Apple working with Logitech and Moga for MFi game controllers, details
  169. AppleInsider: Why the Mac Finder took so long to get the new Tabs in OS X Mavericks
  170. MacRumors: MacBook Pro Updates Still to Come, But What Can We Expect?
  171. MacNN: New York cell summit results in 'Secure our Smartphones' initiative
  172. MacNN: USPTO validates important aspects of Apple 'rubber-banding' patent
  173. MacNN: Apple's Eddy Cue admits e-book prices rose after iBookstore deal
  174. AppleInsider: Bluetooth devices to gain notification support in iOS 7 & Mavericks wit
  175. AppleInsider: Samsung CEO says Galaxy S4 sales are fine, doesn't foresee patent truce
  176. MacNN: Google+ updates with better mobile, desktop notifications
  177. AppleInsider: ITC calls for import ban against Samsung, rejects Google's flip-flop ar
  178. MacRumors: Apple Makes 'iWork for iCloud' Beta Available to Registered Developers
  179. AppleInsider: Apple earns 'huge win' against Samsung on rubber banding patent
  180. MacRumors: Key Claim of Apple's 'Rubber Banding' Patent Used Against Samsung Confirme
  181. MacNN: Yahoo buys GhostBird Software; dev's apps disappear from App Store
  182. AppleInsider: Rumor: Samsung to supply 7.9" Retina displays for Apple's next iPad min
  183. MacNN: Briefly: Laptop Mag tests MacBook Air, Wrappers debut new MBA sleeves
  184. AppleInsider: Following Apple, Microsoft to open mini-stores in Best Buy
  185. MacRumors: Apple Experimented with Sapphire Crystal Displays, Found Them Infeasible
  186. MacRumors: 13" MacBook Air Review Roundup: Apple's Battery Claims Appear Accurate, SS
  187. MacNN: Android 5.0 slated for release in late October?
  188. MacNN: Briefly: LINE for iOS gains in-app browser, RationalPlan update
  189. MacNN: Apps: Screenium, Arq, HoudahGeo
  190. MacNN: Suppliers running 'intensive delivery' of parts for low-cost iPhone
  191. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Siri gets smarter with new system controls
  192. MacNN: Rumor has Mac Pro assembly being handled by Flextronics
  193. MacNN: Pentax reveals K-50, K-500, Q7 cameras with 120 color combinations
  194. AppleInsider: iOS 7 beta: iTunes gift cards can be scanned by iPhone camera
  195. MacRumors: Apple's Mac Pro to Be Assembled by Flextronics in Fort Worth, Texas?
  196. MacNN: Reuters sources say Apple considering larger iPhones for 2014
  197. MacNN: A closer look: The iOS 7 Music app
  198. AppleInsider: US assembly of Apple's new Mac Pro to be handled by Flextronics - repor
  199. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple suppliers now shipping 'large number' of parts for low-cos
  200. MacRumors: Apple Considering 4.7" and 5.7" Screens for 2014 iPhone Models, iPhone 5S
  201. MacNN: MetroPCS starts Bring Your Own Phone GSM-based service to four cities
  202. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple's inexpensive iPhone to adopt colors from iPhone 4 Bumpers
  203. MacNN: Yahoo cleaning house: idle user names to be purged this summer
  204. MacNN: DOJ trial reveals that iBookstore grew by 100 percent in 2012
  205. AppleInsider: Reuters: Apple mulling $99 multi-color and larger-screened iPhones
  206. MacRumors: State and City Officials to Investigate Anti-Theft Practices of Cellphone
  207. MacNN: Apple submits actual sent email, contradicts DoJ draft email presented
  208. AppleInsider: Apple's iBooks grew 100% in 2012, maintaining 20% share of eBook market
  209. MacNN: Google changing algorithm, penalizing poor mobile implementations
  210. AppleInsider: Apple's latest AirPort Time Capsule expectedly similar to redesigned Ai
  211. MacNN: Mac OS icon designer Kare: iOS 7 icons 'generally a good direction'
  212. AppleInsider: Compressed Memory in OS X 10.9 Mavericks aims to free RAM, extend batte
  213. MacNN: Apple releases new video on global impact of iOS technology, apps
  214. MacNN: PhotoForge 2 developer GhostBird snapped up by Yahoo for Flickr
  215. MacNN: Ashton Kutcher 'Jobs' movie to debut in cinemas August 16
  216. AppleInsider: US DOJ points to Steve Jobs email as 'smoking gun' in e-book trial
  217. MacRumors: 'Today' Feature in Notification Center Provides Traffic Information for Fr
  218. MacNN: Yahoo cleaning house, idle user names to be purged this summer
  219. AppleInsider: iOS 7 design changes remain in flux, likely to see major revisions befo
  220. MacNN: BMW skipping iOS in the Car based on design issues
  221. AppleInsider: Apple touts apps' ability to enrich lives in new 10 minute video
  222. MacRumors: Jony Ive Put Apple's Marketing Team in Charge of iOS 7 Icon Design
  223. MacRumors: Apple Posts Ten-Minute 'Making a Difference, One App at a Time' Video
  224. MacNN: Apple conforms warranty policies in Belgium, France, Germany
  225. AppleInsider: BMW shuns Apple's 'iOS in the Car' to stick with its own technology
  226. MacNN: Briefly: AirPort Extreme teardown, Microsoft updates Office for Mac
  227. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Apple automates picture organization in new Photos app
  228. MacRumors: Upcoming iOS 7 APIs: Gaming Improvements, Multitasking Support, AirDrop, a
  229. MacNN: Briefly: ITV ad-free streaming subscription, Myspace iOS update
  230. MacRumors: Apple, Tim Cook and Others Sued Over Alleged NSA/PRISM Privacy Violations
  231. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Rhapsody Concerts, Mextures, Kayak Pro
  232. MacNN: iOS 7 includes game controller, 'inter-app audio' support
  233. AppleInsider: Apple looks to bring developers into the iAd fold with Workbench
  234. MacRumors: Apple Claims 20% of U.S. E-Book Market, Double Previous Estimates
  235. MacNN: Netflix adding user profiles, improved recommendations this summer
  236. MacNN: Unsent Jobs email deals blow to Apple in DoJ e-book case
  237. MacNN: iOS 7 beta pops up warning for non-certified Lightning cables
  238. MacNN: Apple ads iAd Workbench to iTunes Connect
  239. AppleInsider: 'Jobs' starring Ashton Kutcher to hit US theaters nationwide Aug. 16
  240. MacRumors: Teardown of Apple's New AirPort Extreme Reveals Hard Drive Slot, but No Co
  241. MacRumors: Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' Film to Launch on August 16
  242. AppleInsider: Teardown of Apple's new AirPort Extreme finds enough empty space for a
  243. AppleInsider: iOS 7 beta: Testers warned when using uncertified Lightning cables
  244. MacNN: Google Android chief Sundar Pichai keen to try iOS 7
  245. MacNN: First look: Can iOS 7 give Apple back its mojo?
  246. MacNN: OS X Mavericks to be widely compatible with older Macs
  247. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS developer guide hints at dedicated MFi game controller
  248. MacNN: Monotype releases Font Explorer 4.0 for Mac, adds Web Font support
  249. AppleInsider: Refreshed MacBook Air teardown reveals larger battery, smaller SSD and
  250. MacRumors: Teardown of New Mid-2013 MacBook Air Reveals Smaller SSD, Increased Batter