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  1. MacNN: Briefly: SwitchEasy launches high capacity battery, Cocktail updated
  2. MacNN: Target offering gift cards in move to discount iOS devices
  3. AppleInsider: Tim Cook expected to attend Sun Valley conference this week
  4. MacNN: Amped Wireless ships RTA15 extended range 802.11ac router
  5. AppleInsider: Twitter gets cross-platform direct message syncing and enhanced mobile
  6. MacNN: iOS 7 beta 3 changes include cosmetic upgrades, slight app redesigns
  7. MacNN: Twitter updates client tweet search on iOS, Android, mobile
  8. MacNN: Apple jumps from 55th to 19th in Fortune Global 500 rankings
  9. AppleInsider: iOS 7 beta: Safari ditches '.com' button, dots return in Calendar
  10. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta 3 Tidbits: New App Download Animation, Thicker Fonts, Safari Im
  11. MacNN: Apple seeds third iOS 7 beta, new Xcode 5 preview to developers
  12. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Limbo, NoteSuite, Minecraft Pocket Edition
  13. MacNN: T-Mobile boosts US iPhone sales, Android retains leadership
  14. AppleInsider: Apple releases third beta of iOS 7 with fixes for Messages, iCloud & Ai
  15. AppleInsider: Exclusive: First large structures going up at Apple's Reno iCloud data
  16. MacRumors: Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 3 to Developers
  17. MacNN: Apple to offer $50 off HP printers at retail stores
  18. MacRumors: Apple Kicks Off New Printer Promotion with Instant Discounts on HP Printer
  19. MacRumors: iPhone Tops T-Mobile USA's Smartphone Sales as Carrier Expansion Drives Gr
  20. MacNN: New hacked carrier profile allows free iOS hotspots on T-Mobile
  21. AppleInsider: T-Mobile launch helps iPhone cut Android lead in US by 3.5%
  22. MacNN: Rumor has fifth-gen iPad on track for Sept., iPad mini still nebulous
  23. MacRumors: Several Top Apps Go Free Ahead of App Store's Fifth Anniversary
  24. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Prepping for September Launch of New iPad, but iPad Mini
  25. MacNN: Photos, video allegedly show complete low-cost iPhone assembly
  26. AppleInsider: Apple rumored to launch fifth-gen iPad in Sept., new iPad mini to follo
  27. MacNN: Hulu sale bidding period ends, no clear front runner
  28. MacNN: The iPod classic: the long goodbye?
  29. MacNN: App Store setting some top apps free ahead of fifth anniversary
  30. MacNN: UK study: iPhone 5 launch took heavy flak on social networks
  31. AppleInsider: Apple takes popular iOS apps free as App Store 5th anniversary approach
  32. AppleInsider: Using Google Glass: A series of awkward encounters
  33. AppleInsider: High quality photos, video allegedly show assembled 'iPhone Lite' shell
  34. AppleInsider: Editorial: Apple, Google and the failure of Open
  35. AppleInsider: First look: Google Glass unboxing, setup, and first impressions
  36. MacRumors: High-Quality Video and Photos Reveal What Apple's Plastic iPhone Will Look
  37. MacNN: Report: Apple testing local dictation feature in iOS 7 betas
  38. MacNN: Square Stand credit card terminal coming to Apple Stores next week
  39. AppleInsider: Instagram update brings landscape image capture support, Cinema for fro
  40. AppleInsider: FCC clears way for SoftBank to buy Sprint, Sprint to buy Clearwire
  41. MacNN: Reviews: Soundfreaq Sound Step Lightning speaker dock
  42. MacNN: Review: Soundfreaq Sound Step Lightning speaker dock
  43. MacNN: FCC formally approves Clearwire, Sprint, Softbank puchase chain
  44. AppleInsider: New Samsung ad knocks iPhone language limitations, features goats
  45. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5 estimated to have sold more than 2X faster at launch t
  46. MacNN: Forums: Best way to replace my battery?
  47. MacNN: Apple: Save on iPods, iPads, and more
  48. MacNN: Irish gov't. votes against questioning Apple, Google over taxes
  49. MacRumors: Apple Patent Details Flexible Battery Shape for Future Devices
  50. AppleInsider: Samsung's "free" Jay Z album delivered via Android spyware app
  51. MacNN: DealNN roundup: Canon EOS-M Digital Camera, only $349
  52. MacNN: Native Mega apps coming soon to iOS, Windows
  53. MacNN: Apps: The Unarchiver, Mellel, Output Factory
  54. MacNN: T-Mobile tweaks iPhone 5 pricing schemes
  55. MacNN: Briefly: New Prince of Persia for iOS, Feedly over capacity fix coming
  56. AppleInsider: Irish government votes to not question Apple, Google over tax practices
  57. MacRumors: Leading Japanese Carrier NTT DoCoMo Losing Customers as iPhone Deal Remain
  58. MacNN: NTT DoCoMo 'lifestyle system' holding up iPhone sales
  59. MacNN: First look: Numbers for iCloud
  60. AppleInsider: Pressure mounts on Japan's largest carrier as it still refuses to carry
  61. AppleInsider: Samsung earnings disappoint amidst concerns of slowing smartphone growt
  62. MacNN: Apple may face obstacles with 'iWatch' trademark in US, UK, China
  63. MacNN: Apple patents: Waze-like navigation, self-adjusting earphones
  64. MacNN: New Bluetooth speakers offer indoor or outdoor portable sound
  65. MacRumors: Newly Published Apple Mapping Patent Details Route Feedback System, Real-T
  66. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Carcassone, Angry Birds HD, FIFA Soccer 13
  67. MacNN: GOG 'No DRM' sale concludes with title bundles up to 75 percent off
  68. AppleInsider: Inventor of the computer mouse dies at 88
  69. MacNN: First look: Keynote for iCloud
  70. AppleInsider: Apple's Waze-like navigation system creates routes based on user rating
  71. AppleInsider: Apple looking into self-adjusting earbud headphones with noise cancella
  72. MacNN: Report: Apple planning to bring more iPhone sales to Apple Stores
  73. MacNN: Briefly: Satechi releases wireless keypad, Indeeo updates iDraw to 2.3
  74. MacNN: Father of computer mouse Douglas C. Engelbart dies at age 88
  75. MacNN: Poster for Kutcher 'Jobs' biopic debuts ahead of August opening
  76. MacNN: Follow-up: Koreans prefer iPads over Android tablets as well
  77. MacNN: Reviews: Review: Cooler Master Cube iPad stand
  78. MacNN: Apple seeds third OS X 10.8.5 beta to developers, retail workers
  79. MacRumors: Apple Continues Rolling Out iWork for iCloud Beta Invites
  80. AppleInsider: Security flaw opens all modern Android devices to "zombie botnet" takeo
  81. AppleInsider: Apple rolls out iWork for iCloud beta, brings productivity suite to the
  82. AppleInsider: Vine video sharing app adds Channels, new discovery options in update
  83. MacNN: Vine iOS app gets discovery features, new shooting tools
  84. MacRumors: Apple Prepping to Launch New iPhone Incentive Programs, Has an 'Army' of P
  85. AppleInsider: Samsung buys Apple TV competitor Boxee for $30 million
  86. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad beats Samsung in South Korea tablet ranking, third year in
  87. AppleInsider: Apple touts App Store milestones for 5th anniversary
  88. MacRumors: Apple Celebrates '5 Years of the App Store' With Poster Sent to Reporters
  89. MacNN: Native Instruments ships Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer/audio interface
  90. MacRumors: Boston University Sues Apple Over Gallium Nitride Thin Film Patent
  91. AppleInsider: 'Jobs' movie poster shows Kutcher as technicolor vision of Apple founde
  92. MacRumors: Apple to Hire Former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve? [Update: Confirme
  93. MacRumors: Colorful New Movie Poster Released for Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs'
  94. MacNN: Boston University sues Apple for patent infringement
  95. MacNN: Briefly: Real Racing 3 update adds new cars, Limbo for iOS
  96. AppleInsider: Skyhook accuses Google of disparaging its technology to Apple
  97. MacNN: USA network brings app with full TV episodes to iOS
  98. AppleInsider: Boston University patent suit over Apple's iPhone 5 could net $75M
  99. MacNN: Photo shows 'iPhone Lite' shells, previously unseen blue color
  100. MacNN: Apps: MarsEdit, TotalFinder, InstaDesk
  101. MacNN: FCC claimed to approve Sprint acquisition by Softbank, Clearwire deal
  102. MacRumors: Possible Photo of Lower-Cost Plastic iPhone Rear Shells Shows New Blue Col
  103. AppleInsider: Samsung Galaxy S4 reaches shipments of 20 million - report
  104. MacNN: First look: Pages for iCloud
  105. MacNN: The Walking Dead: 400 Days coming to OS X now, iOS next week
  106. MacNN: Onswipe: developer, tester interest in iOS 7 beta very high
  107. AppleInsider: More pictures of purported 'iPhone Lite' shell surface with new blue co
  108. MacNN: YouTube renews mutli-year music video deal with Vevo
  109. MacNN: Reviews: Review: Cooler Master's Cube iPad Stand
  110. MacNN: The iPhone takes top spot in South Korean customer satisfaction
  111. MacNN: Skyhook: Google co-founder sabotaged our relationship with Apple
  112. MacNN: Reviews: Review: Cooler Master's Cube Aluminum Stand
  113. MacNN: Reviews: Review: Cooler Master's iPad stand
  114. MacNN: Report: Time Warner, Apple near deal for Apple TV content
  115. MacNN: Samsung protests Apple's reassessment of damages for November retrial
  116. AppleInsider: iOS ad share continues to grow, accounts for almost two-thirds of marke
  117. MacRumors: Apple Close to Completing Apple TV Deal with Time Warner Cable
  118. AppleInsider: Apple nears Time Warner deal for Apple TV, hires Hulu VP to aid in futu
  119. MacNN: Apple releases 2013-003 security patch for Lion, Mountain Lion
  120. MacNN: AT&T grows LTE coverage to 35 more towns and cities
  121. MacNN: Apple rumored to be hiring Paul Deneve from French fashion house
  122. MacRumors: High-Resolution Renderings of Apple's Lower-Cost Plastic iPhone
  123. AppleInsider: AT&T expands 4G LTE connectivity to 35 new markets
  124. MacNN: DealNN: D-Link N300 cloud router, cut to $23
  125. MacNN: Apple deals: Retina MBPs from $1,269
  126. MacNN: Forums: Sharing Preference Pane freezes and more
  127. MacNN: Pebble smartwatch heading to Best Buy stores, on sale July 7th
  128. MacNN: Flipboard says it didn't lose Google Reader data
  129. AppleInsider: Apple now No. 1 in customer satisfaction on Samsung's home turf of Sout
  130. AppleInsider: Apple rumored to be hiring Paul Deneve of French fashion house Saint La
  131. MacNN: Southwest Airlines offers passengers live in-flight TV from Dish
  132. MacNN: Netherlands to launch iPad-based 'Steve Jobs schools' in August
  133. AppleInsider: Pebble smart watch hits Best Buy online, coming to retail this Sunday
  134. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Reeder, Air Video, Fieldrunners 2 HD
  135. MacNN: Giveaway: Seidio Convert
  136. MacNN: Briefly: ABC tightens live streaming on iOS, Thins from SwitchEasy
  137. MacRumors: Dutch Officials Set to Open 11 iPad-Only 'Steve Jobs Schools' for Children
  138. MacNN: More Google Nexus 7 specifications rumored via Asus support images
  139. MacNN: Spotify iOS app updates with Discover, playlist features on iPhone
  140. AppleInsider: Spotify for iOS adds 'Discover' feature, Reeder gains Feedly support
  141. AppleInsider: Apple partner Foxconn continues to diversify, now bidding for Taiwan 4G
  142. MacNN: Apple begins 2013 Back to School promotion
  143. MacNN: Opera for Mac, Windows exits beta, touts new features, speed
  144. AppleInsider: Dutch 'Steve Jobs schools' to use Apple's iPad for entire education exp
  145. MacRumors: Apple's 'iWatch' Trademarking Spree Also Includes Taiwan and Mexico [Updat
  146. MacRumors: Apple Launches 2013 'Back to School' Promotion with Gift Cards Up to $100
  147. AppleInsider: Apple's 'smart bezel' hides portions of a device display until needed,
  148. AppleInsider: Apple launches annual 'Back to School' promotion, iPhone now a qualifyi
  149. MacNN: Canon debuts EOS 70D DSLR with dual-pixel CMOS auto-focus
  150. MacNN: Apple to build 20MW solar array to support Reno data center
  151. MacNN: Apple to announce fiscal Q3 earnings on July 23
  152. MacNN: Procreate for iPad gets major upgrade in version 1.8
  153. AppleInsider: Apple applies for 'iWatch' trademark in Mexico and Taiwan
  154. MacRumors: Apple's 'iWatch' Trademarking Spree Also Includes Taiwan and Mexico, Notes
  155. MacRumors: Apple to Build Solar Panel Farm for Reno Data Center
  156. AppleInsider: Apple to reportedly build giant 20 Megawatt solar farm for Reno datacen
  157. MacRumors: Apple to Announce Q3 2013 Earnings on July 23
  158. AppleInsider: Apple's quarterly conference call for Q3 2013 scheduled for July 23
  159. MacNN: NPD: MacBook Air owns 56 percent of the US ultrabook market
  160. AppleInsider: NPD: Apple's MacBook Air most popular thin-and-light notebook with 56 p
  161. AppleInsider: Microsoft updates OneNote for iOS with more consistent syncing, iPhone
  162. Apple: Ducati Hits the Road Full Throttle with iPad
  163. MacNN: Apple cracking down on retail workers' iOS 7 beta use
  164. AppleInsider: Most popular Android app caught harvesting users contacts: Facebook
  165. MacNN: French iOS App Store investigation concerned about platform lock-in
  166. MacNN: Appeals court breaks up authors class in Google book scanning suit
  167. MacNN: Microsoft redesigns iOS, Android versions of OneNote
  168. MacRumors: Apple Retail Closely Monitoring Employee Usage of iOS 7, Forbids In-Store
  169. MacRumors: Apple Set to Launch Annual 'Back to School' Promotion, iPhone Included for
  170. AppleInsider: Windows 8 install base surpasses Vista, still trails all Mac OS X insta
  171. AppleInsider: Microsoft's Xbox chief departs for Zynga after used game controversy
  172. MacNN: Apple avoided UK corporation tax in 2012, report says
  173. MacNN: Apple, Samsung each drop patents from second US lawsuit
  174. AppleInsider: Apple faces scrutiny again after paying no 2012 corporate taxes in UK
  175. AppleInsider: Kevin Bostic Apple faces scrutiny again after paying no 2012 corporate
  176. MacNN: Next-gen iPhone could support LTE Advanced, carrier source says
  177. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 5S' will feature 150Mbps LTE-Advanced support
  178. MacRumors: Apple in Talks with Korea's SK Telecom for iPhone Supporting Faster LTE-Ad
  179. MacNN: Reports reveal raid of Apple's French headquarters in retail dispute
  180. MacNN: Apple files for Japanese 'iWatch' trademark
  181. AppleInsider: Apple retail: Latest New Jersey store opens, construction underway for
  182. AppleInsider: Apple's French headquarters raided by government competition authority
  183. MacNN: Reviews: Review: MId-2013 11-inch MacBook Air
  184. MacNN: Full Review: mid-2013 11-inch Apple MacBook Air
  185. AppleInsider: Apple applies for 'iWatch' trademark ownership in Japan
  186. MacRumors: Apple Has Also Filed for an 'iWatch' Trademark in Japan
  187. AppleInsider: Schematics claim to show detailed design of Apple's fifth-gen iPad
  188. AppleInsider: Purported 'iPhone Lite' rear panels show an array of colors
  189. AppleInsider: Deals: 20% bonus on iOS trade-ins, more MacBook Pro discounts and Air b
  190. MacNN: Report: Apple inviting some new MBA buyers to test Wi-Fi patch
  191. MacNN: Apple files to trademark redesigned FaceTime logo
  192. MacNN: ICANN mandating personal info verification before domain registration
  193. AppleInsider: Editorial: Can Apple survive 2013?
  194. MacNN: FreedomPop apologizes for WiMax iPod touch case delays
  195. MacRumors: Apple Testing Software Update to Address 2013 MacBook Air Wi-Fi Issues
  196. MacRumors: Possible Photos of Plastic Rear Shell from Apple's Lower-Cost iPhone
  197. AppleInsider: Apple sends out AppleSeed invites for MacBook Air WiFi Update 1.0
  198. MacNN: Apple updates Digital Camera Raw, Canon inkjet drivers
  199. MacRumors: TSMC Confirms Deal with Apple to Produce A-Series Chips for Future iOS Dev
  200. MacNN: WSJ: Taiwan Semiconductor confirmed to become 2014 chip supplier
  201. MacNN: Chitika: iPhone 5 accounts for 75 percent of 4G web traffic
  202. AppleInsider: WSJ: Apple finally signs deal with TSMC, decreases dependence on Samsun
  203. AppleInsider: Carrier subsidy ratios for Samsung handsets more than Apple and HTC, st
  204. MacNN: Briefly: Withings Pulse launched, Myspace releases stats since revamp
  205. MacNN: Giveaway: Seidio Convert combo case for iPhone 5
  206. MacNN: ComScore: Apple, Samsung retain dominance of smartphone market
  207. AppleInsider: Apple Data Detectors add cool Maps integration in OS X Mavericks
  208. AppleInsider: iPhone 5 takes 75% of US, Canada 4G Web traffic for 'newer' smartphones
  209. MacNN: City planners ask for changes to upcoming Union Square Apple Store
  210. AppleInsider: Fountain must stay at Apple's new Union Square store, says City of San
  211. MacNN: CISPA advancement stymied by potential public blowback of NSA leaks
  212. AppleInsider: Safari 7.0 to bring web notifications to OS X Mavericks
  213. MacRumors: San Francisco Officials Suggest Significant Changes Needed for Apple's New
  214. MacNN: DealNN: Dymo label writer and scale for $120
  215. MacNN: Apple: Mac computers from $679
  216. MacNN: Forums: OS X Mavericks discussion continues and more
  217. MacNN: Some Apple Stores to sell American flag iPhone cases for July 4th
  218. AppleInsider: Apple holds 39% of US smartphone market, far ahead of Samsung's 23%
  219. MacRumors: Some 2013 MacBook Air Models Exhibit Severe Flickering With Photoshop
  220. MacNN: Microsoft posts SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8, iOS
  221. MacNN: Sources claim iOS 7 beta 3 to be pushed to carriers on July 8th
  222. AppleInsider: Apple rumored to release iOS 7 beta 3 for iPhone, iPad on July 8
  223. MacNN: Briefly: Digg adds RSS reader to iOS app, Reeder development plans
  224. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta 3 Reportedly Coming on Monday, July 8
  225. MacNN: iPhone Apps: NYTimes for iPad, Tweetbot, Major Magnet
  226. MacNN: Facebook extends hashtags with related searches, mobile web support
  227. AppleInsider: iPhone apps need to earn $47K per day to crack App Store's top 10 gross
  228. MacNN: SignMyPad update rejected from App Store for iCloud document sync
  229. MacRumors: Alleged iPhone 5S Batteries Photographed on Production Line
  230. MacNN: Photo shows supposed iPhone 5S batteries on assembly line
  231. AppleInsider: BlackBerry sees quarterly loss of $84M on shipments of 2.7M BB10 phones
  232. AppleInsider: Purported Apple 'iPhone 5S' batteries shown on assembly line
  233. MacNN: Google made Android media player, smart watch, gaming console inbound?
  234. MacNN: Briefly: Twitter Music for iOS, TouchCast, Mailbox
  235. MacNN: FCC Frees 10MHz of H-block bandwidth for public auction
  236. AppleInsider: Inside iOS 7: Mail gets advanced gesture support and reworked UI
  237. MacNN: Facebook testing new more public chat room feature
  238. AppleInsider: Report: Google prepping Android smart watch and game console to counter
  239. MacRumors: Google Working on Game Console to Compete with Future Apple Gaming Threat
  240. AppleInsider: Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn announces iPhone-compatible smart w
  241. MacNN: Addonics deploys new encrypted five-bay network attached storage
  242. MacNN: Avid starts shipping Pro Tools 11, Media Composer 7
  243. MacNN: T-Mobile announces July 10th press event
  244. AppleInsider: Motion Tennis brings Wii-style motion gaming to iOS, Apple TV
  245. AppleInsider: Twitter #Music gets new genre filtering and in-app Rdio authentication
  246. AppleInsider: RadioShack to reportedly start sales of Virgin's no-contract iPhone 5
  247. MacNN: DuPont and Power Matters Alliance integrating charging into Corian
  248. MacNN: RadioShack to be among chains carrying Virgin iPhone 5 at launch
  249. MacNN: AOL intros iPad app combining mail, news, weather
  250. MacNN: Mac and iPad NoteSuite organizational assistant released