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  1. AppleInsider: WhatsApp Messenger gets iCloud backups in update, Pocket fixes tweet at
  2. MacNN: Briefly: Microsoft Office 2011 updated, URL Extractor hits 4.0
  3. MacNN: Toshiba launches first UHS-II compliant SD memory cards
  4. MacNN: DealNN: Acer Iconia Tablet cut to $300
  5. MacNN: Study: Apple TV has majority stake in IP streaming device market
  6. MacNN: Griffin PowerDock 5 launched, charges five USB devices at once
  7. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone dumped by 'big three' Russian carriers over subsidies, m
  8. AppleInsider: Smart watch shipments to hit 5M units in 2014 as Apple, others rumored
  9. Apple: Apple Unveils Logic Pro X
  10. AppleInsider: Apple's free promotion led to 5.7M new downloads of 'Infinity Blade II'
  11. MacRumors: iPhone 5S Production Will Reportedly Begin Later This Month
  12. MacNN: DealNN: Acer Iconia Tablet cut to $299
  13. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac mini and iMac
  14. MacNN: Briefly: Uber update adds fare splitting, NYC Parks gain WiFi
  15. MacNN: Forums: Time Machine and HFS corruption
  16. MacNN: Microsoft launches Outlook Web Apps for iPhone, iPad
  17. AppleInsider: Microsoft releases native Outlook Web Apps for iPhone, iPad
  18. AppleInsider: Apple TV grabbed 56% of streaming devices market in 2012
  19. MacNN: Briefly: IMDb app gains ticket purchasing, Transport Tycoon for iOS
  20. MacNN: iPhone Apps: OmniFocus for iPhone, Dictionary.com Premium, Call of Mini: Zombi
  21. MacNN: MacTech Conference 2013 expands, adds sessions, labs, workshops
  22. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad to handle Little League World Series scorekeeping
  23. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad to handle Little League World Series scorekeeping for 90K
  24. MacRumors: OS X Users Hit by Ransomware Websites Posing as FBI Notices
  25. MacNN: Apple wins patent on CAD-style multi-touch drafting tools
  26. MacNN: Logic Pro X adds Drummer, Flex Pitch, iPad remote control
  27. AppleInsider: Apple-Samsung smartphone ban courtroom showdown scheduled for Aug. 9
  28. MacNN: Fingerprint, LCD tech said to be impacting iPhone 5S production
  29. AppleInsider: Apple launches Logic Pro X with Drummer, Flex Pitch, plus Logic Remote
  30. MacRumors: Apple Looking to Acquire PrimeSense, Israeli Firm Behind Kinect's Original
  31. MacRumors: Apple Launches Logic Pro X with Virtual Drummer and Flex Pitch
  32. MacRumors: Early iPhone 5S Shipments May Be Constrained Due to Poor Fingerprint Senso
  33. MacNN: Rumor: Apple in talks to acquire maker of Xbox Kinect tech
  34. MacNN: AT&T, Verizon to provide customers with early upgrade options
  35. AppleInsider: Apple granted patent for multitouch-enabled virtual CAD tools
  36. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly in talks to acquire Israeli firm responsible for Micro
  37. MacNN: Report: Apple proposing ad-skipping feature for Apple TV
  38. AppleInsider: Rumor: Poor fingerprint sensor, LCD driver yields to impact 'iPhone 5S'
  39. MacNN: New 'ransom' malware exploits JavaScript flaw to plague OS X users
  40. AppleInsider: AT&T's offers new smartphone, tablet upgrade every 12 months with 'Next
  41. MacRumors: AT&T Rolls Out New 'AT&T Next' Smartphone and Tablet Upgrade Program
  42. MacNN: Rumor: iPhone 5S specs leaked, offers significant internal changes
  43. MacNN: Google, Microsoft sign search advertising best practices agreement
  44. MacNN: Best Buy, others begin discounting just-released Haswell MacBook Airs
  45. MacNN: Amped Wireless ships cross-platform USB 802.11ac network adapter
  46. AppleInsider: Verizon may debut more frequent device upgrades with supposed 'VZ Edge'
  47. MacNN: Asustor deploys AS 3 series network attached storage devices
  48. MacNN: Instagram hosts new 15-second ad for Kutcher 'Jobs' movie
  49. MacNN: Radiohead's Thom Yorke pulls music from Spotify, calls model unfair
  50. MacRumors: Apple Negotiating With Cable Companies and Networks to Allow Viewers to Pa
  51. MacNN: Apple vs. Samsung trial embargo appeal scheduled for August 9
  52. AppleInsider: Apple's TV service would pay networks to allow ad skipping, report says
  53. AppleInsider: Condensed 'Jobs' teaser reportedly becomes first trailer aired on Insta
  54. MacRumors: Ashton Kutcher on Why He Chose to Play Steve Jobs
  55. AppleInsider: Leaked video shows off Moto X voice and gesture controls, reveals launc
  56. MacNN: Giveaway: Zensorium Tinké wellness monitor for iOS
  57. AppleInsider: Microsoft's Surface team working on 'translucent aluminum' smart watch
  58. MacNN: Apple polls retail workers for ideas on selling more iPhones
  59. MacNN: Giveaway: G-Form Extreme
  60. AppleInsider: Microsoft slashes Surface RT prices by $150 as it flounders against App
  61. MacRumors: Microsoft Shifts Smart Watch Prototype Testing to Surface Hardware Team
  62. MacRumors: Apple Asks Retail Employees for iPhone Sales Advice
  63. MacNN: WWDC 2013 videos posted on unofficial YouTube channel
  64. AppleInsider: Angry Birds Star Wars sequel to launch Sept. 19 with tie-in action figu
  65. MacNN: Apps: MacFamilyTree, Delicious Library, EarthDesk
  66. MacNN: Briefly: Angry Birds Star Wars II coming in Sept, Kontrol X1 MK2
  67. MacNN: iPhone 5S production reportedly starting later in July
  68. MacNN: Apple to aid investigation of Chinese woman killed charging iPhone 5
  69. AppleInsider: Apple viewed as better off focusing on chip process development rather
  70. MacRumors: 'Almost Bezel-Free' Redesign for iPad Mini Coming, but Still No Retina Unt
  71. MacRumors: Apple Pledges Investigation After Chinese Woman Reportedly Electrocuted Us
  72. MacNN: More sources back next-gen iPad mini arriving in 2014
  73. MacNN: iWatch not arriving to late 2014, facing technical hurdles
  74. AppleInsider: Woman dies using a charging iPhone 5, Apple vows to aid in investigatio
  75. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple to launch redesigned iPad mini this year, Retina model in
  76. MacNN: WSJ: Apple signs with Samsung for 2015 chip deal
  77. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly taps Samsung to build A9 SoCs for 2015 iPhones, iPads
  78. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Signs Deal with Samsung for 14-nm A9 Chips Starting in 20
  79. AppleInsider: Apple 'aggressively' hiring iWatch designers for 2014 debut, report say
  80. MacRumors: Apple 'Aggressively' Hiring for Smart Watch Project, Looking Toward Late 2
  81. AppleInsider: Editorial: Google's Android haunted by Steve Jobs' warnings on app sign
  82. AppleInsider: Best Buy, Amazon and others host first sales on Apple's all-day power M
  83. MacNN: Apple issues additional fix for OS X Mavericks reboot bugs
  84. MacNN: Lawyer sues Apple for failing to halt his porn addiction
  85. MacNN: Square Enix reverses, will lift Deux Ex hobbling for jailbroken iPhone
  86. MacNN: Man who stole iPhones from wireless store caught by his own smartphone
  87. MacNN: AT&T set to acquire Leap Wireless for $15 per share
  88. MacNN: Briefly: DODOcase launches iPad mini Folio, Light Blue updated
  89. AppleInsider: Square Enix changes mind, will remove 'Deus Ex: The Fall' jailbreak res
  90. AppleInsider: AT&T to acquire prepaid carrier Leap Wireless for $15 per share
  91. MacNN: MacBook Air owners complain about fluctuating volume
  92. MacRumors: Square Enix Reverses Course on 'Deus Ex' Anti-Jailbreak Code
  93. AppleInsider: Owners of new MacBook Air complain of volume fluctuation issues
  94. AppleInsider: Nokia Lumia 1020 hardware "lags behind" while Microsoft struggles to up
  95. AppleInsider: eBay debuts store for 3D printed objects with 'Exact' iOS app
  96. MacNN: Briefly: eBay Exact iOS app released, djay 2 teased on YouTube
  97. AppleInsider: Time Inc. brings free article previews to iPad magazines in bid for new
  98. MacNN: DealNN: 13.3-inch MBP for $999, HP Envy Sleekbook for $299, more
  99. MacNN: Apple deals: refurbished iPads as low as $279
  100. MacNN: Forums: which screen recorder should I get?
  101. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Buys Into a Chip Fab, Looking to Produce Its Own Chips
  102. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Walking Dead: The Game, AppShopper Social, Ecofon Pro
  103. MacNN: Rumor has Apple buying into chip fabrication plant
  104. AppleInsider: iOS 7 Maps go full screen, navigation gets night mode, new Siri options
  105. AppleInsider: Smash & grab iPhone thief caught after leaving his Samsung Galaxy behin
  106. MacNN: Retina-equipped iPad mini delayed until early 2014, report claims
  107. AppleInsider: Latest Retina iPad mini rumor says Apple eyeing early 2014 launch
  108. MacNN: Infinity Blade: Dungeons officially cancelled
  109. MacRumors: More Claims of No Retina iPad Mini Until Early 2014
  110. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple buys into chip fab, plans to build its own silicon
  111. MacNN: Time Inc. enables issue previews for iPad magazines
  112. AppleInsider: Infinity Blade: Dungeons axed, Worms 3 an iOS exclusive, KOTOR 50% off
  113. MacRumors: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Says Relationship with Apple 'Improving'
  114. MacNN: Apple Store down for hours worldwide, no big changes
  115. MacNN: Apple store down for hours worldwide, changes as yet unknown
  116. MacNN: Schmidt: Google, Apple relationship has improved in 2013
  117. MacNN: Apple investigating tin suppliers over 'conflict minerals' issue
  118. MacNN: Ebay studies 'app culture,' finds iPhone users highly dependent
  119. MacNN: Best Buy offering $200 or more for trade-in iPads Friday, Saturday
  120. AppleInsider: Google's Schmidt: Apple and Google holding 'lots and lots' of meetings
  121. Apple: App Store Marks 5 Years of App-ortunity
  122. MacNN: Game deals: Steam holds Summer Sale, Humble Spiderweb Bundle
  123. MacRumors: Microsoft Forced to Slash Surface RT Prices Despite Vigorous Anti-iPad Ad
  124. MacNN: EU Court: copyright levy on media legal in 'certain circumstances'
  125. AppleInsider: Best Buy offering $200 gift cards for iPad trade-ins in two-day promoti
  126. MacRumors: Apple Investigating Indonesian Tin Production for Illegal Mining
  127. AppleInsider: Sprint debuts 'Unlimited Guarantee,' promises to lock in plan rates for
  128. MacNN: Sprint revamps price plans, adds new Sprint Unlimited Guarantee
  129. AppleInsider: Apple addresses concerns over products using illegally mined tin
  130. MacRumors: Sprint Launches Less Expensive Unlimited Plans with Lifetime Service Guara
  131. MacNN: Apple issues AirPort Utility, OS X Mavericks Recovery updates [u]
  132. MacNN: AirPort Utility 6.3.1 fixes issues with undetected base stations
  133. MacNN: Pebble passes over 275K watches sold, promises new iOS email support
  134. MacNN: Briefly: Facebook app updated, DEVONthink and DEVONnote revamped
  135. AppleInsider: New Deux Ex game for iOS hobbles gameplay if device is jailbroken
  136. AppleInsider: Apple looks to expand iOS device supply chain beyond Foxconn in 2014
  137. AppleInsider: Nokia bets on photography to boost sales with 41MP Lumia 1020
  138. MacRumors: 'Deus Ex: The Fall' Prevents Players With Jailbroken iOS Devices From Firi
  139. AppleInsider: Pebble smart watch preorders hit 275,000 ahead of Best Buy debut
  140. MacRumors: Microsoft Shuffles Executives as Nokia Debuts New Windows Phone with 41MP
  141. MacNN: Giveaway: win a G-Form Xtreme notebook, iPad or iPhone case
  142. AppleInsider: Verizon could owe Apple $14 billion off iPhone sales shortfall
  143. AppleInsider: Windows 8.1, Intel's Haswell not expected to reverse sliding PC sales
  144. MacNN: Apps: iTubeX, Day One, PDFpen
  145. MacNN: Verizon iPhone deal could lose up to $14 billion in 2013
  146. MacNN: Briefly: MLB.com At Bat, WunderMap iOS updates
  147. MacRumors: Verizon Could Face Up to $14 Billion in Unsold iPhone Purchase Commitments
  148. MacNN: Latest OS X 10.8.5 seed solves flickering Photoshop
  149. AppleInsider: 'One Microsoft' realignment focuses on devices and services
  150. MacNN: Automated action service IFTTT launches native iPhone app
  151. AppleInsider: Apple's loss in e-book antitrust case likely to give advantage to Amazo
  152. AppleInsider: New IFTTT app launches with iPhone-only photo, reminder and contacts re
  153. AppleInsider: Apple looks to patent hybrid input device that uses motion, touch for n
  154. MacNN: Toddler accidentally purchases car on eBay using dad's iPhone
  155. MacNN: Bluetooth SIG roadmap hints at future biometric, smartphone features
  156. AppleInsider: Sprint now officially under SoftBank control after $21.6B deal
  157. MacNN: Minecraft creator sent cease and desist over Putt-Putt user content
  158. AppleInsider: Remains of 15th-century hospital uncovered during construction of Madri
  159. MacNN: Sprint Nextel and SoftBank finalize merger, details revealed
  160. MacNN: Wall Street: Apple to report zero y-o-y revenue growth in fiscal Q3
  161. AppleInsider: Facebook updates iOS app with verified celebrity check marks, introduce
  162. MacNN: Surprise: Cue joins Cook at Sun Valley tech/media conference
  163. AppleInsider: Reportedly leaked Bluetooth roadmap hints at future iPhone, 'iWatch' fe
  164. MacRumors: OS X 10.8.5 Developer Seed May Fix MacBook Air Photoshop Flickering
  165. MacNN: Gartner: PC industry worldwide plummeting, Apple not immune to drop
  166. MacRumors: U.S. PC Shipments Continue to Slide in 2Q13 as Apple Lags Overall Market
  167. MacNN: Microsoft calls 2013 'biggest innovation year ever,' teases releases
  168. MacNN: Briefly: Evernote for Mac update, Civ V: Brave New World now on Mac
  169. MacNN: Fourth OS X 10.8.5 build reaches developers
  170. AppleInsider: PC shipments dropped 11% worldwide in Q2, Apple's US share contracts 4.
  171. AppleInsider: Apple's rumored switch to IGZO displays could boost MacBook battery lif
  172. MacNN: StatCounter: Samsung slips by Apple globally, iOS retains US dominance
  173. MacNN: Apple looking to expand use of IGZO displays, sources claim
  174. MacNN: T-Mobile to allow two phone upgrades per year in Jump program
  175. MacNN: Briefly: NPR updates iPad app, Yelp gets in-app orders
  176. MacNN: Steve Jobs to get posthumous Disney Legends award
  177. AppleInsider: T-Mobile USA's 'Jump' program allows 2 smartphone upgrades a year for $
  178. MacRumors: T-Mobile Announces 'Jump' Phone Upgrade Program
  179. AppleInsider: Deals: Free $50 Target Gift Cards with iPads, 2TB WD Portable Drive for
  180. MacRumors: Apple to Adopt IGZO Displays for Future iPads and MacBooks?
  181. AppleInsider: Samsung passes Apple's iPhone smartphone web usage - report
  182. MacNN: Apple to appeal e-book case ruling, maintains innocence
  183. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Yahoo! Mail, TuneIn Radio Pro, 1Password
  184. MacRumors: Enhanced Google Maps App with iPad Support 'Coming Soon'
  185. MacNN: Court rules against Apple in e-book price fixing trial
  186. AppleInsider: Apple to appeal e-book decision, maintains company did 'nothing wrong'
  187. AppleInsider: Costume designer used around 60 pairs of Levi's 501 jeans for 'Jobs' mo
  188. MacNN: 15-century hospital wall discovered during Madrid Apple Store build
  189. MacRumors: Apple Found Guilty of Conspiring to Fix Prices in E-Book Trial
  190. MacNN: HTC 8XT Windows Phone 8 mobile launching July 19
  191. AppleInsider: Judge rules Apple conspired to raise e-book prices
  192. AppleInsider: Latest alleged 'iPhone Lite' plastic backs show different color shades
  193. MacNN: ARM ramping mobile processor clock speeds to 3GHz in 2014
  194. MacNN: Google Maps app update adds improved traffic monitoring, rerouting
  195. MacNN: Rumor of Foxconn hiring spurs speculation on next iPhone
  196. MacNN: Apple files for stay on US ITC ban on older iPhones, iPads
  197. AppleInsider: Yahoo updates Mail app with multi-login support, Tumblr with refined se
  198. MacNN: Briefly: Plants vs Zombies 2, Yahoo Mail for iOS, discounted Epsons
  199. AppleInsider: Apple files for stay on ITC ban for legacy iPhones and iPads
  200. MacNN: Original Apple I computer sold for $387,750 at Christie's auction
  201. AppleInsider: Reported Foxconn hiring spree could signal 'iPhone 5S' mass production
  202. MacNN: Haswell-based MacBook Pro appears in benchmark testing trials
  203. MacNN: Apple's iMessage suffers short outage, affected 30 percent of users
  204. AppleInsider: Touting Windows 8, Microsoft pokes Apple's iPad again over multitasking
  205. MacRumors: Microsoft Releases Fourth Anti-iPad Ad Highlighting Windows 8 Multitasking
  206. AppleInsider: iMessage outage leaves 30% of users without service for over 30 minutes
  207. MacNN: JVC Kenwood upgrades Adixxion sports camera to 1080/60p
  208. AppleInsider: Path update brings comment stickers, Yelp for iOS adds in-app ordering
  209. AppleInsider: Dropbox announces 'Dropbox Platform,' aims to sync everything in the cl
  210. MacRumors: iOS 7 Leverages Retina iPhone App Assets to Improve '2x' Mode on Non-Retin
  211. MacNN: Beta code hints at slow-motion recording in iOS 7, new iPhone
  212. MacNN: Dropbox offers new developer platform, APIs for app synchronization
  213. MacNN: Review: LenovoEMC PX2-300d with Milestone Arcus video recording
  214. MacNN: Reviews: LenovoEMC PX2-300d with Milestone Arcus NVR
  215. MacNN: Apple, Amazon settle lawsuit over use of 'app store' term
  216. MacRumors: iPhone 5S May Include Slow Motion Video Recording Feature
  217. MacNN: Briefly: Edifier unveils portable speaker, iDrive adds mobile backup
  218. MacNN: DealNN: refurbished Samsung Chomebook cut to $170
  219. MacNN: Samsung asks for new trial over Apple 'rubber-banding' patent
  220. MacNN: Apple deals: refurbished Macs from $749
  221. MacNN: Forums: jerky trackpads, Target iPad scam
  222. AppleInsider: iOS 7 hints at 120fps support in future iPhone for super-slow-mo video
  223. AppleInsider: Apple drops 'App Store' lawsuit against Amazon, says no need to pursue
  224. MacRumors: Apple and Amazon Settle 'App Store' Dispute
  225. MacNN: Suitcase Fusion 5 gets Adobe CC plugins, QuickComp previews
  226. MacNN: Briefly: Deus Ex: The Fall coming this Thursday, Viber updates Mac app
  227. AppleInsider: Samsung calls for new trial on Apple's 'rubber banding' patent
  228. AppleInsider: Apple I computer fetches $387K in Christie's auction
  229. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta Suggests iWork, iLife iOS Apps May Soon Be Free
  230. MacNN: iOS 7 beta hints at iWork suite going free in near future
  231. MacRumors: Apple's In-Car Technology Ambitions Revealed in 'Digital Dash' Patents
  232. MacNN: Tumblr for iOS gets tag, blog search
  233. AppleInsider: Apple's Haswell-powered 15" MacBook Pro revealed in benchmark test
  234. MacNN: Pandora iOS app gets mute/pause suport, better buffering
  235. MacNN: Apps: PDFpen, Eye Candy 7, AppDelete
  236. MacRumors: Next-Generation 15-Inch MacBook Pro Shows Up in Benchmarks
  237. AppleInsider: Microsoft eyed as potential buyer of Nook business as Barnes & Noble CE
  238. MacNN: Sennheiser adds on-ear model to Momentum range
  239. MacNN: Rumor: Apple cutting iPhone production by 20 percent
  240. AppleInsider: Apple's safe vehicle telematics patent mates touchscreen with tactile c
  241. MacNN: New Florida law accidentally bans all computers, smartphones
  242. MacNN: Apple updates OS X Mavericks to third beta to developers
  243. AppleInsider: Hidden iOS 7 beta option points to 'iOS in the Car' AirPlay support ove
  244. MacNN: Lawsuit: Apple let SD-only customers rent HD movies, kept the change
  245. MacNN: Confirmed: iOS in the Car can work using Wi-Fi
  246. AppleInsider: Pandora iOS app update brings auto-mute, improved stream buffering
  247. MacNN: Confirmed: iOS in the Car can work using Wi-Fi using AirPlay
  248. MacRumors: Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 3
  249. AppleInsider: Apple seeds OS X 10.9 Mavericks developer preview 3
  250. MacNN: Apple CEO Tim Cook to attend Sun Valley conference in Idaho