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  1. MacRumors: Apple's iPhone Activation Servers Experiencing Extended Outage
  2. MacRumors: Ashton Kutcher Talks More About Playing the Role of Steve Jobs
  3. MacRumors: Apple Applies for Patent on Intelligent 'Power Management for Electronic D
  4. MacNN: djay 2 for iPhone, iPad adds sampler, Perfect Sync, other upgrades
  5. AppleInsider: Djay 2 launches for iPad, Nike+ Running gains fitness challenges
  6. MacRumors: European Commission Accepts Proposal by Penguin to End Apple E-Book Pricin
  7. MacNN: Apple urges Chinese customers to avoid using third-party chargers
  8. AppleInsider: Apple warns Chinese customers to stick with official chargers
  9. MacRumors: Apple Instructs Chinese Users on Identification and Use of Genuine Apple P
  10. MacRumors: Algoriddim Launches Djay 2 for iPhone and iPad
  11. AppleInsider: Apple spent $16 billion last quarter to repurchase 36 million shares
  12. MacNN: Review: Samsung 840 Evo 750GB SATA-3 SSD
  13. MacNN: Beats unveils redesigned Studio headphones
  14. AppleInsider: Apple invention uses location, usage patterns to save iPhone battery li
  15. AppleInsider: Why Tim Cook described Apple's iOS in the Car strategy as "very importa
  16. AppleInsider: Google likely to miss with next-gen Nexus 7, may set new Android standa
  17. MacNN: DigiTimes: Apple to sell four million MacBooks in fiscal Q4?
  18. MacNN: Reviews: Samsung 840 Evo 750 GB SATA-3 SSD
  19. MacNN: Aftermath: Apple's guidance better, so analyst predictions better too
  20. MacNN: Apple's iTunes Connect back online, more dev channel coming soon
  21. MacRumors: Apple Outlines Plan for Bringing Developer Center Back Online
  22. AppleInsider: Apple gives update on developer site status via Dev Portal homepage
  23. MacNN: AOC unveils single USB 3.0 cable 15.6-inch external display
  24. MacNN: Apple seeds sixth OS X 10.8.5 beta to developers
  25. AppleInsider: Google Drive iOS app with clickable Web links, new spreadsheet function
  26. MacNN: Apple Q4 talk points to September 27 iPhone launch, analyst says
  27. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple to drop iPhone 5 in favor of 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone lite'
  28. MacNN: Google reveals new Nexus 7 tablet with 1920x1200 display, lighter body
  29. AppleInsider: Google to take on Apple TV with $35 Chromecast streaming device for iOS
  30. MacRumors: Apple to Discontinue iPhone 5 Alongside Launch of 5S and Plastic Models?
  31. MacNN: Briefly: Breadcrumb POS gets update, Presto Gigabit Ethernet adapter
  32. MacNN: HDR Expose 3 adds merge alignment, deghosting functions
  33. AppleInsider: Google refreshes Nexus 7 with twice iPad mini's pixel count, for $100 l
  34. AppleInsider: FTC, Google finalize antitrust settlement over Motorola's standard-esse
  35. MacNN: Google introduces Chromecast media streamer for $35, ships today
  36. MacRumors: Google Takes Aim at Apple with New Nexus 7, Google Play Games and Chromeca
  37. MacNN: Apple now EA's 'biggest retail partner,' game publisher says
  38. AppleInsider: New video again shows off supposed plastic Apple iPhone case
  39. AppleInsider: EA making more money through Apple's iOS App Store than its own Origin
  40. MacNN: QuarkXPress 10 to gain Xenon engine, Retina support, UI changes
  41. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Apple Store, Nike+ Running, Plex
  42. MacRumors: Apple's iPad 5 Set to Continue Driving Market Shift Toward In-Cell Display
  43. MacNN: Apple Q4 talk points to September 27th iPhone launch, analyst says
  44. MacRumors: Rear Shell of Apple's Low-Cost iPhone Compared to Other iPhones and iPod T
  45. AppleInsider: Wall Street encouraged by Apple's strong iPhone sales & positive guidan
  46. MacNN: Samsung deploys pair of NFC-enabled color laser printers
  47. MacNN: Studies: iPhone 'most social' platform, iOS top for ad revenue
  48. MacNN: Cook: China market still a 'huge opportunity' for Apple, iOS
  49. AppleInsider: iPhone named 'Most Social Device,' leads mobile and desktop in Web cont
  50. MacNN: US Department of Defense consolidating broadcast spectrum for sale
  51. MacNN: Apple: iTunes Store, iCloud services continue to rise
  52. AppleInsider: Sprint's Wireless CapTel app brings caption calling to iPhones and iPad
  53. MacNN: Apple opposes Samsung rubber-banding retrial request
  54. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone cements its position as the 'smartphone of choice for bu
  55. MacRumors: Apple Awarded Patent That Lets Users Share Content With Others While on Ho
  56. Apple: Apple Reports Third Quarter Results
  57. MacNN: Apple to open nine new stores in Q4, do 23 relocations
  58. AppleInsider: Cook cool on China troubles: still 'a huge opportunity for Apple'
  59. MacNN: Apple Q3 breakdown shows losses in China and iPods, gains in iTunes
  60. AppleInsider: Apple's iTunes brings in $4.3B in Q3, up 25% from 2012
  61. MacRumors: iOS in the Car 'Very Important' to Apple, 'Part of the Ecosystem'
  62. MacNN: AT&T posts improving profits, subscribers in quarterly earnings
  63. AppleInsider: Strong sales of MacBook Airs with all-day battery life give Apple its s
  64. AppleInsider: AT&T activates 3.7M iPhones in Q2, 54% of 6.8M total smartphone sales
  65. AppleInsider: 80% of reduced iPad shipments attributable to channel inventory decline
  66. MacRumors: Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer: Apple to Have 'Very Busy Fall' with More Deta
  67. MacNN: Apps: Typinator, Evernote, Together
  68. MacNN: Live: Apple's fiscal Q3 financial conference call
  69. MacNN: Apple profits diminished to $6.9 billion in Q3 2013 results
  70. AppleInsider: Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2013 conference call
  71. AppleInsider: iPhone 5 'by far the most popular iPhone,' Apple says
  72. AppleInsider: Apple's reports earnings of $6.9 billion on sales of 31.2M iPhones, 14.
  73. MacRumors: Apple Reports Q3 2013 Quarterly Results: $6.9 Billion Profit on $35.3 Bill
  74. MacNN: Deals: 13.3-inch Retina MBP for $1,699, 16MP Nikon CoolPix for $110
  75. MacNN: Forums: Siri Tips and more
  76. MacNN: Apple deals: MacBook Pros for $1,499 or less
  77. MacNN: Viber VoIP service hacked by pro-Assad Syrian Electronic Army
  78. MacNN: Sprint ports real-time caption calling to iPhone, iPod, iPad
  79. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad holds on to massive tablet usage lead, now at 84%
  80. AppleInsider: Opera says iPad takes 91% of tablet ads, iPhone ad share leads all Andr
  81. MacRumors: T-Mobile Launches New Ad Calling AT&T's 'Next' Upgrade Program 'Calculatin
  82. MacRumors: Apple Updates 'Apple Store' iOS App, Possibly Laying Groundwork for Future
  83. MacRumors: Roundup of Analyst Expectations Ahead of Q3 2013 Earnings Call
  84. MacNN: Apple wins patents on dual-sensor imaging, on-hold content sharing
  85. MacNN: Corel Painter X3 adds Jitter brushes, Flow Maps, other tool upgrades
  86. AppleInsider: Earnings preview: Modest expectations for Apple's June 2013 quarter
  87. MacRumors: Apple to Dump AU Optronics as Display Supplier for Next-Generation iPad Mi
  88. MacNN: Apple dropping AU Optronics from iPad mini LCD suppliers, report says
  89. AppleInsider: Haswell-powered iMacs could hit in late Aug., followed by new MacBook P
  90. AppleInsider: New low-cost iPad mini expected to debut alongside Retina model in 2014
  91. MacNN: Best Buy reinstates iPad trade-in program
  92. AppleInsider: 'iPhone Lite' on track for early Sept., but 'iPhone 5S' production more
  93. MacRumors: San Francisco District Attorney Impressed by iOS 7ís Activation Lock Featu
  94. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly drops LCD supplier AUO for second-gen iPad mini, may t
  95. AppleInsider: Apple patent lets iPhone users share photos, music with on hold callers
  96. AppleInsider: Apple patent uses dual-sensor imaging tech for higher quality pictures
  97. MacNN: Apple celebrates 1B podcast subscriptions
  98. AppleInsider: Apple refunds $6,131 iTunes bill for 8-year-old's unauthorized in-app p
  99. MacNN: Rumor: iPhone 5S hits delay; cheaper iPhone may arrive in September
  100. MacNN: Khronos Group updates OpenGL to 4.4, OpenCL to 2.0
  101. MacNN: Court schedules cross-appeal hearing for Apple v. Google dismissal
  102. AppleInsider: Apple's iTunes Store racks up 1B podcast subscriptions
  103. MacRumors: Apple Reaches Podcasting Milestone with 1 Billion Subscribers
  104. MacNN: Intel shows 2014 roadmap, new Atom C2000 server processors
  105. AppleInsider: Analyst: Delays push 'iPhone 5S' launch to late Sept., 'iPhone Lite,' '
  106. AppleInsider: SF DA initially pleased in antitheft testing of Apple's iOS 7 Activatio
  107. MacNN: Briefly: Rhapsody updated, 'Canary' security system launching
  108. MacRumors: Survey Shows Older and Cheaper iPhones and iPads Remain Popular, MacBook P
  109. MacRumors: Low-Cost iPhone and iPad 5 to Ship in Early September with iPhone 5S Comin
  110. AppleInsider: Federal court to hear Apple and Google cross-appeal on Sept. 11
  111. MacNN: Apple seeds OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4
  112. MacNN: US Mac sales down 5 percent year-over-year in Q3, says NPD
  113. MacRumors: Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4
  114. MacRumors: New Details Emerge on Security Researcher Potentially Responsible for Dev
  115. MacNN: Consensus forecast has Apple Q3 profits falling 22 percent
  116. AppleInsider: US Mac sales down 5% year over year in Apple's June quarter, NPD says
  117. MacRumors: U.S. Mac Sales Down in June Despite Introduction of New MacBook Airs
  118. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS maintains dominance over Android with 63% mobile browsing s
  119. AppleInsider: AT&T expands Mobile Share plans, adds 2GB for $50
  120. MacNN: AT&T to add 300MB, 2GB Mobile Share plans on July 26th
  121. MacNN: Briefly: Aereo expanding to Utah in Aug, Braven 855s announced
  122. AppleInsider: Samsung launches its own "WWDC" as an alternative to Google IO
  123. MacRumors: AT&T Launches Two New Mobile Share Data Plan Options
  124. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Distant Suns, Adobe Photoshop Touch, Amplitube Fender
  125. MacNN: HopStop shuts off Windows Phone app in wake of Apple buyout
  126. AppleInsider: After acquisition by Apple, HopStop drops support for Windows Phone
  127. AppleInsider: Sony sounds call for pro audio editors with SpectraLayers Pro 2
  128. AppleInsider: iPhone 5 accounts for half of Apple's smartphone sales, iPhone 4S takes
  129. AppleInsider: Apple iOS 6 Maps vs. Google Maps 2.0 for iOS: labels & local search
  130. MacNN: Security researcher behind Dev Center hack admits responsibility
  131. MacRumors: Researcher Takes Credit for Security Breach of Apple's Developer Center
  132. MacNN: Updated Apple Store app coming on Tuesday, leak claims
  133. AppleInsider: Canary motion detector uses iPhone for affordable home security
  134. AppleInsider: Researcher admits to hacking Apple's developer site, says he meant no '
  135. AppleInsider: Apple toying with larger iPhone screen and 13" iPad - report
  136. MacNN: WSJ: Apple testing larger iPad, iPhone display sizes
  137. MacRumors: Apple Testing Screens for a Larger iPhone and a 13-Inch iPad
  138. AppleInsider: Apple says its developer site was hacked, but that sensitive data was e
  139. MacNN: Developer Center downtime linked to hacking attempt, Apple says
  140. MacRumors: Apple Developer Website Hacked; Developer Names, Addresses May Have Been T
  141. MacNN: Apple refunds $6000 to dad over 8 year-old's iPad bill
  142. MacRumors: 'Apple Store' iOS App Update Coming Tuesday with Free iTunes Store, App St
  143. AppleInsider: Editorial: The mysterious failure of Microsoft's Surface RT
  144. AppleInsider: First Look: Muku Labs' Shuttr brings remote camera shutter control to y
  145. MacNN: Second electrocution report again linked to 'knock-off' USB chargers
  146. MacNN: Apple, Samsung continuing to negotiate over legal fights
  147. MacNN: Apple adding public transit through HopStop acquisition
  148. AppleInsider: Apple says developer portal downtime will not affect program membership
  149. AppleInsider: Nokia's struggles suggest consumers are 'content' with iOS and Android
  150. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly acquires public transit and navigation firm HopStop [u
  151. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Acquires Transit Service HopStop to Further Improve its M
  152. AppleInsider: Latest iPad-bashing Microsoft ad focuses on peripherals, new Surface RT
  153. MacNN: Apple Developer Center undergoes extended maintenance
  154. AppleInsider: Apple, Samsung try again to settle patent disputes, but aren't close to
  155. MacRumors: Microsoft Releases New Anti-iPad Ad Highlighting Surface Accessories
  156. MacNN: DealNN: $200 off 13.3-inch MacBook Pro
  157. MacNN: Apple deals: Thunderbolt Displays and Mac Pros
  158. MacNN: Forums: Haswell iMacs and Logic Pro X
  159. MacRumors: Digital Music Streams Up 24% in 2013 Ahead of iTunes Radio Launch
  160. MacRumors: Apple and Samsung Still in Settlement Talks, 'No Indication' of Imminent A
  161. MacNN: Leaked documents may suggest specs for low-cost iPhone
  162. AppleInsider: Apple developer website outage lingers for more than a day
  163. MacRumors: Closeup Photos of Alleged Lower-Cost Plastic iPhone Rear Shell Compared to
  164. AppleInsider: Digital music streaming grows 24% as Apple preps launch of iTunes Radio
  165. MacNN: New York Times reveals gesture-based app as Leap Motion ships
  166. MacNN: Briefly: Evernote releases iOS update, Rovio account now live globally
  167. MacNN: OECD plan shown at G20 may close loopholes exploited by Apple, others
  168. AppleInsider: Documents claim Apple's 'iPhone Lite' will pack 1GB RAM, is already in
  169. MacNN: Apps: FotoMagico, Cloud, Path Finder
  170. MacNN: Apple buys out crowdsourced data firm Locationary
  171. AppleInsider: G20 economic summit targets tax loopholes used by Apple, Google & other
  172. MacNN: Retina-equipped iPad mini could be ready for October
  173. MacRumors: Apple Acquires Crowdsourced Local Business Search Firm Locationary for Imp
  174. AppleInsider: Rovio adds iOS-Android cross syncing for popular titles like Angry Bird
  175. AppleInsider: Apple buys crowdsourced mapping data startup Locationary
  176. AppleInsider: Chinese man allegedly electrocuted by iPhone 4 and third-party adapter
  177. AppleInsider: Rumor: LG to ship Retina displays for next-gen iPad mini ahead of Octob
  178. MacNN: Report: iPhone electrocution death linked to third-party USB charger
  179. MacRumors: LG Shipments Indicate Retina iPad Mini Could Arrive As Early As October
  180. MacNN: Public, press receiving invites to iWork for iCloud beta
  181. MacRumors: Chinese Woman Electrocuted by iPhone 4 Likely Used Unauthorized Charger
  182. AppleInsider: Evernote for iOS updated with Skitch support, Shortcuts, Related Notes
  183. MacNN: Apple updates latest MacBook Air models to fix Wi-Fi issues
  184. MacNN: Analyst: Verizon iPhone sales may bode well for Apple Q3
  185. MacNN: Best Buy now discounting MacBook Pros, up to $300 off for students
  186. AppleInsider: Apple opens iWork for iCloud Beta to public, sends invites to non-devel
  187. AppleInsider: Apple releases first mid-2013 MacBook Air Software Update on revamped S
  188. MacRumors: Apple Releases MacBook Air Software Update to Fix Photoshop Screen Flicker
  189. MacRumors: Apple Sending iWork for iCloud Beta Invites to Non-Developers
  190. AppleInsider: Best Buy shaves $200 off 13-inch MacBook Pros in Back-to-School promoti
  191. AppleInsider: Google misses Q2 earnings estimates despite revenue and profit rise, Mi
  192. MacNN: Briefly: New Trent launches iPad Mini rugged case, Cross DJ updated
  193. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS 7 Activation Lock feature to be tested by US government
  194. MacRumors: Government Officials Bring in Security Experts to Test iOS 7's Activation
  195. AppleInsider: Verizon's iPhone sales suggest Apple may have sold 34.7M iPhones in Jun
  196. MacNN: VLC to return to App Store on Friday with full features
  197. AppleInsider: VLC returns to iOS, RunKeeper gets paid trainer options, Uber adds fare
  198. MacRumors: Consumers Less Willing to Pay for Content as Free Apps Surge
  199. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Airfoil Remote, Fantastical, DM1
  200. MacNN: Apple in talks for other Time Warner-like Apple TV apps
  201. MacNN: Verizon joins AT&T, T-Mobile in providing earlier upgrade options
  202. MacRumors: Comparing the New Frequent Device Upgrade Programs from U.S. Carriers
  203. MacRumors: VLC For iPhone and iPad Returns With Wi-Fi Upload, Dropbox Sync and More
  204. MacNN: Apple hiring team for fitness-focused wearable computer, sources say
  205. AppleInsider: iPhone users pay average of 19 cents per app, Android users pay just 6
  206. AppleInsider: Nokia's 7.4M Lumia shipments top BlackBerry's total smartphone sales
  207. MacRumors: Apple Taps New Hires in Health Sensors, Broad Array of Internal Experts fo
  208. MacNN: Manga Studio 5 EX adds multi-page layout module
  209. MacNN: Verizon claims $5.2B Q2 profit, 1M more wireless subscribers
  210. AppleInsider: Time Warner working to deliver live & on-demand shows to Apple TV
  211. AppleInsider: Verizon announces Edge, its own early smartphone upgrade program
  212. AppleInsider: Rumored Apple hires from medical sensor field could hint at 'iWatch' ca
  213. MacRumors: Apple Edging Further Into the Living Room by Cooperating with TV Content P
  214. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone accounted for 51% of all smartphone activations at Veriz
  215. MacNN: Windows RT casualties grow, Lenovo drops IdeaPad Yoga 11 Win RT
  216. AppleInsider: Apple details in-display fingerprint sensor tech in patent filing from
  217. MacNN: IDC report on poor Apple iPhone sales in India challenged
  218. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple ramps iOS device chip orders, in talks with LG over 4K dis
  219. MacNN: Reports: Apple upping chip orders, talking to LG about 4K TVs
  220. MacNN: Follow-up: Badlands also reports exponential jump in downloads
  221. MacNN: Anti-PRISM group to file petition greater US surveillance transparency
  222. MacNN: Apple may beat consensus on iPhones, see slow growth on iPads
  223. MacRumors: Apple to Team Up With Tech Companies to Ask for Greater NSA Transparency
  224. AppleInsider: Apple joins alliance of tech heavyweights to demand increased NSA trans
  225. MacNN: Papal twitter account decreed to offer 'indulgences' for followers
  226. MacNN: Fifth OS X 10.8.5 beta heads out to developers
  227. MacNN: Chrome for iOS gets hooks for opening links in other Google apps
  228. MacNN: All three major Russian carriers no longer selling iPhones
  229. MacRumors: Tim Cook's Plan to Sell More iPhones in Apple Stores Could Be Tough Task
  230. AppleInsider: Chrome for iOS update adds support for opening links in other Google ap
  231. AppleInsider: Patent reveals Apple's process for mass producing Liquidmetal alloy
  232. MacNN: Soundfreaq preps Sound Spot portable Bluetooth speaker
  233. MacNN: Briefly: TextWrangler, BBEdit updates, Mavericks added to Mac Match
  234. MacNN: Briefly: New iPhone cases released from Snow Leopard, idAmerica
  235. AppleInsider: Smartphone upgrades slowing as Apple is rumored to be prepping low-cost
  236. MacNN: Questionable rumor has iPhone 5S delayed via switch to 4.3-inch LCD
  237. AppleInsider: EU regulators not satisfied by Google's proposed antitrust concessions
  238. MacRumors: Apple-Liquidmetal Collaboration Awarded Patent on Process for Mass Product
  239. MacRumors: Sketchy Report Claims iPhone 5S Delayed Until Late 2013 Over Switch to 4.3
  240. MacNN: Apps: Airfoil, Sandvox, Twitter
  241. MacNN: Rumor claims specs, production photos for iPhone 5S
  242. AppleInsider: Selling 50% of iPhones through Apple's retail stores viewed as an unrea
  243. AppleInsider: Apple predicted to beat market consensus with 29M iPhones shipped in Ju
  244. MacNN: Apple-awarded patent may be Liquidmetal breakthrough
  245. MacNN: Logitech rolls out Z600 Bluetooth stereo speakers
  246. MacNN: Briefly: 'Critical' Tumblr app update; WhatsApp, Pocket apps fix bugs
  247. MacNN: Google launches Maps 2.0 for iOS: adds iPad, iPad mini support
  248. MacNN: Acer ships Z3-605 all-in-one Windows 8 touch PC
  249. MacNN: Infinity Blade II adds 5.7 million users during App Store celebration
  250. MacNN: Apple-awarded patent reveals method of Liquidmetal mass production