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  1. AppleInsider: Piper Jaffray: New Moto X won't draw consumers from iPhone
  2. AppleInsider: Apple notifies former MobileMe users complimentary storage soon to expi
  3. MacNN: Das Keyboard deploys line of RFID-blocking computer bags
  4. MacNN: Best Buy offering free Apple TVs with 15-inch RMBP purchase
  5. AppleInsider: ITC delays ruling on possible Samsung product ban
  6. MacNN: Low-cost iPhone could include 8MP camera found in iPhone 5
  7. AppleInsider: Report: Apple won't hire internally to replace retail chief
  8. AppleInsider: Best Buy giving away free Apple TV with 15" Retina MacBook Pro purchase
  9. MacRumors: Motorola Unveils 4.7-Inch Moto X Smartphone with 24-Hour Battery and Touch
  10. MacNN: Pebble updates iOS app with email notifications
  11. AppleInsider: Fllu offers cash to "organically" promote Samsung's push for proprietar
  12. MacRumors: Apple Only Considering Outside Candidates for Senior VP of Retail Position
  13. MacNN: Motorola Mobile and Sol Republic roll out Deck Bluetooth speaker set
  14. AppleInsider: Android tablets outshipped Apple's iPad for first time in Q2 2013, stud
  15. AppleInsider: Part leak suggests Apple's low-cost iPhone will have same 8MP camera as
  16. MacNN: Apple confirms buyout of Passif Semiconductor
  17. MacRumors: Apple Acquires Low-Power Wireless Chip Developer Passif Semiconductor
  18. MacNN: Keeper gets 256-bit AES, two-factor authentication
  19. AppleInsider: Apple acquires power-efficient chipmaker Passif Semiconductor
  20. MacNN: Briefly: BearExtender announces two new WiFi receivers, Imgur for iOS
  21. AppleInsider: Google to become official Starbucks ISP as critics claim net neutrality
  22. MacRumors: Apple Notifying Former MobileMe Customers of Impending iCloud Storage Down
  23. MacRumors: Low-Cost iPhone '5C' May Include 8-Megapixel Camera
  24. AppleInsider: Apple Inc. retakes title as world's most valuable company following str
  25. AppleInsider: Flex cable claimed to be from Apple's 6th-gen iPod touch hints at 2013
  26. MacRumors: Silver iPad 5 Rear Shell Appears in New Photos with iPad Mini Styling
  27. MacRumors: BlackBerry Messenger Beta Starts Rolling Out for iOS and Android Devices
  28. MacNN: iPhone Apps: City Maps 2Go, Camera+, Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD
  29. MacNN: BlackBerry issues beta invites for iOS, Android versions of BBM
  30. MacNN: Netflix starts rolling out profiles to iOS, Apple TV, other platforms
  31. MacNN: USB 3.1 10Gbps specification finalized, moves to implementation
  32. AppleInsider: Leaked photos show off mini-like rear case of Apple's supposed next-gen
  33. MacNN: Photos show alleged rear shell for fifth-gen iPad
  34. AppleInsider: Netflix launches multi-user accounts on iOS, Apple TV, other platforms
  35. MacNN: Panasonic confirms 16MP Lumix GX7 with tiltable electronic viewfinder
  36. MacNN: WSJ: Samsung to supply Retina displays for iPad mini, due Q4 2013
  37. AppleInsider: Focused on apps, Apple's iOS 7 provides a sneak peak at new sharing ico
  38. AppleInsider: Apple patent filing points to iPhone-controlled car and home environmen
  39. AppleInsider: Apple's OLED display patent uses embedded sensors to adjust for shadows
  40. MacRumors: Next iPad Mini Likely to Have Retina Display, Possibly Multiple Colors of
  41. MacNN: Two more Apple directors sell stock options, pocket $19 million
  42. AppleInsider: WSJ: iPad mini with Samsung-sourced Retina display likely coming in Q4
  43. MacNN: Fix coming soon for iOS 'power adapter' hack, says Apple
  44. MacNN: Apple App Store 2.3x more profitable than higher-volume Google Play
  45. MacNN: Apple widely expanding 'ground truth' recruiting for Maps
  46. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS 7 to patch 'power adapter' security flaw demonstrated at Bl
  47. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta 4 Contains Fix For Malicious Charger Hack
  48. AppleInsider: Imgur for iOS brings viral images to iPhone and iPad
  49. MacNN: Apple posts warning on dealing with spam text messages
  50. MacRumors: Code in iOS 7 Suggests Upcoming A7 iPhone Chip Will Include Samsung Compon
  51. MacNN: Four US senators join chorus calling for overturn of ITC Apple ban
  52. AppleInsider: Apple board members exercise options, sell off AAPL stock worth combine
  53. MacNN: Giveaway: win a pair of Wicked Audio Evac headphones
  54. AppleInsider: Apple touts tax holiday savings for customers in 10 states
  55. MacRumors: Open Road Films Launches New 'JOBS' Featurette, Live YouTube Event Coming
  56. AppleInsider: Senators allude support for Presidential veto of imminent ITC iPhone an
  57. MacNN: Adobe posts Lightroom 5.2, Camera Raw 8.2 release candidates
  58. MacNN: Seventh OS X 10.8.5 beta seeds to developers
  59. AppleInsider: Google Play takes top spot in downloads, but Apple's App Store still to
  60. MacNN: iOS 7 code may hint at Retina-less, A6-equipped iPad mini
  61. AppleInsider: 'Jobs' featurette offers closer glimpse at the upcoming movie
  62. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta Suggests Non-Retina A6-Powered iPad Mini in Development
  63. AppleInsider: Adobe Ideas gains stylus support, Camera+ adds combined effects options
  64. MacRumors: Google Play Downloads Passed App Store Downloads For the First Time in Q2
  65. MacNN: Apple promotes upcoming tax holidays in 10 US states
  66. MacRumors: Apple Drops the Price on Refurbished Apple TV to $75
  67. MacNN: Briefly: Catalogs app to be removed on Aug 15, Pinterest iOS update
  68. MacNN: China Mobile confirms meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook
  69. MacNN: Apple drops price of refurbished Apple TVs to $75
  70. AppleInsider: Galaxy S 4 on steroids: Samsung caught doping in benchmarks
  71. AppleInsider: iOS 7 Control Center-like Android app draws complaints from Apple, but
  72. AppleInsider: Google caught using misleading report to claim Nexus 7 outsold iPad in
  73. AppleInsider: Amazon updates Kindle iOS app with book searches, slides by App Store p
  74. AppleInsider: Apple fixes minor issues with latest Final Cut Pro X update
  75. AppleInsider: Briefly: Apple set to open 13th Apple Store in Italy on Aug. 3
  76. AppleInsider: Microsoft Surface revenue at $853M, less than write-down and associated
  77. AppleInsider: Apple outlines iMessage spam reporting in new support document
  78. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS 7 3D Maps leave Google Earth, Nokia Maps 3D looking old fas
  79. AppleInsider: Apple CEO Tim Cook met with head of China Mobile to again discuss poten
  80. AppleInsider: XCOM publisher touts success with premium price point on Apple's iOS Ap
  81. AppleInsider: FileMaker discontinuing Bento, will remain available to buy through Sep
  82. AppleInsider: Apple now offering refurbished Apple TV for $75
  83. AppleInsider: Apple takes 53% of smartphone profits, Samsung at 50%, remainder lose m
  84. AppleInsider: Strategy Analytics finds millions of Android tablets, rewrites iPad his
  85. MacNN: Apps: Cloud, World Clock Deluxe, HoudahGeo
  86. MacNN: Starbucks replacing AT&T with Google Wi-Fi in 7,000 stores
  87. MacNN: FileMaker announces plans to drop Bento
  88. MacNN: Isis mobile payments to roll out nationwide, including iPhone support
  89. MacRumors: Apple Filling Out its 'Ground Truth' Mapping Team with New Regional and Lo
  90. MacRumors: China Mobile Confirms Another Recent Meeting Between Chairman and Apple CE
  91. MacNN: Canon Vixia mini brings 'selfies' to video
  92. MacNN: First ASCI study finds Samsung flagships barely edging out iPhone
  93. MacNN: More developer resources now back online, augmenting Dev Center
  94. MacRumors: Microsoft Surface Estimated to Have Sold Only 1.7 Million Units Since Laun
  95. MacNN: AAPL tops $450 for first time since mid-May
  96. MacRumors: Apple Support Document Unveils iMessage Spam Reporting Tool
  97. MacNN: Google claim on Nexus 7 versus iPad popularity seen as false
  98. MacNN: Apple opening new Italian store this weekend in Rimini
  99. MacNN: Apple tweaks Final Cut Pro X with minor update, fixes bug
  100. MacNN: Facebook planning to sell 15-second video ads, sources say
  101. MacNN: Job listings hint at broader language support for iOS input
  102. MacRumors: 'iPhone 5C' Case Shows Up On Amazon
  103. MacRumors: 11" MacBook Air Owner Connects High-End Graphics Card With Complex Thunder
  104. MacNN: Deals: Panasonic Lumix for $150, Mac mini for $229
  105. MacNN: Kindle iOS app gets sample search, custom dictionary support
  106. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac mini from $509
  107. MacNN: Forums: New iOS Game, RAM speed questions and more
  108. MacNN: Facebook moving into mobile game publishing, offers tools, analytics
  109. MacNN: Apple cautioning developers to expect delays for app reviews
  110. MacNN: Briefly: Netflix user profiles on Apple TV, Showtime app gains live TV
  111. MacRumors: Extended Developer Center Outage May Be Causing App Review Delays
  112. MacNN: iPhone Apps: AfterLight, LINE, Cut the Rope HD
  113. MacNN: iOS-like Control Center app pulled from Google Play at Apple request
  114. MacNN: Apple, Motorola drop 14 patents from Florida lawsuit
  115. MacRumors: Apple and Motorola Agree to Drop 14 Patents From Impending Trial
  116. MacRumors: Tim Cook Visits China to Discuss Market Growth, Low-Cost iPhone with Carri
  117. MacNN: Apple CEO Tim Cook said to be meetings with China Telecom
  118. AppleInsider: HTC warns of its first-ever operating loss, will reduce focus on high-e
  119. MacNN: Sprint rolls out 4G LTE to 41 new markets, brings total to 151
  120. AppleInsider: TSMC holds job fair in NY, fueling rumors of new US chip fab for Apple
  121. MacNN: New images, specifications for Lumix GX7 leak, claim 16MP sensor
  122. MacNN: Sprint achieves $7.2B in revenues, $1.6B loss in quarterly report
  123. AppleInsider: iOS 7 beta 4 clarifies phone buttons with icons, takes FaceTime full sc
  124. AppleInsider: Apple patents three-sensor, three-lens iPhone camera for enhanced color
  125. AppleInsider: Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly visited China to meet with China Telecom
  126. MacNN: Report: iOS market share still growing in US, UK, France
  127. AppleInsider: Sprint sold 1.4M iPhones in Q2, lost 2M customers with termination of N
  128. AppleInsider: Apple and Motorola dismiss 14 patents from upcoming Florida suit
  129. MacNN: Apple updates Xcode 5, OS X Server, Remote Desktop
  130. MacNN: Starbucks expanding pilot wireless charging program to Silicon Valley
  131. AppleInsider: Foxconn reportedly set to hire 90K workers for iPhone 5S production ram
  132. MacNN: Examinations reveal many more changes in iOS 7 beta 4
  133. MacNN: Chinese Apple store Genius Bar appointment scalping rampant
  134. AppleInsider: Apple TV to get automatic "touch to configure" setup via Bluetooth 4.0,
  135. AppleInsider: Latest Apple TV software brings iTunes music purchasing to the living r
  136. MacNN: Apple retail employees file class-action lawsuit over security
  137. MacNN: ASCAP to FCC: Deny Pandora's radio station buy
  138. MacNN: Mansfield switch-up a question of avoiding distractions, source says
  139. AppleInsider: Apple releases new betas for Xcode 5, OS X Server, Remote Desktop 3.7
  140. MacRumors: Apple Retail Employees File Class Action Lawsuit Over 'Bag Check' Lost Wag
  141. AppleInsider: Apple retail workers file class action suit claiming lost wages over ba
  142. MacNN: Mac mini shipping returns to 24 hours at online Apple store
  143. MacNN: iOS 7 beta 4 may confirm plans for fingerprint sensors in fall gear
  144. MacNN: USPTO issues 'final' rejection of Apple's pinch-to-zoom patent
  145. MacNN: First iTunes 11.1 beta adds iTunes Radio support
  146. AppleInsider: iPhone home button fingerprint scanner described in latest iOS 7 beta
  147. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta 4 Tidbits: Lockscreen Redesign, Notification Center Improvement
  148. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta 4 Code Points to Home Button Fingerprint Sensor for iPhone 5S
  149. MacNN: Briefly: Shazam gains improved recommendations, ArtSuite reaches v10
  150. AppleInsider: Betas of iTunes 11.1 with iTunes Radio, Apple TV 5.4 with bug fixes now
  151. MacNN: Source backs 'iPhone 5C' name for low-cost iPhone
  152. MacNN: Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 4 to developers
  153. AppleInsider: iOS phone share growing faster than Android in US, UK and France
  154. MacRumors: Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 4 to Developers
  155. AppleInsider: Samsung gets a boost with USPTO's 'final' rejection of Apple's pinch-to
  156. AppleInsider: Apple vows to investigate labor violations alleged in China Labor Watch
  157. AppleInsider: Apple releases fourth beta of iOS 7 to developers
  158. MacRumors: Apple to Release iOS 7 Beta 4 Today, Two More Betas Coming?
  159. MacNN: Apps: HoudahSpot, Output Factory, BackupLoupe
  160. MacNN: Just three more iOS 7 betas left, source claims
  161. MacNN: Microsoft, Intel, other tech companies rally against ITC product bans
  162. AppleInsider: Chinese scalpers booking & selling Apple Store Genius Bar appointments
  163. MacNN: Rights group accuses Pegatron of violating labor, safety laws
  164. MacNN: Report on Pegatron abuses makes references to low-cost iPhone
  165. AppleInsider: Labor report reveals low-cost plastic iPhone in initial production at P
  166. MacRumors: Pegatron Employee Describes Role in Producing Apple's Lower-Cost Plastic i
  167. MacRumors: Companies Lining Up in Support of Apple Ahead of Potential Older Model iPh
  168. MacRumors: Chinese Labor Group Alleges Poor Working Conditions at Apple Supplier Pega
  169. AppleInsider: Microsoft, Intel, Oracle & AT&T come to Apple's defense in looming iPho
  170. MacNN: iPhone '5C' packaging appears on Chinese rumor site
  171. AppleInsider: Apple supplier Pegatron accused of violating Chinese labor regulations
  172. MacNN: Bob Mansfield no longer on Appleís exec team
  173. AppleInsider: Google appears ready to ditch Android over its intellectual property is
  174. AppleInsider: Apple SVP Bob Mansfield's bio disappears from official leadership webpa
  175. MacRumors: Apple Senior Vice President Bob Mansfield Removed From Leadership Webpage
  176. MacNN: Apple retail employees to get free iBooks for Mavericks launch
  177. MacRumors: Apple Distributing Free iBooks to Employees Ahead of Mavericks and iOS 7 L
  178. AppleInsider: Chromecast hacked: uses Google TV code, stripped of Android features
  179. AppleInsider: Review: ChargeCard thin USB cable with Apple Lightning connector
  180. MacRumors: Photo of Plastic Packaging with 'iPhone 5C' Name Surfaces
  181. AppleInsider: Rumor: Photo may show retail packaging for Apple's low-cost "iPhone 5C"
  182. MacNN: Reviews: HTC One Google Play Edition
  183. AppleInsider: Samsung has not dethroned Apple in mobile profits
  184. AppleInsider: Editorial: Why iOS in the Car is a very big deal for Apple
  185. AppleInsider: Deals: Best Buy knocks $200 off all Retina MacBook Pros; others discoun
  186. MacNN: Apple: Motorola tried to charge us 12 times more for SEPs
  187. MacNN: LA will give all 640,000 students an iPad by end of 2014
  188. AppleInsider: Briefly: Apple CFO Oppenheimer nets $16.4M in stock selloff
  189. MacRumors: Intel to Supply Apple with Special High-End Haswell Processors for MacBook
  190. MacNN: Apple developer site restored after eight-day unavailability
  191. AppleInsider: Apple's Dev Center back online after 8-day donwtime
  192. AppleInsider: Apple claims Motorola discriminated on tech licensing, charged 12 times
  193. MacRumors: Apple's Developer Center Coming Back Online After 8 Day Outage
  194. MacNN: Apple sets up academic advisors for Supplier Reponsibility program
  195. MacNN: CFO Peter Oppenheimer sells off $16.4M in Apple stock
  196. MacNN: Activision Blizzard escaping Vivendi with $8.17 billion buyout deal
  197. AppleInsider: Apple taps academics to advise Supplier Responsibility program
  198. MacNN: Briefly: Roccat launches optical Kone Pure, SmartOffice PS456U scanner
  199. MacNN: Apple Boston office working on Siri technology, report says
  200. MacNN: DealNN: MacBook Pros, monitors and more
  201. MacNN: Apple deals: Refurbished Macs for $1000 or less
  202. MacNN: Forums: Logic Pro X conversation continues
  203. MacNN: Irish gov't. won't investigate Apple, Facebook over sharing with NSA
  204. AppleInsider: Apple assembling speech recognition tech team in Boston to improve Siri
  205. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Clear, TuneIn Radio Pro, OmniFocus for iPhone
  206. MacNN: NTIA creates draft code of conduct for privacy in mobile apps
  207. AppleInsider: US government proposes new rules for transparency in app data collectio
  208. MacRumors: Apple's Boston Team Working on Siri Enhancements
  209. MacRumors: Another Alleged Image of the Low-Cost iPhone Rear Shell Surfaces
  210. MacNN: New photo shows 'iPhone Lite' back with FCC, other markings
  211. MacRumors: Ashton Kutcher Speaks Further on His Transformation Into Steve Jobs, Specu
  212. MacNN: T-Mobile to launch zero-down promotion on July 27th
  213. AppleInsider: LA public schools to deploy 31K Apple iPads this year, supply all 640K
  214. AppleInsider: Supposed 'iPhone Lite' shows up with FCC & other legal notices in new p
  215. MacRumors: Report Suggests Haswell Macbook Pros May Arrive in October
  216. MacNN: Rumor has updated Retina MacBook Pros waiting until October
  217. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple to ship Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pros in October
  218. AppleInsider: Why Apple is revving iOS in the Car for an aggressive 2014 launch
  219. AppleInsider: Google's Chromecast is a Roku alternative, not a cheaper Apple TV AirPl
  220. MacRumors: Apple Wins 'Brand of the Year' Awards in Smartphone, Tablet, and Computer
  221. MacNN: Google+ Local iOS app to be retired August 7
  222. AppleInsider: IDC: iPhone growth slips as smartphone market accelerates expansion
  223. MacRumors: Apple's Smartphone Growth Slows as Mobile Phone Market Accelerates in 2Q 2
  224. MacNN: Briefly: Neil Gaiman game, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Vue 11.5 PLE
  225. MacNN: Purported 'iPhone 5S motherboard' leaks from Chinese repair site
  226. AppleInsider: Phishing scam takes advantage of Apple Dev Center downtime
  227. MacNN: Apple captures top technology rankings across three categories
  228. MacNN: New phishing scam plays on Apple Dev Center downtime
  229. AppleInsider: Apple repeats as Harris Poll's 'Brand of the Year' in three categories
  230. MacNN: Google Chromecast sees 'overwhelming demand,' Netflix offer killed
  231. AppleInsider: Yahoo's updated Fantasy Sports app brings mobile drafting to iOS
  232. MacNN: Verizon lawyer asks for Obama intervention in ITC iPhone ban
  233. MacNN: Apple buys back $16 billion of its own shares in one quarter
  234. MacNN: Mac mini shipping times grow to 5-7 days at online Apple store
  235. MacRumors: Mac Mini Shipping Times Slip to 5-7 Days on Apple Online Stores, Possible
  236. MacRumors: Verizon Lawyer Calls for Apple v. Samsung Presidential Intervention to Pre
  237. MacNN: Logic Pro X 10.0.1 fixes glitches, performance problems
  238. AppleInsider: Penguin appeases EU regulators by ditching e-book deal with Apple
  239. AppleInsider: First malware in the wild found exploiting Bluebox's Android app signin
  240. MacNN: Briefly: iKlip Stand now shipping, Google Drive for iOS updated
  241. MacNN: New iPhone owners experiencing activation problems
  242. AppleInsider: Apple releases Logic Pro X 10.0.1 with fixes for Track Stacks, 24-bit a
  243. AppleInsider: Verizon asks Obama to intervene in Apple v. Samsung case, prevent impen
  244. MacRumors: Apple Could Owe $500 Million After Being Found Guilty in E-Book Antitrust
  245. MacNN: Apps: Skitch, Dropbox, Dash
  246. MacNN: European Commission accepts Penguin proposal to end Apple e-book deal
  247. AppleInsider: Still struggling, BlackBerry lays off 250 more employees
  248. MacRumors: Apple's iPhone Activation Servers Experiencing Extended Outage
  249. MacRumors: Ashton Kutcher Talks More About Playing the Role of Steve Jobs
  250. MacRumors: Apple Applies for Patent on Intelligent 'Power Management for Electronic D