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  1. MacNN: Review: Kobo Aura ebook reader
  2. MacNN: Apple demands iOS 7 optimization for all App Store submissions
  3. MacNN: Yahoo working on Siri-like personal assistant app
  4. MacNN: Briefly: Photos+ improves iOS photo management, Speaktoit for iOS
  5. MacRumors: Apple, China Mobile Have Yet to Reach iPhone Deal
  6. AppleInsider: Pebble to launch new smart watch 'appstore' alongside second-gen SDK
  7. MacNN: Camera+ for iOS adds new editing tools, redesigned interface
  8. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Carcassonne, Yahoo Weather, Suburbia
  9. MacNN: Briefly: E-on's LumenRT 4.4, hands-free navigation app for iPhone
  10. MacNN: Apple moving to 14nm A-series chips for next iPhones?
  11. MacNN: Spotify gives Mac, Windows client a makeover, updates Android app
  12. AppleInsider: Shares of Apple dip on lack of China Mobile deal, supplier's disappoint
  13. MacNN: China Mobile exec: 'still in talks' with Apple over iPhone deal
  14. MacNN: Apple's redesigned Mac Pro available Thursday starting at $2,999
  15. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple to shrink A-series chips to 14nm in 2015, TSMC to lead pro
  16. MacRumors: All-New Mac Pro Launches Thursday, December 19 Starting at $2999
  17. MacRumors: Samsung and TSMC to Reportedly Share Production of Apple's 14-nm A9 Chips
  18. AppleInsider: Apple's new cylindrical Mac Pro desktop arrives Thursday starting at $2
  19. AppleInsider: Review: W/Me wearable wellness monitor and coach
  20. MacNN: Apple forced to comply with Australian Consumer Law over warranties
  21. AppleInsider: Apple dinged by consumer watchdog over specious Australian refund, retu
  22. MacNN: Tech companies use meeting with Obama to urge NSA reform
  23. MacNN: Humble Bundle 8 launches with Mac, PC, Android and Linux games
  24. MacNN: Apps: GraphicConverter, Thunderbird, Hazel
  25. MacNN: Apple signals end of Snow Leopard support with Safari snub?
  26. AppleInsider: Tomb Raider now available on iOS, Angry Birds Star Wars gains new level
  27. MacNN: Apple loses NZ court fight over 'driPhone' trademark dispute
  28. AppleInsider: Apple to require all iOS app submissions be iOS 7 optimized by Feb. 1
  29. MacNN: Apple activates new gifting for iBookstore books option
  30. AppleInsider: Silicon Valley execs urge President Obama to sign off on surveillance r
  31. MacNN: Rumor: Microsoft to take on iPad mini with 1080p Surface mini
  32. MacNN: DealNN: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and more
  33. MacNN: Forums: iMac vs Mini
  34. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac mini and aluminum Mac Pro
  35. MacNN: Twitter study shows iPad, iPhone most popular desired tech gifts
  36. AppleInsider: Apple products at top of holiday gift wish lists on Twitter
  37. AppleInsider: Apple enables iBookstore gifting in time for holidays
  38. MacRumors: Apple Adds Gifting to iBookstore
  39. MacNN: Briefly: ADATA's rugged hard drive, Whitelabel's upcoming headphones
  40. MacNN: Distimo: App Store leads revenue, Google Play growing faster
  41. MacRumors: iPod and AirPort Roundups: What's Next for Apple
  42. AppleInsider: Samsung hires Apple Store designer for its own retail efforts
  43. MacNN: Apple TV adds Sky Sports via Now TV in the UK
  44. MacNN: iPhone Apps: GraphicConverter, Thunderbird, Hazel
  45. MacNN: Apple TV, Roku at 80 percent of third-party set-top box market
  46. AppleInsider: Best Buy & B&H cut $100 off Apple's MacBook Airs, $160 off iMacs in fin
  47. MacRumors: Samsung Hires Apple Retail Store Designer in Retail Push
  48. AppleInsider: Google Glass owners can now configure their headset, get directions fro
  49. MacNN: Google releases MyGlass, Google Glass-compatible app for iOS
  50. MacNN: Samsung reportedly hires senior Apple Store designer for retail effort
  51. MacNN: Briefly: New GX Gaming peripherals, 12 Days of Indie Gaming begins
  52. MacNN: QuarkXPress 10.0.2 improves performance, adds Spotlight support
  53. MacRumors: iPhone 5s and iOS 7 Rank Highly in Top Google Searches of 2013
  54. MacNN: Apple's iPhone 5s among top-searched tech of 2013
  55. AppleInsider: Top iOS apps rake in $90,000 per day on average, in-app purchases domin
  56. MacNN: Apple lists 'Best of 2013' content from iTunes, App Store
  57. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5s ranks as third most popular Google search of 2013
  58. MacNN: Report: Apple's 64-bit A7 chip 'stunned' the chipmaking industry
  59. MacRumors: Wireless Computer System with Integrated Smart Projector Detailed in New A
  60. AppleInsider: Apple TV, Roku in two-horse race for set-top streaming domination
  61. MacNN: Briefly: AT&T roaming deal with EE in UK, Sprint expands LTE network
  62. MacNN: Facebook beginning autoplay video advertising in News Feed this week
  63. MacNN: LG reveals Ultrawide, Real 4K monitor lineup for CES in January
  64. AppleInsider: Apple patents 'desk-free' computer with intelligent, laser-powered proj
  65. MacNN: My Five: Chas' photo-editing apps
  66. MacNN: Apple debuts 90-second holiday TV ad, 'Misunderstood'
  67. AppleInsider: Apple announces 'Best of 2013' iTunes list, 'Duolingo' and 'Disney Anim
  68. MacRumors: Apple's Best of the iTunes Store 2013: 'Duolingo' and 'Disney Animated' Wi
  69. MacNN: China survey: China Mobile deal could sell at least 12M units
  70. AppleInsider: Apple's 64-bit A7 SoC 'set off panic' for chipmakers
  71. MacNN: Briefly: $38 tablet, $100 RadioShack giftcard with iPad purchase
  72. MacNN: Review: Sans Digital TR8M6G TowerRAID eSATA tower and PCI-E card
  73. MacNN: Reviews: Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8M6G eSATA array
  74. AppleInsider: Apple's holiday iPhone ad focuses on family, tugs at heartstrings
  75. MacNN: Apple '12 Days of Gifts' offers preview freebie ahead of schedule
  76. MacRumors: Apple Launches New Holiday-Themed iPhone 5s Commercial
  77. MacNN: President Obama to meet with Eric Schmidt, Tim Cook on tech matters
  78. MacNN: Report: domestic Mac sales up nearly 30 percent year-over-year
  79. Apple: iPad Helps Broadway Director Stay in Step
  80. Apple: Beyoncé Album Shatters iTunes Store Records
  81. MacRumors: Qualcomm Employee: 64-Bit A7 Chip 'Hit Us In The Gut'
  82. AppleInsider: Apple redirects iAd sales team to iTunes Radio, eyes self-serve for in-
  83. AppleInsider: President Obama to meet with Tim Cook, other tech execs over NSA and He
  84. MacRumors: Mac Pro Build-to-Order Upgrade Pricing Revealed
  85. MacRumors: Tim Cook and Other Tech Executive to Meet With President Obama Again to Di
  86. MacNN: Apple releases Mavericks 10.9.1, tweaks Gmail support, Shared Links
  87. MacRumors: Photo: New Mac Pro Arriving at Apple Retail Stores
  88. AppleInsider: Apple releases OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks with focus on Mail
  89. AppleInsider: Apple's US Mac sales see strong 29% holiday growth
  90. MacNN: Sanctioned Beatles bootleg recordings to appear on iTunes Tuesday
  91. MacRumors: Apple's iAd Focus Turns to iTunes Radio With New Real-Time Bidding Exchang
  92. MacRumors: Apple Releases OS X 10.9.1 With Several Mail Improvements
  93. MacNN: Google calls for dismissal of UK privacy lawsuit
  94. MacNN: Microsoft's Cortana assistant to debut in Windows Phone 8.1
  95. MacRumors: Apple Supplier Pegatron Uses Facial Recognition to Screen for Underage Wor
  96. MacNN: Briefly: SwitchEasy's new folios and case, AKVIS' NatureArt 5.5
  97. MacNN: Beyoncé's album moves 829K units, iTunes' fastest selling ever
  98. AppleInsider: Apple moves to suspend 'inquisitorial' antitrust monitoring, DoJ comes
  99. MacRumors: iTunes-Exclusive Beyoncé Album Breaks Records With 828,773 Copies Sold in
  100. MacRumors: iTunes-Exclusive Beyonce Album Breaks Records With 828,773 Copies Sold in
  101. AppleInsider: Beyonce's iTunes exclusive becomes Apple's fastest selling album ever
  102. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Rayman Jungle Run, PureShot, IM+ Pro
  103. AppleInsider: Google investing heavily in advanced robotics, buys renowned military c
  104. MacNN: iPhone supplier uses facial recognition to flag underage workers
  105. MacRumors: iPhone Market Share Expected to Hit 68% in the United States by 2017
  106. AppleInsider: Apple supplier Pegatron uses facial recognition to weed out underage wo
  107. AppleInsider: Survey suggests China Mobile deal will add at least 12M iPhone sales fo
  108. MacNN: Briefly: BT Wi-Fi iOS app update, Spotify heading to LG Smart TVs
  109. AppleInsider: Apple gives away new Lorde single in '12 Days of Gifts' app preview
  110. MacNN: Best Buy discounting Apple MacBook Pros for 24-hour sale
  111. MacNN: Briefly: Mac MiniDrive, Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy bundles
  112. AppleInsider: Apple CEO Tim Cook expresses need to protect 'principles of basic human
  113. AppleInsider: Best Buy drops prices on Apple's MacBook Pros with Retina display for 1
  114. MacNN: Reviews: Microsoft Xbox One
  115. MacRumors: Tim Cook Expresses Thoughts on Equality in Auburn University Award Speech
  116. MacRumors: New 12-Core Mac Pro Once Again Shows Up in Benchmarks
  117. MacNN: New Android ioPhone mimics Apple's iPhone 5c style
  118. MacNN: Twitter working on feature to show nearby tweets
  119. MacNN: Apple's iPhone predicted to hit 68 percent US share by 2017
  120. MacNN: Briefly: New iMag Pro II mobile reader, NuGuard KX Screen Armor
  121. MacNN: Apple's Tim Cook accepts award at Auburn, pushes for equality
  122. AppleInsider: Roundup: Wireless charging options for Apple's iPhone
  123. AppleInsider: Deals: $120-$270 off MacBook Pros with CD/DVD drive; up to $570 off Ret
  124. MacRumors: Mac Pro Launch Nears as Apple Business Staff Begin Offering Price Quotes
  125. MacNN: China Mobile store spotted displaying iPhone 5s, 5c
  126. MacNN: Briefly: Fadell denies Mac Pro buy, Apple tweaks App Store ranks
  127. MacNN: Retina iPad mini supplies loosening, shipping drops to 1-3 days
  128. AppleInsider: Apple's Retina iPad mini trickles into US carrier stores as Apple Store
  129. MacRumors: Retina iPad Mini Shipping Estimates Improve to 1 to 3 Days in Multiple Cou
  130. MacNN: Briefly: GameEvil's card battler Kaizin Rumble, Cover app in open beta
  131. AppleInsider: Apple tweaks iOS App Store search algorithms, app positions fluctuate 8
  132. MacNN: Apple pulls censorship-circumventing iOS app from Chinese App Store
  133. MacNN: Briefly: GAMEVIL's card battler Kaizin Rumble, Cover app in open beta
  134. MacNN: Techtool Pro 7 adds RAM test, Mavericks compatibility
  135. MacNN: Sprint rumored to prep T-Mobile acquisition bid
  136. MacNN: Reviews: iHome Bluetooth iB75 Wireless Sports Earphone
  137. MacNN: Review: iB75 iHome Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earphones
  138. AppleInsider: Sprint planning 2014 T-Mobile takeover bid worth over $20B, report says
  139. MacRumors: Sprint Working on Potential T-Mobile US Purchase
  140. AppleInsider: Apple pulls another anti-censorship app from China's iOS App Store
  141. MacNN: DealNN: Dell 24-inch widescreen LED monitor, SSDs and more
  142. MacNN: Apple deals: Mac Pro from $3,239
  143. MacNN: Forums: screen saver authentication in Mavericks and more
  144. AppleInsider: Tony Fadell denies buying Apple's Product (RED) Mac Pro, gold EarPods a
  145. MacNN: Briefly: iSkin's new keyboard covers, Blocksworld's winter themepack
  146. MacNN: Apple seeds second iOS 7.1 beta to developers
  147. MacNN: ARM acquires game lighting startup Geomerics
  148. AppleInsider: Apple provides iOS 7.1 beta 2 to developers with bug fixes for iTunes M
  149. MacNN: Apps: Beamer, Vinoteka, NetShade
  150. MacRumors: Apple Seeds iOS 7.1 Beta 2 to Developers
  151. MacRumors: China Mobile Stores Going All Out for iPhone and iPad Promotion
  152. MacNN: BearExtender Turbo for Mac with 802.11ac connectivity ships today
  153. AppleInsider: Apple partner ARM acquires graphics software firm Geomerics
  154. AppleInsider: Evercore increases Apple price target to $700, citing momentum from new
  155. MacRumors: Apple's 'iWatch' Said to Arrive in October 2014 with Wireless Charging
  156. AppleInsider: Apple orders for A-series chips expected to contribute up to 10% of TSM
  157. MacNN: Briefly: Pebble alarms update, Google offers tips for web services
  158. AppleInsider: Beyonc? drops surprise 'visual album' on iTunes, debuts 'Grown Woman' m
  159. MacNN: Steve Jobs legal document nets $40,000 at auction
  160. MacNN: Apple opens up Games category for Costa Rica, Qatar iOS app stores
  161. MacNN: Briefly: Remote updated, Instapaper free, Apple support spruced up
  162. MacNN: Study: 76 percent of business mobile activations were iOS devices
  163. MacNN: Reviews: Samsung Series 7 Ultra laptop
  164. AppleInsider: Apple brings games to Costa Rican and Qatari App Stores
  165. AppleInsider: Instapaper goes free as 'App of the Week,' Evernote gets business card
  166. MacNN: Evernote for iOS update brings business card contact scanning
  167. AppleInsider: Apple's iOS nabbed 76% of small & medium business device activations in
  168. MacNN: Studies: iPhone 5s dominating US; tablet buyers choose iPads
  169. AppleInsider: Apple, Inc. stock IPO created 300 millionaires 33 years ago today
  170. Apple: The Hour of Code Is Here
  171. Apple: Wind Turbine Technicians Use iPad to Keep Blades Spinning
  172. AppleInsider: Apple updates Remote app with iTunes Radio control
  173. MacNN: Briefly: Waterlogue image editor, Cocktail 7.1, released for iOS
  174. MacRumors: FCC Takes Steps to Approve Cell Phones in Flight as Transportation Departm
  175. MacNN: Twitter 3.0 for OS X brings revamped timeline, photo previews
  176. MacNN: Briefly: New FotoMagico six-times faster, PDF2Office 1.5 for iPad
  177. AppleInsider: US carriers agree to standard set of rules for unlocking phones, tablet
  178. AppleInsider: 72% of prospective tablet buyers plan to buy Apple's iPad - report
  179. MacNN: Fleksy promises custom keyboards for iOS 7 apps
  180. MacRumors: U.S. Carriers and FCC Come to Agreement Over Consumer Unlocking of Mobile
  181. MacNN: iPad Airs, iPad minis leading the pack in strong holiday tablet sales
  182. AppleInsider: iPhone dominance in user engagement, developer payouts trumps unimporta
  183. MacRumors: iPhone 5s Top-Selling Smartphone at All U.S. Carriers, iPhone 5c Takes Thi
  184. MacNN: Labor group praises Foxconn for improving working conditions
  185. MacNN: FCC, carriers close to agreement on new phone unlocking policy
  186. MacRumors: Foxconn and Apple Make Strides Towards Improving Work Hours, But Still Vio
  187. AppleInsider: Instagram messages take on Snapchat, Fleksy introduces iOS keyboard SDK
  188. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Fantastical, Dictionary.com
  189. MacNN: Southwest Airlines offers $2 in-flight iMessages, Android coming
  190. MacNN: Instagram Direct brings private sharing for videos and photos
  191. MacNN: Apple downplays link between Pegatron death and working conditions
  192. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5s remains 'by far the top selling smartphone'
  193. MacRumors: Fleksy's Predictive Touch Keyboard Comes to iOS Apps with New Developer To
  194. AppleInsider: Apple's own medical experts say death at Pegatron not related to workin
  195. MacRumors: South Korean Court Dismisses Samsung's Patent Lawsuit Against Apple
  196. MacNN: Yahoo apologizes for Mail downtime, hardware fault caused outage
  197. AppleInsider: Apple looks to curb Web browser UI spoofing using real-time camera imag
  198. MacNN: Briefly: Facebook iOS app update, Google Maps iOS adds reservations
  199. MacNN: Adobe updates Lightroom, Camera Raw: adds support for new cameras
  200. MacNN: China Mobile features iPhone 5s in reservation page for LTE network
  201. AppleInsider: Former head of Google patent strategy appointed to run U.S. patent agen
  202. AppleInsider: Adobe releases Lightroom 5.3 with holiday discount, updates Camera Raw
  203. AppleInsider: China Mobile Beijing hints at imminent iPhone preorders on 4G reservati
  204. MacNN: Samsung denied iOS embargo, fine against Apple in South Korean court
  205. AppleInsider: Apple scores court win in South Korea as judge tosses Samsung patent su
  206. MacNN: Walmart cutting iPhone prices by $72 in Christmas promotion
  207. MacNN: Vellum promises simpler, more beautiful universal eBook authoring
  208. AppleInsider: Apple's 'Hour of Code' workshops take kids hands-on with coding
  209. AppleInsider: Walmart to cut $72 off iPhone 5c and 5s pricing in holiday sale
  210. MacNN: Apple sees huge jump in China iPhone sales on strength of 5s, 5c
  211. MacNN: Apple's iPads, iPad minis make up six of Japan's top 10 tablets
  212. AppleInsider: Promise Technology ships 'world's first' 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 drives
  213. MacRumors: Geofencing to Unlock Vehicle Functions Detailed in New Apple Patent Applic
  214. AppleInsider: Apple's iPad Air, iPad mini take 6 of Japan's top 10 tablet sales spots
  215. MacNN: Apple partner Foxconn starts fund to invest in wearable tech
  216. AppleInsider: Apple iPhone 5s, 5c drive sales leap from 6th to 3rd place in China dur
  217. AppleInsider: GTA: San Andreas rolls out on iOS App Store as Pinterest, Steam see upd
  218. MacNN: Nest's Fadell said to have purchased Ive EarPods, Mac Pro at auction
  219. MacNN: Briefly: RealPlayer Cloud, Chromecast partner, new 3D Invigorator PRO
  220. MacNN: Promise launches Thunderbolt 2 RAID 5 Pegasus2 multi-drive enclosure
  221. MacNN: Google intros Chrome Apps launcher for OS X
  222. AppleInsider: 'Father of the iPod' Tony Fadell revealed as buyer of Product (RED) Mac
  223. MacRumors: Google Launches Chrome Apps for Mac
  224. MacRumors: iPod and Nest Creator Tony Fadell May Have Purchased (RED) EarPods and Mac
  225. MacNN: Leaked slides show NSA tracking individuals using Google ad cookies
  226. MacNN: Japan outspends US in App Store, Google Play revenue
  227. AppleInsider: Spotify for iPhone, iPad goes subscription-free, with shuffle-only limi
  228. MacRumors: Southwest Airlines Offering In-Flight iMessaging for $2 Per Day
  229. MacRumors: First 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 RAID Arrays Now Shipping Ahead of Mac Pro Relea
  230. MacNN: Apple TV gets Bloomberg, Crackle, Watch ABC, more
  231. MacNN: Apps: PopChar X, Acorn, Arq
  232. MacNN: Briefly: Felix iPhone cases with card holder, PDF2Office for iPhone
  233. MacNN: Spotify rolls out free ad-supported music service to mobile devices
  234. MacRumors: Apple TV Roundup: Apple's Plans for Television
  235. MacNN: Rovio releases Angry Birds Go! racing game for iOS
  236. AppleInsider: Watch ABC, Bloomberg, others added to Apple TV channel lineup
  237. MacNN: Pegatron faces criticism amid spate of deaths at iPhone 5c plant
  238. AppleInsider: Steve Ballmer boasts profitability, reveals personal living room push i
  239. MacRumors: Apple Adds ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle, and KOR TV Channels to Apple TV
  240. AppleInsider: Rovio's Angry Birds Go! racing game hits Apple's App Store
  241. MacRumors: Pegatron Accused of More Labor Violations After Death of Underage Worker
  242. AppleInsider: Apple supplier Pegatron under fire after 'several' more employee deaths
  243. MacNN: Briefly: Rdio expands to 20 more countries, Steam Mobile iOS updates
  244. AppleInsider: AT&T CEO says smartphone subsidies must end, while T-Mobile sweetens iP
  245. MacNN: Apple drops one spot in 'Best Places to Work' annual poll to 35th
  246. MacRumors: AT&T CEO: Carriers Can't Afford Big Subsidies for Devices Any Longer
  247. MacNN: Siri edges out Google Now in natural-language assistant shootout
  248. AppleInsider: Apple falls to 35th spot in annual 'Best Places to Work' employee surve
  249. MacNN: T-Mobile cancels down payments on selected iPhones for holidays
  250. MacNN: Apple Stores in San Francisco, Düsseldorf to debut on Saturday