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  1. AppleInsider: Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac to feature Mavericks optimization, ship in
  2. MacRumors: iPhone 5C Predicted to Replace iPhone 5, iPhone 4S Sales to Continue
  3. AppleInsider: Apple on track to build 5.2M 'iPhone 5S,' 8.4M 'iPhone 5C' units this q
  4. AppleInsider: 'iPhone 5C' expected to replace iPhone 5, while Apple's iPhone 4S will
  5. MacNN: Researchers get malware app approved by Apple
  6. MacRumors: Claims of 'Champagne' Color Option for iPhone 5S Continue to Mount
  7. MacRumors: Rear Shell of Silver iPad 5 Appears in New Photos
  8. MacRumors: 'Jobs' Makes $6.7 Million in Opening Weekend, Below Distributor Projection
  9. MacNN: Review: OWC MRSSBD6X 6x Blu-Ray reader with DVD burner
  10. MacNN: Reviews: OWC Value Line Slim MRSSBD6X CD/DVD/Blu-Ray d
  11. AppleInsider: 'Jobs' biopic disappoints at box office in opening weekend
  12. MacRumors: Former Nike FuelBand Consultant Jay Blahnik Confirms Apple Hiring
  13. AppleInsider: Review: Belkin FastFit Keyboard Case for iPad Mini
  14. AppleInsider: Exclusive: First data center buildings up at Apple, Inc. Reno iCloud fa
  15. AppleInsider: Best Buy & Amazon holding Back To School sale on MacBook Airs through m
  16. MacRumors: Apple Officially Launches Third-Party USB Charger Takeback Program in 30 C
  17. AppleInsider: Apple's Developer Center to undergo scheduled downtime on Saturday
  18. AppleInsider: Apple asks developers to classify apps by age range for new 'Kids' App
  19. AppleInsider: Apple opens video card replacement program for certain mid-2011 iMacs
  20. AppleInsider: Google+ iOS app removes Messenger, adds Hangouts and Google Drive suppo
  21. MacNN: 'Jobs' movie opens in theaters to another round of mixed reviews
  22. MacNN: Apple updates iTunes to fix iTunes in the Cloud issue
  23. MacRumors: Apple Begins Showing Mac Pro Teaser in Movie Theaters with 'Coming Fall 20
  24. MacRumors: Apple Initiates Graphic Card Replacement Program for Mid-2011 27-inch iMac
  25. AppleInsider: Apple now allowing up to 200 test devices per iOS developer account
  26. MacNN: AAPL tops $500 on Friday as Icahn-inspired rally continues
  27. AppleInsider: Apple's Phil Schiller sells $18.6M in AAPL stock, SVP Dan Riccio sells
  28. AppleInsider: Apple's approval of 'Jekyll' malware app reveal flaws in App Store revi
  29. MacRumors: Apple Releases iTunes 11.0.5 to fix iTunes in the Cloud Issue
  30. AppleInsider: Apple fixes iTunes in the Cloud issue with iTunes 11.0.5 update
  31. MacRumors: Raj Aggarwal Details Jobs' Tenacity in AT&T/Apple Revenue Sharing Deal
  32. MacRumors: Researchers Show How Apple's App Approval Process Can Be Beaten by Malicio
  33. MacNN: Photos show supposed gold-colored shell for iPhone 5S
  34. MacNN: Apple allegedly talking with Corning, Foxconn, G-Tech about TV set
  35. AppleInsider: New Apple, Inc. ads again add ink on iPad apps
  36. AppleInsider: Supposed gold color variant of next iPhone shown off in pictures
  37. AppleInsider: Comparison of iOS users finds Apple's iPad most popular among businesse
  38. MacRumors: 'JOBS' Biography Starring Ashton Kutcher Hits Theaters to Mixed Reviews
  39. MacRumors: New Photos of Gold/Champagne iPhone 5S Parts Leak
  40. MacNN: Briefly: iWALK intros iPhone 5 batteries, New Combat Mission expansion
  41. MacNN: Forums: more than 4GB of RAM and other discussions
  42. MacNN: Apple deals: 5 iMacs for $1,789 or less
  43. MacNN: DealNN: 11.6-inch MBA for $900, Drobo for $450, more
  44. MacNN: Syfy Now for iOS allows day-after access to episodes of Syfy shows
  45. AppleInsider: Early Apple employees Kottke, Fernandez comment on new film 'Jobs'
  46. MacNN: Apps: Hazel, Screenflick, PhotoSync
  47. MacNN: Apple may have TV-related product coming as soon as November
  48. MacRumors: Apple Ramps Up Hiring in China with Over 250 Open Positions
  49. AppleInsider: Rumor: Apple may announce 'some sort of television product' as soon as
  50. MacNN: Sony 'lens camera' concept manuals leak, show standard camera controls
  51. AppleInsider: Latest version of Geekbench adds new tests, scoring, iOS interface
  52. MacNN: Apple hiring for over 200 new positions in China
  53. AppleInsider: Leaked manual reveals features of Sony's upcoming iPhone-compatible wir
  54. MacRumors: Apple Could Still Be Planning Television-Related Announcement for Late Thi
  55. AppleInsider: Apple strengthening environmental affairs, retail & security in China w
  56. MacNN: Reviews: Escort Passport Max
  57. MacNN: GeekBench 3 released for all major platforms
  58. MacNN: Reviews: Google Nexus 7 (2013 model)
  59. MacNN: E-book trial judge responds to Apple charge of 'errors'
  60. AppleInsider: Battle of the billion dollar buybacks: Apple, Inc. vs Microsoft Corpora
  61. MacNN: KGI analyst predicts 128GB, gold-colored, A7-powered iPhone 5S
  62. MacNN: Report: new Mac Pro chip breaks 30,000 in Geekbench testing
  63. MacNN: Briefly: iOS 7 Beta 6 OTA, iPhone 4 and 4s iFixit 'revelation kit'
  64. MacNN: 'App Store Monopoly' lawsuit against Apple thrown out of court
  65. MacNN: Giveaway: Logitech Eye Candy Color Collection and M325 review
  66. MacNN: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition sales recommence on iOS, Mac App Stores
  67. MacNN: Apple's Matcha buyout made for recommendation engine, sources say
  68. MacNN: Washington Post, others fall victim to referral service Outbrain hack
  69. MacNN: Twitter tests out hashtag-based alerts for local live events
  70. MacNN: Briefly: WatchESPN gains Live Toolbar, MySQL Support in DraftCode
  71. MacNN: China Mobile, Apple still 'actively negotiating' iPhone, iPad deal
  72. MacNN: Best Buy launches new iPhone trade-in deal for iPhone 5
  73. MacNN: Briefly: Kinivo releases Bluetooth headset, DramDisk launched
  74. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Flipboard, SoundHound Infinity, Notability
  75. MacNN: iOS 7 beta 6 anticipated next week, gold master may seed Sept. 5th
  76. AppleInsider: Apple's A7 SoC expected to be 20% more efficient, debut in 'iPhone 5S'
  77. MacRumors: iPhone 5S to Be Available in Gold with 128 GB Option?
  78. AppleInsider: Apple's 'iPhone 5S' to have options for 128GB of storage, gold colored
  79. AppleInsider: WatchESPN on iPad gets dual-stream viewing, Digg app gets 'Unread' mode
  80. MacRumors: Apple Unexpectedly Seeds iOS 7 Beta 6 to Developers
  81. AppleInsider: Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 6 to developers
  82. MacRumors: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging App Store Monopoly
  83. AppleInsider: Antitrust suit alleging App Store monopoly tossed due to procedural blu
  84. AppleInsider: Matcha's status as best among video content aggregators led Apple to bu
  85. MacRumors: Apple Bought Matcha For its Content Recommendation Algorithms
  86. AppleInsider: Best Buy back with iPhone trade-in deal, $200 off iPhone 5 over weekend
  87. MacNN: Second-gen iPad mini LCD production in line with last year's levels
  88. MacRumors: iOS 7 Beta 6 Arriving Next Week as Final Seed Before Golden Master?
  89. AppleInsider: Final iOS 7 beta rumored to arrive next week, GM build to select partne
  90. AppleInsider: Canalys: Android lacks the 'rigorously managed, high-quality, optimized
  91. MacNN: Apple toughens app reviews to meet COPPA rules, cut down on gambling
  92. MacRumors: Apple Begins Recruiting Engineers in Taiwan for Various Positions
  93. MacRumors: China Mobile Chairman 'Positive' About Reaching iPhone Deal with Apple as
  94. AppleInsider: RBC believes Apple Inc. could double $60B share buyback, ups price targ
  95. AppleInsider: Structures getting demolished as Apple Campus 2 guts the remains of HP?
  96. AppleInsider: Apple looks to patent NFC-based 'gifting' for iTunes and already owned
  97. MacNN: Acer launches trio of high-resolution monitors in United States
  98. AppleInsider: Apple researching flexible headphone connectors to stop potential break
  99. MacNN: Briefly: Apple updates MainStage, HumbleBundle Mac game
  100. MacNN: Plants vs. Zombies 2 now available in US iTunes Store
  101. AppleInsider: Apple updates App Review Guidelines with focus on apps for children
  102. AppleInsider: Long awaited 'Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time' for iOS now availa
  103. AppleInsider: Production of next-gen iPad mini's Retina display reportedly near 2012
  104. MacRumors: Apple Releases New App Store Review Guidelines with Updated Rules for Kids
  105. MacNN: Judge Cote to determine damages in Apple e-book trial on May 14
  106. MacRumors: Upcoming 12-Core Xeon CPU Destined for Apple's New Mac Pro Posts Impressiv
  107. AppleInsider: Apple, Inc. to distribute another $2.77 billion in dividends to shareho
  108. AppleInsider: Apple ordered to prepare for May 2014 trial on e-book antitrust damages
  109. MacNN: Briefly: Adobe Muse update, PrintLife 1.1 debut with discount
  110. MacNN: Samsung posts bonds for ITC-banned products despite 'design-arounds'
  111. AppleInsider: Samsung to reportedly debut 'Galaxy Gear' smart watch on Sept. 4
  112. AppleInsider: Roku beats Apple TV in owner engagement as video streaming device marke
  113. AppleInsider: Samsung posts bonds with ITC, suggests continued infringement of Apple
  114. AppleInsider: WebKit adds support for high-resolution displays, paves the way for Ret
  115. MacNN: Yojimbo 4 switches to new sync service, gains fullscreen support
  116. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs's $1.1 billion AAPL windfall & Steve Ballmer's $11 billion M
  117. MacNN: News of Omega Advisors investment helps push AAPL back over $500
  118. AppleInsider: Microsoft faces lawsuit over Surface RT struggles as company preps Oct.
  119. MacNN: Apple ranks 79th on Forbes list of 'most innovative' companies
  120. MacNN: iCloud beta website redesigned to take after iOS 7
  121. MacRumors: iCloud.com Beta Gets iOS 7-Inspired Makeover
  122. MacRumors: Hedge Funder Lee Cooperman Takes 'Modest Position' in Apple, Drives Stock
  123. AppleInsider: Apple's new iOS 7 design comes to iCloud.com beta testers
  124. MacNN: Briefly: Vevo iOS app gains AirPlay, Yelp now accepting mobile reviews
  125. AppleInsider: Samsung socked with $108M Brazilian suit over alleged labor issues
  126. MacNN: Video shows purported rear shell for iPhone 5C
  127. AppleInsider: Apple Inc. stock recaptures $500 as Carl Icahn shows support, hype for
  128. MacNN: Gartner: Quarterly smartphone sales beat feature phones for first time
  129. MacNN: Apps: Voila, Camtasia, Together
  130. MacRumors: Yellow iPhone 5C Rear Shell Shown in High-Quality Video
  131. MacNN: Icahn investment figures likely to be revealed later this week
  132. AppleInsider: Smartphones outsell feature phones for first time, while Apple's iPhone
  133. MacNN: Alleged iPhone 5S back panel indicates redesigned home button
  134. MacRumors: iPhone 5S Changes Highlighted in New Rear Shell Comparison Photos
  135. AppleInsider: Purported 'iPhone 5S' back panel hints at redesigned home button compon
  136. AppleInsider: Google's new Nexus 7 gets stellar reviews despite faults, jitters, lagg
  137. MacNN: Hyetis Crossbow $1,200 smartwatch revealed with 41MP camera
  138. MacNN: NTT DoCoMo drops Samsung Galaxy S4 from winter lineup
  139. AppleInsider: Large institutional investors due to disclose their holdings in Apple,
  140. MacNN: Judge in Apple e-book case suggests 'staggered renegotiations'
  141. MacNN: Report: Apple buys social video-discovery service Matcha
  142. MacNN: D-Link debuts DCS-5010L Wi-Fi indoor surveillance camera
  143. MacNN: Apple issues AirPort Base Station firmware update, fixes three bugs
  144. MacNN: Samsung debuts server-oriented 3D V-NAND SSD
  145. MacNN: Keeper unveils 'Keeper for Groups' password management suite
  146. MacRumors: Apple Acquires Video Discovery and Recommendation Startup Matcha.tv
  147. AppleInsider: Apple's reportedly buys second-screen app company Matcha.tv, hints at n
  148. MacNN: Indie Gala offers 'pay what you want' game bundle for Mac, Windows
  149. MacNN: Pirate Bay block-evading browser downloaded 100,000 times in 3 days
  150. AppleInsider: Audi debuts augmented reality iOS app, Yelp gets in-app reviews, Vevo n
  151. MacNN: Getty Museum releases 4,689 artworks as digital download, more to come
  152. MacNN: Briefly: NudeAudio debut portable speakers, D-Link offers new cameras
  153. MacNN: Carl Icahn pushes Apple CEO Tim Cook to offer bigger share buyback
  154. MacNN: Ellison's controversial interview extends beyond Apple to Google, NSA
  155. AppleInsider: American components in Apple's iPhone supply chain graphically detailed
  156. MacNN: Briefly: Free Evernote Premium offer, Comcast expands access program
  157. MacNN: iPhone sales help boost Hon Hai/Foxconn Q2 profits 41 percent
  158. MacRumors: Foxconn Profit Rises 41% on Strong iPhone Sales, Low-Cost iPhone to Drive
  159. MacRumors: Carl Icahn Discloses 'Large Position' in Apple, Believes Company is 'Extre
  160. AppleInsider: Apple, Inc. shares cross above 200 day moving average
  161. AppleInsider: Investor Carl Icahn reveals 'large position' in Apple, advises Tim Cook
  162. MacNN: Daylite 4.3 gets new Mac options, pushes forms and attachments to iOS
  163. AppleInsider: Strong sales of Apple's iPhone boost Foxconn profits by 41%
  164. MacNN: Briefly: Ember gains Smart Drawing feature, NextWorth iPhone trade-ins
  165. MacNN: Anime Studio Pro 9.5 improves bone rigging, adds Depth Shifting
  166. AppleInsider: Oracle CEO slams Google's Larry Page as person behind 'evil' decisions
  167. AppleInsider: Samsung points to anti-Apple ads as 'tipping point' for company
  168. MacNN: SMS Audio launches new Sync by 50 Bluetooth 4.0 headphones with aptX
  169. MacNN: Amazon adds 'Mobile Push' to AWS Simple Notification Service
  170. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Morning, Money by Jumsoft, Pinnacle Studio
  171. MacNN: DealNN: refurbished 15.4-inch MBP now $1,450
  172. MacNN: Forums: New iPhones September 10th
  173. MacNN: Retina MBPs from $1,249
  174. MacNN: Apple hosts US sale on iTunes movie collections
  175. AppleInsider: 'Harry Potter,' 'Matrix,' many other movie series on sale in new iTunes
  176. AppleInsider: Exclusive Deals: $799 MacBook Air, $1799 fully-loaded 13-inch MacBook P
  177. MacRumors: Analyst Predicts No Siri on iPhone 5C, Fingerprint Scanner Solely for Devi
  178. AppleInsider: BlackBerry officially puts itself up for sale, but potential buyers are
  179. AppleInsider: Low-cost iPhone predicted to boost both Apple's margins & international
  180. MacNN: Samsung ships 15.3m smartphones in China, Apple 3.4m
  181. AppleInsider: Piper Jaffray: 'iPhone 5C' may not include Siri, could replace iPhone 4
  182. MacNN: Larry Ellison voices pessimistic outlook of Apple without Steve Jobs
  183. MacNN: Briefly: KeynotePro new themes, Path API expansion
  184. MacNN: Thinner iPad, Retina iPad mini to arrive in 2013, source claims
  185. AppleInsider: Larry Ellison sees dismal future for Apple without Steve Jobs
  186. MacRumors: Apple to Release Thinner Fifth-Generation iPad and Retina iPad Mini in Las
  187. MacNN: Facebook acquires speech-translation developer Mobile Technologies
  188. AppleInsider: Bloomberg: Apple to debut iPad mini with Retina display, thinner iPad i
  189. MacRumors: Photos of Potential 'iPhone 5C' Volume Buttons Surface
  190. AppleInsider: Rumor: Photos claim to show 'iPhone 5C' mute switch, volume and power b
  191. AppleInsider: Apple's request to conduct 3D mapping of Oslo denied by Norwegian gover
  192. MacNN: Apple extends adapter takeback program to UK, other countries
  193. AppleInsider: Sony preps Bluetooth lens attachments for iPhones, Android phones
  194. AppleInsider: Apple, Inc. market cap up $11.7 billion after news of Samsung ITC impor
  195. MacNN: Facebook mobile apps get OpenTable, TV and movie listing hooks
  196. AppleInsider: Citing 'increasingly hostile' competition, Needham cuts Apple Inc. pric
  197. MacRumors: Apple's App Store Still Number One in Revenue Despite Google Play Growth
  198. MacNN: Needham drops Apple stock target to $595 based on tougher competition
  199. MacNN: Briefly: TwitchTV updated, Skype now supports HD calls on iOS
  200. MacNN: Sony 'Lens Camera' self-contained smartphone upgrade leaks again
  201. MacNN: Briefly: CBS Sports app updated for iPad, Apple offering free iBook
  202. MacRumors: Apple Updates Apple Store App with Free iBookstore Offering
  203. Apple: MacBook Air the Ultimate Laptop
  204. MacNN: Norwegian government blocks recording of iOS Flyover data for Oslo
  205. AppleInsider: Skype for iPad adds HD video calling, CBS Sports gains live video
  206. MacNN: Reviews: Autodesk Smoke
  207. MacNN: Apps: Cocktail, Totals, BackupLoupe
  208. MacNN: Leaked part supports dual-LED flash in iPhone 5S
  209. AppleInsider: iPhone Patent Wars: Apple's $1.1 billion ARM injection ignites a mobile
  210. MacNN: Delayed fingerprint sensor production could hamper iPhone 5S launch
  211. AppleInsider: BlackBerry convenes special committee to decide company's future
  212. MacRumors: iPhone Media Event All But Confirmed for September 10
  213. MacNN: Fifth-gen iPad to use same touch panel tech as iPad mini
  214. MacRumors: iPad 5 to Use Same Touch Panel Technology as iPad Mini to Reduce Size
  215. MacRumors: Photos of Top Strip of iPhone 5S Rear Shell Again Point to Dual-LED Flash
  216. AppleInsider: Leaked parts may show pill-shaped dual-LED flash for Apple's 'iPhone 5S
  217. MacNN: Reviews: Sony Vaio Pro 11
  218. AppleInsider: Apple's fifth-gen iPad reaffirmed to use same thin touch sensor as iPad
  219. AppleInsider: Rumor: Fingerprint sensor production could limit Apple to 4M 'iPhone 5S
  220. AppleInsider: Rumor: New iPhones to debut as 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C'
  221. MacRumors: More Claims of 'iPhone 5C' Name, iPhone 5S with Gold Color Option and Home
  222. AppleInsider: Apple's 'iPhone 5S' to boast convex sapphire home button with embedded
  223. MacRumors: iPhone 5S to Include Sapphire-Covered Convex Home Button with Fingerprint
  224. AppleInsider: Apple to introduce next iPhone at Sept. 10th media event
  225. MacRumors: Apple to Unveil Next Generation iPhone on September 10
  226. MacNN: Apple to hold special iPhone event Sept. 10th, sources say
  227. MacRumors: All Apple Developer Services Back Online after Hack, Apple Offers Free Mon
  228. AppleInsider: Apple restores all Developer Center services after 3-week downtime
  229. AppleInsider: iPhone Patent Wars: Xerox PARC & the Apple, Inc. Macintosh: innovator,
  230. MacNN: T-Mobile abruptly ends no-down-payment sale on iPhone 5, 4S
  231. MacNN: Apple updates printer drivers for wide variety of name brands
  232. AppleInsider: T-Mobile to remove iPhone 5 and 4S from '$0 Down' sale as AT&T cuts "Ne
  233. MacNN: Briefly: Google Play Books loans textbooks, carbon fiber iPhone case
  234. AppleInsider: Steve Jobs reportedly mulled axing Apple's pro products
  235. MacRumors: Steve Jobs Once Considered Killing Apple's Pro Products
  236. MacNN: Judge turns down Apple request to suspend e-book trial ruling
  237. MacNN: USITC finds Samsung infringing on Apple patents, sales embargo coming
  238. AppleInsider: Apple v. Samsung proceedings muddled, but experts say Apple had strong
  239. MacRumors: ITC Rules in Favor of Apple, Older Samsung Products Facing Ban
  240. MacNN: Jobs considered cutting pro products as far back as original iMac
  241. AppleInsider: Apple wins ITC ban on Samsung products [updated with ITC's final determ
  242. MacRumors: Size Comparison of a 12.9-Inch iPad with Smaller iPad Models and 13-Inch M
  243. MacNN: International SATA-IO board ratifies SATA 3.2 standard
  244. MacNN: Twiiter #music app gets iOS library scanning, other discovery options
  245. AppleInsider: Apple's bid to suspend ruling in e-books price fixing case denied by Ju
  246. MacNN: Apple versus Samsung trial embargo appeal heard, no decision today
  247. MacNN: Sources claim Apple board upset with Cook over lack of innovation
  248. AppleInsider: Dallas Cowboys star sees birth of son thanks to Apple's FaceTime
  249. AppleInsider: Twitter #music update now scans iPhone library for recommendations
  250. MacNN: iOS 7 beta using 'ghost' apps when syncing from iCloud