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  1. MacNN: Briefly: Controls+ brings iOS control to Mac, X-Mirage mirrors iOS
  2. MacRumors: First Magazine Advertisement for iPhone 5s Appears, Highlights Touch ID Se
  3. MacNN: Samsung proposes five-year patent lawsuit ceasefire to avoid $18B fine
  4. MacNN: 'Open in iBooks' button begins appearing in iBookstore pages
  5. MacNN: Verizon Q3 results show over half of smartphone sales are iPhones
  6. AppleInsider: Samsung raises white flag in standard-essential patent clash in Europe
  7. MacNN: USPTO confirms all claims in key 'Steve Jobs' iPhone patent
  8. MacNN: iPhone Apps: Sparrow, Machinarium, Minecraft
  9. MacNN: Apple raises French prices for iPhone 5s, 5c
  10. MacNN: Updated iCloud icons hint at new versions of iPhoto, GarageBand
  11. MacRumors: Apple's Massive 'Steve Jobs Patent' for the iPhone Reconfirmed in its Enti
  12. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5c pricing seen as right move, holiday sales expected to
  13. MacRumors: Verizon Activates 3.9 Million iPhones in Q3 2013, Just Over Half of All Sm
  14. AppleInsider: Verizon activated 3.9M iPhones in Q3 2013, up 26% from 2012
  15. MacNN: Nikon adds built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS to D5300 Digital SLR
  16. MacNN: Panasonic launches 16MP Lumix GM1 mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera
  17. AppleInsider: WSJ backpedals on iPhone 5c supply chain cuts story
  18. AppleInsider: New 'flat' iPhoto and GarageBand icons appear in iOS iCloud Settings, h
  19. MacRumors: Anki Drive Ai-Controlled Cars Will Be Available on October 23 for $199
  20. AppleInsider: Anki Drive to bring video games into the real world next week for $199
  21. MacNN: Judge names compliance monitor in Apple e-book antitrust case
  22. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5s sensor woes may be linked to new accelerometer suppli
  23. MacNN: Warren Buffett dismisses Carl Icahn's demands for Apple stock buyback
  24. AppleInsider: Facebook advertisers see 1,790% higher returns on iOS than Android
  25. MacNN: Apple green chief: Cook didn't hire me to 'keep status quo'
  26. MacRumors: Executive Tweet Suggests Cellular iPads Coming to T-Mobile
  27. AppleInsider: Tweet from T-Mobile CEO suggests carrier may soon start iPad sales
  28. MacNN: Reviews: Beanco's Mobile Home Siri auto integration
  29. MacNN: Review: Beanco Mobile Home Blutooth Siri hands-free integration device
  30. MacNN: Briefly: DEVONthink's major update, SPAMfighter for Mac launches
  31. MacNN: Apple hikes Japanese App Store prices to account for exchange rates
  32. MacNN: Apple adds new iPhone tutorial pages covering iOS 7
  33. AppleInsider: Apple assigned outside antitrust monitor to watch over e-books business
  34. AppleInsider: Apple to raise app prices in Japan due to volatile exchange rate
  35. MacRumors: Apple Environmental Chief Lisa Jackson Driving Sustainability Efforts
  36. MacNN: Apple updates drivers for HP printers, scanners
  37. MacNN: Review: Epson XP-810 'small-in-one' printer
  38. MacNN: Reviews: Epson Expression Premium XP-810 printer
  39. MacNN: iPhone 5s motion-sensing problems linked to new accelerometer
  40. AppleInsider: Apple's iTunes Radio is 'credible threat,' says Pandora CFO
  41. MacNN: LinkedIn debuts Recruiter Mobile for iOS, Mobile Work With Us
  42. MacRumors: New Accelerometer Supplier Could Be Causing Incorrect iPhone 5s Level and
  43. MacRumors: Intel Delays Next-Generation Broadwell Chips Until 2014 Due to Manufacturi
  44. MacNN: Study: Safari for iOS the most reliable mobile browser
  45. AppleInsider: Best Buy to sell MetaWatch iPhone-compatible smart watches Nov. 3
  46. MacRumors: Early Prototype of Apple's Touch ID Demoed by AuthenTec Co-Founder
  47. MacNN: Apps: Arq, DiskAid, DEVONthink Pro
  48. MacNN: Oyster comes to iPad, drops invite-only restrictions
  49. AppleInsider: Ahead of hardware refresh, Oyster brings subscription e-book service to
  50. MacNN: Consumer Reports ranks latest Galaxy S4, latest Droids over iPhones
  51. MacRumors: New iPhones Score Well with 'Consumer Reports', but Display and Battery 'N
  52. AppleInsider: AuthenTec cofounder shows off early prototype of Apple's Touch ID
  53. MacNN: Canaccord ups Apple target to $580 on iPhone 5s, fifth-gen iPad
  54. MacNN: Chitika: iPhone 5 'family' sees four percent growth in three weeks
  55. MacNN: Briefly: GIF animator, photo correction apps updated
  56. AppleInsider: Tim Cook calls 'Campus 2' Apple's future 'home for innovation and creat
  57. MacNN: TweetDeck for Mac gets easier tweeting, predictive typing
  58. MacNN: Cupertino City Council gives final approval for Apple Campus 2
  59. MacRumors: Apple Cutting iPhone 5c Production at Two Major Suppliers
  60. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini forecast to outsell thinner 'iPad 5' nearly 2:1, if Ap
  61. MacNN: WSJ: Apple cutting iPhone 5c, increasing iPhone 5s production
  62. MacNN: Square Cash launches in US, transfers money via e-mail
  63. AppleInsider: Strong demand of Apple's iPhone 5 series driving an "anti-fragmentation
  64. MacNN: Sony Cybershot RX10 uses 20.2MP sensor, 24-200mm Carl Zeiss lens
  65. AppleInsider: Apple's 'Campus 2' project granted final approval by Cupertino City Cou
  66. MacNN: Sony launches A7, A7R full-frame mirrorless cameras, E-mount lenses
  67. MacNN: Judge: Samsung reveal of confidential Apple information 'inexcusable'
  68. AppleInsider: Apple reportedly cutting iPhone 5c orders as it boosts 5s production
  69. MacRumors: Cupertino City Council Gives Unanimous Approval for Apple's New Campus
  70. AppleInsider: Judge denies Samsung motions meant to delay investigation of protective
  71. MacNN: Java for Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion updated over security
  72. AppleInsider: Square's free 'Square Cash' service allows users to send money via emai
  73. MacNN: Briefly: OtterBox's Preserver Series, PDFpen for iOS updated
  74. AppleInsider: Apple files appeal to broaden ITC import ban against Samsung
  75. MacNN: Apple calling for Mavericks-compatible app submissions
  76. MacNN: Amped Wireless adds to 802.11ac portfolio with APA20 high power router
  77. MacRumors: Apple to Hold Simultaneous Satellite Event in London for October iPad Unve
  78. AppleInsider: Apple calls for OS X Mavericks app submissions in preparation of launch
  79. MacRumors: Apple Asks Developers to Update Apps for Mavericks Ahead of October 22 Med
  80. MacNN: Apple files appeal on portions of ITC ruling against Samsung
  81. AppleInsider: Ireland looks to close loophole Apple uses to avoid high U.S. taxes
  82. MacRumors: New Apple Retail Chief Was Highly Involved in Burberry's Watch Retailing E
  83. MacNN: Ireland may eliminate tax loophole exploited by Apple, others
  84. MacNN: Forums: iOS 7 Safari - It Kinda Blows
  85. MacNN: Apple deals: save up to 31 percent off Mac mini
  86. MacNN: DealNN: Acer all-in-one for $649, 16GB iPad 2 for $349, more
  87. MacRumors: Ireland May End Apple Tax Residency Loophole
  88. AppleInsider: Rovio's Angry Birds Go! racing game to hit iPhones, iPads on December 1
  89. MacNN: Apple I with original packaging going up for auction
  90. AppleInsider: Functioning Apple I with original packaging could sell for $500K
  91. MacNN: Google updates Fiber rules to embrace personal servers
  92. MacNN: Google Maps for iOS updates with faster navigation access
  93. AppleInsider: Google Maps for iOS update speeds access to navigation, adds new langua
  94. MacNN: iPhone Apps: OmniFocus for iPhone, Papers 3, 1Password
  95. MacNN: T-Mobile to force customers away from grandfathered plans
  96. MacNN: iHome debuts swiveling Type Pro Bluetooth keyboard case
  97. MacNN: Nike+ FuelBand SE introduces color, now harder to cheat
  98. MacNN: Apple confirms October 22nd press event in San Francisco
  99. AppleInsider: What to expect from Apple's Oct. 22 event: iPads, Macs, Mavericks & mor
  100. AppleInsider: Apple announces Oct. 22 iPad event: 'We still have a lot to cover'
  101. MacRumors: Apple Sends Out Invitations for October 22 Media Event
  102. AppleInsider: Apple's new retail chief was Britain's highest paid CEO, saw sales at B
  103. MacRumors: Tim Cook's Email to Employees on Hiring Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as Ne
  104. AppleInsider: Nike announces new iPhone-compatible Fuelband SE fitness tracker
  105. MacNN: Site claims release dates for new iPads, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro
  106. MacNN: Flextronics hiring 1,700 in Austin for 'next generation' computer
  107. AppleInsider: Chevy bringing Apple's Siri Eyes Free to six more 2014 models
  108. MacRumors: Flextronics Hiring 1,700 Workers in Austin for 'Next Generation Desktop Co
  109. MacNN: Siri Eyes Free coming to several 2014 Chevrolet models
  110. MacRumors: Updated MacBook Pros, iPads, and Mac Pro All Reportedly Expected by Mid-No
  111. MacNN: Site claims release dates for new iPads, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro
  112. AppleInsider: Rumor: Updated MacBook Pros to arrive in late Oct., new Mac Pro in mid
  113. MacNN: Verizon spotted testing 80Mbps LTE network in New York
  114. MacNN: Apple iPad 5 photo leak confirms Touch ID sensor
  115. AppleInsider: Apple patents Cover Flow-like 3D desktop UI with tilt controls
  116. MacNN: Apple hires Burberry CEO Ahrendts to head up retail, online stores
  117. AppleInsider: Apple hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to lead retail efforts
  118. MacRumors: Apple Hires Angela Ahrendts as Senior Vice President of Retail and Online
  119. MacNN: Analyst: new iPad will also bring new Smart Cover design
  120. AppleInsider: Wi-Fi syncing, new Web browser options added in '1Password' for iOS upd
  121. MacNN: Briefly: Smart water bottle's Indiegogo, Anker debuts 2nd gen battery
  122. MacNN: Apple Support users narrow graphics glitch to MBPs with Radeon cards
  123. MacRumors: Valve Demonstrates New Handheld Gaming Controller, Will Be Compatible With
  124. MacNN: Review: LifeProof Nuud case for iPad Mini
  125. MacNN: Reviews: LifeProof Nuud iPad Mini protective case
  126. AppleInsider: Sonos expands iOS- and Mac-compatible streaming speaker options with $1
  127. AppleInsider: Apple's 2011 MacBook Pro lineup suffering from sporadic GPU failures
  128. MacRumors: Samsung Dominates Mobile Market in Phablet-Heavy South Korea, Apple Device
  129. MacNN: Giveaway: Disco Twin
  130. MacNN: Giveaway: SuperTooth Disco Twin Bluetooth speakers
  131. MacNN: iPhone, iPad account for 14 percent of South Korean mobile devices
  132. MacNN: Reviews: SuperTooth Disco Twin Bluetooth speaker pair
  133. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone, iPad combine for 14% share in Samsung's home of South K
  134. MacRumors: Third-Party Cases for Next iPad Mini Suggest Slight Thickening to Accomoda
  135. MacRumors: HTC Launches One Max Smartphone, Fingerprint Sensor Garners Negative Revie
  136. MacNN: US Cellular moves to shared data plans, removes unlimited data option
  137. MacNN: Second-gen iPad mini may be bigger to accommodate Retina tech
  138. MacNN: Sonos officially launches Play:1, updates software on existing systems
  139. AppleInsider: Retina iPad mini expected to be slightly thicker to accommodate bigger
  140. MacNN: iPhone 5s outselling 5c by over 2-to-1 in US, new survey claims
  141. MacNN: Apps: Mellel, Pixelmator, Adium
  142. AppleInsider: Apple expected to introduce redesigned Smart Cover alongside slimmer 5t
  143. MacNN: Cricket to launch iPhone 5s, 5c on October 25th
  144. AppleInsider: iPhone 5s, 5c to launch on prepaid carrier Cricket Oct. 25
  145. MacNN: Apple officially launches UK iPhone trade-in program
  146. MacRumors: iPhone 5s Reportedly Outselling iPhone 5c Two-to-One Since Launch
  147. AppleInsider: Apple launches iPhone trade-in program at UK retail stores
  148. AppleInsider: iPhone 5s takes 64% of Apple's smartphone sales, 5c with 27%, survey fi
  149. MacNN: Poster claims China Mobile iPhone 5s, 5c launch on November 11th
  150. MacNN: Sony rumored planning A7 full-frame mirrorless Alpha camera launch
  151. MacNN: Apple iOS 7 Part 2: Built-in apps, Mail, Safari, Camera, Photos, Siri
  152. MacNN: Analyst: Apple plans new MacBook, iPad 6, 'budget' iMac in 2014
  153. MacRumors: Apple Predicted to Release Ultra-Slim 12-Inch MacBook with Retina Display
  154. MacRumors: iPad 6 with 30-40% Higher Pixel Density Expected in 2014
  155. MacRumors: Apple Looking to Launch Lower-Cost iMac in 2014
  156. AppleInsider: Apple expected to offer more affordable 'budget' iMac next year
  157. AppleInsider: Apple planning to launch all-new 12" MacBook, higher-res sixth-gen iPad
  158. MacNN: TouchFire is back with new keyboard add-on for iPad mini
  159. AppleInsider: IPhone IP Wars: Apple & the thorny issues of patent protection
  160. AppleInsider: iOS 7 feature focus: Redesigned Camera app gains burst mode, filters
  161. MacNN: Apple issuing credits to recent iOS iApp buyers; problems reported
  162. MacNN: Apple CFO Oppenheimer reveals 3D model of new Apple HQ
  163. AppleInsider: Apple offering iTunes credit for eligible customers that purchased iWor
  164. MacNN: Briefly: Upgrades to Liquid Notes, MacGourmet apps bought by Mariner
  165. AppleInsider: Some iPhone 5s owners reporting 'Blue Screen of Death' with iWork apps
  166. MacNN: Apple lawyers demand takedown of iTunes Radio contract
  167. AppleInsider: iPhone 5s shipping times now at 2 to 3 weeks
  168. MacNN: Qnap deploys 4,6,8 bay TS-x70 Turbo NAS devices
  169. MacNN: iOS App of the Week: Duolingo
  170. AppleInsider: Broadcasters petition Supreme Court to hear case over iPad TV streamer
  171. MacNN: iPhone 5s shipping times change to 2-3 weeks at Apple online store
  172. MacRumors: iPhone 5s Now Shipping Within 2 to 3 Weeks
  173. MacNN: Latest Instragram iOS update removes video autoplay toggle
  174. AppleInsider: Miniature model offers detailed look at Apple's 'spaceship' Campus 2
  175. AppleInsider: AT&T does away with per-device data plans for new customers
  176. MacRumors: New Model Offers Detailed Look at Apple's Upcoming 'Spaceship' Campus
  177. MacNN: AT&T to drop traditional calling/data plans in favor of Mobile Share
  178. AppleInsider: Apple bests Samsung, Intel in mobile processor revenues
  179. MacNN: iPhone Apps: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Scanner Pro, Notability
  180. AppleInsider: Apple designer Ive's custom charity desk revealed in new pics
  181. MacNN: Briefly: 3D software RaySupreme update, new iRig MIDI pedalboard
  182. MacNN: Apple deals: up to $850 off Mac Pro
  183. MacNN: Forums: iTunes can't download nor update Apps
  184. MacNN: DealNN: 17-inch Alienware Haswell notebook, only $1,449 and more
  185. MacNN: Target to cut price of iPhone 5c to $50 on October 13th
  186. AppleInsider: Apple's iPhone 5c orders lower than expected, insider says
  187. MacNN: iPhone 5s seeing major declines in US availability
  188. MacRumors: Apps on iPhone 5s Reportedly Crashing Twice as Often as on iPhone 5c and i
  189. MacNN: Apps twice as crash-prone on iPhone 5s vs. other iPhone 5 models
  190. MacRumors: iPhone 5s Supplies Tightening in Apple's U.S. Retail Stores Ahead of Upcom
  191. MacNN: Aluminum desk designed by Ive, Newson revealed ahead of RED auction
  192. AppleInsider: iPhone 5s has 2% app crash rate; crashes half as likely on iPhone 5 & 5
  193. AppleInsider: iPhone 5s supply declining in US while Apple's iPhone 5c remains fully
  194. MacNN: Falsified press release says Samsung acquiring fingerprint firm [U]
  195. MacNN: Former CEO Sculley: Cook doing 'a terrific job' at Apple
  196. MacNN: Briefly: XCOM sale, MacPaint and Mario on browsers
  197. MacRumors: Analyst Believes iWatch Will Feature Home Automation, Be More Than iPhone
  198. AppleInsider: Unable to catch Apple TV, Google TV said to rebrand under Android soon
  199. MacNN: Final Fantasy VI remake heading to iOS, Android this winter
  200. MacNN: Recovered Doctor Who episodes debut on iTunes
  201. AppleInsider: Apple competitors' iPhone-sized efforts failing as mini Android devices
  202. AppleInsider: Judge dismisses class-action suit against Google for bypassing Safari p
  203. AppleInsider: Apple patent application shows off space-saving, magnetically-secured S
  204. MacNN: Feds dismiss Safari privacy setting bypass suit against Google
  205. MacNN: WD grows Sentinel network storage peripheral line with two new models
  206. AppleInsider: Apple's Jony Ive on design: 'The most important thing is that you care'
  207. AppleInsider: In five years, Microsoft?s share of personal computing fell from 90 to
  208. MacNN: New MacBook Air EFI update fixes problems with Boot Camp
  209. MacNN: Jonathan Ive, Marc Newsom talk design in new interview
  210. MacNN: Briefly: INLET outlet with USB port, Locca GPS tracker released
  211. AppleInsider: As BlackBerry lays of 40% of workers, Apple sees opportunity to recruit
  212. AppleInsider: Synaptics buys Samsung partner Validity to take on Apple's AuthenTec To
  213. MacNN: Apple hosts recruiting event aimed at BlackBerry workers
  214. MacRumors: Jony Ive and Marc Newson Discuss Design, Obsession With Perfection in New
  215. AppleInsider: Gazelle raises cash payouts on old iPads as leaked Apple event date spi
  216. MacRumors: Apple Looking to Recruit BlackBerry Employees in Ontario
  217. MacNN: Bose launches SoundTouch wireless speaker system with audio presets
  218. AppleInsider: Fitnit unveils Force fitness tracking wristband with iOS 7 notification
  219. MacNN: First Turkish Apple Store to open in January
  220. AppleInsider: Apple Store reopening in Nanuet, NY draws cheering fans
  221. MacNN: iPhone 5c production being cut in half, reports claim
  222. MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Cutting iPhone 5c Production as Chinese Gray Market Price
  223. AppleInsider: Simple, Jumio showcase new mobile payment systems for Apple's iPhone
  224. MacNN: Apps: Little Snitch, ForkLift, Default Folder X
  225. AppleInsider: iOS 7 update brings more Wi-Fi issues for some iPhone 4S owners
  226. MacNN: iTunes Radio beginning to reach Canada and UK listeners
  227. MacNN: Fitbit Force revealed, updates Flex with OLED screen, altimeter
  228. AppleInsider: Dropcam Pro takes quick & easy Wi-Fi-based home video surveillance to n
  229. MacNN: Brazilian telecoms agency approves iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c
  230. AppleInsider: Review: 1Password 4 for Mac makes managing all your passwords easy and
  231. MacNN: Dropcam intros Pro camera with upgraded optics, zoom, Bluetooth
  232. AppleInsider: Supply chain visit makes analyst 'confident' about larger iPhone in 201
  233. MacNN: Briefly: photo FX app Snap Art 4, doctor visit app launch
  234. AppleInsider: How Apple's iPhone rapidly destroyed Nokia's world leading Symbian plat
  235. MacNN: Brother debuts compact multi-page scanners for SOHO users
  236. AppleInsider: Flickr update brings auto straighten, Foursquare gets real-time recomme
  237. MacNN: Best Buy promotion offers $100 for smartphone trade for iPhone
  238. MacNN: Canadian carrier Rogers suffers nationwide disruption
  239. AppleInsider: Best Buy trade-in offer to take any working smartphone for at least $10
  240. MacNN: T-Mobile offers free international data plan, texting for travelers
  241. Apple: iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Arriving in More Countries on Friday
  242. AppleInsider: T-Mobile said to launch global data in more than 100 countries
  243. MacNN: In US, PC makers manage small growth while Apple slips
  244. MacRumors: Apple Again Trails U.S. PC Market in Key Back-to-School Quarter as Tablets
  245. MacNN: iPhone trade-in program coming to European Apple Stores
  246. AppleInsider: Mac shipments continue to shrink as Apple loses ground in US PC market
  247. MacNN: AOL drops iCloud support from Alto webmail
  248. MacRumors: New Photos Offer Clear Look at Fifth-Generation iPad Ahead of October 22 E
  249. MacNN: Forums: Uninstalling Microsoft Office 2008
  250. MacNN: Apple deals: refurbished iPod nano and Touch from $99