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  1. Can I run at least Snow Leopard.....
  2. Purchasing new computer to run Mac OS. Please check my list.
  3. Compatibility?
  4. comments on my mid price build?
  5. Hi, I've looked everywhere, is this motherboard able to run OSX?
  6. Hackintosh on ACER 5552 ?
  7. Having Trouble Getting Mavericks to Install Successfully
  8. Can't boot with RAID 0
  9. Will this work?
  10. [Help] Best OSX for my PC?
  11. Hackintosh Acer Aspire 5738Z
  12. random crashes and user settings reset
  13. N00b build - Advice required - 32bit support
  14. Moving Hackintosh to another computer
  15. Hackintosh Questions
  16. Comptability
  17. Am I all prepared to install Snow Leopard? Please Respond!
  18. ASUS G750 JW Hackintosh Dualboot
  19. Is this system compatible? (Audio Production Oriented Build)
  20. Hackintosh suddenly stopped working - Freezes during booting
  21. Can this pc run os x ?
  22. Hackintosh on HP Pavilion DV7 6c80us?
  23. FCPX Mavericks
  24. Getting started: Gaming & Graphic Design (and girlfriend)
  25. New build Hackintosh gets stuck on Apple logo and monitor turns off - PLEASE HELP!!
  26. Acer Aspire M3470 - Possible to Make it a Hackintosh? [Everything Provided]
  27. can i run hackintosh on my computer?
  28. Somes Questions...
  29. Are these parts compatible?
  30. Newbie Hackintosh Questions
  31. Hackintosh on Acer Aspire 5735
  32. Is my AMD system Hackintoshable?
  33. Asus k52je
  34. Revodrive 3 series
  35. PC compatibility check with 10.8 hackintosh
  36. is my PC compatible to install MacOS??
  37. is my PC compatible to install MacOS??
  38. First time hackintosh build in the works - feedback appreciated
  39. Hardware compatibility
  40. New Computer and I want to install Mac OS
  41. Toshiba Satellite l455-s5008 Kexts, Drivers, And Wifi Help
  42. What O.S. should I choose for my computers?
  43. Dell XPS 8500 compatibility
  45. Would my computer be able to run as a hackintosh?
  46. iMessage queries in large amounts
  47. HP Pavilion p6-2100
  48. Mini half PCI Card
  49. Making Alias from Windows Hard Drive ! is it possible ?
  50. Question about my hardware!
  51. A Server in Home
  52. MOTU PCI-424 Original not recognized
  53. Can my windows laptop run Hackintosh HP Pavillion. Help wanted.
  54. Can my listed hardware run Hackintosh?
  55. Chameleon SSD Trim Enabler
  56. newbie needs advice on top of the line Hackintosh strategy
  57. Compatability
  58. New to "hackintoshing", a few questions.
  59. Questions about Area-51 M15X R1
  60. My laptop is Hackinshable ?
  61. New build questions
  62. Problems with my build?
  63. Hackintosh build, help needed !
  64. What happened to Callisto?
  65. Switch a 2011 iMac for a Hackintosh
  66. Geforce GT 640 water cool?
  67. Cheap setup
  68. Need help please :)
  69. Will my build run Lion?
  70. Hardware compatibility with os x
  71. Olarila.com SystemInfo - Good to go?
  72. will mountain lion hackint0sh work???
  73. Hardware compatibility??
  74. CPU question?
  75. Looking for new build hardware suggestions
  76. just installed hackint0sh. internet help!!!!!
  77. Is this an ok beginner's hackintosh build?
  78. VM on Pentium M - which Version?
  79. What's the latest with RAM limitations?
  80. Converting 2006 Intel iMac into Tower Computer
  81. The Classic G5 mod Hackint0sh
  82. Wireless RF Mouse
  83. Need some guidance with planned build's compatability...
  84. Reverse Hackintosh...Mac to PC? CPU transfer possible?
  85. I need assistance
  86. Hackint0sh installed on a IBM xSeries 346 - possible ?
  87. Spec Question
  88. Usb wifi drivers
  89. Help with hardware selection, will what I have work?
  90. AR5B91 and Adapter on 10.7.4
  91. What kind of computer case?
  92. The Right Hardware
  93. Build Questio
  94. Imac g5 hackint0sh?
  95. Need help from Airport Extreme or Time Capsule owners
  96. Hackintosh compatibility? Need help complete NOOB
  97. Is My System Compatible With Mountain Lion ?
  98. Microsoft Lifecam Studio - No audio input device detected
  99. Corsair Link
  100. Quo anyone?
  101. Audio problems Please Help :/
  102. Are these parts hackint0sh compatible?
  103. Can I install Hackintosh on this Laptop?
  104. Mac OS Install Information Needed, Please!
  105. Need help replacing my motherboard, cowboy builders, etc.
  106. Which Board? - Asus P8H61-M-LE/USB3 or Gigabyte B75M-D3V or B75M-D3H?
  107. Can I do it?
  108. Will this spec be compatible with Mountain Lion
  109. hack-mini server
  110. Should i buy Powercolor AMD Radeon HD 5770 1 GB DDR5 Graphic card?
  111. Can i Install Hackintosh on my PC?
  112. i have a laptop, and need help
  113. Building/Purchasing a PC for Video Editing on OSX
  114. Hackintosh laptop for music production
  115. Help me HArdware amd , Xcode for iOS
  116. Sony vaio(vgn-fz31z) iatkos l2 insallation
  117. swapped mackbook displays, won't boot
  118. Mac Mini RAM Upgrade/Mod
  119. High Performance Hackintosh - Dual boot Windows + OSX
  120. Can i install hackintosh?
  121. hackintosh a powermac g5
  122. Several links to Hackintosh related stuff
  123. Will everything work as a hackintosh?
  124. i have "HP Compaq 8100 Elite Small Form Factor PC" hackintosh compatible
  125. Just bought a new laptop! Cant it become a hackintosh??
  126. i Want A Powerful Computer
  127. Doeas anyone has tested zenbook?
  128. I wonder if it'll work
  129. Will Hackint0sh run?
  130. Will this hardware work? Thoughts?
  131. Drive Formatting
  132. Need help for Sony Vaio ??????? Help
  133. iATKOS v7, OS X leopard 10.5.7 freezes after install
  134. Making a Mac out of a Dell Dimension 3100
  135. can i run these things (hdd and gpu)
  136. hackintosh without DVD player
  137. NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560 ti with snow leopard
  138. iAtkos L2 , 3 problems.
  139. HP G60 help
  140. Ati Radeon X300 QE/CI Support For 10.4.8 or 10.5.6?
  141. Hackintosh Laptop for College
  142. toshiba C660 2EL as hackintosh?
  143. Some general questions?
  144. Upgrade an old Mac with new motherboard?
  145. Do i have to unerclock my CPU for OSX?
  146. is my hardware compatible?
  147. How Do You Do This???
  148. Anything working/available with the 3930k?
  149. Will Mac OS Snow Leopard work on this configuration?
  150. Sharing iMac monitor with hackintosh?
  151. Could I run Mac OS on a Dell Inspiron 15r i7 8gb ram?
  152. Can I instal a Hackintosh?
  153. Compaq Persario 6608AU compitability With Hackintosh OSX86
  154. Will OSX work? eMachines eM250 Netbook
  155. New to Hackint0shing, are my parts compatible?
  156. Lenovo G575 Hackintosh Compatability
  157. A question on compatibility
  158. Asrock z68 Extreme4 with i7-2600k will it work?
  159. Hackintosh in a XBox Case
  160. How To Transform Windows 7 & Windows 8 Into Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  161. Will my computer run Hackintosh!!?
  162. Building my first hackintosh ..need advice on PSU and gaming/audio Q's
  163. Mini-ITX to OSx86 for iPhone Developing
  164. Hackintosh in Asus U46SV
  165. Lan RTL8110SC/C @ Lion_10.7.2 Help!
  166. Is my homebrew desktop Hacintosh compatible?
  167. Is this build compatible with OS X 10.7+?
  168. Powerful but cost effective hackintosh build for audio recording in pro tools.
  169. ¿Is my PC compatible with iAtkos L2?
  170. Is this hardware combo compatible?
  171. I want to install an E-ATX Intel Xeon server motherboard into G5 tower case
  172. Advice Needed
  173. Hackintosh for WoW
  174. Will My Sony Vaio Be able to run any osx86?
  175. HP G61-110SA Hackintosh?
  176. Will I be able to get this intel motherboard to work? NOOB
  177. Do iATKOS L2 works on Gateway NV54 Laptop? || i included full hardware info [pics]
  178. Gaming computer conversion!
  179. Video Editing Hackintosh Build
  180. Gmail FS for iPhone?
  181. mobo that is socket 775 DDR3 that will run 10.6 vanilla
  182. How to resize windows in MSI Wind U100
  183. hardware update?
  184. Is my hardware compatible for a Hackintosh?
  185. Can I put osx86 on inspiron 1545?
  186. Sony Vaio YB3V1E - compatible?
  187. Is a ASUS N55S compatible ?
  188. Cyberpower build - will this run OSX?
  189. Hackintosh for Audio
  190. Can Toshiba Satellite L300 - 1 AK work with Hackintosh ?
  191. 2 potential pcs to turn into hac macks.
  192. Help with pro hackintosh build?
  193. [help] Is it possible with this hardware?
  194. Help Building a New Computer
  195. Will my Computer run Leopard, Snow Leopard, or Lion?
  196. Hardware compatible? Please help
  197. i want a new laptop and install a VM hackintosh and i need help with hardware.
  198. i7 Hackintosh for $700-800??
  199. Is my hardware compatible? (Simple yes or no question)
  200. photo recovery disk utility error "could not modify partition map"
  201. Which OSX86 for Samsung Q530?
  202. Which hardware should I buy for my first and new Hackintosh?
  203. Is my hardware compatible? :)
  204. Compact/MITX/MITX Hackintosh?
  205. Mac OS X on Thinkpad T42?
  206. Hardware check and Distro Check :)
  207. Always x86 (32-bit)?
  208. Hackintosh in Compaq Presario CQ61-320SL
  209. Hackintosh on Hp4530s
  210. G4 Cube Hackintosh Project
  211. How to make it work?
  212. ACL888 Soundchip installation fails on ASUS - Z8PED12X
  213. Mini ITX, 1394b, wifi, Graphics Card. Possible?
  214. Is there a Hackintosh compatible Laptop that will run Final Cut Pro smoothly?
  215. Will my system work?
  216. Best release for my hardware?
  217. Imac hybrid
  218. I want to build a hackintosh please confirm my set-up
  219. best performance laptop 2011
  220. HP Compaq Elite 8100
  221. Bluetooth and Wifi USB Dongles
  222. Will Mac OS X work on Asus K70IC?
  223. hp DV5 1250us
  224. Wish to built a hackintosh, please confirm my configuration
  225. Building a Clone Mac For Video Editing (i7-990X / i7-2700K)
  226. Which MOBO for all the reasons listed?
  227. Be presumptuous, which x79 mobo for the reasons listed? Everyone!
  228. Can I install Hackintosh on this configuration?
  229. Sharing Knowledge - where are the good Configurations / Tutorials?
  230. Custom Hacintosh Build
  231. Have $3000, need advice on what to buy
  232. can my acer 4339 laptop be hackintoshed?
  233. My USB ports are not working
  234. MAC OS on HP Pavilion dv3 2111tx
  235. Is My Laptop Hackintosh-Ablee lol
  236. [Newbie questions] ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
  237. Possible to install on AMD?
  238. Hackintosh on Medion X6815 laptop?
  239. new to hackintosh, firewire port?
  240. HP Pavilion dv7-4100er with OS-X Lion ?
  241. My config with OSX ?
  242. Toolbar Icons
  243. HELP !! Big issue!
  244. Best OSX to Install on Windows VM and how-to
  245. Mac doesn't recognize the wireless Card
  246. About to order 2600k and Asus p8p67 for hackintosh
  247. Possibility of Installing OS X on HP Touchsmart IQ518 (full specs listed)
  248. OS X on Acer eMachines ER1401
  249. Will my computer support OS X?
  250. Can I install Hakintosh build on Intel® H67 Express Chipset