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  1. FS : new Sunrise pre-paid card + silvercard, KI already extracted
  2. FS: 2 x turbosim for sale in ITALY.
  3. FS: Turbo Sim - Germany
  4. FS: TurboSIM for sale in Toronto, who wants it?
  5. Unlock my iPhone (Turbo SIM) in Montreal, CANADA
  6. Turbo sim uk get it by wed via paypal
  7. Need Help to Unlock iPhone w/Turbo SIM -Montreal, CANADA
  8. WTB: TurboSim buy for 400$ (Sydney only)
  9. WTB - TurboSIM, 1-3 units in Canada or abroad
  10. FS: Silvercards for Supersim unlock method $20 each
  11. Lookng for Iphone owners Vancouver BC Canada
  12. FS: TurboSim in Vancouver
  13. WANTED: iPhone Unlock in Toronto
  14. FS: Iphone 8 GB working with Simyo (Prepaid) (Germany)
  15. WTB: Hardware Unlock - Anyone willing to do it for me?
  16. FS: Turbo SIM for sale here
  17. FS: 8GB iPhone + TurboSIM
  18. FS: 2x TurboSIM Original in Box
  19. WTB: Are there any Germans out there who can give me a German tutorial for Turbosim
  20. wtd - TurboSIM please get in touch (UK)
  21. FS: Turbo SIM in London, but I'll post anywhere
  22. FS: Turbo SIM with pre-loaded IMSI security analyzer for sell
  23. FS: iPhone Black backplate (cover)
  24. Iphone and TurboSIM for sale!!!
  25. Need 2 TSIMs in France, serious paypal buyer.
  26. WTB: TurboSims Cards
  27. FS: TurboSIM in Canada
  28. WTB: Willing to buy a TSIM, any seller?
  29. FS: Jaycar Phoenix Smartcard Reader/Programer MRKII AU$65 (for use with supersim)
  30. WTB - Supersim cards / programmer in Canada
  31. FS: 8gb iPhones in Russia
  32. FS: Selling iPhone in Moscow & Voronezh
  33. FS: Turbo SIM, pre-programmed, available right now.
  34. FS: vodafone D2 V1 Germany for sale
  35. WTB: iphone 5 oder 8GB
  36. WTB: $1000 AUD for a Turbo SIM offer
  37. FS: Orange pay as you go V1 sim
  38. WTB: TurboSims needed
  39. FS: Silver Cards (PIC 16F877+24C64), USB Programmer
  40. FS: Silver Cards (PIC 16F877+24C64)
  41. WTB: I am searching for Turbo SIM - please PM your price
  42. WTB: anyone who sells 1 Turbo Sim in Germany
  43. WTB: Turbo Sim Supplier in Hong Kong??
  44. Charity: TurboSIM donation auction
  45. WTB: 1 x TurboSim Please! (London, UK)
  46. FS: turbosims available on this site
  47. WTB - Blank Turbo Sim In UK/London ASAP
  48. FS: Silver Cards
  49. FS: 11 TurboSIM available
  50. WTB: USB programmer + SuperSIM shipping to Vancouver
  51. WTB: Need to buy 1 TurboSim - Blank Version A.S.A.P
  52. WTB: Turbo Sim in Singapore?
  53. FS: Continue Selling Turbosim Next Week
  54. WTB: ::Purchase TurboSim::
  55. WTB: Seeking unlocked iPhone
  56. FS: iPhones in india for RS 50,000 paypal only!
  57. WTB: V1 BT Cellnet or 02 sim card in UK
  58. WTB: Looking To Purchase Up To 10 Turbo Sims Pm Me!
  59. WTB: Hack my iPhone Toronto
  60. fs: cant get a tsim for love nor money,well heres one for a price.
  61. FS: Supersim and Turbo Sim, Paypal or Moneybookers - Limited Stocks
  62. Searching: Attention unknown Silvercard buyer from NL! (was: Attention!!!)
  63. WTB: Willing to pay TOP dollar for a TURBO SIM card!!