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  1. [Touchscreen] It will die in 6 months
  2. [Airplane] How to prevent iPhone from asking to switch to this mode?
  3. [TouchScreen] Bottom part not responsive
  4. [Display] LCD issue > LCD ID: 7459072
  5. [Advice] What to do when there is no more reaction ?
  6. Bluetooth
  7. [Headphone] Broken Jack flat ribbon connector
  8. [TouchScreen] Doesn't work after iPhone felt
  9. [TouchScreen] Disassembling Glass, digitizer, LCD ?
  10. [Screen, experts] Disassembling Glass, digitizer, LCD]
  11. [1.1.4 (1.0.2 OTB)] Headphones mic not working
  12. [USB] Does not work
  13. [Unexpected Event] H2O vs iPhone = H2O wins
  14. [TouchScreen] Broken Glass Replacement?
  15. [Unexpected Event][Happy Ending] Water Damage, Wifi acting weird
  16. [Antenna] Replaced the Metal Back Cover > now Poor signal
  17. Charger Circuit HELP
  18. [Commboard] Got a new one - what's next?
  19. iPhone hardware architecture
  20. Water in the column
  21. Iphone works without battery?
  22. [OT] iPhone clock radio docks?
  23. [Audio] No sound through the speaker
  24. [TouchScreen] 1, 2, 3 row is not working
  25. [Advice] This accessory is not made to work with iphone ?
  26. iPhone reestarts after display change
  27. [Link] Iphone Disassembly
  28. [1.1.4] iTunes doesn't recognize phone after unlock
  29. [Unexpected Event] Tea and iPhone are not Friends
  30. [Sound] Calls Distortion and handset volume cut off at times
  31. [WiFi] 1.1.4 - Does not work with apps
  32. [Display] Stripped lines
  33. advice: which bluetooth headset to use
  34. [TouchScreen] Irresponsive where 4,5 and 6 are
  35. [BT] The BT always drops with radio´s car !
  36. [1.1.4][1.0 OTB][Dead strip] Springboard freezes randomly
  37. [1.1.4(1.0.2)][Problem]'Charging' [with video!]
  38. [Unexpected Event] Yet another Newton's law victim 3 : reloaded
  39. [Advice] "No SIM" message
  40. I Can’t Hear Anything
  41. [Error: Repair Needed] Solution?
  42. [Earpiece] Stupid n00b mistake - dont do this
  43. [Wifi] Iphone gets warm with wifi, is it normal?
  44. [Unexpected Event] Yet another Newton's law victim 2: the return
  45. [Warranty] Phone dead. Service question...
  46. [Camera] Restarts iPhone when used
  47. [iCouchPotatoe] Your iPhone/iTouch is an Universal Infrared Remote Control
  48. [Warranty] iPhone died, no receipt, can I still get it fixed by apple?
  49. [USB] iPhone not recognized
  50. [SimTray] simcard stuck in
  51. [Unexpected Event] Yet another Newton's law victim 4
  52. [SimTray] Can't open it
  53. [Battery] iPhone won't charge and power on
  54. [Lower back cover]
  55. Iphone power button CHIPPED IN :(
  56. [Advice] Easiest way to open an iPhone?
  57. [TouchScreen] not responsive in a certain place
  58. [USB Power Adapter] Can US version work in UK ?
  59. [AppleMultitouchSPI] couldn't load
  60. USB Issues
  61. [Warranty] iPhone Repair Idea while not in US ?
  62. [Screen Glass] Broken, what to do?
  63. [Unexpected Event] Yet another Newton's law victim 1
  64. [Screen] defect on my iPhone - not dead pixel
  65. Volume increase
  66. [Battery icon] Don´t show the real charge
  67. [Battery] Is there a difference between Dock charging or USB charging?
  68. [Video out] So... iPhone won't display component video while docked?!?
  69. [Speaker] Sound in only one ?
  70. [Problem] Home button not working,and iTunes doesn't see iphone
  71. [AV-Video] What combination is better?
  72. [Speaker] the ear speaker doesn't seem to work.
  73. [Speaker] Volume Suddenly Too Low
  74. [help] phone Usb issues - iphone not recognized
  75. [Headset] recommendations?
  76. [Display] freeze and wierd color lines
  77. [Video out] Need modified iPhone with the full video out mode
  78. [battery] problem
  79. [Unexpected Event] Newton was right, iPhone also can fall down.
  80. [Wifi] To all the guys with issues.
  81. [JVC] KS-PD100 iPod adapter for JVC head units
  82. [Sim tray] stuck, can't eject it.
  83. [Unexpected Event] Dropped iPhone became mute.
  84. Iphone Incase Slider Case + Dock ?
  85. [Battery] Charging Issue
  86. [Repair Center] Recommendation ?
  87. Composite cable problems
  88. Is it possible to add a flash to the Camera?
  89. [1.1.3 OOTB, 3.9BL][Problem]Calls through bluetooth
  90. [Accelerometer] stuck on Landscape mode
  91. [Repair] Speaker and WiFi
  92. [Need Ideas/Experience] Dead zone and replacing iPhone
  93. [Camera] Green pictures
  94. [Unexpected Event] Bathtub and iPhone are not friends.
  95. [Battery] Battery wont charge till max. capacity
  96. [1.1.2 OTB] Randomly hanging up
  97. Phone won't boot (Apple logo only), won't charge.
  98. [GPS] G-Fi > The First WIRELESS (WiFi) GPS Receiver for the iPhone/iTouch
  99. [TouchScreen] green dot in it
  100. [GPS] First Real GPS adapter fo iPhone/iTouch (prototype)!
  101. [TouchScreen] Bubbles under
  102. [Advice] differences between iPhone models
  103. [1.1.4] Battery Voltage, sparratic
  104. The gap at the top right corner won't close.
  105. [Advice] crc error on SDIO block
  106. [Earbuds] iPod - iPhone > what is the difference ?
  107. [Project] Building a 32GB iPhone
  108. [BMW] iPod car system for your iPhone
  109. [Unexpected Event] Angry girlfriend and iPhone are not friends
  110. [Touchscreen] iphone not responding
  111. [Headset][Solution] headset mode only - No sound
  112. Trying to fine a case i seen on this site
  113. [Touchscreen] flakey, then completely dead
  114. how do i downgrade bootloader via testpoints when i have no communication w/ phone?
  115. iphone not recognizing power cable
  116. How to activate iphone without plans
  117. iphone full back replacement?
  118. Someone stole my iPhone USB Power Adapter, what to do?
  119. iPhone with 32gb memory.
  120. [Headphones] button stopped working
  121. Even weirder battery problem..
  122. [Battery] Full charge lasts only 14 hours on Standby.. Why?
  123. Need help with Wi-Fi
  124. can I upgrade my 1.0.2 hardware unlocked iphone to one of the newer firmwares?
  125. Bluetooth problems ... (HeadSet, Navigation)
  126. Is this a broken digitizer? (Video included)
  127. iPhone Repair Service
  128. Broken Mic and home button
  129. Battery Problems!!!plis!!!!!
  130. Cracked LCD Screen
  131. [Internal Cable] U.FL pigtail replacment possible?
  132. [Headphones] Microphone not working
  133. [Unexpected Event] Antenna wires broken
  134. [Touchscreen] Weird "Thing" above the ear piece under the glass
  135. [Question] Screens of the new 16GB
  136. [Audio Jack Plug] Is the Shure SE210 compatible ?
  137. [power button] stuck
  138. [GPS chip] inside the iPhone ?
  139. Commboard GSM antenna conector dammaged, alternative traces?
  140. [Unexpected Event] My iPhone become thicker ? Battery expanding ?
  141. Screen Dead + Tray Stuck ... No warranty
  142. [GPS Project] In the making: GPS for the iPhone
  143. [Service Manual] Anyone having Schematics + PC
  144. [Touchscreen] bottom part not working
  145. Iphone repairs?
  146. [ZiPhone] CRC error on SDIO block write
  147. [Touchscreen] does not work anymore
  148. [Touch Sensor] 1.0.2 OTB Touch Senso issue
  149. [Audio line-out] Building Audio line-out cable
  150. [Audio line-out] Building a line-out cable
  151. Where should I buy an iPhone?
  152. Charging Problem
  153. 1.1.2 OTB WiFi DOA, drains battery fast
  154. [Speaker] No sound - not even ringtones, nothing
  155. (1.1.2 OTB) No Sound of IPOD KEYBOARD CALLER
  156. [1.1.2 OTB] Fried comm board?
  157. [Sim Tray] Broken sim tray spring...is there a fix?
  158. Voltage on A17 Testpoint ?????
  159. 1.1.3 (1.1.2 OTB) Problem: Ribbon cable cut
  160. [Touchscreen] Software hack?
  161. Iphone not chanrging, cant restore.
  162. Idea to unbrick iphone
  163. [1.x.x] No SIM Insert an unlocked and valid sim card to activate
  164. Challenging problem with simcard connectors
  165. Need to replace the antenna, anywhere I can find a tutorial?
  166. replacement white coax cables (wifi+antenna)
  167. How to upgrade to 16GB?
  168. [STORY] Started with 1 iBrick, now I have 2
  169. [Unexpected Event] iPhone went up in smoke...literally
  170. Did I damage the Antenna or the Wire??? help, low signal and wifi
  171. [IPHONE BROKEN] My iPhone fall to the floor, Please HELP!!!
  172. Is this under hardware ?
  173. how to replace the data Connector flex cable (& Home button)
  174. [Touchscreen] Shrank screen detection ?
  175. [Logic Board] swap
  176. Please , Help me , Water mark under screen
  177. [Bluetooth Headset] Pinouts for the iphone bluetooth headset
  178. Iphone rebooting, no USB Connection..
  179. [EDGE] gets hot when using it
  180. [Home Button] How is it connected ?
  181. HW bricked iPhone: Battery replacement solution!
  182. [Sim Slot] has someone a detailed inner picture of it ?
  183. [1.1.2 OTB] Microphone isssue ?
  184. [1.1.2 OTB] X-SIM Success on 1.1.3 JB, Thank You Dev Team
  185. [Tutorial] How to remove the rear iPhone cover -Apple style
  186. [bluetooth] Can't turn it ON
  187. [SMS] Time problem in Argentina and other countries on 1.1.3
  188. [Nike Amp]
  189. which cable did a destroy?
  190. Week 30 only dfu mode and 1601 error
  191. [TouchScreen] Keyboard not registering bottom row
  192. [Aluminum Cover] Taking it Off
  193. Removing Aluminum Cover
  194. Protection
  195. [Antenna cover] Can't put it back
  196. [1.1.3][SOLVED] Bluetooth Handset Not Working
  197. [Car system] Hacking onstar car system for iPhone
  198. Microphone traces screwed
  199. iPhone Painting ?
  200. [Commboard & Battery problems] wtf?
  201. [Battery] problems
  202. [Battery] Can i Sync data from my computer without letting the computer recharge it ?
  203. Virginizer baseland
  204. Quick battery drain - could it be from my Gevey SIM ?
  205. Iphone Frozen Screen - Warranty
  206. [Knowledge base]iPhone parts dealers
  207. Microphone is dead... help please
  208. Camera Error black screen not active camera button
  209. No WiFi to Jailbreak
  210. [Earpiece] volume very low, can barely hear anything
  211. [Dock connector or battery] Doesn't charge
  212. Silent/Ring switch
  213. [1.0.2] Won't Boot or Reset
  214. [1.1.2 OTB (H/W Unlocked)] Very very low Signal. What to check?
  215. No Music sound after LCD screen replacement
  216. Dead iPhone after HW BL downgrade- ?A17 damage
  217. [Baseband] effed up, replace commboard?
  218. [1.1.2 OTB] Earphone button not working
  219. Dropped iPhone - Lost GSM Signal ---> Solution
  220. Wifi cable brocken
  221. [Audio jack] dead ?
  222. no wi-fi but everything else is fine
  223. [Headphones] sensor problem
  224. No WiFi / No Baseband recurrent issue
  225. [LCD] Screen repair in Australia ?
  226. Soundoff: iphone owners frm the Philippines
  227. [Unexpected Event] iPhone Survived 5 min Underwater!
  228. [Battery] completely empty after a long call, now it is not charging.
  229. Top half of iphone screen unresponsive to touch
  230. [Reassembling] How to ?
  231. [Battery] Charging on a PC ?
  232. help plzz lost flat cable to rear panel
  233. Replaced LCD, screen still doesn't work
  234. no service help
  235. [1.1.2 OTB] broke wifi wire need replacement
  236. [Back cover] Opening it without having a single scratch or mark on the iphone?
  237. [Comm board] Stopped working: Can it come loose?
  238. [Unexpected Event] Noob technician and iPhone are not friends.
  239. [Unexpected Event] Screwdriver and iPhone are not friends.
  240. [1.1.2 OTB] No Vibrate function at all? Never worked from day 1?
  241. [Power button] Doesn't work
  242. iPod Radio Remote with iphone
  243. [Advice] 1.1.2 > hardware defect?!
  244. [home button] Doesn't work
  245. [Logic board] Got 3x 8GB LogicBoard getting hot and SW freezes
  246. [Unexpected Event] Water and iPhone are not friends.
  247. [Speaker] poke holes to increase volume!? or loose internal cover?
  248. [Touchscreen] not working
  249. iPhone says "No SIM"
  250. [Unexpected Event] Noob's hands and iPhone are not friends.