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  1. USB dead / how do I get service?
  2. [White Cables] Wich one is this one?
  3. iPhone 1st Gen 16 GB bad Signal
  4. [2G Screen] Bottom Strip Dead
  5. [BT Headset] Autopair question
  6. Charging problem after water visit
  7. Advice - iPhone Has a Voice Echo Problem
  8. BSI Contact on board damaged
  9. iPhone Screen not showing
  10. Testing Iphone with no screen??
  11. late effect of dropping an iphone in the water?
  12. [Problem] [Solved] Simtray stuck (repair shop london)
  13. Screen Replacement Guide Step By Step With Pics
  14. Cheapest Place to Find Replacement Parts?
  15. iPhone 3G Complete Screen Assembly Replacement
  16. Accelerometer calibration?
  17. No Service intermittant problem
  18. Replacing iPhone 3G screen advice and help
  19. sleep problem when not on external power
  20. Iphone screws
  21. help .. my iphone white battery error.
  22. Anyone replaced their broken iphone glass
  23. Problem with phone shutting off
  24. [HELP!!] No Normal Sound unless connect headphones
  25. iPhone Car Charger
  26. Iphone 2nd Gen. Frame
  27. Please Help! My iPhone won't boot up at all
  28. iPhone keeps resetting - need to use iTunes everytime
  29. Home Button ''Dead''
  30. Fill-in Chip in LCD Glass?
  31. Iphone 2g to Iphone 3g screen transplant...
  32. can i use new headphones?
  33. Problem with iPhone sensitivity
  34. Universal Dock wont work with iPhone 1 Gen
  35. iPhone Sound issue
  36. iPhone when plug in to charger only itunes and cable, dead if unplug
  37. Screwed my phone snapped wire 4. 3g
  38. no service...hardware problem
  39. Unable to charge after phone dropped
  40. Reparing older 1st Gen Iphone - bad reception
  41. Bad Reception after replacing battery / Screen
  42. [2.0.1] Drop of water in Iphone - speakers work/don't work
  43. iPhone lens cover is it glass or Plastic.
  44. This accessory was not made to work with iPhone ...
  45. Iphone 1G battery Indicator problems.
  46. [1st gen iphone ] White internal wires
  47. Hacking the Motorola D650 Bluetooth Dongle to work with the iPhone/iPod Touch
  48. [Problem] I put the wrong sim card with the turbosim
  49. Lens cover scratch.
  50. [Guide] How I fixed my 3G light leak
  51. [2G][Water damaged] Power-off and proximity sensor problems
  52. iphone 2g screen problem
  53. IPhone Deadstrip Change Resolution
  54. A simple question: where the water damage indicator?
  55. [Warranty] Possible to get replacement phone with non-iPhone AT&T SIM?
  56. serial in
  57. [Non powering iphone] What to check ???
  58. [Support] How to replace the earpiece??
  59. [Unexpected Event] iPhone fell into water now partially ok
  60. [Problem][iPhone] Connecter Slot Won't Connect To Mac & Charger
  61. [Question] Wi-Fi Issues - Piece to be replaced?
  62. Problem. 1st Gen Screen issue (lines shown on screen)
  63. [TouchScreen] Bottom Row of Keys Doesn't Work... Warranty?
  64. [3G] 32 GB iPhone anytime soon?
  65. Repair service location
  66. (Bluetooth) Why do all headsets get static when only 5 ft away from iPhone???
  67. [iPhone 1st Gen] Vibrate doesn't work. SOLVED
  68. [iPhone 1st Gen] Mic does's work
  69. [Touchscreen] Top 1/4 Not working
  70. [1st Gen iPhone] iPhone Screen goes multi-colour when woken out of sleep
  71. [iPhone 1st Gen] Accelerometer
  72. [Problem] 2G iphone overheating - shut down
  73. White bar on the screen
  74. Conect to pC by other way help
  75. iPhone drooped into water,what to do?
  76. Battery charge screen keeps making unwanted appearance - help!
  77. Proximity Sensor not working
  78. 3rd party av cable
  79. Problems with wall charger
  80. Iphone wireless headphones
  81. Finally! Ultimate Buds UB5 Headphone review
  82. [Charging][In-Car]Brodit Car Mounts & Kensington LiquidAUX Compatibility
  83. [Sound] Broken Cable -> No sound
  84. [Bluetooth] Will Gamepad work with 2.0 iPhone ?
  85. [USB]I can conect it only not charging
  86. [speaker] replaces but not working
  87. [Commboard] Is 3G version compatible with 1st Gen iPhone ?
  88. [Speaker] No more audio
  89. [Req]replacement for rubber inside audio port?
  90. [warranty] iPhone Repair [Apple]
  91. [USB] iPhone works only if it is connected to Computer ?
  92. [1.1.4][Problem]Screen stops responding
  93. [Battery] Poor battery performance after battery replacement
  94. [Advice] Iphone display stop showing
  95. [TouchScreen] LCD stopped to work
  96. [NAND] No supported NAND found
  97. [1.1.4] Freezer method, how to finish it up?
  98. Need some help Incorrect sim
  99. [Touch Screen] Part of touch screen will not recognize touch while in application.
  100. [SimTray] Sim Card not recognized
  101. [TouchScreen] Accidently Broken My LCD Screen > Need Advice
  102. [Camera] Does Anyone know its default ISO ?
  103. [LCD] trouble requesting hardware repair online?
  104. Not recognized via usb (computer)
  105. [Knowledge Base] iPhone 3G compatible 3rd Party Accessories
  106. [1.1.3][Advice] iPhone doesn’t charge anymore after I dropped it
  107. HELP – iPhone doesn’t charge anymore after dropped it
  108. [Display] LCD light bleed ?
  109. [1.1.4] iPhone does not power up
  110. Iphone ear peice problem
  111. [Advice] iPhone wont charge or turn on
  112. [Battery] low life time > tried everything
  113. [Hardware problem] Backlight Issue
  114. Backlight Issue
  115. [Unexpected Event] Water Condensation damage
  116. [battery] Charge lasting 12 hours on standby after battery replacement.
  117. [Battery] iPhone Suddenly Doesn't want to turn on
  118. [Battery] Charges only when phone is turned off & iTunes don't see it.
  119. [Unexpected Event] My "child" drowned but came back alive
  120. [Advice] No Service > everything else is ok
  121. [Bluetooth][1.1.4] I can't find devices
  122. [Solution] Not charging and not recognized by iTunes
  123. [Advice] iPhone not detected by iTunes and gets very hot while charging
  124. [Logic Board] having new one installed - what does it change ?
  125. [Headphone Jack][Advice]Is this a Hardware or software problem?
  126. [Bluetooth] Can we still not pair with other bluetooth devices?
  127. [Warranty] broke screen when dropped > what to do before sending it back to Apple ?
  128. [Warranty] Bought an iPhone from eBay, with receipt, warranty ?
  129. [Sound] Problem with headphone and mic (not the usual problem)
  130. [Unexpected Event] Stuck in recovery mode after a trip in water
  131. [USB] iPhone not detected in DFU/Recovery mode with different Computers
  132. [Button] power/sleep doesn't work
  133. [Dock Connector][Solved] Persistent error message "this accesory is not made..."
  134. [Earphones] Which one of these would you choose ?
  135. [GPS] Bluetooth puck with 1st Gen iPhone ?
  136. [1.1.4] [how to] fix my headphones/jack ?
  137. [Headphone] Has anyone tried the Cerulean F1 ?
  138. [Warranty] What to do before Having it Apple repaired ?
  139. [Ring/Silent] Switch Malfunction
  140. [Problem] PC won't recognize iPhone
  141. [Warranty] How to claim it at apple store? i don't have at&t account...
  142. [1.1.3][HowTo] Bottom strip doesn't work, any Software/Hardware solution ?
  143. [Unexpected Event] Wood floor vs iPhone = Malfunctioning in a weird way
  144. [Antenna] Cable connectors ID
  145. [Dock Connector] How to replace it ?
  146. [Warranty] Dead Pixels ?
  147. [Touchscreen] Dead Strip > How to Dismiss a Menu ?
  148. [Proximity Sensor] Doesn't work
  149. [Solution] Partial solution for DOA wifi and fast draining battery
  150. [Headphone] No Sound comes out
  151. [Unexpected Event] iPhone fell in Dog Poo
  152. [Headset] iPhone doesn't recognize if it is disconnected
  153. [WiFi] Stopped working on Ziphoned 1.1.4
  154. [Advice] Switch to "Airplane Mode"... on its own!
  155. [Warranty] How to backup before sending iPhone back to Apple for repair ?
  156. [Unexpected Event] Newton's new overclocking method
  157. USB Storage Support? Write a driver?
  158. [Accessories] iPod adapter connected to JVC Head unit > can't control iPhone ?
  159. [Advice] Turn 1st Gen iPhone to 3G ?
  160. [Warranty] Returning a ZiPhoned iPhone To Apple ?
  161. [GPS] Solution for 1st Gen iPhone ?
  162. [Advice] "No connection" after a fall
  163. [Antenna] Dropped iPhone now No Service
  164. [Ear speaker] No sound, except using speaker at the bottom
  165. [BT Headphones] DR-BT21iK
  166. [Glass panel] My experience, how i changed it
  167. [Touchscreen] Bottom not responsive after Hardware Unlock
  168. [Development] iPhone as a Wii Control
  169. [Dock] Can't charge/sync
  170. [Warranty] 8 months old glitchy iPhone, want to activate, repair, upgrade
  171. [Advice] Making the "switch" on the Handsfree/Headphones
  172. [Warranty] TouchScreen is not working > can i get a replacement without at&t plan ?
  173. [Dock] Custom iPhone Cradle Cable
  174. [power Button] issue on brand New iPhone
  175. [Battery] Last for few days with no simcard, but only 2 mins with sim card
  176. [Unexpected Event] A car drove over my iPhone
  177. [Battery] meter issues...
  178. [Screen] How to remove scratches ?
  179. [Development] iPhone GPS Module.
  180. [Warranty] iPhone Screen Ghosting
  181. [Warranty] Servicing iPhone from Canada
  182. [GPS] Module for iPhone almost ready...
  183. [Advice] GPS cable
  184. [Warranty] Replacement of a drowned phone ?
  185. [Warranty] Do I need the receipt to return my iphone?
  186. [Earspeaker] no sound (next to the sensors)
  187. [Unexpected Event] Water Stain under the screen.
  188. [Unexpected Event] iPhone vs. Bag of Vomit
  189. [Sound] Earpiece and Speaker not working
  190. [Unexpected Event] Don't drop your iPhone on a pavement!
  191. [Touchscreen] is not responsive at all anymore
  192. [Curiosity] iPhone not turning on after dismantled
  193. [Dock Connector] How to replace it ?
  194. [Advice] Different iPhone headphone jack part no. ?
  195. [Warranty] Tips > How to get an iPhone replaced
  196. [Advice] "accessory unsupported" message randomly displays when nothing connected
  197. [Battery] iPhone won't charge past half way
  198. [Antenna] Replaced cables, now Buzzing Sound when calling
  199. [Advice] Wet iPhone, should I get repair?
  200. [Project] The easiest way to sample a IR remote!
  201. [USB] iPhone not recognized by Windows, not charging
  202. [Req] Radio (just "normal" not a wi-fi...) ?!
  203. [fm transmitter] iluv i703 for iphone?
  204. [Unexpected Event] iPhone VS Washing machine + Dryer
  205. [Touchscreen] Dock is not responsive
  206. [USB] iPhone wont show up on iTunes Mac
  207. [Earspeaker] Can hear caller only if i blow in
  208. [Unexpected Event] IPhone vs. Waterbucket, works again! but...
  209. Communications Board For Sale
  210. [Advice] iphone overheated using ipod charger, battery dead?
  211. splitter for an external microphone port and headphone port?
  212. [Touch Screen] Dropped, first two rows not working
  213. [Unexpected event] Newton's law VS iPhone
  214. sound doesnt work
  215. [Assembling] Back cover and Buttons > Can't seem to get them right in place
  216. 123 dead strip??
  217. Advice] iPhone reboots whenever i tried to use it
  218. [Button] Power issue
  219. [Headphones] Always sees them plugged
  220. [Advice] Monster iSoniTalk good buy?
  221. [Power] Button does not work !
  222. [EEPROM] Repair
  223. [Earphones] Internal Jack problem
  224. [Dropped] Need Advice
  225. [WATER] sync port problem
  226. [Advice] Cracked Screen
  227. [earphones] During phone call, how do they work?
  228. [Advice] Does the phone work when the back is disconnected?
  229. 1 below speaker does not work?
  230. [Advice] iPhone won't start, stuck on loop b/w screen
  231. [Case Mod] Light up your Apple
  232. [Battery issue] Lets come up with a solution already !!
  233. [Advice] iPhone not charging, cannot be detected with PC
  234. Signal problem...
  235. [Advice] This accessory is not made to work with the iPhone...
  236. [Sim] PUK locked sim
  237. sms sound doesnt work.
  238. [Bluetooth] Iphone 1.1.4 and Audi bluetooth car kit volume problem!
  239. Battery Connection Order
  240. [Back Cover] Is it easily replaceable ?
  241. [Unexpected Event] Drowned iPhone in a Lake > "repaired" by exchange in apple store
  242. [USB power adapter] Confused about older USB ipod adapter (MA592LL/A) compatibilty
  243. [Sound] Horrible sound, blown speaker?
  244. touchpad not working
  245. [Unexpected Event] Fixing wet damaged iPhone ?
  246. [Problem] One of my speakers is very quite.
  247. [Display] is fade..
  248. Direct hardware access
  249. [Advice] Dead iPhone, is it possible my speaker dock killed it?
  250. [Warranty] How do I kill an iPhone?