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  1. Opened up iPhone to clean out SIM card slot - screen is now dead
  2. iphone 3g - dead battery or fried logic board?(battery doesnt charge/1604 on restore)
  3. Iphone No service antenna repair
  4. Dead iPhone?
  5. [Problem] Home button broken
  6. Using Apple Component Cable in Reverse
  7. iPhone Stuck on Dead Battery Screen
  8. Another IPhone 3G in the rain...
  9. iPhone 2G (8g) – Phone will not POWER ON with Comm. Board connected.
  10. [Problem] Stuck in headphone mode
  11. Ultrasonic cleaning method for water damaged phones
  12. Battery, Logic, or Comm Problem?
  13. lcd screen issue or botched logic board?
  14. iPhone 3G signal problem
  15. Video glass with iPhone ??
  16. Camera drivers in vista
  17. Reformatting Blank NAND?
  18. about 3gs internet plz help???
  19. Changed 2g battery, phone wont turn on
  20. Slide To Unlock Crash
  21. iPhone 3G Crack in Casing - Grounds for replacement?
  22. Opened my iPhone, now, no service...
  23. Iphone 3G In-line mic + control issue, headphone port?
  24. can i switch iphone 3G touch panel with a 2G touch panel ?
  25. Managed to break sim tray inside iPhone 3g! Help/suggestions
  26. Re-assembled iPhone 3G not responding (but turns on!)
  27. Iphone 3g 16 gigs fell in swimming pool (PICS)
  28. Logic Board
  29. Anyone know how to fix/add a new iphone screen? Top 1/3 of mine doesnt work
  30. Backplate 2G?
  31. Iphone 3G USB not working Hardware GURUS HELP NEEDED
  32. Custom Cable manufacturer? iPhone to RJ45 (Cisco RS232)
  33. iphone signal???
  34. iPhone 3G Screen Not Showing
  35. Two 2G phones with diff problems
  36. Iphone 2g battery replacement and stuck in emergency mode
  37. Iphone 3g 16gb very dim screen
  38. Iphone 2G screen problems
  39. Iphone 2G screen
  40. iPhone won't turn on
  41. iPhone won't restore :c
  42. BGA IC Glue Remover ?
  43. Battery choking ???
  44. Bypassing/Disabling Unlock to slide.
  45. Iphone only turns on through Charger not battery
  46. 2G OLD LCD Uses?
  47. [Problem] iPhone touchscreen doesn't work
  48. [Audio] Static Noise/ Interference While Calling
  49. Fails, turns off, using battery when in standby (have logs)
  50. iPhone 3G weird screen problems...suggestions are welcome!
  51. iphone 3G no network no service
  52. [Problem] iPhone won't start up at all after opening it
  53. A new way to brick an iphone :D
  54. Iphone 3g Mainboard Damage?
  55. iPhone with half-broken screen; what to do with it?
  56. Iphone went swimming...turns on but can't restore
  57. Boot without the battery
  58. iPhone 2g got wet in rain, problem with headphone and power button.. what can I do?
  59. Hazards of using a Generic FM transmitters for charging your iphone
  60. iPhone 3G touch screen not working after replacing the glass
  61. wet iphone help
  62. Replaced Screen but Mic not working
  63. [UK] iPhone screen repair services?
  64. No Signal - Logic Board Issue
  65. Rapid Battery Discharge
  66. [Possible] Next Gen iPhone 3G baseband chip
  67. TV Output patch on ipod touch 2g don´t work
  68. Advice & Guidance on Busted 3G
  69. Strange display bubbles
  70. Regain control of iPhone when connected to head unit
  71. Camera not working, can't hear callers through earpiece
  72. dismantle iPhone 3G in 10 sec
  73. 1G iPhone from o2
  74. iphone 3g wifi issue
  75. iPhone 3g disassembly problems
  76. [Problem] iPhone turns off between 5-60 seconds after turn it on
  77. MobileMe calendar not syncing
  78. cant hear nothing in calls in my 3g iphone
  79. iPhone 2G Logic board
  80. Problem with Iphone 3g 16gb (dead screen/sound)
  81. 2G Testing Reception
  82. broken screen
  83. [Problem] iPhone wont start anymore
  84. screen crack, would the people at the genius bar know if i replace.....
  85. No Service after 3g logic board swap
  86. no sound from speaker
  87. iPhone 3G Camera Problem
  88. Where is baseband firmware kept?
  89. Yellowscreen on iPhone 3g 2.2.1
  90. [Need] iPhone Circuit Diagrams
  91. iphone 2g digitizer
  92. [Problem] screen replaced, but now it won't respond
  93. Iphone 1gen dies after plug it onto Jamo dock station
  94. Any excuses/way to get a new iPhone?
  95. Dropped iphone - weird lines
  96. iPhone Liquid Submersion Indicator
  97. 16GB Logic Board
  98. LCD Transplant - Earpiece only works with headphones
  99. Removed proximity cable -> No sound when I make a call
  100. Iphone 3g broken connector number 3
  101. I get no reception on my iPhone
  102. does touchscreen vary per application? Can't dial 7,8,9 but keyboard works
  103. Cheapest way to replace 2G Digitizer?
  104. any ideas what I might have broken?
  105. Iphone 3G will not restore. HELP!
  106. iPhone on/off switch broken
  107. Manually stimulate USB connection????
  108. Can I use an iPod Touch Digitizer on an iPhone?
  109. Iphone volume control damaged.
  110. replacing the comm board?
  111. iphone unresponsive to touch
  112. [Problem] Dropped iPhone and now the screen stays blank
  113. iPhone only power-on with AC power
  114. Iphone only charge when the battery is full drained
  115. speck of salt under the glass of my 2G iphone?
  116. Replaced battery, now not charging
  117. does GPS use the phones IMEI?
  118. iPhone 3G Glass Smashed - I have a bunch of questions
  119. Not one problem, but three!
  120. My iphone is burning what do i do??
  121. 3G phones that got wet. Logic board issue?
  122. How to check is my hardware bandbase modem working fine on 3G?
  123. IPhone 2g Screws
  124. [Problem] upper dead strip
  125. Backlight touchy
  126. backlight doesn't work anymore
  127. Iphone volume button damaged
  128. Completely Dead
  129. [Dock] Iphone into car's dashboard
  130. Iphone won't turn on
  131. ear piece not working after replacing lcd
  132. best place to buy iPhone 2G touchscreen?
  133. OK the screen is to white
  134. Problem with the replaced iPhone battery!!!
  135. [battery] Replacement tricks
  136. iphone dead does not connect via pc
  137. out of warranty 2g with dead strip
  138. Replacing Iphone LCD screen?
  139. [HOME BUTTON] not work after drop in water but not [FLEX CABLE] checked, it works
  140. Repair Needed iPhone cannot make or receive calls, battery drain, cant switch it on
  141. Dead phone or stuck in DFU?
  142. Home Key Stop Working After Fall
  143. Coms board replacement question.
  144. iphone 3G Dead Strip
  145. 2g LCD/Digitizer replacement in UK - anyone?
  146. I phone not turned on
  147. [Problem] Power button not working
  148. Finally Audio Line out and Motorola D650 Bluetooth dongol Hacked for the iPhone 3G
  149. Question on Temp Sensor.
  150. usb device not recognose. not charge.
  151. iPhone 2g completly dead?
  152. Best source for Iphone spares.
  153. [Problem] iPhone doesn't works after hardware repair
  154. Communication board 4gb on 8gb
  155. iphone screen problem - flickering
  156. iPhone won't turn on Please help
  157. Home button defekt after repülacing touchscreen
  158. Water Damaged 2g phone- no network coverage/signal anymore!
  159. iPhone 1g screen not working help plz
  160. [question]changing wifi antenna
  161. help iphone won't turn on.
  162. 3g bezel replacement?
  163. Cracked panel - which part should I buy?
  164. Composite A/V Adapter for iPod very niocee
  165. Accessory Message Problem Solved
  166. iPhone Tidy Pen
  167. iphone 2.2 2G Battery Issue
  168. Iphone 3G battery issue?
  169. Earspeaker defect...??
  170. My one earpiece of my headphone is doesnot worked
  171. iPhone 3G take the Bezel,chrome out of the rear panel
  172. [Battery]Error 23, Wont Boot Up if Unplugged
  173. Vibrate switch broken - software solution required
  174. [Problem] iPhone 2g broken screen
  175. [Problem] Bottom part of the screen unresponsive
  176. [help] cable with a 3.5 for video
  177. broken iPhone 3G
  178. Help! iPhone used to power on but now it does not?
  179. Dropped phone - dead dock icon line??
  180. Iphone headset schematics
  181. iPhone Sync without USB Power
  182. [Problem] Iphone 8G recognized as a 4G model
  183. iPhone Comm Board - Any relation to Touch Screen?
  184. [PROBLEM] need all the the help possible..... no touch function on the iphone
  185. Software hack to defeat "This Accessory Not Compatible" Error?
  186. Do I need a '3G Sim Card'?
  187. No sound from earpiece, speaker or headphones when on calls.
  188. Low Reception
  189. Problem with my home button
  190. TA_Mobile Scam customer Vietnam ?
  191. [Problem] bottom area of the screen doesn't works
  192. iPhone 3G lcd, glass touchscreen broken ???
  193. Advice for iPhone 2G headphone
  194. [Problem] BIG magnetic field killed the radio!
  195. Home button, microphone and usb-connector stopped working
  196. Dead pixels?? Any suggestions?
  197. 2G iPhone - No Signal...
  198. [Wi Fi] High Signal BUT Must be near the Wifi Router. What is it?
  199. Intercepting iphone sms/text messages
  200. [Problem] iPhone won't turn on
  201. [Dock Connector] Not showing in itunes, disconnects very quicly
  202. Sleep button destroyed!, need help coming up with a solution : (
  203. iPhone shuts down at activation screen
  204. HELP! Home button stopped working!
  205. [Problem] iphone 3g charging issues after a drop
  206. Problem with SIM tray eject mechanism
  207. iPhone 2G battery drains fast under 20% level
  208. Problem with Keyboard
  209. Iphone 2g LCD DIGITIZER can someone help :(
  210. Wierd screen problem in corner, can I fix it?
  211. Suggestions - "No Service" after battery replacement (1st Gen)
  212. unknown memory filling up disk space
  213. Iphone screen problem
  214. [iPhone 2G] Touchscrn unresponsive, connect to protected Wifi?
  215. Power button issue
  216. [2.2] Broken Vibrate Switch. Please Help!
  217. I can't turn my iphone off (Keeps restarting).
  218. iPhone 3G Shortciruit
  219. Removing LCD/Digitizer - stuck at the final hurdle!
  220. [Problem] Touchscreen not working
  221. iphone touchscreen completely dead
  222. All works but no sound when calling
  223. [Problem] Broken Screen
  224. Is this worth trying to fix?
  225. Strange red LED
  226. [Question] Rockford fosgate & iPhone
  227. Game out to Tv ?
  228. [iPhone 2G] Random shutdowns
  229. 2G iphone volume
  230. [Question] Is this a good place to buy?
  231. Home Button and Charger not working
  232. [Problem] iPhone Speakers and Earphones functions are reversed
  233. [Problem] weird screen behavior after a drop
  234. [lcd] [Problem] Grey lines on top
  235. [Question] [Accessory] GPS on the 2g iphone
  236. [FIXED] iPhone Dropped in Water/Faulty Power Button
  237. [iPhone 2G] Defective LEDs, Move screen to right.
  238. [Problem] iPhone dropped in water. Touchscreen Unresponsive
  239. [Problem] iPhone not detected & it doesn't charge neither
  240. Will APPLE replace my iphone Housing cover?
  241. [3G] Screen problem after a fall
  242. original iphone rubber gasket.....
  243. [iPhone 2G] 1011 + Unresponsive touchscreen
  244. iPhone 3G Dock Pinout
  245. iPhone 3G ioreg dump
  246. Need sim contacts schematics for repairing NO SIM problem!
  247. Keyboard BUG - FIX
  248. [Problem] Bad screen
  249. iPhone 3G Sim Tray Redesign?
  250. iphone charging but not recognized in itunes