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  1. Contacts on the SIM card
  2. iPhonesimfree after new firmware?
  3. iphone bluetooth issue
  4. Watchtone Support?
  5. GPRS how to work with optus.
  6. iBrickr jailbreak question...
  7. NO incoming SMS
  8. Help Camera is red blue and alot of red hue
  9. Restoring Error
  10. Voicemail preset button
  11. Voicemail notification via SMS
  12. Fully restoring
  13. This forum is a mess.....
  14. transfer old text messged from sim to iphone?
  15. Which GUI Unlock methos to use?
  16. Youtube Activation Over Install App ?????
  17. Removing simfree application
  18. can't jailbreak
  19. I need help!!!
  20. Confused about which version of iTunes...
  21. Deactivating EDGE
  22. Is it ok to restore after free software gui unlock?
  23. Replacing carrier logo
  24. Solution for incoming sms problem
  25. Post Unlock Question
  26. Battarie Life with SSH
  27. Very slow springboard, NO sync to anything, Help greatly appreciated! More details...
  28. MOVISTAR (Spain) and GPRS?
  29. Can not connect to youtube
  30. Cant get firmware to update PC user HELP
  31. Life after SW Unlock - fun stuff
  32. posted from iphone!
  33. New firmware to kill the free unlock?
  34. Tmobile sim contacts
  35. Problem with Iphonesimfree Unlock
  36. ****Configure tinyproxy to map port 80 to 8080**** Tmobile $5.99 internet plan
  37. argh! just did gui unlock and no contacts showing up!
  38. youtube issue displaying "Today" top videos?
  39. Ringtones in Canada?
  40. Erica's Unlock.app - will it mess up current AT&T service?
  41. SMS IN no working!!! HELP
  42. is the official GUI out or not?
  43. Fido Users - Post Your Free Unlock Issues
  44. Is it safe to connect to iTunes and perform a restore?
  45. Iphone Unbricked Method (No Service)
  46. (( IS MY IPHONE DEAD ?? WHen i turn on shows yellow death!
  47. Error in minicom. Any ideas?
  48. help: can i unlock without an at&t sim card?
  49. Phone # Shows On Itunes And Contacts But No Service
  50. Will the unlock work with any SIM after unlocking even a friends?
  51. The Difference Between Dev Team And Ipsf
  52. iPhone.Unlock.no - Hangs at Minicom
  53. Cant get yahoo email to work after unlocking
  54. Who is Trash? Is iPhoneWorldwideUnlock.com a legitimate Australian business entity?
  55. Trash changes mind, intends to fulfill all prepaid orders!
  56. Can't connect to iTunes, iBrickr, or wInstaller
  57. GUI Detailed intructions
  58. iTunes 7.4 and Unlocking
  59. How to make your iPhone have a french interface
  60. Shady Business at best...Thrash
  61. iPhone: How to hack your iPhone and add YouTube support tutorial!
  62. Comfirmed Working Dev Team Unlock in Fredericton, New Brunswick
  63. how to do a screen capture on iPhone?
  64. 1.0.3 worries/manually restore 1.0.2 with iTunes?
  65. IPSF and restore
  66. Enabling youtube on PPC Mac
  67. Iphone starts in recovery mode
  68. ((( Whoa! 16gb Iphone On Ebay!!!!!!
  69. Change SMS settings... How to do it?
  70. We need proxy settings! How can I help?
  71. what happened to freeiphoneunlock site is down.
  72. YouTube activation after SW unlock?
  73. Unlocked but still saying 'Incorect SIM' - anyone in Hong Kong got past this ?
  74. where to get f ICE03.14.08_G.fls from????????
  75. The 'Let's buy them a Beer' thread!
  76. Unlock GUI not working with telcel
  77. Wifi & Proxy....web only?? I need email over proxy as well.
  78. can't acces iphone through fugu
  79. newbie needs help - iphone unlock/bypass
  80. Only GPRS available, deactivate EDGE?
  81. How do you know if GPRS/Edge is on or off?
  82. I may be the only one that cares, but...
  83. Thank You Dev Team Thread - What's next?
  84. PuTTY fatal error
  85. Bluetooth problems after unlock
  86. SSH client connection error
  87. Oh NOOO!!! SW unlock and a Huge problem!
  88. iTunes question
  89. Updated Firmware Thoughts
  90. Help with EDGE/iphone
  91. Trash do this and all we are going to smile :)
  92. Please Help... iPhone not responding.
  93. Unlocked switch off then on sim not active
  94. A few questions for UK users
  95. Cannot connect to Itunes, no sim recognised after dev team unlock
  96. $10 to whoever helps me restore my IMEI!
  97. How to make Voicemail button dial your voicemail
  98. Iphone impossible to Jailbreak
  100. Restore Image Thoughts
  101. Realtime Stock Quotes
  102. can i install any version itunes after unlock????
  103. IMEI changed, how do I fix it?
  104. iPhone evolution pack v0.1
  105. We Need To Clear Some Dust, Is Erica's Solution The Best? Where Do We Get It?
  106. Simplest unlock - iPhone evolution pack v0.1
  107. Trash you have to do this and we will be happy
  108. Internal Mic Problems
  109. A Different Youtube problem
  110. EDGE proxy sever
  111. Is possible to do???
  112. Can someone PLEASE host iTunesMobileDevice.dll? The older version?
  113. A (Kind) Word on Trash
  114. Turbo Sim
  115. iPhone and iTunes not syncing photos problem
  116. Free Unlock GUI to fix 1011 (no wifi, etc.) error. Can it work?
  117. Random iPhone Fatal Exception crashes
  118. Incorrect SIM even when I have the AT&T SIM in?
  119. Updating to iTunes 7.4.2
  120. iphone not rexonizing sim
  121. GPRS .plist Help Needed. NOT General Setting
  122. Ayuda Mexico con desbloqueo por SW
  123. Remove iPhonesimfree app?
  124. Iphone unlock help, lots of questions inside...
  125. unlocked iphone doesnt work as ipod
  126. The bleeding obvious? Can anyone help?
  127. Iphone jailbreakon apptap installed but problem no wifi
  128. Thank you guys soo much!!!!! Yess successful software unlock from Toronto
  129. calendar and contact synchronisation fails after dev team unlock
  130. Where to get a TMobile Sim card?
  131. All working on Vodafone New Zealand (except for Voicemail notification etc.)
  132. Tmobile Blackberry unlimited unlocked iphone help!
  133. iphone very slow after software unlock
  134. Where can we download lockdownd?
  135. Important question(s)
  136. Still no youtube gui for osx?
  137. Voicemail issues?
  138. Help please, ibrickr is giving me some problems
  139. iUnlockr GUI software
  140. Experts help needed - Issue with IMEI & WIFI
  141. Unlock just doesn't work for me
  142. What is the Youtube (2 Step) Activation for OSX
  143. Ringtones menu enabled
  144. IPSM vs. Free unlock - is there a difference?
  145. TMOBILE 5.99 data Plan
  146. Resellers Trash and Gussy no longer on iPhoneSimfree
  147. No sound , Can't hear my caller after I remove my iphone headphones.
  148. DEV team software unlocked it, restarted it, now lock again.
  149. Poor signal strength
  150. Skype
  151. A Tinhead-Proof Free Unlock Guide (OS X)
  152. Wrong Carrier Displayed?
  153. Transfer Movies into itunes Folder through cyberduck ??
  154. how to activate youtube?
  155. Data solution in CANADA
  156. sms sound
  157. Simcard Contact list
  158. Youtube on Geo Hardware unlocked
  159. can i delete the unlock software from the phone
  160. Unlocked using the GUI - still Incorrect SIM
  161. Having problems reinstalling IPSF software to phone
  162. help! newbie question here
  163. can't receive calls
  164. Somebody tryed to run iUnlocker on with Cingular iAsigned Phone?
  165. Iphone, software unlocked for free and working in India
  166. SpringBoard problem
  167. Post Free Unlock Questions. Please Help.
  168. Big Big Problem Ibrickr
  169. Are PC users largely ignored?
  170. Need Help!!
  171. *help Fugu error
  172. Trash given 50K donation to Harro?? fake webdev
  173. what's wrong??
  174. I cant upload simfree app!!???!!!
  175. Software bricking Please help!!!
  176. Reverse Free Unlock Process ?
  177. Problem with WiFi
  178. Ipsf Success O2 Uk - Thanks Trash
  179. How can I kill youtube app from iPhone
  180. Do it need the right sim in with the free unlock
  181. no sim, no sound, homeward bound?
  182. iPhone not booting even if I restore !
  183. Application to Copy AddressBook from SIM card to iPhone?
  184. How do you restore?
  185. How do you restore?
  186. Poll: free unlock success
  187. PLease Help ...error message while trying to unlock...no files or directory directory
  188. T-mobile EDGE settings
  189. Can we remove unlock.app after Unlock is done?
  190. How's the unlocked phone work with tmobile?
  191. IWWU - List 2 GOOD TO GO!
  192. Reversing Software Unlock?
  193. easy, easier, easiest: unlock.pxl
  194. Help: How to set up iPhone mail to display Chinese with gmail or yahoo mail?
  195. Naximus Group buying going under?
  196. help please
  197. help sw un lock minicom
  198. Apptap after Independence ? ...
  199. Erica's GUI Link
  200. what if i get my iPhone in three weeks, and 1.0.3 is on the servers?
  201. Unlock GUI and File Permissions issue - White Screen
  202. Im gonna start from scratch
  203. Changing sim card?
  204. No incoming SMS and problem with outgoing call after hack
  205. Success Using Free Dev Team Unlock. Thanks A Lot Guys
  206. SW Unlock with GUI doesn't work
  207. independence activiation with unlock software
  208. Apple QT 7.2 very little info
  209. Wifi Authentication - Web Login issues
  210. incorrect sim after GUI unlock help
  211. DEV team
  212. Help. Phone Software unlocked with gui application - slide to unlock does not work
  213. From the Box to Unlock--Winows
  214. IMEI are stored in Communication Board?
  215. sw unlock and a ordinary dual sim ??
  216. Help Needed With Free iPhone Unlock Software (thanks dev team)
  217. Phone book number format
  218. SAM please answer us, 1011, plz
  219. People Dont Be Fooled
  220. Is there a full Mac step-by-step plan yet?
  221. I can pass from here, please help SSH
  222. bluetooth internet sharing
  223. Which SIM Card to use during running the Unlock.app? HELP PLEASE!
  224. no wifi...can i unlock it?
  225. HELP!!! Can I get service for non-AT&T activated iPhone?
  226. GUI unlock: Stuck on "Copying Files"
  227. iPhone and VMware
  228. Just doesn't feel right...
  229. Can I Call Someone!
  230. ssh problem using fugu
  231. Anyone know how to...
  232. A Few Questions New to Apple
  233. iPhones with problem: no software/hardware unlock works.
  234. TRASH - DON'T Give anyone a refund!
  235. Iphone Unlocked Successfully in Maldives
  236. IPSF SW and IPSF Server talk like this
  237. Let's help Trash out guys!
  238. Are there any iActivator.app (I know about the iActivator!)?
  239. my firmware isn't 1.02 - help???!?
  240. Help!!
  241. Problems with SMS on unlocked iPhone
  242. No more IPSF!!! SCAM!!!!
  243. No more IFSF!!! SCAM!!!!
  244. Strange Business , Trash/IPSF
  245. Help - Brand new iphone...
  246. "SIM locked" window freezes after iUnlock
  247. What to do with our spare time when this is all over
  248. 'No Service" after unlock
  249. How to check iPhone battery life without plugging into A/C adapter or USB?
  250. Music Syncing Problems After SW Unlock