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  1. brand new iphone in uk, very confused on how to unlock...please help
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  15. Warning : There is NO TURBO SIM from HONG KONG
  16. SuperSim ICCID
  17. Thoughts on TurboSim
  18. Hätte gerne die gesamte Turbosimgeschichte in Berlin. Zahle 500 €
  19. no TurboSIM available anywhere for me, sold in Asia..?
  20. [SMS] Turbo-Sim - Doesn't seem to work in Rogers Canada
  21. Turbo Sim vs Supersim
  22. Other Sim Card Manufacturers Methods
  24. Please Re-mirror: SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1.rar
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  28. After Turbo SIM no access to extisting music
  29. anybody in bombay needs a silverim?
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  31. Without WiFi, how can I Connect to the iPhone via SSH ??
  32. The Real First Step Should Be Activate the iPhone, right?
  33. GSM Operator - Sim Cards V2 and V3
  34. turbo sim - Problems Yes and No....!!!
  35. How can I tell what version my SIM card is? v0/v1/v2 etc.
  36. Rogers Sim Question
  37. Anyone From Argentina?
  38. Turbosim in Vancouver?
  39. Anyone from Mexico?
  40. Is there any differences between IMSI Security Analyzer and applesaft?
  41. last day boys from toronto
  42. Who owns the Copyrights to Turbo SIM? Bladox? How come.....
  43. What Do We Want?! ......turbosim!...... When Do We Want It?!! .....now!!
  44. Philippines: TurboSim WORKS!!!!
  45. How much was Turbosim prior to RAVE?
  46. Anyone selling Turbo SIM
  47. differences between sims???
  48. My iPhone work with TurboSim & SFR 3G in France ;)
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  50. UK iphone - TURBO SIM + voicemail problms
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  52. Common Questions (FAQ) abotu SuperSIM Method
  53. TurboSIM method work in Taiwan
  54. TurboSim Results in Hong Kong - 3 / People / Sunday WOKRS!
  55. [SuperSim] iPhone + Aitrel + India(Bengaluru) = working
  56. IMPORTANT - Buy/Sell stuff in flea market section - report wrong posted threads
  57. Indonesia success using Turbo Sim
  58. TurboSIM and T-Mobile GER?? HELP
  59. What firmware are you running with your Turbosim?
  60. Anyone Used Turbosim On A UK Vodafone SIM? Results?
  61. Problems with Turbosim and firmware 1.0.1?
  62. Italian Turbo Sim iPhoners
  63. International number display on iPhone
  64. How to know if a sim is V1
  65. any toronto people with turbo sim
  66. China Mobile\Unicom Success?
  67. Dual Sim?
  68. Sim Emu alternative?
  69. activate for supersim with 1.0.1 firmware
  70. Can I have more than one phone number on my Supersim?
  71. Turbo Sim in New York
  72. Where to get Turbo Sim
  73. Working Turbosim! WHat about youtube, yahoo mail & voicemail?
  74. WARNING: TurboSIM can be BRICKED by menu operations!!
  75. Turbo SIM + O2 (UK) = Working
  76. iPhone AT&T SIM card
  77. Do I need to erase silvercard?
  78. Jaycar Kit
  79. Make and use own FSO_CARRIER_CARRIER.png
  80. SIM CARD Serial Protocol
  81. Turbo SIM - Security Edition?
  82. Question for V2/V3 SIMs
  83. "Official" tutorial for TurboSIM
  84. SuperSim in Thailand and Indonesia
  85. Turbo Sim + iPhone + Rogers = working
  86. Great idea to make easier the Turbosim with iPhone use ...
  87. US Options?
  88. Another web site for order TurboSIM
  89. "No Card Inserted" in Sim-Emu Configurator
  90. Anyone with an extra turbosim?
  91. Looking for Turbo SIM in Quebec or Ontario
  92. In London, Need a TURBOSIM can anyone help me out please???
  93. turbosim order, payment order email received but sold out,
  94. infinity usb reader and silver sim in mumbai, India
  95. Goldcards and Fun-cards
  96. Malaysia / Singapore iPhone Users
  97. Turbo SIM: "Incorrect SIM" and "No Service"
  98. IMSI Security Analyzer for Turbo Sim. Can anyone modify it for the Iphone?
  99. How can I write the AT&T IMSI to my OWN sim
  100. Who in Germany can sell me a TuboSIM?
  101. Where else is Turbo-Sim Availble
  102. TurboSim Unlock Country List
  103. Turbo SIM, 'No SIM' problem
  104. Any one selling Silver/Greencard2 in India?
  105. SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone.HEX files
  106. turbo sim eshop closed
  107. German Sim cards with Turbo Sim?
  108. Turbo SIM How fragile is it?
  109. My thoughts about TurboSim
  110. Any real story of TurboSim success???
  111. Woron Scan alternative?
  112. Ordered 3 Turbo Sims in Montreal. Who wants?
  113. Philippines First!!!!!!!!! Globe Telecom
  114. iPhone activated in Manchester UK
  115. Super Sim or Turbo Sim method works with AT&T sim with subscription cancelled ?
  116. Silvercard vs SuperSIM
  117. Proceeding with Super sim method now- Help
  118. Make iphone ready for supersim
  119. New York Turbo Sim
  120. Woron Scan: Cant select 3F00 File
  121. O2 3G Card with Turbosim
  122. Anyone in Canada buying a TurboSIM ?
  123. Which sim card reader/writer for a mac?
  124. Help needed with SILVER CARD
  125. TurboSim in Toronto
  126. Phillipine Orders for TurboSim
  127. Can I make SUPERSIM with v1 and v2? From Spain
  128. Infinity USB Unlimited - Where to buy.
  129. [TurboSIM] A Muppet's Guide
  130. UK - Spare Bladox Turbo Sim. Anyone want it?
  131. TMobile UK Working with TurboSIM
  132. Why SIM Cards not word with the IPhone!
  133. Difference between SuperSim and TurboSim?
  134. Anyone from India who wants a TurboSim?
  135. Anyone got it working on Rogers?
  136. Message to swiss iPhone freaks
  137. Cannot get Ki from SIM card
  138. Swedens first?
  139. TurboSim and a Locked AT&T Sim!
  140. [TURBOSIM] - Q/A - Continue here the Bladox Turbo Sim Thread
  141. Help in the Chicagoland area
  142. An offer to Uk Turbo Sim Guinea Pigs out there...
  143. Help needed with Infinity USB unlimited
  144. Anyone successfully completed Supersim method wants to do mine to?
  145. UK SIMS - What ones work and who's tested what??
  146. Country + Network, where does the "Turbo SIM Method" work?
  147. Anyone in the UK buying Turbo sims? :-)
  148. TurboSIM - The definitive guide
  149. POLAND - iPhone calls
  150. when the provider will do the following?
  151. Where can i download a copy of Woron Scan 1.09?
  152. Orange V1 Sim
  153. Already legal activated Iphone
  154. List of networks where incoming calls DO NOT work
  155. Anyone gotten in trouble using supersim?
  156. Canadians.....
  157. Need HELP with buying Silver Card
  158. Brisbane Australia Sim Clone Reward $$$
  159. 16K and 32K cards.
  160. The last hurdle: YouTube
  161. Anyone seen this sim reader/writer? will it work with silvercard?
  162. This the guide you have been looking for :)
  163. TurboSIM tutorial and irc
  164. Super SIM in Canada (T.O.)
  165. copy another sim chip to AT&T will work ?
  166. Cloning in Sweden, anyone?
  167. Brute force Ki?
  168. For those who brought a SIM MAX
  169. Silver Cards (PIC 16F877+24C64)
  170. Infinity USB Unlimited and Woron Scan
  171. Supersim + Silvercard
  172. Infinity USB Unlimited probs
  173. Anyone has tried silvercard sim method in Canada with rogers?
  174. Please Help
  175. Someone in Brazil have sucessful in SimCloning?
  176. V1 Simcard, do I have one?
  177. Anyone from Denmark?
  178. Hack the Iphone for mac (easy way)
  179. Silver Cards (PIC 16F877+24C64)
  180. This Step is unclear
  181. Can't receive calls even with Sim_Emu_u1 method
  182. WB Infinity USB Phoenix
  183. GEMPLUS Sim form Year 1998 can'r read by ininity usb reader
  184. Card Not Detected SIM-EMU. Please help. Lots of folks needing a solution
  185. WHERE the SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1 link
  186. For those of us who have sim cards v2/v3 what alternatives do we have??
  187. Question for experts (IMSI code sent to network)
  188. Compatible sim reader/programmer list
  189. Can woronscan "see" a usb sim card editor?
  190. SIM EMU 6.01 problems
  191. Woron scan log
  192. TurboSim
  193. Which reader/writer to get?
  194. Full Tutorial on Cloning?
  195. SuperSim in Austria
  196. Calling UK people..
  197. Anyone in the UK need a v1?
  198. Can someone explain what Actually happens when you dup a SIM?
  199. Sim cloning in Canada?
  200. Carrier Logos for new networks?
  201. Ki crack info needed
  202. Woronscan 1.09 & Sim-Emu 6.01 Configurator v2.1
  203. Using 8 different numbers on Iphone
  204. Please HELP. Problem with Infinity USB + WoronScan
  205. infinity usb woron scan (help)
  206. WARNING: DO NOT download files from www.kiscan.net!
  207. Pre-cut for sim cloning
  208. Problems with Dynamite Programmer + Woron Scan
  209. Sim V1.0 in Switzerland
  210. Cloning in Holland, anyone?
  211. Experiences with german SIM Cards
  212. Notice for Australians
  213. Using twice the same AT&T SIM in the same Country
  214. Green 2 card instead of Silver Card?
  215. Will my 7 year old sim be V1 ?
  216. Rogers V1 Sim?
  217. How long to extract Ki
  218. SIM_EMU_6.01_iPhone_u1 update...
  219. Help me to find AT&T card
  220. How to user SuperSim Method with AT&T Activated iPhone
  221. Howto tell v2/3 sim card from v1
  222. About cloned SIMs
  223. does supersim mod work on firmware 1.0.1?
  224. SuperSim Method For Germany - How To
  225. All about SilverCards
  226. question about the supersim method
  227. Country + Network, where does the "Super SIM Method" work?
  228. SuperSim and Settings - General - Network - EDGE?
  229. [1G - NOT 3G] "Unlock" your iPhone with SuperSim
  230. COMP128 v1 Sim in UK - read plz
  231. Where to buy SilverCard online from North America?
  232. Edge connections problem with a iphone registered w/modded SIM in a foreign network
  233. Sim Card Tools: Woronscan and EasySim
  234. A Complete Guide To Sim Cloning
  235. Rumor: iPhone functioning on Australian network, Telstra?
  236. Your carrier's data on an AT&T SIM
  237. iPhone "registered" with overseas network (was: Total Unlock of iPhone is done)
  238. All Simclone,SuperSim Q/A here....