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    Default Very Unique Situation

    Here is what i can tell you, i woke up the other morning after using my iphone 3gs for a while jb/ul on tmobile. When i woke i had 'no service' for 24hr before attempting anything. Ive searched the net high, low, and lower with no results and am about to give up. Tried to restore, failed. The ultrasn0w, and fixer did not work either.

    My most recent info:
    ios 4.3.2 (redsn0w)
    bb 6.15.00

    Last itunes info:
    -just a serial num

    I am now currently stuck with 'connect to itunes'. Ive tried using RS with ispw 4.3.2 and 4.3.3. Ive tried using blackra1n which is still attempting to work after a half hour of nothingness. Tried to reset all and it sticks on the circle overnight. Cannot update to 4.3.4 due to error 1015, also without resolve of hours of googling.
    For a while i was able to get the phone to hard reboot so i could have my contacts and use it on wifi, but now i cannot even get it to boot. Doing restore thru itune gave no fix to my problem as well.
    I cannot get any version of firmware to work correctly. After attempting to jb the phone or rebooting it defaults back to the 'connect itunes' and refuses to do anything else.
    I have tried everything under the sun to figure out wtf is going on with no luck. I cant post everything since there is so much and im not the uber iphoner. Ive jb/un many friends phones and mine is only one acting like this.
    Any info/idea would be highly appreciated...

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    Help us to help you. If you don't publish your failed iPhone restore logs, we can't really help you fix the problem. Just give general advice.

    That general advice: I hope you have a saved SHSH blob for 4.3.2 or 4.3.2 (otherwise your only chance might be iFaith)
    Error 1015 is expected with your baseband 6.15.00 - the techniques to get past that are well documented here and elsewhere.
    Please read the stickies & search forum before posting!
    How to report an iTunes restore/update fail in a useful manner

    iPad 3G 64GB (4.3.3, Redsn0w) oldest SHSH 3.2.2
    iPhone 4 32GB (4.2.1, Redsn0w JB-monte) oldest SHSH 4.1
    iPhone 3GS 32GB (4.3.3; Pwnagetool) factory unlocked oldest SHSH 3.1
    iPhone 8GB (3.1.3; Pwnagetool) AT&T Locked - Unlocked with bootneuter

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